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18th March 2017 - SEUCK Compo Prizes released
Who has won the 2016/17 SEUCK Compo this time? Well, there are in fact 3 winners, two from the voting results, and because of no Full Works categories entered in to the competition, a winner has also been announced for the Organizer's Choice category. The results are on the MAIN SEUCK COMPO PAGE :)



6th March 2017 - SEUCK Compo Results Revealed

Who has won the 2016/17 SEUCK Compo this time? Well, there are in fact 3 winners, two from the voting results, and because of no Full Works categories entered in to the competition, a winner has also been announced for the Organizer's Choice category. The results are on the MAIN SEUCK COMPO PAGE :)


7th February 2017 - Submissions for the SEUCK Compo is now CLOSED!

It has been a long competition, and now it is now announced that the deadline for SEUCK Compo submissions have expired. The submissions have now drawn to a close. A total number of 9 entries took part in this year's compo. If you haven't finished or submitted your entry for the SEUCK Compo, then I'm sorry, but it is too late. I want to say a huge thank you to all entrants who participated in the 2016/12 SEUCK Compo. We'll be doing it all again in 2018, but without the category section this time round. Voting starts NOW. Once again, a huge thank you to all entrants.


3rd February 2017 - New entry: Antarta by Igor Errazkin

Igor's final submission for the SEUCK compo arrived today. It is something different to blasting aliens, and shooting armies, etc. We travel kilometers away from Europe to Antartica for the annual penguin marathon. Antarta is a cute run and avoid game, with some very nice cartoon graphics by Igor Errazkin. Can you help the poor hapless penguin survive the Penguin Marathon and avoid contact with various obstacles on your way. Or will Antarta reach a deep freeze :D


23rd January 2017 - New entry: The Hunter by Igor Errazkin

Another entry makes its way to the MOD SQUAD category for the SEUCK Compo. This time it is a horizontal scrolling SEUCK underwater shoot 'em up, written by Igor Errazkin. In The Hunt,  you take control of a submarine, which must go into the abyss and battle against mutant creatures (which got drugged by a spy trawler) and collect spinning coins for bonus points. Watch out for the giant mutant creatures, and end of stage bosses. One hit, and say bye, bye to one of your submarines. There's also some funny jokes implemented in this fun shoot 'em up. Have fun playing this funny game.

The Hunter

20th January 2017 - New entry: Border War 3 by Alf Yngve

Alf Yngve delivers yet another corker of a compo entry. He also implements some more clever tricks. The game is called Border Blast 3, a vertical scrolling futuristic blaster for 1 or 2 players with nice graphics. Save America from being held captive inside a giant forcefield by an evil tyrant. Fly through each zone battling against the enemy forces, by ground or by air. Title music features yet another Matt Gray style tune to suit the theme :)

Border Blast 3

4th December 2016 - NEW ENTRY: Bergbert 3 - The Blue Knight by Christian Siege

The SEUCK Compo is back in full effect with yet another entry for the competition. This time Christian Siege delivers 3 weeks before Christmas time, Bergbert III - The Blue Knight. Constructed using the Sideways SEUCK. This is a fun little dodge 'em up, also featuring a brand new tune for the title screen (composed by me). You play the role of Bergbert, the blue knight, who must seek out a naught villain, who has caused environmental problems. Your first mission will be a rather smelly one, and involves sewage. Your second mission could get you frazzled, if you don't power down the plant. Finally your last mission could go with a bang if you're not careful enough. In order to work out the three clues you must play the game to find out :)

Bergbert 3 - The Blue Knight by Christian Siege

17th November 2016 - Submission deadline extended

Due to the really busy period, coming towards Christmas in real life. I have decided to bring the submission deadline for the SEUCK compo forward to 31st January 2017. That is another 2 months added to the deadline. It is unfortunately that time of year I really hate the most - constant overtime!

SEUCK Compo 2016

24th September July 2016 - F-Clash V1.1 added

Yesterday, I mentioned that F-Clash64 was pulled out of the compo, due to it being unfinished. It was also a fault of mine as well, as I uploaded the compo entry too soon. Anyway, here's the final version of F-Clash, brought to you by Canseco, as a full and final production. Battle your way through 2 different wars. A war across the City, then across the ocean. Good luck commander.

F-Clash 64 by Canseco

23rd September July 2016 - F-Clash pulled out of the compo

The game compo entry 'F-Clash 64' has been pulled out of the competition, due to the fact the game was unfinished, and the author wanted to finish the game off. This means that soon, a new version of the game will be released into the compo. Hopefully this weekend.

2nd July 2016 - 1 new entry

F-Clash 64 by Canseco

A brand new entry from a brand new participant. Canseco delivers a horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up, called F-Clash 64. In which you control a plane, battling against enemy forces by air, ground, above buildings or sea. You have to battle hard in order to complete your mission successfully. This is a really colourful game. It also features an action packed loader tune, and also title music. May you fight and save the world bravely.

F-Clash 64

13th May 2016 - 1 new entry:

1917 by MiniMoog/Slavia

A forth SEUCK compo entry has now taken place, by the way of 1917. A little joke creation, which was inspired by the year 1917. This game isn't to be taken too seriously and has not been made to offend anyone. The whole world is ruled by imperial capitalists, exploiting workers and peasants. Oh! poor workers and peasants! You’re the power of the world, but rich men don’t appreciate you! There is one brave person who wants to change this misery – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin! Workers, peasants, comrades! Let the Revolution to begin, let the Red Power to win the dominion stolen by capitalists.

1917 by MiniMoog

4th April 2016 - 2 new entries:

Split Second by Alf Yngve

A second entry for the 'MOD Squad' category has made it into this year's SEUCK compo. This time, it is a Sci-Fi action thrilller, called "Split Second". Written by Alf Yngve. This is the THIRD episode of the 'Double or Nothing' series, in which you are Joe Rubicon, who has yet another war to battle through. After suffering from injuries and setbacks through the Edge of Time. Joe Rubicon fights alone against aliens and militia, but portals will help him build a duplicate version of himself, and fight even harder against the enemy forces. Let's hope this war can finally be stopped. So Joe Rubicon can finally get a well earned retirement. ;)

Split Second

Matador '16 by Igor 'Errazking' Errazkin

The first in the 'Back to Basics' category is 'Matador '16', written by Errazking, using Jon Well's Sideways Scrolling SEUCK. Unlike many shoot 'em ups and SEUCK games. This game is completely different. You play a haplesss and terrified matador, who has been thrown into the area, to fight against the bulls. The footage is being recorded by TVE1, back in the 1980's. This game consists of plenty of surprise in which made me laugh, while I was playing this game. I love the gags. This game gracefully qualifiess as an entry for the compo. 

Matador '16

1st April 2016 - SEUCK Compo 2016 has now begun. 

This is official news. Not an April fool joke either, considering that this update has been uploaded after 12:00pm ;). The New Dimension is very pleased to present you yet another SEUCK Game Dev Compo, in which you can use either SEUCK, or Sideways SEUCK, and even enhance your game more, if you want to. Yes, that's right. You or a group can now ENHANCE your SEUCK creation, with new front ends, in game enhancements (from SEUCK School or other tips). There are fresh categories, and there's even a first entry for the compo as well.

Night of the Valkyrie by Eleanor Burns

This is the first entry for the SEUCK Compo 2016. It is a game, based in World War 2, Transylvania, where you play a Valkyrie, who is on a quest to find her beloved boyfriend, who is hiding from the Panzer division. She has to battle her way through different acts, in order to reach her goal. Eleanor has added a series of clever tricks to this game, which makes a great start to this year's competition.

Night of the Valkyrie