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News & Updates
19th AUGUST 2019

Scene World Issue 29 by People of Liberty 
It has been over a year since the last issue of Scene World was released. Still, it doesn't mean that it's all over. As friends of the C64 scene, we have launched yet another new issue of Scene World. Crammed on 2 disk sides, with yet a backlog of news, reviews reports and also the long await KickAssembler programming tutorial, Spider Maze. This issue's theme (intro based) is Communication. Since there's a lot of people using mobile smart phones, apps and stuff like that. Enjoy this issue.

Scene World issue 29.

Happy Blocks to Celebrate 10th Anniversary
Do you remember the TND Tape loader, Happy Blocks, which I made back in 2009. Oh come on, you should remember it. The loader game was splashed all over .tap versions of many of the contributor's pages and and some of the TND games pages as the tape loader. Although the loader game was made 10 years ago. To mark the 10th anniversary of this game, I have decided to create a 'full' version of this game, which should be released sometime before the Autumn - if all goes well. - Since it is a short game project. It has been suggested by popular demand that the infamous TND tape loader game, should become a full score attack challenge with additional graphics, hi score table, etc. To put it another way, unlike the loader - this game is getting a brand new look, full animation and a whole lot of fun challenges ahead. - Plus you haven't got to wait for another game to load while you play it. And the name ... Happy Blocks DX :)

Read about Happy Blocks DX on my page

15th AUGUST 2019

Cruiser-X 79 Update
The project of Cruiser-X 79 is going pretty slowly at the moment, and might not be released in 2019. We are nowhere near completion. There are going to be a lot of major changes to the game, where enemy attack patterns are concerned. I have a few more ideas crammed into my head specially for this game, in which to give more variation to attack patterns. The best way for me to get round this is simply by programming a test program, which bases the movement by speed, time stop zones and length of movement tables - then implement these sequences into the main game code afterwards. Similar to what I did with Starfysh. This will also reduce memory consumption, compared to using my Alien Formation Maker tool. It is going to be hard work, but hopefully it should be worth it.

New Contributor's Release - Mine Sweeper 2019
Matteo Angelini has submitted to TND a little puzzle game called Mine Sweeper 2019, Programmed in CC65. The game mainly consists of PETSCII graphics with a few custom characters and a nice moody tune to go with the game. Setup your game options and try to clear the board without touching a bomb. If a bomb is found, then the game is over. There's a few options which you can choose from.

Mine Sweeper 2019

10th AUGUST 2019

The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019 Prize Package
The submissions have finished, the voting took place, the results came out last month. Now, finally the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019 prize package has been released. It features all of the SEUCK Compo Entries, as well as the winners and runners up prizes. Pagoda Warrior 2, Legion of the Damned 3 and Fulgur all feature brand new front ends, and additional enhancements, to make the game even cooler. The pack is now available to download on disk and tape. So what are you waiting for, go and download the complete compilation and enjoy this collection. It is highly likely that it could be happening next year also :)

This way to The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019 Prize Pack

JULY 2019

12th JULY 2019

New contributor's game

Hanoi Tower by Matteo Angelini
Time for a little break from SEUCK fever, while you wait for the final SEUCK compo prize package. This time Matteo Angelini brings out a nice little strategy puzzle game, based on the ancient puzzle The Tower of Hanoi. This game was programmed in the C programming language, with a bit of assembly invovled and it works on PAL machines only. This is a simple little puzzle game in which you switch all of the discs from one pin to a different pin. The tower must be built in order of largest to smallest. Enjoy.

Hanoi Tower

Assemble It part 7 - IRQ tape Loader tutorial source updated

There appeared to have been a small fault in the tutorial on mastering programs using Martin Piper's TapeToolBuild program. This fault was one of mine. Some important source files for linking the music, loading picture and compiling the game were missing. After a few months or so, I have finally fixed this issue. So hopefully now, if you have the correct source files added to the original tapetoolbuild, you should be able to build your own tape with loading picture and music. Sorry about that.

