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Bomb Catch
Programmed by Richard  in Blitz Basic
Graphics by Richard
Music by Richard
Released: December 2007

My first ever Blitz Basic game (Which I originally created to learn the basics to Blitz Basic programming. Actually this nifty game is probably one of the first programs I wrote in Blitz Basic.

This game is based on Crapcade Games' Bomb Catch, originally written by Mark Watkin. The idea of this game is to move your bucket with the mouse (left/right) and collect those falling bombs. If you let one explode then a life will be lost. Lose all 3 and game is over. However if you collect 50 bombs, the level difficulty will become higher and those bombs will eventually fall faster, causing you to panic. After the eighth level, the game starts at level 1 again and will keep repeating until game is over.  Challenge your friends or family to see who can score the highest score. Have loads of fun.

Programmed by Richard in Blitz Basic
Graphics by Richard
Music by Richard
Released: October 2009

Programming by Richard Bayliss (Using Blitz Basic)

Graphics by: Richard Bayliss
Music by: Richard Bayliss and Dr.J/The Force
Released: June 2011

Bessie the cow wants to go on a skydive and has sent out some of her friends to join in the fun. They all enter the barn and take off in Bessie's space-ship type aircraft and prepare for a sky dive.

The other animals did not like the idea of Bessie sky diving as they found that to be an event for cows only. The camels were practically annoyed about it. So they assembled a party of camels, goats and sheep and set off into the air using balloons, to make the cows go for a swim.

Your task is to launch Bessie and her friends from the aircraft and guide them safely on to the ground. The trouble is that there are goats, sheep and camels, who are very annoyed and want cows to take a little dip in the pool. Try and avoid contact with those crazy hairy beasties. You also have a time limit in which to land those crazy cows. Watch out for bonus items, flying across at the bottom - they will help you gain more points.

You have 10 cows to land on to the ground, and only 5 lives. Can you MOO-ve through all 16 levels and play on to gain more scores, or will the cows decide enough's enough and other crazy furry animals win the dispute?

Privacy Invaders
Designed and produced by Richard using Multi Media Fusion 2
Graphics by Richard
SFX by 6,000 Royalty Free Sound Effects CD
Released: January 2011

Do you ever get fed up of your privacy being disturbed by pesky commercial sales people from banks, financial based, windows salespeople, etc trying to flog you something?. Do you want to get your own back? Well, with this spin off Space Invaders style of game, which I created for fun. You can get your own back. Guide your tank and shoot 'em privacy invaders and save the planet. Well, not much really. The game just carries on until game over. :) Hehehehe! The game is on going until all of your lives have been lost.

Snodge's Bad Day

Programmed by Richard
Graphics by Philip & Richard
Music by Richard
Released: May 2004

Help Snodge the biblet collect enough cherries to make a nice cherry pie. Watch the clock, and avoid those falling weights, else the game's up!
This game was programmed using Dark BASIC professional. Requires Direct X 9 or higher to work properly.