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 . All images are zipped .D64 images, and run on CCS64 or WinVice.

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To be able to use these following files. You will need to transfer the .D64/.PRG images to a real Commodore 64 using an XE1541 cable with Star Commander (you can also use XM1541-cable with Starcommander and with userport driver under XP too Wink ) Alternatively, you can download one of those three highly recommended C64 emulators.

HOX's 64


Let's Invade (Full Game)

Programming: Richard Bayliss
Graphics: Richard Bayliss, Loading Picture: Igor Errazkin

Music/SFX: Richard Bayliss
Genre: Arcade - Space Invaders
Tape Loader: Spectacular Copy by Stephen Senz (note) + Thunderload Tape Master Pro V3.0  by Richard Bayliss and Martin Piper (game)

This is Space Invaders, but with a few twists and turns. For one thing, the aliens won't move down after completely moving across the screen, they have their own behaviour.  This game involves retro arcade gaming, with a twist of psychedelic aural (thumping trance) and visual stimulation. You have been transported to a void by the alien mothership. Your mission is to battle wave after wave against the RGB invaders. The darker the aliens are, the weaker they will become. The lighter the aliens, the more hits they will require. You must blast away through 40 different stages. Shoot orange aliens for random power ups. Purple/Magenta aliens give out extra lives.These will be lost if a life is lost, or the power up has timed out. Full instructions are included in the .zip file. 


To fit the aural and visual psychedelic experience. Let's Invade consists of in game strobe effects inside the scrolling void, which may be unsuitable for some gamers. If you suffer from conditions such as epilepsey or similar. Select 'Y' on the red screen to disable the flashing effects, and for a more comfortable game play. 

Let's Invade (Playable Demo)
Programming: Richard Bayliss
Graphics: Richard Bayliss

Music/SFX: Richard Bayliss
Genre: Arcade - Space Invaders
Tape Loader: Thunderload 7 by Richard Bayliss and Martin Piper

This is a playable preview of a new C64 game, which hopes to be coming out in the near future this year.  It is a little Space Invaders style game preview, but weirder. Use Left/Right on your josytick to fire lasers at the aliens. Don't let the aliens reach or bomb your ship. Full game will consist of a front end, hi score table, different backgrounds, and levels, and also power up aliens. Save the world from alien domination!