Assemble It - Tape Mastering feature

KickAssembler SEUCK Framework released

Finally after a long(ish) wait, the KickAssembler SEUCK framework has been made. It supports use of Charpad generated charsets, screen + colour data, SEUCK game files, and various music players. The framework also consists of a high score table, which can be implemented into your own SEUCK games. All you need to do is learn a bit of basic assembly, follow Aseemble It, SEUCK School, SEUCK Vault pages for some of the tips and also do some other cool things. The example game used for this framework is my previous SEUCK Compo 2019 entry, is Squibblies 3.

SEUCK School - Kick Assembler SEUCK Framework

4th JULY 2019


The votes have been counted, and the results are revealed ... Plus a bonus treat

After 6 months of incoming SEUCK game releases, some pretty much amazing. The audience has voted, and decided who the winner's game. The results have finally been revealed.

The winner wins a full-works SEUCK enhancement, which features GET READY, GAME OVER, front end with hi-score table, loading picture with music, and a few additional features, plus a pintable cover inlay for disk+tape versions of the game. - Possibly in SEUCK Redux unless the game doesn't require it.

The two runners up also get SEUCK enhancements (Should the games need those) with a new front end, and loading picture with music and additional features. - Possibly in SEUCK Redux, unless the game doesn't need to be imported in to it.

The complete set of games will be available along with the winner's enhanced games around inside the SEUCK Compo prize package about mid-end of August. Should the pack be ready by then, it will be released on the Official C64 SEUCK Compo page for downloading. 

Once again, a huge thank you to everybody who entered this year's Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019. We'll be doing it all again at the start of next year.

Visit the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019 page for results

1st JULY 2019

The official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019 voting has expired. Results are coming this Friday
The voting phase for the OFFICIAL C64 S.E.U.C.K compo 2019 has officially closed. Results are being collated and will be revealed hopefully on 4th July 2019. During this time, the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019 prize package will also be under development and will consists of some bonus surprises (in the BONUS folder category). I would like to thank everybody who has been involved in this year's official C64 SEUCK compo. There have been some amazing results and you all helped make this compo one of the best SEUCK compo's so far.

JUNE 2019

28th June 2019
Another TND Blaster of a playable preview

Cruiser-X 79 Demo by TND Games


While you have been very busy blasting aliens with Blastopia. TND blasts you back once more this June with a playable preview of Cruiser-X 79. A vertical scrolling blaster, with some neatly rendered graphics by Saul Cross. This is also the first time I ever made a proper vertical scrolling shoot 'em up without SEUCK. The game isn't quite finished, but Saul and I are pleased to bring out a 1 level playable preview of Cruiser-X 79. There is more news to come about the game's progress later on this year. Fly through space, and attack alien bases, but watch out for the aliens. They don't half fight back. Can you reach the end of this single level - you'll have a long journey to get there :)

Check out the Cruiser X-79 playable demo

21st June 2019
Another TND 16KB Cartridge Compo Entry 2019

Blastopia by TND Games


You may have remembered Blastopia, as an example game from Assemble It. Now,The New Dimension is very proud to present to you today Blastopia DX, a fast paced horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up, submitted for the RGCD 16KB Game Cartridge Compo 2019. This game features fresh new graphics by Saul Cross, and also some new music and arcade style sound effects. Aliens have approached planet Earth and have captured Camels and are keeping them on 8 different planets in order to generate a powerful weapon that can wipe out our beloved planet. Luckily you are in full command of Blastopia, a fast firing space ship. Shoot complete fleets of aliens, rescue camels then find the landing pad. Once done, wave bye, bye to the alien planet. Can you save planet Earth from a major intergalactic threat?

Blastopia DX

7th June 2019
The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019 - Voting active

It's time to vote for your official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019 champion


Submissions are finally over. The entries are still available to download individually. It is now up to you, the gamers to decide who is the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019 champion. A voting form is available for you to vote for your favorite game. Remember that the winner wins, a new front end with logo (See example above), in game music/sfx options, hi-score table, power ups, and much more done in either the standard SEUCK or SEUCK Redux. The prize package will feature all of the entrants and outside compo entries. After the enhancements have been finished, a whole package of all of the games submitted for the compo, .d64 and .tap will be included as a complete prize package for you all to download from the compo page, around about July or August 2019. So why not check out all of the entries, then vote for your favorite game. Go on, I'm sure you want to.

