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To be able to use these following files. You will need to transfer the .D64/.PRG images to a real Commodore 64 using an XE1541 cable with Star Commander (you can also use XM1541-cable with Starcommander and with userport driver under XP too Wink ) Alternatively, you can download one of those three highly recommended C64 emulators.

HOX's 64

 . All images are zipped .D64 images, and run on CCS64 or WinVice.

Egg Catcher
Programming: Richard Bayliss
Graphics: Richard Bayliss, Johan Janssen
Music: Richard Bayliss
Genre: Arcade - Mad Bomber
Tape Loader: Dance-A-Load/Martyload

Egg-cellent. Well, not really. Help Suzanne collect all those falling eggs, which are being thrown by the mad farmer. Warning, let one egg smash, and you will forefit one of your 3 chances. This is a fast paced game, which requires fast reactions. :o)


Escape from Zaphod
Programming: Richard Bayliss, Incentive Software (Created using 3D Construction Kit by Incentive + Domark software)
Graphics: Richard Bayliss, Joshua Green
Music: Richard Bayliss, Joshua Green
Genre: Adventure / 3D Perspective
Tape Loader: Martin Piper

You communicate with a planet called Zaphod, to fuel your space ship to get back to Earth. When you tried to do exactly that the Zaphons shot your space ship to smithereens, and captured you as you parachuted to the ground. Now for the rest of your life and eternity, you have been captured and held in the high prison of Zaphod. Luckily you found a way to hack the door to your cell, so that it opens. Just as you plan your escape, it triggers more security systems on panic alert. Now your escape's going to be a tough cookie. Can you find a way out of Zaphod before the Zaphonites (The Zaphon Gods) take power over you?. Good luck with your prison break.

Also includes tape inlay by Joshua Green