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The winner will get a new front end and in game enhancements. The two runners up only get a new front end.

The Shoot Em Up Construction Kit,, or as we call it S.E.U.C.K is a program in which allows you create your very own shoot 'em ups with limitations. Unlike some game makers in the past, such as Gary Kitchen's Game Maker, Arcade Game Construction Kit, which were full of multi-load options. SEUCK had a a large series of options to allow you to create and develop your own C64 shoot 'em ups, but only with limitations. You didn't need any programming knowledge to create your games either, unless you wanted to enhance your games even more. The games could only use a vertical scrolling and still timed landscapes. The front end editor allowed you to use either still colours or scrolling raster bars. The char editor allowed you to customize your own character set to design your own text chars or make hi-hires logos and construct those on to your SEUCK game title screen with or without rolling colour bars behind them..

There has been a huge cult of SEUCK games hitting the world since the birth of the editor. Many games were pretty rushed and played terrible - that's what we don't want :). There had been communities of SEUCK lovers, who support the editor, and also a minority of individuals who dislike SEUCK.

In 2008, Jon Wells created the Sideways scrolling Shoot 'Em up Construction Kit, in which used the original SEUCK engine and scrolled the the background horizontally, instead of vertically. ... And this is what the competition is all about THIS TIME ROUND.

The aim of this competition is to create your very own shoot 'em up using Jon Well's adapted SEUCK - Sideways Shoot Em Up Construction kit (LEFT). (Visit the official Sideways scrolling SEUCK web site for the Sideways SEUCK and download it. The tool is FREE to download and build your own games with it. Restrictions apply.

The SEUCK Sideways Left can only by downloaded from the Sideways SEUCK web site, and is NOT allowed to be uploaded elsewhere without Jon's permission. 

To enter this competition. All you need to do is design and create your own good quality looking game, using the Sideways Scrolling Left version of SEUCK (Since there is no version of SEUCK that will scroll a map from the right of the screen to the left.. Your game doesn't always have to be a shoot 'em up, as other types of games as well as just a shoot 'em up are possible. Your game can be anything, as long as it is created using the tool. Mods/POKEs added to the game are valid in the competition this year also. It is however pointless to write a new front end and add extra power up routines, as that would have been the main prize :o)


A brand new section has been added to the TND web site, in which reveals various tips and tricks on how to enhance your own SEUCK titles. WARNING: Serious programming is required in order to achieve that goal of SEUCK enhancements. You'll need an assembler or M/C monitor to do these tricks (Or if you just want to POKE things around, you may want to consider the POKES section.

Come to the SEUCK School

The winner of the Sideways SEUCK compo 2015 will receive an enhanced version of their SEUCK game, which will feature various enhancements. Such as music, new front end, high score table/detection (memory space limited if imported into REDUX), power ups / smart bombs (make sure you make collectable objects if you want power ups), and a loading picture drawn by a selected C64 artist.The WINNER will get his/her game enhanced. The other entrants will have a new front end bolted on to their game, with a possibility of high score detection.

Past winners

Recent winner of the 2015 SEUCK Compo was Anthony Stiller with 'Abyssonaut', a great horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up construction kit game written for the mixed SEUCK compo.

Winner of the last Sideways SEUCK Compo was 'Forgotten Forest' by Alf Yngve.

Real spooky arcade action, in which you have to shoot spooky characters, with your flame-thrower. Increasing your progress (and killing boss enemies) boosted your fire-power even more.


Although this entry won the 2013 Sideways SEUCK Compo. The enhanced version of this spooky shooter was released on the 2nd SHOOT EM UP DESTRUCTION SEUCK by Psytronik Software as a bonus with 'Super Tau Zeta' 'Blood Wheels', ' 2000 Kung Fu Maniacs', 'Trojahn'. Therefore no inlay cover, or loading picture was designed. If Alf gives the OKAY for free release, the game will be uploaded for you to enjoy.

Another winner of the compo was: Sheer Earth Attack by Gaetano Chiummo

The winner of the 2013 SEUCK Compo was 'Sheer Earth Attack', which the name was inspired by a Queen track (Sheer Heart Attack). You guide a space ship through three tough sectors, zapping the deadly aliens, and boss ships. You were also able to pick up power ups to upgrade your weapons. The game had a nice 'gradius' feeling to some part of it. Aliens had really great formations.


We also cannot forget the winner of the first ever Sideways SEUCK Compo. 'Pour Le Merite' by Sonny 'BAMSE' Top. A great classic WW2 shoot 'em up, in which you signed a document in order to pilot a plane. Then you had to fly across enemy territory. In order to retrieve the Pour Le Merite (Blue Max) award.