The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019

MAY 2019

30th May 2019

SEUCK COMPO DEADLINE + Outside Compo Entry

Soccer War by Commodore Spain

The submissions deadline has now drawn to a close. No more compo submissions are accepted, but luckily until the results and compo prize enhancements come in. Newer submissions can go in to the OUTSIDE COMPO section of the page. So, to put it another way. You are still allowed to submit your SEUCK compo entry, but it will NOT qualifty for the competition.

 We have a game I kept stored in my inbox for a very long time. It is a game, which was originally submitted to the compo back in January 2019. The game is Soccer War by Commodore Spain. It is a comical take on football. You play a professional footballer, who has to take on other footballers and revellers and try to win as many cups as you possibly can. Knock your opponents flying by kicking balls at them. Also can you actually get to the other end of the pitch? I don't like football, or football management sims, or games like that - but this is a really funny game.

Unfortunately the had to be left outside of the competition, as it had broken one of the important rules. "
All entries must be exclusive for this competition, and must not have been seen elsewhere before your entry has been uploaded on to the competition page.". Sadly this game was submitted for the compo, but was publicly released back in 2018. So I had to withdraw it from the compo.


Escape the spider's lair with Araignee
MAY 2019
30th May 2019
Another SEUCK Compo 2019 Entry 

Entry #13: Araignee - The Spider Thief by Mo Dernart

As the submissions SEUCK compo is very close to the closing deadline (You have until 11:59pm UK time tomorrow to get your entries submitted, otherwise you'll be too late). We have a 13th entry, unlucky for some. This time a little spooky classic early 1980's inspired fun game called Araignee. You are a thief who has broken in to the spider's lair. You are determined to steal diamonds, and other jewelery, and get out of the lair alive. Unfortunately the lair has been infested by deadly spiders. Pick up the jewels and activate your weapon on the arachnids, and try to escape the lair before the spiders capture you in their own web. Mind you don't walk into the deadly obstacles.

Escape the spider's lair with Araignee

27th May 2019
Another SEUCK Compo 2019 Entry 

Langrangian Point - The Messgeger from Outer Space by Recycled Arts

Although the 10th milestone has been reached, the entries keep on running. This time round, we have a brand new compo entry from a new entrant. Lagrangian Point - The Messenger from Outer Space by Recycled Arts. This game is slightly different, compared to a lot of normal  shooters, and quite an original concept. Your mission is to approach an asteroid, and discover the source inside it. If you succeed with your mission, visit the author's web site shown on the end, followed by the code. This game can be played by 2 player team work - or alternatively, you can perhaps use two joysticks.

Explore the asteroid with Lagrangian Point

26th May 2019
New TND contributor's release

Vortex by Pinov Vox

Fancy another blasting session? A new SEUCK Compo entry has just been submitted to the compo, and should hopefully be uploaded some time tomorrow. While you're waiting for it. Here's a pretty cool blaster from Pinov Vox. This is Vortex. A vertical scrolling SEUCK creation, which first uses my unreleased SEUCK + Charpad front end framework. Your cruiser has been attacked by aliens and things are about to get worse. The alien empire have sent in their battle cruisers, through the vortex of space. They want to invade your home planet. It is up to you as the captain, to fight off those aliens and take over their final base. Will you succeed, or will you fail? Only one way to find out. Check the game out.

Blast your way through the Vortex

22nd May 2019
SEUCK Compo Entry: Squibblies 3 updated

Squibblies 3 by Richard Bayliss / TND Games

Just a small update to V1.3 on Squibblies 3, and hopefully this should be the final update until after competition. There is a case where the scrolling after a level completion scene doesn't work out and the player gets stuck. In order to fix this I altered the scene by adding two ladders on both sides, so that that player can climb up to the next level without a hitch.


SEUCK News:  Kick Assembler Framework coming soon

Some great news for SEUCK fans. This week I have been working on a simple KickAssembler framework for importing SEUCK games into. The framework is currently being tested and will feature ability to build your own new front end, which supports graphics imported from char pad (In charset, attributes and map raw bin files) and also play music. There's also an advanced version, that will allow you generate object detection, smart bomb effect, background animation, get ready, game over and much more - for those who want to add more pizazz to their own game creations made from SEUCK. 

