The invasion has started, time to stand by your defences because this game is VERY weird indeed. Sheepoid is a tribute game, based on the classic Laser Zone by Jeff Minter. The concept is simple. Shoot away at the evil vortex invaders through 24 stages, and avoid them capturing your sheep. The game concept is purely simple but difficulty is mighty hard. To make this a tribute game to Jeff's crazy titles. I made this game as psychedelic as I could to give that weird game feeling.

The making of Sheepoid

Rather than write everything here, I created a blog about the game project on so if you're interested in reading about the production of this game, and how it turned out then I recommend that you click on the link below.

TND Blog

Sheepoid at RetroVision 2011

This was the highlight of the game. I created a special competition version of Sheepoin in which various game competitors participated in a competition. Where you play Sheepoid, have to blast the enemies as much as possible, and try to progress through 24 levels with just one life. No bonus lives whatsoever. This game was a success at the event. My brother even took part in the action, where he covered for someone else who was outside having a BBQ. Well, he failed miserably :) One shot of an enemy then got captured by the vortex invaders. (Chortle!)

Sheepoid screen shots:

Tape loader:

Title screen:

Game in action:

Sheepoid video