Richard's C64 Game Projects

Revenge of the Tomato : Status - Finished and Complete
After playing the BASIC type in game called "Attack of the Tomato". I was rubbing my hands to launch a sequel just for a laugh called "Revenge of the Tomato" - and show how a better concept could be made. Unlike the type in game, Revenge of the Mega Tomato consists of a scrolling background, and an additional concept (Rescue civillians in threat from the waves of the tomatoes). This turned into a huge mapped horizontal scrolling blaster - featuring a final show down. Yes, a giant tomato. :)

Update note: There have been a few bugs left in this game, which I had trouble with ironing out. The collision detection between the bullets and the enemy sprites are not very good. Some alterations are required to make this game feel better.

Revenge of the Tomato

Bionik Granny Returns : Status - Finished and Complete
Remember Bionic Granny for the C64, back in 1984? What a terrible game this was (and may have been written using a games creator software). 26 years later Granny makes a comeback in a more souped up arcade adventure, ready to clobber hell out of yet more passers by. This is only a small game project which will be released as Public Domain software when it has been finished.
Therefore as soon as it is finished, you can download the game from our web site.

Bionik Granny Returns successfully got complete. Compared to the Bionic Granny, this game gave the cantankerous evil woman a good clobbering. Results turned out exceptionally well, and people enjoyed it. A better version (where the gamer had to constantly press the joystick to whack the passers by) was eventually produced and re-released.

Bionik Granny Returns page

Sheepoid - Status: Finished and Complete
A psychedelic crazy game in which you control 2 micro sheep, blasting hell out of the vortex raiders. This game was inspired by Laser Zone. I originally wrote it for my first appearance at RetroVision 2011, as a competition game. Also the theme of the event was a Llamasoft jolly. You control two sheep, which have to defend the universe from everything cloned as various objects. The game had some witty 1-liners and also some 1980's style sound effects. There were loads of strobe effects involved.

Sheepoid got finished and complete. The game was showed at RetroVision 2011 and it turned out well on the big screen. Despite that I had found a bug that crashed the game to a blue screen READY. prompt. This problem eventually got fixed after the event, and it got released on to real disk and tape format courtesy with Psytronik Software. Although a free download of the game exists.

Sheepoid Page

Sheepoid 2 - Woolly Jumper - Status: Finished and Complete
No game diary, but a blog about this neat platform game. It's a game where you are Pepito the Sheep, knocked out in his sleep. The game is set where Pepito has to jump over 16 levels crammed with various landscapes and obstacles in Mind Space. The cute 'ickle sheepoid can have a good blast at the enemy invaders, collect powerful weapons and also has to locate a whistle to call for a rocket.

Woolly Jumper was successfully complete, but there was a minor flaw in the game, related to the sheep's jump mechanics. Enthusi/Onslaught jumped in to fix the jump and some additional bugs. The game turned out much better and it got released on a double game pack cartridge by RGCD, and a Disk / Tape media by Psytronik Software. The game will eventually be uploaded as a free download from the TND some time soon.

Woolly Jumper

Sheepoid DX - Status: Finished and Complete
A new version of Sheepoid with nicer graphics, and additional elements - breaking the mould in game play. We are not offering this game for download, as RGCD and Psytronik Software are getting first release of this game. However, if you would like try out our playable preview of the game, then check out Commodore Free issue 68. This game's featured on the cover tape :)

Sheepoid DX got successfully finished and features on a double pack, along with Woolly Jumper. The game eventually got released by Psytronik Software and RGCD. Sadly it didn't turn out well like the original Sheepoid did. I had a comment which said that the game looked too good, to be Sheepoid. Ah well, we can't please everyone :)

Commodore Free - Issue 68

Sub Hunter - Status: Finished and Complete
Sub Hunt on the VIC 20 was quite stunning in my childhood memories, but the Commodore 64 conversion of the original was very crap. No excuses, because we did one better and paid tribute to the original VIC 20 conversion of the game and ended up getting a bit carried away and making it the official game of 2008!. This game took over 4 years to make and it finally got released by Psytronik Software in October 2008.