The framework is also comnpatible with Sideways SEUCK as well as standard SEUCK.

The overall probject will be fully documented, to help you out. Once released, it will be announced on this page.

12th May 2019
2 SEUCK Compo Entries updated

Just a couple of updated entries from previous submissions. This year I have allowed this option to take place, should there be any improvements considered for the Official C64 SEUCK compo 2019 before the deadline. You are most welcome to update your games, should you need to - but I suspect you probably already read the compo rules on this year's compo page then.

The two SEUCK compo entries which have been replaced with brand new files are as follows:

Squibblies 3 by Richard Bayliss / TND Games

1. Updated to V1.2, due to a crash in the game enhancements which I did with V1.2 on Friday.
2. After the player defeats the giant fire Slug. When level 2 started, the first enemy which was about to shoot, crashed the program. So that fix was compulsory
3. Also fixed the water background to set as the correct characters. There were a few incorrect characters used in the water effect that did nothing.

Pagoda Warrior 2 by Stefano Canali

1. Easier ability for the player to move on/off the stairs
2. Makes the game less challenging to cross the bats
3. More extra lives can be awarded
4. Credit for tester and title screen uses different colour foreground

It is recommended that before you play this game, you read the instructions manual first.

Grab the two games from the Entries Showcase page

10th May 2019
3 brand New SEUCK Compo 2019 entries

This has been quite an unexpected surprise. Another 3 SEUCK game creations for the official C64 SEUCK Compo, released on the same weekend. Let's reveal the 3 SEUCK compo entries released today.

Entry #9 - Squibblies by TND Games

Okay, we start off tonights competition with a cute and comical game, featuring a lot of toilet humour. While PC and modern day gamers enjoy the delight of pointless toilet simulators. For the retro gamers ands SEUCK fans, we have Squibblies 3 - Mucus' Revenge. A game I made this week as a joke for the compo. Also it is the final in the series of the Squibblies games, which I last wrote over 20 years ago. Squibblies' family have all been captured by an evil snot monster, known as Mucus. Your mission is to help Squibblies fight against the evil, but cute  monsters that ransacked Mudsville. Fight their bosses, and rescue your family members. Then make your way to Mucus's lair and defeat him. Watch out for traps and other hilarious gags. Youl'll see as you play through this game.

Squelch you way to Squibblies 3

Entry #10 - Demon Star II - Interstellar Overdrive by Mo Dernart

The second of today's entries is Demon Star by Mo Dernart. This is a strategic SEUCK tribute to the original 1983 Demon Star game. You have been employed by the Interstellar Trade Organization, in which to pilot ship across different star systems. Watch out for the deadly space rogues and pirates. They will want you dead. Shoot them down with your phasers. You will only have one life during your mission. So good luck pilot.

Pilot carefully to Demon Star 2 Interstellar Overdrive

Entry #11 - Pagoda Warrior 2 by Stefan "McValdemar" Canali

To end tonight's unexpected SEUCK compo update extravaganza. We finish off with a cute ninja style creatrion called "Pagoda Warrior 2". A push-scrolling platforms and ladders game in which you must fight a criminal cult. A cult, who has summoned an evil snake as their lord. You have to enter the building stealthly and then try to reach the roof top of the building. Then comes the final show down. The Snake will be ready for you ... but you are a Pagoda Warrior.

Go like ninja with Pagoda Warrior 2

APRIL 2019
26th April 2019
Let the Invasion Commence

Let's Invade 2  - Released TODAY
Yes folks. Finally it has happened. The Invasion continues with a brand new C64 game title for you. Let's Invade 2. A stunning sequel to the Original Let's Invade. This time, made specially for the RGCD 16KB Cartridge Compo 2019. Although the game was originally made for the cartridge compo... I got carried away and also produced a bonus pack of a disk + tape version, with SID tunes as an extra treat. This game has been released TODAY.

