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Submissions for the final SEUCK competition have now closed
Voting has now closed and being collated ... Results are now available
Prize package also available

What is SEUCK?
SEUCK = Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit

SEUCK is an acronym for "Shoot Em Up Construction Kit". SEUCK is an old commercial C64 utility that allows you to create and generate your very own shoot 'em ups or other game ideas with the aid of various sub menus pre-built into the program itself. SEUCK was swiss army knife of games development without needing any knowledge of code. Why was that? It was because there is no programming language required. Your game can be constructed using a set of menus. sprites, objects, background graphics, sound effects (music requires additional custom code), attack waves, player limitations, level settings, play test and even its own disk or tape mastering system. The tape version had its own auto boot tape with built in SEUCK fast loader tape system. Out of many games creation editors, SEUCK is by far the most easiest games creator for the Commodore 64. It is also a whole lot of fun too.

Although you can make fun games with SEUCK. The editor also has its own limitations about what you can or can't do to build your own game. Common pitfalls, are the game engine is very limited or restricted with the number of units available for attack patterns. On the plus side, it is possible to implement clever tricks using the attack waves. For example a boss sprite is formed of linked enemies and will not explode as a whole set after 15 shots. The down side it it is that you will have to kill a boss by shooting each sprite separately. There's also the waiting time for a level to complete after shooting a boss clean. As well as basic game play, SEUCK can also churn out some quality games productions that really outsmart the SEUCK even without programming. Here are a few examples (available on the TND web site) ...

Clever tricks made in SEUCK games - WITHOUT CODE:

VIOS by Carl Mason

VIOS shows quality than quantity. inside the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. Back in 1994, Carl wrote this game, then in 2011 TND had the pleasure of hosting the special 2011 edition of the same game. Carl made this game as an inspiration to a lot of the classic Japanese console/arcade mech-inspired games. VIOS was a fast paced shoot 'em up in which you have to do battle against a deadly machine. The detail in this game is really amazing and the tricks for the boss fights were stunning. What made it even amazing was that *no programming tricks were used* .

Barakon by Alf Yngve

Back in 2010. Alf Yngve showed more of his talent by creating a mean beat 'em up using SEUCK. Barakon was a fun beat 'em up which you have to do battle against an evil army, the Confederate Militia. The way to get through the battle is to use your bionic battle fists. SEUCK does have its own limitations. It is still possible to make beat 'em ups with this editor. This game did really well in the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2010 and made second place.

C'notte D'Knight! by Aldo Chiummo

Finally, if you wanted to make a Fire Trap type of game set in Medieval times this game proves it possible. C'Notte D'Knight has you as C'Notte who has to climb up the castles and rescue the princess. There are enemy guards and other hazards which get in your way. The game's design is quite stunning, and the game, itself is also fun to play.

Sideways SEUCK

In 2008, Jon Wells created a Sideways Scrolling SEUCK. This tool still had the same limitations as the original SEUCK, but it scrolled sideways. The Sideways SEUCK allowed gamers to create their own sideways scrolling shoot 'em ups. The majority of those were mainly space shooters. However, here are 3 more games that stood out well with Sideways SEUCK:

Dream World by Gaetano Chiummo

This was a nice push scrolling shoot 'em up, with a sad tale. It was about a boy who was very naughty and got no presents for Christmas. He enters a magical world and attempts to collect toys, while he faces the deadly monsters and other critters. This is a nice cartoon caper push scroller.

Zombie Brain Eaters by Andy / Arkanix Labs

SEUCK is not only designed for shoot 'em ups. What about Operation Wolf type of games?. Zombie Brain Eaters is exactly one of those in which you have to fight deadly zombies - and avoid getting bitten by them otherwise you will lose a life. This game has some really nice graphics, and the monsters are scary.

Barney by Wile Coyote

The final choice for this category has to be one of the best looking sideways SEUCK games I have ever seen. It isn't a shoot 'em up, but a collect 'em up instead. You play Barney, a cowfish who has to navigate through the coral reef collecting pearls and also avoiding dangers that lurk inside the reef. Barney has only one life, which can be short lived - unless of course you play the game well.

What about the SEUCK Compo?