This was a real challenge, but working as a team with Frank Gasking really got this game into NUMBER ONE of my top 5 projects. The game got released on disk / tape by Psytronik Software in 2008, and then released on to cartridge in December 2012. After Christmas 2008 approached, Sub Hunter got released as a free download on the TND web site, so people could try the game out, to see if it was worth adding to their collection. Sub Hunter was one of my most successful games to date so far.

The Sub Hunter page

Trance Sector - Status: Complete (Now Available)
The game Transector was naff on the C64. Time to pay tribute to a brand new game. Well, for RetroVision 2012 I came up with an idea of Trance Sector. It is simply inspired by Transector by S.Kellett, but this game is completely different, with additional tiles to play with your mind. To kick in we have some high C64 trance musical scores. During play you control a small ship around 64 arenas, collecting pods and having to watch out for the seekers. We released a playable demo of this game to RetroVision, for people to have a little go (or longer) and it turned out to be pretty much addictive. We will be updating our blog now and then about the game as we progress (Much easier to do).

Trance Sector got finished back in 2012, and a special competition edition was created for Revival 2013, which I also attended. The game eventually got released on the TND web site, and will be featured in a special limited cartridge edition of Trance Sector called "Trance Sector Ultimate".

Psytronik Software

Amazon Tales - Status: Cancelled
Jungle Story meet SEUCK? No, not SEUCK. Amazon Tales is a co-op game production with Alf Yngve. An Elephant has been let loose from the tribe's veterinary hut. You have been sent to the Amazon to find the elephant. Also watch out for the evil tribes and vicious critters that roam. Armed with a bag full of stones. You use these to try to help get through the Amazon. This game was 75% finished and made it to RGCD's 16KB cartridge competition - We are even going to expand it even further later on this year - to try and make it into a full commercial title.

TND Blog

Although the 75% version of the game was finished. I felt that the game, itself was literrally finished, but with some small bugs. I have decided to go no further with the game, as I was pretty much happy with the 75% result. It wasn't intended as a commercial release any how.

Invert - Status: Finished and Complete
A new game is planned for the next RGCD 16KB cartridge compo 2013. The game is a puzzle game in which you control a ball which has to INVERT all of the game tiles correctly within a certain time limit. Sounds exactly like "Sensitive" doesn't it?. Well the game does involve falling through holes, but there's going to be additional tiles which will take some kind effect on the player as well. The size of the game screen is wrong :) It will be re-designed one day and the coding will commence.

Invert has been successfully finished and completed. There were two different versions of this game that got released. The first was a 16KB version of the game, and also there was a version with a built in editor, which was released on Christmas Day 2013.

Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge - Status: Cancelled
From the defunct Real Speed We Need source, I was working on a shoot 'em up game called Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge, which featured some neat graphics by Frank Gasking.

This game sadly never got finished. I also lost interest in the game, due to a lot of problems I had. A lot of the source code had been lost since a PC crash, back in 2009. I had to buy a new PC at the time. I managed to recover some of the source, but sadly not the latest source code. All that lies is the remaining preview on the TND games page that was released during the production of this project.

Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge

Up in the Air - Status: Cancelled
Strap yourself into an airplane and head for the heights in this co-op TND/Art Ravers game project, originally was Sideways SEUCK, but it is not going this time. This game project was frozen due to working on my 16KB cartridge compo entry Sheepoid 2 - Woolly Jumper, and expanding WJ as well (Which is now complete). The concept is a Sub Hunter (esque) game set in the air, but with some additional features, such as enemies shooting, etc. Features graphics by Wayne Womersley. The concept of game design is based in the 1985 era (If I was told right).

Up in the Air has been CANCELLED, due to the lack in motivation with this version of the  game in general. It has been a pain in the neck most of the time, and one project I least enjoyed working on, thus will not be coming back to it. Wayne  planned to be a game in the style of Sub Hunter but with 1985 style graphics (as a tribute to the classic Mastertronic Releases). Sadly the project didn't work out at the end.

There are some things on the positive side about Up in the Air. Wayne and I are still discussing about a newer version of the game, and hope to get Trevor Storey involved. The plan is to make a shoot 'em up game (With exactly the same name) where you shoot assorted enemies, collect balloons on each stage, and battle against the bosses sometime near to the end of this year, or some time next year.

Up in the Air page