For those who never seen the original game. Let's Invade 2 is a Space Invaders style game, with a big difference. First off, you can choose whether or not you want to play a classic style, with pixel sprites or multi-colour sprites. The game also uses two screen buffers (one for the void, and one for the bullets). Also the game features a choice of thumping trance in game music, or custom sound effects.  There are also some more new power ups, which can be helpful or pretty cruel. For instance, watch out for the dreaded bullet shower and shielded aliens. They will make you want to scream :)

Planet Earth has been captured inside a scrolling void, by a giant mother ship. Suddenly hoards of alien invaders come screaming towards the Earth's surface. As a true hero (or heroine). You must control a laser cannon and zap out all 40 waves of aliens using a joystick in port 2. The aliens come in different colours. The lighter the colour, the stronger the alien is. The aliens will not complete a full horizontal position before moving to the next row (which will make the game crazy and confusing). Shoot orange aliens for power ups, and also shoot Purple aliens for a possibility to gain extra lives or bonus points Avoid alien fire.

Let's Invade on the TND games page

19th April 2019
Easter Update

Let's Invade 2  - Postponed
We start this page to announce some bad news, related to Let's Invade 2, a game I originally made for the RGCD 16KB cartrdige compo. The proposed release date on the page for the 16KB cartridge compo was going to be today. Just as I thought I had completely finished my game and the testing had passed. My game testers spotted 3 issues with the game, two days just before the release date. Therefore I had to postpone the release of this game. Still, if you'd like to see the game page, here's the link.

Let's Invade 2 on

Assemble It - 16KB Cartridge Framework for C64Studio Released
If you are writing a game for RGCD's 16KB cartridge compo 2019 or you just want to make 16KB cartridges for fun. I have created my own version of the the 16KB Cartridge framework, based on existing codebase sources by Enthusi/Onslaught. This updated framework is documented on how to use it. Should you have problems building an actual 16KB cart in CartConv. Using the newer source should some how be easier. Remember to read the instructions before you use it. Example framework uses Rogue Ninja as an example.

Assemble It - Chapter 7 - Cartridge Framework Update

Mix Box 9 Released

The latest edition of Mix Box 9 has been released to day, in order to make up for the delay of Let's Invade 2. This demo features yet another 5 brand new and exclusive unheard tunes, composed by me. Have fun.

Mix Box 9 - Spring 2019

10th April 2019

RTC Utiilities by Matteo Angelini
Just a quick one before next week's Good Friday/Easter Update (We may have something cool for you next week, you'll see). Matteo Angelini has delivered to TND a RTC utility, which will require  DS1307 or DS3231 modules in order to use the tools. They are a RTC utility and also C64 Weather Station.


C64 RTC Tools

3rd April 2019

New entry #8: Star MIG by VG VOX

The space blasters seem to dominate this year's compo, and we have yet another one for alien zapping SEUCK fans out there. This time by the name of Star MIG. This is VG Vox's final submission for the compo. This is a fun vertical scrolling Denarius inspired SEUCK creation. Your mission is to fly your Star MIG fighter past several alien bases, and make a good mess out of them. Then try to reach your home port. You are going to be having a real tough fight on your hands - so you'd better have that FIRE BUTTON handy and an appetite for intergalactic destruction.


Zap along to Star MIG

1st April 2019

New entry #7: Legion of the Damned by Eleanor Burns

It is time for a world of might and magic, in this nice looking fantasy game by Eleanor Burns. Legion of the Damned 3 is the finale of the epic LOTD trilogy. In this chapter you play a role of fearless female warrior, Xandra, who has to save Coyed-Elyon, from a deadly power. A power which has been activated through a deadly Brex Rune stone at the top of Yaxley tower. Xandra must locate the stone and destroy it. Will she succeed in her quest, or will she perish, just like the other brave warriors did?


Journey on to Legion of Damned 3

MARCH 2019
30th March 2019

New entry #6: Snake Eyes by Mo Dernart

Well, we are not going to be flying space ships and fight alien territory with this submission. Instead, let's go on a cartoon adventure. Mo Dernart has come up with a weird and wacky game concept, which is quite funny to look at and to me, also fun to play. Snake Eyes is a simple push scrolling game, in which you need to try and keep beating your own score. The idea of the game is also to Illinois Jones, a.k.a Snake Eyes find his way home, before he's captured by freaks. During his quest he must endure deadly snakes, tribesmen and other vicious freaky characters.