The Official C64 SEUCK Compo was first launched by Akira, at, but eventually passed the gauntlet to TND to host the compo. Since 2009, the Official C64 SEUCK Compo has been quite successful and it has been continuing (with breaks between) through to 2020. The competition invited people  to write and submit their own SEUCK games without allowing enhancements at first. A few years later the competition allowed innovative game enhancements for compo entries. There have been a lot of amazing entries over the past several years.

This will be the final SEUCK Compo on the TND web site.

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Finally the history of the compo is over. Now let's get to the fun part ... Aim + Categories.

Like with the past few competitions the aim of the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2021 is to create and generate a fully playable game, with aid of using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit or the Sideways Scrolling SEUCK. The objective is to make any kind of game genre that you think might stand out in front of the crowd. It will be worth it, since last year's winner managed to create something quite original, well presented and a whole lot of fun. The prize was a fully enhanced version of the game. If you win this year's compo, the same thing can happen to you. 

Here is what is what is suggested for the compo entries (although it is not compulsory):

Presentation and design

- Front end presentation should have at least a logo and credits, rather than a full page with just plain text. SEUCK's front end is very restrictive for designing and creating your very own front end. To create a logo, you can use the character editor in the title screen editor to create chars that form a logo. The easiest way would be to use characters that you don't need (using the Edit Character Set option in the EDIT FRONT END menu. Then manually construct the logo in the front end editor. You might want to use the Action Replay M/C monitor to change the rolling bar colours if there are colours that you don't want. You may use SEUCK School enhancement Action Replay tips to change colours if you want to.


Good quality game design and originality

- Game content should stand out well. There should be nice graphics, and the sprites should be clear to see when playing this game. Graphics should have some time spent on them. Rendering PC made graphics/models of your own, then converting those to C64 is one good option. Exploring other background and sprite graphics can be quite helpful as well. Alienator uses a clever example of creating an Operation Wolf style game. It's highly playable and good fun. Also Dodo's Deep Doo Doo shows that you cannot only make shoot 'em ups using SEUCK/Sideways SEUCK. There is no harm in experimenting with new ideas and perhaps bringing those out. :) Another important key is playability. The game should be playable, addictive and fun. Make sure your game has at least one collectible item for the player to grab.

Regarding graphics: You are welcome to use Charpad/Sprite pad and import into SEUCK if you think this method is easier for drawing graphics/sprites ;)

Enhancements and use of SEUCK Redux is welcome but not essential

This year's Official C64 SEUCK Compo is not only open to SEUCK game developers who cannot code, but also it is open to programmers who like to enhance their own or friends SEUCK creations. You are welcome to add some enhancements from the SEUCK School tips (or some of your own ideas) into your games, use the KickAssembler, SEUCK Redux framework or do whatever you like to the game to make it stand out. However, you must prove that the game was made in SEUCK. This can be done by sending the SEUCK All Data file or raw version of the game along with the enhanced version.

Nucleo 448 used SEUCK Redux as a little collaboration project outside the SEUCK Compo.

Every entry will get music

Like with every C64 SEUCK Compo. Every entry that gets submitted will feature a piece of music on the title or in game music (please request title, in game or both when submitting). This year, I would like to do exclusive music for compo entries as a way to say a big thank you. If want to supply your own or friend's music for your production. Please feel free to do so.

DMC V4.0 one of TND's all time favourite music programming utilities.

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Last year's winner was Eleanor Burns with Synthia in the Cyber Crypt.

The winner's game will get full enhancements as a prize and will be emailed to them first before the prize package (at the end of the compo) has been launched on D64 on the TND SEUCK Compo 2021 page and as a free download some time in June/July 2021.(Time dependant)

Depending on the type of game's compatibility, The prize version of the game will be tested on SEUCK Redux (If suitable) and showed to the winner - if suitable the platform will be used. Otherwise the prize will be on standard SEUCK engine with additional enhancements. Either way this will include:

- Front end presentation with author's credits and music
- Additional in game enhancements where necessary
- Hi Score table (depending on the game type)
- Full digital tape master with loading picture by an active C64 graphican and music mastered with TapeToolBuild, Tape Master Pro or Freeload (The winner will get to pick the loader they would like to use) :)