Latest revision: 14th August 2015

Although the competition is for  Sideways SEUCK. There are some general rules for this competition, which are as follows:

SEUCK Compo Rules - Questions and Answers

Q1. If I wrote a SEUCK game and wanted to update the game - before it gets uploaded on to the SEUCK compo page. Will I be too late?

A1. No, you won't be too late. If your game hasn't yet been uploaded to the SEUCK Compo 2015 page then we will upload your later version on to the compo page. Sometimes there may be times where delays for an entrant is possible. Mainly due to work life, etc.

Q2. If I wrote a SEUCK game and wanted to update the game but the game has already been uploaded on to the SEUCK compo page. Will I be too late?

A2. Unfortunately you will be too late, but we can reserve the updated version of your game for until after the competition has finished. Or submit it to the contributors page for you.

Q3. If I write a SEUCK game, and add music to the game. Am I allowed to enter it into the competition?

A3. Yes, you can - as long as the music is for the title only. In game must be sound effects only. I won't want people voting for the music. This is a game competition after all ;)

Q4. Are we allowed to add additional enhancements to our games. For example 2 players being controlled by the same joystick, players re spawn at the same place they died?

A4. Yes, because not only is it a SEUCK competition. By request from other people, it is also an innovating SEUCK compo as well. So add as many pokes / tweaks in to the game as you like.  Don't get too carried away, otherwise the prize wouldn't be worth having if you game is fully enhanced. ;)

Q5. Am I allowed to use SEUCK Redux for the compo entries?

A5. No that is not allowed. You are welcome to send me a SEUCK Redux version of your game, but it must not be for the compo. The redux versions can be submitted to the TND contributors page if you like.

Q6. I just released my game on to my web site, and want to submit it to the compo. Am I allowed to do this?

A6. You should add your entry to your web site *after* the compo entry has been uploaded. Otherwise the entry will not be accepted.

Q7. I write a new SEUCK game, but want to add my own intro/cracktro with my name/group for the entry. Is this allowed?

A7. You can, but we would prefer it if you didn't.

Q8. May I opt out of having music added to my submission for the compo?

A8. Yes, please let us know if you want no music added to your game after the compo has finished - although many SEUCKers have been much more happier with music added to their games.

Q9. I write a game and want to submit it via Snail Mail. Is this possible?

A9. Sorry, but Email entries only.

Q10. I write a game and saved in .tap using SEUCK. What concerns me however is that the game does not load on my real C64, using the blue/yellow stripes  on my C64C - even on 1541U2 or DC2N. Will our submission still count if the .tap works on Emulators, not real C64?

A10. I get the same problem with this loader system on my C64C as well. Don't panic. It seems that this loader doesn't work on some C64's. We will remaster the tape to work on C64C with a different high speed loader system.

Q11. I have already written an old game in the past and never released it. Would I be allowed to submit the game to the SEUCK competition?

A11. If not released before in the scene or gamebase 64. Yes, you are welcome to submit your old game for the competition.

To submit your entry, please email with an attached .D64 / . T64 / .TAP (Or Zipped version) it to

Good luck :)

ENTRY#1:  [3rd Place - 2nd Runner Up]

Edge of Time
Game design + graphics: Alf Yngve
Music: Richard Bayliss
No of players: 1 only
Mods/Enhancements: Huge sprites and linked players, sprites behind background

Alf Yngve brings a sequel to Double or Nothing, which takes you further into the future. Now you are battling in two worlds against ferocious enemy forces. This game consists of huge sprites. The game uses a clever concept in which makes the SEUCK game feel more unique. Both players are limited to the ground, and cannot climb or jump (SEUCK doesn't support the jump function). There are plenty of huge robots in which you must fight and destroy - should you wish to progress any further into the game. 


The invention of the Time-Warp Generator triggered a radically different kind of war.
Time-warp weapons allowed energy to strike targets in the past and the future.
Cause and effect began to waver.
Time itself began to ripple and shift.
If the use of time-warp weapons went on, the fabric of reality might collapse...

Joe Rubicon fought as a mech trooper inside a massive walking war mech, three stories high.
In the year 2022, the war had just begun.
In the year 2050, Joe was a tired old veteran, still fighting in his rusted old mech.
He had lost everything but his determination to survive and win.
Then he felt the effect of the temporal ripples -- he experienced a direct mental link with his past self in 2022.
Joe was in two places at once, fighting in both times.
He could anticipate what would happen, and remember what had already happened.
He could even recall alternate pasts and futures where he had failed and died...
This gave him an advantage that just might help him wreck the time-warp generators... and stop the world from coming apart.
Joe Rubicon had the edge of time...

Using Joystick or Keyboard, you simultaneously control two parallel game scenarios.
The UPPER screen shows the scenario in 2022 -- with a fast player, a long range of fire, and limited agility.
The LOWER screen shows the scenario in 2050 -- with a slower, more agile player, a shorter range of fire, and a higher firing rate.