Slither your way to Snake Eyes

25th March 2019

New entry #5: Fulgur by Alf Yngve

Alf Yngve has been blasting away at bringing out yet another vertical scrolling futuristic arcade blaster for this Year's SEUCK compo. It is called "Fulgur". This game features 4 levels of pure arcade action, with stunning graphics. Also there are tough scenarios which require good tactics. Blue and Green Dragon pilots (controlled by you) are retaliating against their own Government control. The pilots are trying to escape from the borders in a bid for freedom. Unfortunately, their quest won't be all that easy because the Government has sent in their own dark forces to try and shoot your air craft down. So now, prepare yourself for a real big battle before you can esccape. 


Blast your way to Fulgur

1st March 2019

New entry #4: Summit Fever by PIEVSPIE

There have been some newcomers coming to the SEUCK game creation compo, and things are shaping up quite nicely. If you are bored of space shooters, maybe this game will interest you. It is a push-scrolling mountain climbing simulator by PIEVSPIE. In this game you play a role of Ste Pilthis, a well known explorer. He dons his climbing gear, and is ready to undertake  the most dangerous expedition yet. Can he conquer the piste, or will he fail and become even more piste? :) Hahaha!.

Climb the mountain to Summit Fever

24th February 2019

TND is now on

You'll be very pleased to hear that, due to the insurge of brand new Commodore 64 games, being created by various developers. seems to allow QULAITY Commodore 64 game releases to be launched on the web site. TND has now joined the community, in order to release brand new game productions. Since I don't really want to make a business out of my own productions, digital downloads will be free. Any quality game release I upload on to or a co-op game production will be uploaded on to ITCH.IO, with a full description about the game. Plus the crack intro look TND intros will also be stripped from the productions before uploading to - So that you can really enjoy the game, without having the hassle to press the SPACEBAR all the time before running your programs. :)

You can find it here:

Richard's page

RELEASED on there are Vortex Crystals and also Starfysh Remix

Starfysh Remix Released

I was originally saving this game for Reset issue 12, but since I opened my account on Friday, I decided to start with a new version of the game production I had not actually realeased yet.  I was very trigger happy and decided to launch Starfysh Remix. This is a special edition of Starfysh, in which you are on a rescue mission. Planet Earth has been devastated, and the human race and pet dogs had been transported to four different stations based in space. Unfortunately alien forces knew what the earthlings were up to and they decided in an attempt to invade the four stations. Your mission is to fly through each of the four rescue stations, and do battle against the aliens.

I did have other plans for this game, for example an end of level boss, and a few other levels. Sadly it never happened.The game did get extended with a few bonus features:

- Slightly harder game play (More rapid firing from aliens)
- Brand new tunes (Each level has its own sound track)
- Starfysh Music demo (Featuring the original tape loader screen by JonEgg, and tunes)
- Multi-load system. This was used due to memory restrictions. Also the game is SDIEC compatible

This way to Starfysh Remix
Check it out at

23rd February 2019


In the past few chapters I have been showing you how to code games, demos and other bits. Now what if you wanted to publish your creations with additional presentation. Just like back in the C64's commercial scene. People used to master programs on to disk and tape. Now here's a big chapter based on different methods of program mastering. Starting from picture linking, all the way to mastering your programs from disk or tape. Example tools and code has also been added. Enjoy the art of creating your own disk and tape loaders in CHAPTER 7 :)

The art of mastering: Assemble It Chapter 7

16th February 2019

The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019 News:


Another SEUCK compo 2019 entry has hit TND HQ this weeken. This time it is a cool futuristic space blaster by VG VOX called Protox-1. This is a nice vertical scrolling shoot 'em up, in which you play the role of Captain John Rostar, who has accidentally transported himself into a parallel universe. Now he has to face a hostile world full of alien and giant reptiles. Luckily help is at hand. You must pilot John's squadron ships, through the alien infested planet. Locate and destroy the main androids that are controlling the alien world. Go on ... Blast, blast, blast and blast.

