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Entries/Submissions: Open, until 31st January 2017

Submit your compo entry to: richard-bayliss(a)
or to richardbayliss.c64(a)

7th February 2017

It is now confirmed that future submissions for the current SEUCK Compo has now closed. If you have not finished your game or have not submitted you entry. I'm sorry but it is too late. A new voting form will be under production this week. voting The form is now ready and live. Voting now begins.

I would like to thank everybody who participated in the SEUCK Compo 2016. A total of 9 entries were submitted to the competition.Some real corkers as well. On the category front there was a total of 5 entries for the Back to Basics category, and 4 for the Mod Squad. Sadly there wasn't any entries for the FULL WORKS category. Therefore I will be leaving that category out next year.

Do you wish to check out the entries, then why not visit


3rd February 2017

Antarta by Igor 'Errazking' Errazkin

The SEUCK Compo 2017 draws to a close in a couple of days time. So if you haven't submitted your entry yet. You have until 8pm UK time Sunday 5th February 2017. No later entries will be accepted.

Igor Errazkin's final entry for the SEUCK Compo 2017 is a cute cartoon game. You are Antarta, a cute penguin, who lives in Antarctica. You have entered the annual Penguin Marathon, with a group of friends. The race takes off, but little do you realise is that you face various obstacles. Can you complete the marathon and survive?. May the best penguin win - You ... hopefully ... Try not to become fish food ;)

24th January 2017

Main Ninja by Igor Errazkin

We have two brand new games from Igor Errazkin. First up is Main Ninja. A SEUCK game, which unfortunately had many problems with the original version of the game. The plan was to submit it to the SEUCK Compo 2016/17. Sadly the game didn't qualify.The player always got stuck on the background after losing a life. Instead we both agreed on getting this game working, by installing it into the SEUCK Redux source, and add a ninja style tune. Guess what? It worked :). In this game, you become a fearless ninja who is on his way home, after a day's training at the TND Dojo. Trouble is, however you have a treacherous journey home. Enemy Ninjas and other enemies will be awaiting to fight you. Watch out for bird poop, and also watch out for the lose bricks falling from the old TND HQ building.

Main Ninja

Super ACE 1942 by Igor Errazkin

Finally for today, we have Super ACE 1942, also written by Igor Errazking. This is a stunning SEUCK WW2 game, inspired by Capcom's classic 1942. This SEUCK game features a couple of in game enhancements I added to the game as well, such as flowing water and a nice Ikari Warriors style in game tune. The game idea is simply to fly through each sector fighting the enemy forces by land, sea or air. So why not strap yourself into a WW2 fighter plane and shout out Tally Ho. Once again, it doesn't class as a SEUCK compo entry, because it wasn't inteded to :)

Super Ace 1942

23rd January 2017

The Hunter by Igor Errazkin

Another entry makes its way to the MOD SQUAD category for the SEUCK Compo. This time it is a horizontal scrolling SEUCK underwater shoot 'em up, written by Igor Errazkin. In The Hunt,  you take control of a submarine, which must go into the abyss and battle against mutant creatures (which got drugged by a spy trawler) and collect spinning coins for bonus points. Watch out for the giant mutant creatures, and end of stage bosses. One hit, and say bye, bye to one of your submarines. There's also some funny jokes implemented in this fun shoot 'em up. Have fun playing this funny game.

The Hunter

22nd January 2017

The Flame Still Burns
Keeping the spirit of the good old C64. The New Dimension and friends all gather round to produce a farewell demo to DFlame. A few weeks later than planned, The Flame Still Burns demo has finally come out of the production works and is ready for release. This demo consists of oldschool effects, such as static and rolling raster bars. Also there's a simple tech-tech effect. The demo also consists of STE/Meanteam's logo, and finally a nice piece of music by Mr. Mouse/Xentax. Finally there's a few messages from various people who contributed messages of respect, to DFlame, who sadly passed away on 23rd December 2016. This demo is dedicated to him. R.I.P :(



Zap Fight 2 - Zapped to Oblivion by Alf Yngve and Psytronik Software
I just love futuristic blasters. Alf Yngve and Psytronik Software brings yet another free contributor's game, which was originally planned for the Fourth series of the Shoot Em Up Destruction Set. However the game was removed from the round up, due to a limited number of games for the compilation, and also another  futuristic blaster existed in the compilation. So Alf, Kenz and I joined forces to submit this game to Reset's Mix-I-Disk, and we also have the rights to upload this brilliant blaster on to the TND contributor's page. Zap Fight 2 is an excellent tribute to Slap Fight. Although this game was created with SEUCK, and enhanced with SEUCK Redux. It consists of many great features, power ups, new front end and also thumping trance music - which suits the style of game. Happy blasting everybody!


20th January 2017

NEW ENTRY SUBMITTED: Border War 3 by Alf Yngve.
Back in 1989 came Border War, 1992 came Border Blast 2. Now, the original game author, Alf Yngve surprises the fans of the Border War game series with a third sequel called Border Blast 3. This time it is a game for 1 or 2 players. The USA has been held captive by an evil Tyrant, who illegally captures the country with a force field - originally made for shielding the USA from future enemy attack. Then he sends his army to seize the country. It is now up to you go and blast hell out of the enemy forces and weaponry. This game features some clever features, and also a front end with patriotic colour bars and Matt Gray style title tune. Happy blasting!


17th January 2017
SEUCK Compo 2016 News

The 2016 SEUCK compo may have gone over to 2017, and the compo submissions date is still open until 31st January 2017. There is also a possibility that we will allow late entries following to the weekend after 31st January 2017, before I start working on the voting forms the week commencing 5th February 2017. So should you have a SEUCK game unreleased and wish to submit it, please contact me via CSDB or Lemon 64 private messaging, or email your submissions to my usual email addresses.

The SEUCK Compo 2016 will be my final SEUCK Compo.

Split Second is one of the entries submitted to the compo. There's another new SEUCK Compo entry blaster coming real soon.