The UPPER player can fire left, right and up. It cannot duck and has to rely on speed.
The LOWER player can fire left, right, up and down. It can duck some enemy fire, but has to rely on agility.

Move leftward across the terrain, locate all enemy bases and destroy all time-warp generators.
IMPORTANT: When you come across a time-warp device, you will notice green energy rings which emerge in the opposite scenario.
Blast the time-warp device with forward or upward fire, before it can damage the other player.
You earn a bonus life for every 10,000 points.
If you make it to the final enemy base, you will enter the Time-Warp Continuum, where the enemy has its last automated stronghold.
Destroy this, and the game is won.

- Flying enemies can be shot down in mid-air.
- Very small ground enemies are vulnerable to downward fire.
- Both players need to defend each other from time-warp attacks.
- The game rewards skill. The final level will be easier if you have played well in previous stages.
- In some tight spots, ducking may be crucial.
- There is more than one way to play! Choose the strategy you prefer.
- Remember, you have the edge of time...

ENTRY#2: [1st Place - Winner]

Retro Reto Pan (Spanish)
Game design + graphics: Errazking
Music: Baron Ashler
No of players: 1 only
Mods/Enhancements: Huge sprites and title music
Extras: Intro/Promo demo with loading picture

Errazking launches a new entry for the 2015 Sideways SEUCK Compo, by the way of 'PAN'. A Spanish cartoon game. Features nice graphics and presentation. Lovely title music, and a comical, but good concept. 


The evil Moriarty has created an infernal machine that feeds food to bring another dimension taken from enemies. You as the hero of this adventure will have to stop their evil plans. The world depends on you ...


Joystick port 2.

Left/Right/ - Move left/Right, Up/Down, face up or down, Fire - PUNCH
Run/Stop - Pause game
Q (While paused) - Abort game

ENTRY#3: [2nd Place - Runner Up]
U-91306 Eidothea - The Daughter of Protheus
Game design + graphics: Errazking
Music: Richard Bayliss
No of players: 1 only
Mods/Enhancements: Sprites behind background chars
Extras: Loading picture (linked to game).

DNA warrior meets SEUCK :)  Okay, maybe not. However this game is a pretty smart idea. Errazking's third entry sends a sub into the body of a human. The concept is pretty simple, like any horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up. The innovation to this game is clever as well. While you battle through various levels inside the game. You'll find the player actually going behind the scenery at some stages. 4 stages, and an end boss to encounter. 


Eidothea is the codename of U91036 small submersible. This quest requires you to navigate through the bloodstream to reach the brain. Once there you have to destroy the tumor that affects the patient zero. 

Try not to destroy anything other than the indicated tumor.

In turn tries to get information from the previous mission team


Joystick port 2.

Left/Right/ - Move left/Right, Up/Down, face up or down, Fire - PUNCH
Run/Stop - Pause game
Q (While paused) - Abort game

Click disk icon to download compo entries


1. Pan by Errazking - 79 points
2. U-91306 Eidothea - 76 points
3. Edge of Time - 72 points

There were 12 votes in total between the voting starting date and the 30th December deadline
Congratulations goes to Errazking with 'PAN'. Which has won the competition. Which will get a new front end, hi-score table, and additional features. Also well done to Errazking with U-91306 Eidothea, and to Alf Yngve with Edge of Time, for making third place. The games will feature a new front end, with a high score detection (not table) and also new music. The next SEUCK compo will commence in Spring 2016. Huge thank you to everybody who participated in this year's competition.

Click disk icon to download the full pack

3rd Place - Edge of Time

This is the enhanced version of Edge of Time. The game features, a nice tape loader system, nice loading picture by Errazking, a brand new front end - and for the first time in a SEUCK game, features an upwards scrolling text with a logo above. No other enhancements have been made to the game. However, Alf Yngve and TND plans to do a FINAL makeover for this game for the next Shoot Em Up Destruction Set Spring, some time in 2016. Enjoy!

2nd Place - U-91306 Eidothea

The second place game, receives a new front end. Nice tape master, and music. Unlike many SEUCK compo title screens I have done in the past. This title screen uses a huge char scroll. Never to have been seen before in a SEUCK game ;)

1st Place - Retro Reto Pan

The final version of Errazking's Retro Reto Pan. The game is in two different languages. One is in English and another, is in Spanish. The intro part of the game can be exited by either the stroke of the fire button in joystick port 2, or by hitting RESTORE. This only happens in the TAPE version. The disk version, you will have to load separately. The game features a nice loading screen, with picture (also drawn by Errazking). A front end presentation, Get Ready and Game Over scenes. Also some brand new music, including in game music, plus a rendition of the original Pan intro tune on the front end. Approved by Errazking and Baron Ashler, themselves.

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