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This section of the TND web site consists of programs, written by all friends and contributors. Being games, demos, tools or whatever, I am happy to help support people who write stuff for the good old Commodore 64 computer, even if they are SEUCK games, or anything like that :o)

This is where *you* come involved. If you have written anything you would like us to add to our web site then please contact me and I'll sort it out for you.
Before you do however. Please read the guidelines

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 . All images are zipped .D64 images, and run on CCS64 or WinVice.

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To be able to use these following files. You will need to transfer the .D64/.PRG images to a real Commodore 64 using an XE1541 cable with Star Commander (you can also use XM1541-cable with Starcommander and with user port driver under XP too Wink ) Alternatively, you can download one of those three highly recommended C64 emulators.

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Dark is the Bark
Programming: Mariano Paolo (Using SEUCK)
Graphics: Mariano Paolo
Music: Hamony Productions
Genre: Arcade (SEUCK)
Tape Loader: Dosoft DT Turbo

You decide to invade a hostile planet. Go blast through the deadly planet before you get blasted too :o)


Programming: Alf Yngve (Using Sideways SEUCK), Richard Bayliss (Enhancements)
Graphics: Alf Yngve
Music: Richard Bayliss
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up (SEUCK Sideways - Left)
Tape Loader: Thunderload 7 by Richard Bayliss and Martin Piper

A Halloween 2014 special for you by Alf Yngve. Your quest is to guide your player through Darkland in search for light. Darkland is infested with deadly tentacled monsters, which spit out a deadly poison. Use a joystick in port 2 to move around, use the search light on the monsters to kill them. Watch your every step not to touch these monsters by accident. Can you escape Darkland and reach the hut, where the light is?


Demo Music Creator V5.0+
Programming: Brian/Graffity, CreaMD/C64.SK
Graphics: ?
Music: CreaMD/C64.SK
Genre: Utility (Music)
Tape loader: N/A - Disk version only.

Compose really cool music with this brilliant music editor.


Destroy all Robots X21
Programming: Roberto Ricioppo (Using SEUCK)
Graphics: Roberto Ricioppo
Music: Richard Bayliss
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up (SEUCK)
Tape Loader: Thunderload (Martin Piper)

Robots are invading your planet. It's time to get rid of them :)


Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo
Programming: Carl Mason (Created using Sideways SEUCK, Richard Bayliss (Enhancements)
Graphics: Carl Mason
Music: Richard Bayliss
Genre: SEUCK (Sideways Left)
Tape Loader: Thunderload (By Richard Bayliss + Martin Piper)

"It is the 17th century on the island of Mauritius and you are the last of the Dodos. Sailors carrying harpoons and blunderbusses are on the hunt and have set traps all over the island which you must traverse in order to find any eggs which may be stashed away. A map is shown at the start of each area to help you remember where they were hidden:

Each dot on the mini map represents a pile of leaves or some other potential nesting site, the light dots are the locations which contain an egg whereas the black dots are empty or could even hold a trap. Also on your travels you may come across mounds of dirt, simply press fire on these and a dodo tree sapling will sprout from it, do this 4 times and you will gain an extra life, some are easier to find than others.

Can you get to safety, avoiding booby traps and the elements with all of the eggs?"


Programming: Zarko Zivanov
Graphics: Zarko Zivanov
Music: Charles Deenen
Genre: Puzzle (Misc)
Tape Loader: Action Replay Freezer Turbo

Match dominoes according to value, but watch out for where you place them. You can play joker as well to avoid losing. But you can't always win :)


Doors of Space
Programming: Roberto Ricioppo (Using SEUCK)
Graphics: Roberto Ricioppo
Music: Richard Bayliss
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up (SEUCK)
Tape Loader: Thunderload (Martin Piper)

Earth is yet again under threat by an elite of aliens. Your mission is to fly into the doors of space, and wipe them out.  :)


Downhill Ski
Programming: TFG/Manic Mailman Designs
Graphics: TFG/Manic Mailman Designs
Music: Richard Bayliss
Genre: Sport (Slalom)
Tape Loader: CF Special - Loader Maker

Participate in a race against time down steep ski slopes. Avoid the obstacles else you will fall over and lose time.


Dreider 6

Programming: Roberto Ricioppo (Using Sideways scrolling S.E.U.C.K)
Graphics: Roberto Ricioppo
Music: Roberto Ricioppo
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up (SEUCK Horizontal)
Tape Loader: Thunderload 7 by Martin Piper and Richard Bayliss

Guide your space ship safely across Dreider 6. Fight the enemies, and win the great space war.


Programming: Mombasajoe (Using S.E.U.C.K)
Graphics: Mombasa Joe
Music: Fanta/Plush
Genre: Racing (SEUCK)
Tape Loader: Dance-A-Load/Martyload

You are tired, stressed out from work and you want to get home, but only one problem. There are impatient drivers who think they rule the road. Those idiots are causing problems on the roads of the one way system. You decide to try and drive through the fast 70 MPH lane to try and get home quicker.


Programming: Roberto Ricioppo (Created using SEUCK)
Graphics: Roberto Ricioppo
Music: Roberto Ricioppo
Genre: Shoot 'em up (SEUCK)
Tape Loader: Martin Piper

Once upon a time, on an alien farmyard lived an adventurer named Drumo. He was resting in his hut, until one day a series of crazy aliens brewed on his farm. Suddenly Drumo realises that his favourite beer farm was ransacked by those crazy aliens from Adventure land. Not very amused at the fact that all that was left was a tiny drop in a barrel, Drumo makes himself a catapult and a large supply of space veg and prepares himself to fend the aliens off.

As Drumo, your mission is to save your beer farm from being invaded by pesky aliens, simply by moving around and catapult your unlimited suppy of crazy space veg at them. The aliens will warp out if you feed them space veg, as they do certainly hate it. Can you save your farm from a huge invasion, and save what is left of your beer, or will the aliens have the last of it. Whatever happens, it is up to you to sort out your problems.


Dunwich Horror
Programming: Anthony Burns (Using SEUCK)
Graphics: Anthony Burns
Music: Richard Bayliss
Genre: Arcade (SEUCK) (Slow version)

Another H.P Lovercraft game. This time it is time to fly you red plane and shoot the horrors from Dunwich down. Shoot down the nightgaunts, cultists, dholes, shoggoths, etc in this wonderfully well drawn vertical scrolling shoot 'em up! :)


Dyriun T2
Programming: Roberto Ricioppo (Using Sideways Scrolling  SEUCK)
Graphics: Roberto Ricioppo
Music: Roberto Ricioppo
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up (SEUCK)
Tape loader: Thunderload 7 by Martin Piper and Richard Bayliss

Your home planet is dying. You need to save it. You have been forced to enter the space mines to develop new energy to bring your dying planet back to life. Out to stop you are groups of mean aliens. Luckily for you, you are armed with a pulse laser cannon. Go give those aliens a good thrashing and save your beloved planet.


Important - Author's rights on this page

All productions on this web site have been either submitted by the game authors themselves, their friends/contact or were used with permission. All programs on this site are freely distributable for use on a real Commodore 64/128 or C64 emulators. However the authors still retain copyright to their stuff and we like to obey these copyright laws by keeping software in good form. Therefore if you copy any of these programs for your friends/contacts, please keep everything the way it is meant to be (as on this site). If the author at any chance want their programs removed (i.e. now sold commercially) then they have the right to do so and we will be happy to do exactly that.

Secondly. Have you written a game (SEUCK, Assembly, etc.) then please email richard-bayliss(a)blueyonder.co.uk and we'll evaluate it and if suitable, upload it on to our web space.