The prize version of game will be respectably submitted to the game author before release with the SEUCK compo prize package in July/August 2021

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Last updated: 21st March 2021 - Added using SEUCK and VICE monitor with Exomizer
Please read these rules carefully:

How entries should be submitted:

When submitting - Please provide the following:

Name of game: What is the name of your game?
Author: You can use your real name, or if you prefer, you can use a handle/pseudo name
Musician (if any): If your game already has music added to it, it is wise to credit the musician
Modifications (if any) What enhancements have you added to this game. (If any)
Extras: Does the game come with an ending, multi part, loading picture, intro, etc. Either way, this is still allowed and yes, I can add passwords to your games if asked for :)

Please also give brief instructions on how the game should be played. A full story, etc.

- Entries are Remote Email based and can only be submitted to:

(Please allow 7 days response if your entry has not been uploaded or you had no reply.Usually there is response within 5 days.

- Submissions should be .D64, .TAP, or PRG format. If you submit VICE snap shots, please let the webmaster know which version of VICE was used otherwise if you cannot save your game to .D64, after loading the VICE snapshot try this as a guide line:

1. Go to Settings / Drive Settings / Enable True Drive Emulation
2. Go to Settings / Drive Settings / Drive Settings / Select one of the 1541 disk options. Then click on OK. The disk drive should then reset
3. Go to File / Attach Disk Image / Drive 8 / Create a new D64, by typing in nameofprog.D64 then click on CREATE  IMAGE, then click ATTACH
4. Go to the SEUCK Storage menu. Ensure menu shows disk and select SAVE FINISHED GAME and type in the filename of your game.
5. Wait some time for the disk to save. You'll see a clock on the bottom right side of the screen
6. After the clock has finished. Wait a couple of seconds. Then go to FILE / DETACH DISK IMAGE
7. Ensure the snapshot is still saved on your PC. Don't delete it as you might need it again. Re-attach the D64 and then HARD or SOFT RESET the VICE C64 and type in:

LOAD "*",8,1

Your SEUCK game should load and run after 3 or 4 minutes

1. Create a TAPE (.tap) image, by selecting FILE / ATTACH TAPE IMAGE,  save as NAMEOFGAME.TAP and then ATTACH it
2. In the SEUCK Storage menu, select CHANGE DEVICE.
4. In SEUCK select SAVE FINISHED GAME, enter the name of your game, being saved and wait patiently. After a few seconds or so a clock will appear on screen while writing to .tap
5. After finished recording from tape. Go to file DETACH TAPE.
6. Attach Test load your tape in VICE for your game to load. Depending on which version of SEUCK you should either have the blue+yellow loading stripes turbo or the multi-coloured loading stripes turbo.

SEUCK Extraction, VICEMonitor, Exomizer (Works on SEUCK or your standalone SEUCK game).
- If you are experiencing difficulties saving D64 or TAP of your SEUCK game in VICE. Here's a more simpler method, which requires the Exomizer cruncher (Grab it from CSDB)

1. Save your VICE snap shot for your own personal use, or as backup
2. Press ALT+M, (ALT+H if using the V3 GTK builds of VICE monitor)
3. Very important: In the monitor window Type in bank ram. This will allow use of all memory banks, which SEUCK uses.
4. Type in s "nameofmygame.prg" 0 0900 fffa
5. Where you saved the prg to, copy it to Exomizer's path and run it through the cruncher using:
exomizer.exe sfx $4245 nameofmygame.prg -o
nameofmygame+.prg -x2
6. Run it in VICE to see if the program will work. If all is good, you can submit your entry

General competition rules.
- Competition starts on 25th December 2020
Last submission date is 30th April 2021
- Vote sheets will be available some time after the closing submission of the compo.


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If you are running these games on theC64 full size or theC64 mini, please ensure you have full height enabled. Alternatively you can rename the filename seuckgame_FH.d64

Have fun and enjoy the compo entries.

Entry #1:
[8th Place=]
Their Machine
SEUCK version: Original (vertical scrolling)
Game design and graphics: Raul Gubert

Music: Raul Gubert
Enhancements/mods: N/A
Extras (If any): PDF intros and raw build of the game

Title Screen


The Machines have arrived to bring filthy meanings and psychotic propaganda here in our world. Majestic machines are scattered through the entire planet, vomiting globes that are probably spores of crude life.Their life, our death. Discover and destroy, survive and understand. Their Machines are evil, stop them.

