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This section of the TND web site consists of programs, written by all friends and contributors. Being games, demos, tools or whatever, I am happy to help support people who write stuff for the good old Commodore 64 computer, even if they are SEUCK games, or anything like that :o)

This is where *you* come involved. If you have written anything you would like us to add to our web site then please contact me and I'll sort it out for you.
Before you do however. Please read the guidelines

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 . All images are zipped .D64 images, and run on CCS64 or WinVice.

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To be able to use these following files. You will need to transfer the .D64/.PRG images to a real Commodore 64 using an XE1541 cable with Star Commander (you can also use XM1541-cable with Starcommander and with user port driver under XP too Wink ) Alternatively, you can download one of those three highly recommended C64 emulators.

HOX's 64

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Programming: Joseph Rose
Graphics: PETSCII
Music: N/A
Genre: Guessing / Vocablary
Loader: N/A

This is hangman for your C64. The aim of the game is simply to guess the hidden word, by tapping in letters from the keyboard. If a correct word is found, it will be displayed in the grid, otherwise a life will be lost. To load this game, load "*",8,1 select the game option, and you're off  :)

Programming: W.S.W
Graphics: W.S.W
Music: W.S.W
Genre: Arcade (Snake)
Loader: Action Replay Freezer Turbo

Guide your snake around the play area gobbling stuff, but mind you don't bite into your skin. Anything your snake eats will increase the size of your snake.


Helicopter III
Programming: Roberto Ricioppo (Created using Shoot Em Up Construction Kit)
Graphics: Roberto Ricioppo
Music: Roberto Ricioppo
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up (SEUCK)
Tape Loader: Thunderload 7 by Richard Bayliss + Martin Piper

Secret documents of a previously kidnapped secret agent 1763, was captured by an evil terrorist, known to be unamed. You have been sent on a very dangerous mission to recapture those documents. As being that they are currently in the wrong hands, it could cause more terror and misery.

As a pilot of agent 2473, you must fly through the enemy base, and do battle against the rogue agents' military forces. Blast them from the sky and get those documents back.

This message will explode in 3-2-1 ...


Programming: The Fall Guy (Maniac Mailman Designs)
Graphics: The Fall Guy (Maniac Mailman Designs)
Music: Robb Hubbard
Genre: Arcade (PONG/Misc)
Tape Loader: CF Special - Loader Maker

This is a sort of original game idea. The aim of the game is to try and get your ball in to the opponent's goal. At the bottom is a little cannon, which you can use to slow down your opponent. Watch out because they can also slow you down with their own cannon. Can you blast your way through to beating the opponent whilst smashing the ball through their goal before they can defend? Don't shoot the ball, else there will be a penalty - which might give your opponent the chance to shoot the ball into their goal to gain scored points.

Programming: Roberto Ricioppo (Created using SEUCK)
Graphics: Roberto Ricioppo

Music: Roberto Ricioppo
Genre: SEUCK - Vertical Scrolling
Tape Loader: Thunderload (Martin Piper)

Drive along the road, avoid crashing into other enemy cars and background. Fix anything which needs fixing.


House Case
Programming: Shaun Pearson (Using S.E.U.C.K)
Graphics: Shaun Pearson
Music: Argon/Extend (Rendition of Iron Maiden's Fear of the Dark), and The Syndrom/TIA
Genre: Shoot 'em up (SEUCK Vertical)
Tape Loader: Thunderload

There have been things that been going bump into the night. Help the Ghost Hunter through the deadly graveyard to enter the haunted house. Kill anything that gets in your way, and avoid contact with ghosts. Try and reach your girlfriend's cell and then get out of there alive. We won't tell you how. You'll just have to solve this escape puzzle yourself.