Protox-1 at The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019

15th February 2019

Assemble IT Update, Plus a new game - SUPER TOBOGGAN CHALLENGE

After a longish delay, the latest installment of Assemble It is finally here. This time it features on smooth vertical scrolling upwards, and also smooth scrolling downwards. The chapter also carries a fun example game, which you can enjoy. It is a Winter Sports themed game called "Super Toboggan Challenge". A simple game, in which you have to dodge your way past various obstacles that get in your way, also collect flags. This is a really fast paced score attack game. How far will you go?

Assemble IT Chapter 6 update + Game 10 - Super Toboggan Challenge

5th February 2019

SEUCK Compo 2019 Entry #2 - Robo Form X by VG VOX

Here comes the second entry for the OFFICIAL C64 SEUCK COMPO. Written by VG VOX, with aid of the standard Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. This is a futuristic blaster, in which you control a robot, which has to save the world from enemy forces. There are several vicious boss attacks to battle your way through. There's even a cool remix of the original tune, Dance Nation, which VG Vox had originally stuck on the front end. I have supplied that one also, as well as the new build :) Have fun, and zap those baddies into oblivion.

Zap those Robots with Robo Form X
25th January 2019

SEUCK Compo 2019 Entry #1 - Nucleo 447 by Leonardo Vettori

The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019 kicks off the entries with a first entry from a new contributor, Leonardo Vetorri with Nucleo 447. A vertical scrolling futuristic blaster. Yep, it's one of those cool SEUCK space blasters (My all time favourite genre of games), in which you fly through the deep voids of space, and fight against the evil aliens, and blast away having a good time. This time, you fly through a crystal world, doing battle against an evil machine, and its creator, and many of its minions. Go on, have a good blast. I'm sure you SEUCK fans will want to. Along with a breathtaking front end and a brand new T.N.D tape loader tune, "Let Me Go Home" with my own colourful, but oldschool style loader bitmap.

Let;'s play Nucleo 447

22nd January 2019

Mix Box #8 Released

Just a quick one today! The long awaited MIX BOX #8 has now been launched. The music demo, featuring the Mix Box 7 layout (With new colour scheme) features yet another 5 brand new tunes for you to listen out and enjoy to. Most of the tunes this time were composed in DMC music players. I hope you have fun listening to the tunes.


12th January 2019

New Contributor's Game: GIGABLAST - GOLD EDITION by Alf Yngve

Who remembers the SEUCK Compo 2015 runner up game GIGABLAST by Alf Yngve? Well, by sepcial request from the game's author, TND is proud to bring to you a GOLD edition of this game. GIGABLAST - GOLD EDITION is a special version of the original GIGABLAST game. This new version features a brand new golden front end, an updated loading picture, smarter aliens, a new score panel, high score detection, action packed explosive gameplay and to top off all things, two brand new late 80's/early 90's house style SID remixes of the original loader tune and the title tune. Guide your mech ship and invincible drone through enemy territory and fight those aliens and robots. Happy blasting!

Blast your way to GIGABLAST - GOLD EDITION

1st January 2019

Happy New Year  

Happy New Year!!!!  ... I hope you didn't get too drunk :)

Sadly no brand new releases today, but this was mainly due to lack of free time. As so much has been going on over the past couple of months. There are some new things in store for 2019. I hope to continue producing brand new games, launch some more music and also participate in another Blazon mega demo and make music for a Psytronik Game . Another plan of action also includes a game project intended for this year's RGCD 16KB game cartridge competition. Assemble It will also continue later on this month, where I give you a basic introduction to smooth scrolling a screen vertically. At the moment my first thing being made is something for the Ultimate 64 group. However here is some good news - started already:

A new SEUCK Compo Launched

Following the success of last year's SEUCK Compo 2018. The New Dimension is very proud to present the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019. This is a competition in which is to design and develop a full game, created using Sensible Software's/Palace/Outlaw's Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit or Jon Well's Sideways Scrolling SEUCK Left (As no Right scrolling version exists). No programming knowledge is required and this is supposed to be a fun competition. Remote entries only (Email). 

This competition is open to beginners as well as the SEUCK regulars. There's no themed or split category this year. Enhancements are welcome, although the prize is mainly to do with enhancing the games. SEUCK Redux is also allowed. Who will be the next winner of the SEUCK Compo to be crowned along with Eleanor Burn's Valkyrie 3 - The Templar this year?