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 . All images are zipped .D64 images, and run on CCS64 or WinVice.

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To be able to use these following files. You will need to transfer the .D64/.PRG images to a real Commodore 64 using an XE1541 cable with Star Commander (you can also use XM1541-cable with Starcommander and with userport driver under XP too Wink ) Alternatively, you can download one of those three highly recommended C64 emulators.

HOX's 64

Programming: Richard Bayliss
Graphics: Richard Bayliss
Music: Richard Bayliss
Genre: Duel
Tape Loader: 201 Turbo Loader

This is a game for 2 players only. Two pink blobs come out to fight. The idea of this game is to float around the screen and try to drop weights on to your opponent. The first player to score 9 points is the winner.

Ouch! 2
Programming: Richard Bayliss
Graphics: Richard Bayliss, Hiram Kuemper
Music: Richard Bayliss
Genre: Duel
Tape Loader: Dance-A-Load/Martyload

Two pink blobs go out to fight outside the City. This is the sequel to the original Ouch!. Yet again it is for 2 players only. Fight against your opponent by dropping weights on to them, and hope that you win the fight.