Entry #2:
[6th Place]
Bee Insect Attacking
SEUCK version: Sideways Scrolling SEUCK
Game design and graphics: Roberto Ricioppo

Music: Roberto Ricioppo
Enhancements/mods: N/A
Extras (If any): N/A


You are a killer bee. Your territory is being invaded by various insects and other enemies. Your task is to shoot your stinger at the enemies that get close by. You had better watch out though. The enemies will attempt to fight you back with their own firepower. If you get hit 3 times, you are finished. Can you save your territory from being infested by the enemies, or will your territory become theirs?

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[5th Place]
Ray Fish
SEUCK version: Standard
Game design and graphics: Richard Bayliss

Music: Richard Bayliss
Enhancements/mods: In game music (RAW SFX version included)
Extras (If any): TND Intro presentation and documents


This is a game for 1 or 2 players. You are a Ray Fish. Your celestial world, Atlantor has been ransacked by aliens. They have rigged your security systems by installing a 4 light beacon. This beacon has attracted various aliens to approach your world. Your task is to save your world from the aliens and rogue security systems. Locate the beacon (at level 4) and then blast these to oblivion. Collect orbs for extra lives.

Player 1 controls the BLUE ray fish and Player 2 controls the PINK ray fish.

Entry #4: [2nd Place Runner Up]
RoboformX 2
SEUCK version: Standard
Game design and graphics: Pinov Vox

Music: Richard Bayliss (Loader / pic intro music by Pinov Vox, loader pic by Fabs)
Enhancements/mods: Mastered with the KickAssembler SEUCK Framework V4.0 (SEUCKMOD)
Extras (If any): Documentation (English and Italian) and also some snap shots


This is a game for 1 player only.

The return of the infamous game Roboform X, already presented "in the tnd64 Seuck Compo 2019"; made with the S.e.u.c.k. "Shoot 'EmUp Construction Kit" from "Outlaw Sensible Softwares1987". As usual Robo Form X; "an android built in a futuristic era formed by a world of ultra-electronic machines and wigs", must follow his program of control and cleaning in the various sectors of his task.

Only this time the task will be really difficult, because an "electronic virus" has inserted itself into the central computer of the "Form-X" system, and it does not want to get out of it.  At this point the intervention of Robo Form X 2 will be needed to solve the problem. flying saucers, avoid the many weapons of defense of the "Form-X" sector.

Defeat various robot bosses in various game sectors and save your system from destruction. Use the joystick connected in Port 2 *, press the [P] key for game abortion and the [Run / Stop] key for game pause. <Joystick> "Fire" button to start a new game.

Entry #5: [1st Place Winner]
Droid Rumble
SEUCK version: Sideways S.E.U.C.K Left V3
Game design and graphics: Alf Yngve

Music: Richard Bayliss
Enhancements/mods: Enlarged sprites
Extras (If any): N/A



The city of the future is in peril.

Malfunctioning robots have taken over the city's fusion power plant. You, a SWAT team officer, have volunteered to infiltrate the plant.Your mission: Shut down the reactor before it goes into meltdown. In order to distract the rogue robots, you will be disguised in a robot suit. You carry a plasma puncher, a powerful weapon with limited range.

The robots have seized the reactor's emergency shutdown key... ...but we don't know which robot is currently holding it. Therefore you must find all robots that operate the plant's control panels.Try to retrieve the key from them.

There isn't much time. The reactor might reach critical condition in less than an hour. If it does, it will detonate like a massive hydrogen bomb, kill thousands and irradiate the city. Go! Go! Go!


Us the Joystick in Port 2 to start the game and control the player character.

Movement controls are:

LEFT / RIGHT = Walk left / right
UP / DOWN = Climb up / down
LEFT + DOWN = Crawl left / crouch
RIGHT + DOWN = Crawl right / crouch
FIRE = Use plasma puncher (in the direction the player character is facing)

You earn a bonus life for every 10,000 points scored.


