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Last updated: 2nd March 2021
Scene World Issue
Intro Picture
Issue #1

Introduction to Scene World
Multi Screen Construction Kit Reviewed
Satyr Speaks
Issue #2

Richard speaks
Classic Commodore Memories
Issue #3

Finding hidden demo parts
NTSC fixing guide
The Plus Emu Fuxx0r debate & how to un Fuxx0r protected programs after using the Emu Fuxx0r
Issue #4

20 Years of the Commodore C64
Action Replay Cartridge
Overkiller/Hokuto Force interview

Issue #5

The Italian C64 scene
Commodore EXPOI report
Lasse ”orni interview

Issue #6

The Mini Game Compo 2002
Vision Party 2003

Issue #7

Yogibear interview
Music editors reviewed
Pinball Dreams talk

Issue #8

Derbyshire RAM interview
Demo reviews
CPC vs the C64

Issue #9

Scene party reports (Bronx 7d3 party)
Swap fall expo
History of TWT
Nadira/Chronic64 interview

Issue #10

North Party 8 & Floppy 2004 party
St0rmfr0nt/Excess interview
SID Compo 2003 (C64.SK)
Retro Remakes

1 Full game
and 1 demo

Issue #11

Loadstar news
Crossbow/Crest interview
6510 vs Z80
More on Floppy 2004 party

1 full utility by Black/Angels

Issue #12

Turrican 3
Katakis 2
Real Speed We Need
The making of Xetris

Katakis 2 poll

Issue #13

North Party 9
Turrican 3 game review
Back in Time Live 2004

Issue #14

Retro convention 2005
Commodore Scene Meeting 2005
Breakpoint 2005 Party
Forever 2005 Party

Issue #15

CGE UK 2005 Report
C64 DTV - behind the scenes
Commodore Scene #50 (Opinions)
Marble Logic (Beta) Review

Issue #16
C64 DTV - Review
New C64 games upcoming
64HDD Review
In Memory of Lord Ronin/Q-Link

Issue #17
Music by Jeroen Tel
Old and New games reviews
Game programming for beginners
Pal/NTSC related news

Issue #18
Music by Richard Bayliss, G-Fellow, Yogibear
Old and New games reviews
Joonas Lindberg (The Mad Scientist) interviewed
Latest games round up
Replay 2011 report

Issue #19
Music by Richard Bayliss, G-Fellow, Slimex
R.I.P Jack Tramiel Special
Soulless Reviewed

Issue #20
Music by Richard Bayliss, G-Fellow, Slimex
Features a special remix of David Whittaker's C64 game tune, Leviathan
Game programming Chapter 2 - Planet Popper - Part 1.
RGCD's 16KB Cartridge compo 2012
Interview with Jeroen Tel
Games reviews
Electric Dreams' Firetrack reviewed

Issue #21
Music by Richard Bayliss (Tranced Out, Smashed Beats), Surgeon/Tropyx (Black + White, Inna Amazing), Crome (Intro music)
Features interviews with Kai Spitzley, yours truly and JakTRip/Protovision
Skype Interviews with Retro Hunter and Dave Haynie
Games reviews
Chuckie Egg 1 reviewed

Issue #22
Music by Surgeon/Tropyx (Crystalise), Slimex (Bangmor), Richard Bayliss (Disco on your C64, Division by Zero)
Features RGCD 16KB Game Cartridge Compo 2013 reviews, Planet Popper final chapter game tutorial (Build your own Crazy Comets type of game).
Interviews with David Crane (Activision), Chris Grigg
1541Ultimate 2 hardware reviewed
Latest C64 Games reviewed
Classic game: Armalyte reviewed

Issue #23
Beacon Intro by Richard Bayliss, Logo by RRR/Oxyron, Seabed + Sprites by Johan Janssen, Music by Richard Bayliss
Features interviews with Ready 64's editor, Uncle K, Data-Land
Games round up (December 2013 - May 2014)
Ghostbusters C64 reviewed
C64 Hardware: Cassiopei C64 tape emulator
Vintage Computer Festival 9.1 report

Issue #24
Ducks Intro by Six, Graphics by Johan Janssen, Music by Surgeon/Tropyx
BOULDER DASH SPECIAL - PART 1: Featuring Boulder Dash game reviews
Games news round up (June 2014 - December 2014)
X-2014 Party Report
C64 Hardware: The joy of new sticks, Kerberos USB MIDI Interface
RGCD Game Compo 2014 Reviews
Issue #25
Intro by V-12/Tropyx, Music by Surg30n/Tropyx, Richard/TND
C64 Games news round up (January 2015 - August 2015)
Vienna computer club report
Interview with Uncle Art
SEUCK Compo 2015 reviewed

Issue #26
Intro by Richard Bayliss, Graphics by Shine, Derison and Black, Music by Richard Bayliss and Merman
-Plenty of games news
- The Commodore 64 reloaded motherboard - Reviewed
- Sideways SEUCK Compo 2015 - Reviewed
- Nuclear Strike Force and Blap 'n Bash - Reviewed
- Interviews with Han Ippisch, Fiedhelm Hillembrand, Graham Axten
- Heroes and Cowards reviewed

Issue #27
Intro by Richard Bayliss, NTSC fixing by ALYWZ

Graphics by Black, JSL, Nodepond and Shine

Music by Rock/Finnish Gold, Merman, Mr. Mouse and Richard Bayliss


-Plenty of games news and reviews
- RGCD 16KB Cartridge Compo 2015 results + reviews
- Incredible Shrinking Sphere Reviewed
- Unboxing Shotgun and PolyPlay
- BBS Comes of play
- Fastloaders Concert
- Interview with Darren Melbourne
- PODCAST Interview with Jon Hare - Master of Wizzball, Oh No and co-producer of the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit
- A look into the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit
- C64 Game programming tutorial - Part 3 Zap Zone
(Requires 64TASS cross assembler and Exomizer).
- Bonus game - SEUCK Special: Dark Destroyer 2117 + Work data 

Issue #28
Intro code by Richard Bayliss
Graphics by Nodepond
All Music by Richard Bayliss


-Plenty of games news and reviews
- 64TASS Game programming tutorial - Star Toast (Pictured right)
- Syntax Party 2017
- Revision Party 2017
- Homecon 2017
- Play Expo 2017
- Galencia Review (Games reviews)
- Slipstream Review

Binary + Source code for Star Toast!

Issue #29
Intro Code by Richard Bayliss and Scorpion
Intro charset by Saul Cross (From
Thunderload 7 TND Tape Loader)
Graphics by Richard Bayliss, Shine and JSL
Music by Eco/Excess and Richard Bayliss

Irata Online BBS
- X-Paty 2018 Coverage
- Interviews with Andrzej Wisniewski,
  John F. Kutcher and Lau Brix
- Games news and reviews May 2018 - May 2019
- Plenty of games news and reviews
- Let's Make A Game (KickAssembler) Spider Maze 
- Richard's look at The Ultimate 64

Issue #30
Intro Code by Richard Bayliss
Graphics by Baracuda/Blazon
Music by Richard Bayliss

theC64 full size unboxed (by Merman)
Programming on theC64 full size computer (by Richard) (Code and data for the game project included)
-Interview with Wolfgang Back
-Gamescom 2019
- Plus: The World Music #5 music demo (Featuring all of the intro and magazine tunes from issue 23 - 29.