Online games

Created by Philip, using Construct 2, inspired by the C64 game Sheepoid and Yak's Laser Zone. The evil Space Goat has been sending a load of his animal minions into the neon vortex of space. Two sheep have been transported to the outer world and must do battle against the evil minions that approach the screen. WARNING - This game consists of flashing images. Be careful. Great logo artwork by Mat Recardo and Supernova logo by Philip, himself


A puzzle game, created by Philip, once again using Construct 2. Help your robot escape wave after wave, battling against the chatters in a series of manic platform puzzles. Pick up ice and drop the ice on to those nasty chatters. A whole lot of fun and brain teasing.


All online games uploaded on to this web site are NOT related to online gambling. All games are absolutely free to play and were made for fun. That's a sign of relief eh? :)