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REVISED DATE 25th April 2017

Have you written a new C64 game, and would like to submit it for TND's contributor's page? We have decided to add some brand new rules/guidelines about submitting future game productions to The New Dimension's Friends+Contributor's page. Over the past few years, we have been very kind accepting various new productions from contributors, but nowadays we get flooded with fast made SEUCK games which sadly not many people would want to download, play and enjoy. After a clean up of our web space (removing some of the unwanted files that clutter things up). We have decided to focus on QUALITY rather than QUANTITY.

So basically, we want less of this:


... and more of this:

Note: Existing games will remain in the contributor's page.

Here's a rough guideline for future contributor's software. The following type of productions we accept are as follows:

Uploads of contributor's submissions will be mastered to:

- Digital 1541 disk format (D64)
- Digital tape format (TAP)

Note, multi load submissions are accepted but will not be mastered to .tap format.


- Can be submitted in .D64, .TAP, .PRG format.
- Can be of any genre trivia, arcade, adventure, puzzle
- Use of multi-load is welcome - Although it will be more difficult for TND able to master to .tap
- Should use quality in design or custom made graphics
- Should consist sound effects (unless text adventure)
- May use machine code subroutines, i.e. IRQ music players, additional M/L code, but must be your own
- Content must not contain scenes / language of an adult nature
- Must be very playable for the audience. We don't want games that are too slow and unplayable. Should your BASIC game be too slow, use an AustroSpeed or any other compiler
- Use of commercial assets are not allowed
- Must be your own work


- Can be submitted in .D64, .TAP, .PRG or CRT format
- Can be of any genre, trivia, arcade, adventure, puzzle, etc
- Use of multi-load is welcome, although will be more difficult for TND to master to .tap
- Content/Design should be of good quality. Rushed designs, and graphics might not be accepted
- Content must consist of music or sound effects
- Your game must be playable for the audience.
- If you write any updates of your production, we will be happy to replace the older version of your game with the updated version
- Content must not contain scenes / language of an adult nature
- Use of commercial/copyrighted assets are not allowed
- All content should be your own work, or must have had a friend involved
- Source code is also accepted, although not necessary


- Can be submitted in .D64, .TAP, .PRG format
- Can be of any SEUCK genre
- Use of SEUCK Redux optional
- Use of additional code to games are welcome.
- Should you not be able to program certain things in your game, which we can. We can help you out
- Title screen should have some design/presentation or full credits of who did what
- Avoid using example sound effects and make your own
- Try to limit use of SEUCK slowdown syndrome (Avoid placing too many sprites on one screen)
- Graphics/Design and game play should be of good quality
- Try to vary the enemy attack waves now and then.
- 1-day Rushed work will no longer be accepted
- Content must not contain scenes / language of an adult nature
- Use of commercial/copyrighted assets are not allowed
- All content should be your own work, or must have had a friend involved.

We do also accept games created with Graphic Adventure Creator, The Quill, Gary Kitchen's Game Maker. etc. For those type of games, please read the BASIC/Assembly guidelines.
Games created with Boulderdash Construction Kit, Giana, etc will not be accepted.

We usually add title music and alter raster colour on SEUCK title screen. However, if there is something else you would like mastered to your SEUCK game, like linked explosion, background animation, etc. Please inform us. If requiring a new front end for your game, please submit a logo, custom character set and music.

Submissions can be emailed to:


The productions will be evaluated for quality, design and most importantly, the game play. If any of the 3 criteria has been matched your game will be uploaded on to the Contributor's page. You will also be informed about this.

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