- Crawl in order to dodge gunshots and certain obstacles.
(The more you practice this, the better your odds.)
- Take the high ground if you can.
- Time your punches for higher efficiency.
- Try to smash as many robots as possible to boost your score and gain bonus lives.
- Some robots will try to zap you with electric shocks.
- Large robots may drop deadly mines on walls and floors.
You can crawl underneath wall mines, but you cannot jump floor mines.
- Avoid gas leaks!

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Entry #6: [4th Place]
U.F.O Invasion
SEUCK version: Standard SEUCK
Game design and graphics: TheReaperUK

Music: Merman
Enhancements/mods: Compiled with Kick Assembler SEUCK framework V3 with background animation, hi-score saver from frame work V4
Extras (If any): (See above)




Earth is under attack from Unidentified flying objects (U.F.Os), Your mission is to destroy as many UFOs as you can, but bear in mind we only have 5 Fighter Ships to do this, Good Luck Pilot.

Only 5 Lives and no Extra Lives.

Single Shot and limited Reach.

22 Levels and then Loops.

Hi-Score Arcade Attack Gameplay.

Entry #7 [OFFICIAL EXCLUSIVE]: [3rd Place Runner up]
Space Eggs
SEUCK version: Sideways S.E.U.C.K Left V3
Game design and graphics: Richard Bayliss

Music: Richard Bayliss
Enhancements/mods: Hi score detection, basic power ups (number of bullets), big boss explosion
Extras (If any): SEUCK Enhancement code (C64 Studio Source)



They are evil and they want to take over the world. The Space Eggs approached planet Earth. They have captured some birds and have returned to their space station, holding the birds prisoner. The Space Eggs are using the birds to generate more evil Space Egg minions. Planet Earth has literally had enough with the disappearance of birds. The Space Eggs have other things on their mind ... WORLD DOMINATION.

You have been sent into the Space Egg's space station by special request by Earth. Your mission is to enter all four decks on board the space station and scramble the evil Space Eggs plan of world domination. You are armed with a laser, which cannot penetrate all space eggs in one go. Some of these will require more than one hit. Also beware of the giant monster eggs. Give them enough shots in the shell to scramble them. Pick up the bouncing power up balls. They will give you the ability to fire more than one shot at a time. Be warned though, if pick up too many of these your gun will result back to default. Release the birds and scramble those eggs. Extra lives awarded for 10,000 points or for every end of deck boss destroyed.

Good luck!

Entry #8 [7th Place]
Lagrangian Point 4 - Trip to Mars
SEUCK version: Sideways S.E.U.C.K Left V3
Game design and graphics: Recycled Arts

Music: Richard Bayliss
Enhancements/mods: N/A
Extras (If any): Password system

This game is split into 5 different parts. In order to play each part, you are required to submit a valid password to run it.


'Lagrangian Point - Trip 2 Mars'  is another chapter of the Sci-fi saga by Recycled Arts. The improbable adventurer Jack Klaardastian on the bridge of the washingmachine-spaceship built by mad scientist Doctor Kranz is sailing to Mars The goal is to defeat the ancient alien race that woke up alfer a million years of hibernation.

The game consist in four levels and an epilogue with some easter eggs in it.

Follow the instructions included.

Entry #9 [8th Place =]
SEUCK version: Standard
Game design and graphics: MoDernart

Music: Richard Bayliss
Enhancements/mods: Hi score + sound options
Extras (If any): Box art and documentation


- 1 or 2-player game. Player can choose either 'character,' of course, one throws a lightning bolt; the other an axe.
- it's combat strategy shoot-em up, meaning there is a particular strategy one must use (which i will not disclose) in order to really stand any chance of survival to end.
- it's another high-score game ultimately.
- 1-player, it might take awareness of the strategic element to complete, and loop, after winning for further high score

- 2 player will be fun because players will compete for points, yet may coop play to survive, etc

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Results and Prizes

Video link:

1. Droid Rumble
by Alf Yngve - 162 points
2. Robo Form X by Pinov Vox - 150 points
3. Space Eggs by TND Games - 136 points
4. UFO Invasion by TheReaperUK - 129 points
5. Ray Fish by TND Games - 128 points
6. Bee Insect Attacking by Roberto Ricioppo - 110 points
7. Lagrangian Point 4 - Trip 2 Mars by Recycled Arts - 109 points
8 = Their Machine by Raul Gubert (95)
8 = Bolthrower by MoDernart (95)