House of Mr Chuf (The)
Programming: Roberto Ricioppo (Using Horizontal S.E.U.C.K)
Graphics: Roberto Ricioppo
Music: Roberto Ricioppo
Genre: Shoot 'em up (SEUCK Vertical)
Tape Loader: Thunderload

You entered a mansion, The House of Mr Chuf. A good old magician who passed away several years ago. You are on holiday, and booked a room in the mansion, unaware that it is haunted by evil spirits. Every single household object and toys have been posessed. For some odd reason the objects are armed with bullets, which were taken from Mr Chuf's draw. You find spare bullets, and pick up a rife and set out to turn your holiday nightmare into an adventure. Shoot at those toys and other objects, to kill the evil spirits. May the house of Mr Chuf be ghost free,

Hover Raider RX

Programming: Alf Yngve (Using S.E.U.C.K), Matin Piper, Richard Bayliss
Graphics: Alf Yngve
Music: Richard Bayliss
Genre: Shoot 'em up (Vertical Scrolling)
Tape Loader: R-Load by Daniel Kahlin

This is a game for 1 player only. Your mission is to guide your hovercraft through a war zone, and battle against military forces by ground, sea and by air. Your hovercraft cannot fly, so it is easy enough to destroy it. This game consists of 2 versions of the game. The first version is an slow scrolling version. The second is a much harder and faster scrolling version of the game. Can you complete all 4 levels in order to complete the battle? Good luck!


Hunt Flags
Programming: Roberto Ricioppo (Using S.E.U.C.K)
Graphics: Roberto Ricioppo
Music: Roberto Ricioppo
Genre: Shoot 'em up (SEUCKl)
Tape Loader: LoadOne

Guide your ship across the each zone, and shoot the flags, before they shoot at you. Mind how you go.

Hunting for the Small Box

Programming: Roberto Ricioppo (Using S.E.U.C.K)
Graphics: Roberto Ricioppo
Music: Roberto Ricioppo
Genre: Shoot 'em up (SEUCK)
Tape Loader: Break Free by Joonas Lindberg, Tape Turbo by Martin Piper

This is a game for 1 or 2 players. Your mission is to simply hunt for the smalll box. Guide your space ship through each sector, blasting every enemy in sight.


Hunt to Agent 005
Programming: Roberto Ricioppo (Using S.E.U.C.K)
Graphics: Roberto Ricioppo
Music: Richard Bayliss
Genre: Shoot 'em up (SEUCK Horizontal)
Tape Loader: Tape Master Pro V1.0

Who likes a good spy thriller? Well, now's your chance. You're involved in a ultimate car chase in which you are to hunt down Agent 005. Why? Well, let's just say that he's picnched your favourite ham sandwich, served by your favourite waitress at the counter. You get really annoyed and set off on a chase to have it back.  The trouble is, there's a mass of gangsters driving through the cities, having a war against you. Shoot at those bad guys and find Agent 005 - then blast him down. Go, go, go superspy - get your ham sarnie back before Agent 005 eats it. :o))

Huntress of Midgard
Programming: Anthony Burns (Using Sideways S.E.U.C.K), Richard Bayliss (Enhancements)
Graphics: Anthony Burns, Richard Bayliss (Logo)
Music: Richard Bayliss
Genre: Shoot 'em up (SEUCK Horizontal)
Tape Loader: Thunder Load (Martin Piper)

The third of the Midgard saga. You are Eris, the Huntress of Midgard. The holy city of Midgard has been under threat of a new evil reign. The creatures of Morrigan are looking for the pieces of talisman, so that they can rule Midgard as their own city, and rid of all the villagers, priestesses and other good folk. Your quest is to guide Eris and fight against the evil creatures of Morrigan, and you must pick up all three pieces of the talisman, otherwise Midgard could be doomed forever. Pickup bottles of potion. 4 bottles will give you a smart grenade, but if you get wounded, you will lose it. Good luck Eris. The villagers of Midgard need your help.

Important - Author's rights on this page

All productions on this web site have been either submitted by the game authors themselves, their friends/contact or were used with permission. All programs on this site are freely distributable for use on a real Commodore 64/128 or C64 emulators. However the authors still retain copyright to their stuff and we like to obey these copyright laws by keeping software in good form. Therefore if you copy any of these programs for your friends/contacts, please keep everything the way it is meant to be (as on this site). If the author at any chance want their programs removed (i.e. now sold commercially) then they have the right to do so and we will be happy to do exactly that.

Secondly. Have you written a game (SEUCK, Assembly, etc.) then please email richard-bayliss(a)blueyonder.co.uk and we'll evaluate it and if suitable, upload it on to our web space.