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C64.SK - C64 News Portal
Hosted by CreaMD/DMAGIC. This is a web site portal that features loads of news about C64 productions.

Commodore Free
An online magazine which consists of various Commodore activities, histories, tips, etc. A replacement for Commodore Scene magazine.

Oldschool Gaming
Web site which contains various news, reviews and programming tips for all the retro 8-bit computers. Regularly updated and contain loads of interesting things.

Lemon 64
A web site run by Kim Lemon, that has built one of the world's largest Commodore C64 communities since it was up and running.

Games That Weren't
A site by Frank Gasking, that contains a database of games that never got released or finished. This site also includes various information about games that never got finished. Including authors talking about their projects and even some downloads of unfinished to finished games productions that never saw the light of day in the market. Frank also supplies some of his own SEUCK games on to the same page.

Commodore is Awesome!
Commodore is Awesome
Taking a look at the classic commodore games, and writing reviews of many classic titles. There are also various C64 software, which can be downloaded for your beloved machine (or use in VICE, CCS64, etc :))

Commodore Format Archive
Commodore Format was quite a popular magazine back in the 1990's, until it ended in September 1995. Now there is a web site dedicated to the magazine, and features exclusive reviews, features, shockers, and also 3 'unofficial' Power Pack tape images (62 - 64)  to download and enjoy.  The loading clock makes its comeback once more - but in a more spectacular way. There are also some exclusive interviews with ex-CF members, and much more to drool at :)

Quantum Link also featured the ground breaking game Habitat by Lucasfilm's, the first graphical massively multiplayer online game.

Quantumn Link

Quantum Link, originally available on the Commodore 64 computer, offered and pioneered many of the features we are used to having on the modern internet, such as e-mail, instant messagaing, shopping and chat rooms - to name a few.

TND Blog
Want to see what projects I get up to now and then? The TND blog has it all. :)


An entire database of watchable C64 demos from the earlier times of the demo scene, through to the releases of today. Now run by oldschool group Crypt. Loads of great demos for you to download, watch and enjoy.

Binary Zone PD
Probably one of my all time favorite PD libraries in the UK. Binary Zone PD is a web site that consist of public domain disks for the Commodore C64. Including PD Demos, PD Games, PD Scene Utilities and also music.

3D Construction Kit
A multi-format 3D Construction tribute web site, featuring games created with the editor, tips and other great stuff.


SEUCK School

Run by me.  A SEUCK tutorial page, with downloadable C64Studio/ACME framework for programmers to build their own new front end, or enhance SEUCK games. The page also consists of some videos of the games that are being enhanced. There's loads of different tips and tricks on various aspects of game creation.

The SEUCK Vault
A must visit for all SEUCK fans out there. This is a web site run by Merman, that consists of a few SEUCK games and also a load of handy tips and tricks which can be done with SEUCK. These include some tips and tricks by me as well.

Sideways SEUCK page

A new SEUCK web site run by Jon Wells that features the Sideways SEUCK editor, that will allow people to create their own side scrolling SEUCK games. This page also consist of examples of games, including Imaginator, and also an unfinished preview of Breakthrough.


Not really Commodore 64 related, but it is still related to the good old Shoot 'em up Construction Kit.  This is a PC remake of the Shoot 'Em Up construction kit, created using GL BASIC. This tool allows you to design and create your very own shoot 'em ups with plenty of options to choose from. It is slightly more advanced than the original Commodore 64 versions, but the OpenGL SEUCK is worth a try. A shame you can't use C64 SEUCK colour schemes for the front end or import music into it :o)

Inferior Productions
A web site run by Thorsten (Sledgie), which features mainly his own SEUCK games in the Gold Quest series.


This is a web site devoted to a really awesome piece of C64 hardware. The 1541Ultimate 2. This page gives you information about the hardware specification, firmware, etc. The 1541U2 has taken great support by C64 fanatics from from around the world. The hardware allows you to load .D64's, .TAP images (if you own the tape adapter), .CRT images, such as the RGCD 16KB game cartridge compos, easyflash, etc. and has many cool featurees. Firmware is ongoing (time permitting).

The software team, in Germany who loves the good old C64. Protovision is a C64 software company that produces and sells new Commodore 64 titles on disk only. Protovision also distributes hardware as well.

Psytronik Software
This is a non profit making Software label by Binary Zone PD. Psytronik Software publishes brand new C64 games at a very low cost. Products are usually available on tape or disk, with a spiffy tape inlay or disk inlay.

Retro related news, reviews and also cartridge software. New games for old systems. 16KB Cartridge compos, etc.

Do you like sheep, do you like camels. Remember the classics such as "Grid Runner", "Revenge of the Mutant Camels", etc? Well, Lllamasoft have their own web site, and they are still developing games today (although not for the C64). Llamasoft includes legal downloads to Jeff Minter's hilariously fun classics for different 8-bit machines, for running in WinVice.

A web site run by ex-Ocean software grafter, Paul. The site consists some of his history and also for the C64, the source code of the Freeload tape mastering tool. (Which Ocean used to use on many games released in 1988 by imagine/ocean and also on the Hit Squad label).

Codebase 64
A C64 wiki, which contains a load of source code and articles, that may possibly help those of you who want to try and program games, demos or anything on your Commodore C64.

C64 Wiki
An online encyclopedia about the Commodore C64.


Fairlight - World of tools
A web site that conisits of links to very handy cross platform utilities to help you code, compose music, draw graphics or even pack your own games. Some older PCs may need to be used in order to use some of the cross platform tools.

Exomizer V2
One of the best ever cross platform C64 crunchers available on the PC. Compress your own C64 .PRG files, using Exomizer V2 (Knowledge of Machine Code is essential). Current LATEST version of Exomizer is version V2.0.7

Bongo Cruncher
Samar's cross-platform windows friendly cruncher system, for compressing standalone programs and adding executable jump addresses and de-compactor counter. Cruncher also consists of different compression methods.

Charpad + Spritepad [Subchrist Software]
The most popular cross platform utility for designing/developing char+sprite graphics for your own game / demo productions

Cheese Cutter
PC based C64 SID composer utility, inspired by the classic JCH music editor. Features great demo tunes, which you can play around with or use in your very own programs.

Home of the Metal Warrior series and other home made programs by the original game's author. The web site also consist of various tips on game programming, as well as some PC tools that were used to create Metal Warrior.

Commodore 64 Utilities
A collection of assorted public domain utilities for the good old Commodore C64. Highly recommended for those who want to code, draw graphics, compose music and pack/link your own programs using the oldschool method, as an alternative to cross-platform programming / development. Most tools are made by the demo scene groups.

Programmer's heaven. This is a PC based cross-assembler/compiler which will generate Commodore 64 programs.