Congratulations goes to Alf Yngve for winning the first place position with Droid Rumble. This game wins a full SEUCK Redux remaster of the production. Also a huge congratulations goes to Pinov Vox for second place with Robo Form X 2. The game also wins a SEUCK Redux remaster, but with less of the extra features, compared to the winner. Space Eggs made it to third place. As for the rest of the entrants. A huge thank you for your support with this competition. Sadly that is it, the competition is all over and I won't be doing any more.

The prize package will commence from this weekend until it is ready to be released. Hopefully the new versions of Droid Rumble, Robo Form X 2 and Space Eggs should be ready hopefully  before September.


Click on the disk image to download the complete SEUCK Compo 2021 prize package

Package contains: 4 disk images (3 D64's and 1 D81 complete with disk menu system - No built in fastload system for compatibility with SDIEC).

2 Tape images (Side 1: All compo entries from this year's compo in entry order mastered with GyroSpeed, Side 2: Remastered prize versions of the top 3 games).
BONUS: SEUCK Title Screen Maker - A fun utility that allows to enhance your very own SEUCK game productions with a new front end that displays a Koala Paint multicolour bitmap logo and play music. Manual and example files also included.

... and now the prizes :)

3rd Place prize: Space Eggs by Richard Bayliss

Those evil Space Eggs sure want to rule the world, and they can do that much more easily. This third place prize is a remaster of the game (although I improved the end of level bosses, so that they did not appear at the bottom where the player got killed). The game consists of a nice Rack It style loader which was made in Martin Piper's TapeToolBuild and IRQTape1.a source (To be honest, I used the same loader as the Gyro Run game). There is a thumping loading track with a nice bitmap painted by Ax!s.

The game was remastered into the SEUCK Redux framework, and has more advanced gameplay. You may remember the evil eggs shooting at random in this game. Well now, those bad eggs will aim for the position for the player, which makes gameplay much harder. The other enhancements were what was originally made in the first version. There is no hi-score detection or table, and the game only has a new front end and updated rendition of the title music.

2nd Place prize: Roboform-X 2 by Pinov Vox

Pinov's RoboFormX 2 made it to second place. This fantastic little Citadel inspired, robot arcade shoot 'em up did really well. The game features a strange loading idea I generated from TapeMasterPro V4.0 (Open border with thin black and white stripes). There is also a nice loading picture drawn by Fabs/Hokuto Force. The music was all done by me this time round.

What about the main game enhancements. For a start off, there is a brand new  front end with the usual traditional scroll text and credits and also hi score detection. There is also a brand new version of the previous title music I composed. The game now has nasty robots that try to aim bullets towards the player. The player has ability to pick up shields and will flash when a shield is activated. This also happens when the player starts a new game or spawns after a loss of a life. The game also has linked enemy deaths, where enemies explode in one go. Finally there is the new score and lives panel. A much deserved prize for second place.

1st place winner's prize: Droid Rumble by Alf Yngve

For the first place prize. I decided to not do a cover this year (since I am bad at graphics and design). Instead, I have done something extra special. Well, two things to be honest. First of all, the game has an up scrolling intro which contains the story. The second thing is something very special. This is the first (and probably last time) a SEUCK Compo entry has been mastered with Paul Hughe's memorable Freeload tape loading system. The loading picture was made by Hugues Poisseroux and music by me as usual.

What about the game production? Well, it is something special. First of all, it has front end presentation with a hi-score table. There is plenty of pulsating colours (just like in the SEUCK Compo Prize Package disk menu). Also there is a Get Ready and a Game Over screen. In game wise, random firing enemies use smart aim for the player's position, before firing. Some enemy bullets objects become shootable. The player is able to pickup a power up every time it has an extra life awarded to it. This means the player can fire its weapon further, making game play slightly easier. There is also in game music to suit the game. ... and that is everything.

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SEUCK Buster V2.0

The latest utility that allows you to add optional title and in game music to your own front end or in game music on your SEUCK or Sideways SEUCK game creation. Also includes a classic SCR packer by F4CG for compressing your SEUCK titles. Full instructions/note file are provided on the D64.


