TND Games Room

Last updated: 19th January 2014

Latest games released (19/01/2014): Dark Force by Richard Bayliss and Alf Yngve

Latest games released (25/12/2013): TND Games: Invert (Full version), Contributors: Candle Burner, Night Raid, Re-Alienator, Sheep VS Fox DX.

Latest games released (30/08/2013): House of Mr Chuf, Last Space Ship

Latest games released (20/07/2013): The Dark Within, Dante's Super Store, Gold Quest 5 Demo, Gold Quest 5 Full, Sheer Earth Attack, Enhanced Sheer Earth Attack, Spy Rider, Realms of Midgard, Enhanced Realms of Midgard, Zombie Brain Eaters, Aufwaerts (Going Upwards), Do Do's Deep Doo Doo 80% Version, Synergy, Amazon Gold, Bank Run, Caribain 1773, Crystal Space, Pallino, War Under Sea, Wall of Fire, and Cyborg B61

Previous games released: Revenge of the Tomato, Sheep vs Fox, Retron Phase One


Quick info: Each game will open in a new page. Java is required to be enabled to be able to use the TND Games Room! All games with *SEUCK* next to their names, represent games that were all created by using Sensible Software's Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit. Most of those SEUCK games are very old, but should still give you a bit of fun to play. Games which are indicated with *SL-SEUCK* are games that were created using the sideways left-scrolling version of the Shoot 'Em Up Construction kit, Games indicated with *BASIC* were games that were programmed in Commodore BASIC V2. Games indicated as 3DCK are games that were created using the 3D construction kit by Domark. The rest of the games are assembly programmed in either Turbo Assembler, DASM, ACME or any other cross assembler. Also just to rub it in, some of my older ML programmed games were programmed by using a Machine Code Monitor on my Action Replay Cartridge V6!

Please also note that games with (16+) or (18+) represent that the games are for people who are age 16 or over as the games may contain content of an adult humour or adult nature. By selecting one of those games with age restriction, you hold yourself resposible playing these game productions. Thank you for your attention.

The following games: Blast Fest, Ghost Ship, Hyper Duel, Ouch 1+2, Poing!, Sharkz, Sharkz 2, Sub Duel and Super Galaxys Duel are games for 2 players only.

For joystick controls, please click on the '?' icon to run the help demo.

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