Sideways SEUCK Compo 2010
The official Sideways Scrolling SEUCK Compo, which I ran in 2010.

Also features:
(Compo winner)

Standard SEUCK Compo 2010
The official Vertical Scrolling SEUCK compo, which I ran in 2010

Also features:
THE MAGE by Gaetano Chiummo
(Compo winner)

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011
After the success of the last Sideways SEUCK Compo in 2010, I did it again with yet another sideways SEUCK Compo in 2011. Which was yet again, another successful competition.

Also features:
(Compo winner)

SEUCK Compo 2013
After a long break in 2012, with not so much going on ;)... This competition started as a mixed SEUCK compo, and was quite a success. Catering for both normal, and sideways scrolling versions of SEUCK.

Also features:
SHEER EARTH ATTACK by Gaetano Chiummo
(Compo winner)

SEUCK Compo 2014
The second mixed SEUCK Compo which was launched in 2014.

Also features:
(Compo Winner)

SEUCK Compo 2015
Another quite successful mixed SEUCK Compo 2015. Despite having to increase the deadline now and then for submissions.

Also features:
ABYSSONAUT  by Ant Stiller
(Compo Winner)

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2015
A mini SEUCK compo, which catered for only the sideways scrolling SEUCK compo.

Also features:

RETRO RETO PAN by Errazking
(Compo winner)

SEUCK Compo 2016
A very successful mixed SEUCK Compo 2016, which also ran over to start of the year 2017. Some real stunning entries also.

Also features:
BORDER BLAST 3 by Alf Yngve
(Compo Winner - Back to Basics)

The Spanish SEUCK Compo 2017

Run by Errazking, which I stepped down for a year or so for a break. Features a whole lot of new SEUCK compo entries and also catered for other systems as well as the Commodore 64. Some nice games, some pretty old ones as well. (Downloads are no longer available on the current web site, so I have a download to my prize package that I developed after the competition ended. You can grab the compilation by clicking on the disk icon below:

Also features:
VALKYRIE 2 - The Templar by Eleanor Burns - The Winner of Spanish SEUCK Compo 2017 :)

SEUCK Compo 2018
A themed based Shoot 'Em Up competition

Also features:
VALKYRIE 3 - The Night Witch by Eleanor Burns
(Compo Winner)

SEUCK Compo 2019

A great SEUCK game creation compo which was run last year. It featured some excellent game titles mostly made from the standard SEUCK. There were a couple of Sideways Scrolling SEUCK entries also. The official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019 was the most successful competition in the SEUCK category of all time.

Also features:
Fulgur by Alf Yngve
(Second runner up)

SEUCK Compo 2020
A good SEUCK game creation compo which was run last year. It featured some decent game titles mostly made from the standard SEUCK. There were a couple of Sideways Scrolling SEUCK entries also a true winner: Synthia in the Cyber Crypt by Eleanor Burns


The SEUCK Vault
A SEUCK fan web site, run by Andrew Fisher, featuring a large archive of previously seen/unreleased SEUCK games. Also includes some additional articles, tips and tricks.

SEUCK School
My very own SEUCK enhancement tips page, including various POKEs and assembly / ML listings to help boost the improvement of SEUCK game creations. Also includes the C64 framework for SEUCK, and a few other cool tips.

Sideways Scrolling SEUCK
Jon Well's adaptation of the original Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. Create C64 games, which can scroll across the screen instead of downwards. Also comes with an example game demo called 'Breakthrough'. Current version only scrolls from left to the right, but is still worth checking out. Included on the page, Imaginator and Nyaaaah! 11, for you to play or work files, which you can muck around with.

Martin Piper's SEUCK Redux Framework

Martin Piper's open source framework for SEUCK games, and other bits. With this frame work, you are able to make SEUCK games more stable, and use better pixel perfect collision. You will be required to use the ACME cross assembler compiler (Martin's version is available with his full download pacakge), and a lot of programming knowledge.

Italian SEUCK Tutorial Page

SEUCK Tips on how to make a SEUCK game in Italian by Gaetano and Aldo Chiummo

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