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1. Guillotine / 2. Synthia in the Cyber Crypt
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  SEUCK Compo submissions open: 3rd January 2020 - until 31st May 2020


What is SEUCK?
SEUCK = Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit

This is a utility which was made back in 1987 by Sensible Software for Outlaw Software, and it was originally published by Palace Software (As full a price product on disk+tape), Domark (As a Toolbox package which came with the 'Light Fantastic Pack' of the Commodore 64, and GBH (Gremlin Graphics) as a 4.99 budget software title back in the early 1990's. SEUCK was also released on Atari ST and Commodore AMIGA, but differed slightly to the C64. Unlike the 2017 Spanish SEUCK Compo, which also allowed entries from other home computers... This competition is for the Commodore 64 (or C64C) fans/users only - as it has always been, since I first started the compo :)

The Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit (Or SEUCK for short) allowed people with a creative mind to design brand new game creations, without the need of programming strings of code, and assembling the instructions to a full program. That was unless you wanted to generate a new front end, or add in game enhancements to you own game productions. For those could not program, or had no idea how to construct code to make own games. SEUCK allows you to make your own games using a variety of options. That in
order as was helpful for the user to make use of the sub menus order to create a brand new C64 game without having to code anything. Basically a series of built in editors are crammed to one file. That is unless you're using Advantages' NTSC version of the editor of course. Both PAL and NTSC versions of SEUCK came with some example games, which could be edited to your own games - or a blank SEUCK that allowed you to start the game from scratch. Example games that came with the editor are: Slap & Tickle (ooer :D), Outlaw (Don't mistake this with the fun Players Premiere 90's budget release)., Transputer Man, and finally Celebrity Squares. C64 magazines used to invite gamers to create and construct their own game with the construction kit. If the game stood out from the crowd, the game would have been published on the magazine cover tape. A few good examples (randomly selected, which I remember well) are Aqua Blasta, Cops, Sub Burner, Skulz, Blue Encounter, Sea Command.

SEUCK allowed you to create your own sprites, and create actual objects as players, bullets, deaths and of course the enemies. Then later on, you could design and construct your very own in game background, with use of the characters, tiles, and map editor. You could also setup player limitations (lives, length and height of play field, collision type, etc). There is also a very simple level setup, where you can choose to push or constantly scroll the game screen. Still timers could also be set to time levels.. Also there are limited attack wave patterns, where you could insert new enemies or link existing ones to build a boss, etc. You could create any type of blaster you wanted to (or even push SEUCK further to do randomly different things).

To download the example games - Click on the disk icon

Example of a push scroller:

Battle in the Woods by Pinov Vox

This is a fantasy push scrolling game, submitted for the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2018. This game, by Pinov Vox is based in a magical world of fantasty. An evil Wizard has cast a spell over the world. All living creatures have been transformed into gigantic murants. As a good sorcerer's apprentice. You have to explore the woodlands, locate and enter the castle and destroy the evil wizard's curse. 

Example of a general constant scroller:

Nucleo 447 by Leonardo Vettori

This is a stunning space shoot 'em up, which was actually the very first entry for The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019. This is a game, in which you have to fight against the machine, your creator from spreading a deadly virus that can wipe out the Crystal planet. You control a space ship and have to fight as hard as you can against the aliens and machines that approach you. This game did pretty well in last year's competition, but it missed out in 2 places to win 3rd place.

In the leap year of 2008, the Sideways Scrolling SEUCK was built. Jon Wells managed to build a special version of SEUCK which can scroll SIDEWAYS instead of DOWNWARDS. There is only one version of the SIDEWAYS SEUCK at the moment, which is the Sideways scrolling LEFT version of the tool. A version to scroll the other direction was mentioned back in 2013, that it will go ahead, but time constraints is the major issue. You can find Jon Well's Sideways SEUCK here. Which is absolutely free to download from his site.. The web site provides example games, including two of my own. Imaginator and Nyaaaah! 11.

Example of a sideways scrolling SEUCK game:

Tau Zeta by Alf Yngve

Created way back in time for the Sideways Scrolling SEUCK Compo 2010. Two civilizations clashed with each other. They wage out an intergalactic war. A fleet of star fighters have been called out to put an end to this war. Unaware of what the future holds. Your star fleet squadron tries its best to patrol space from opposition. There are loads of battle cruisers and alien ships which you can battle against, and there's a final showdown of the leader of the opposition. Tau Zeta features some pretty nice graphics and pretty good and challenging gameplay. The score panel is very alien like, which the number of squares indicates the score value.

A Little History lesson

Between 1987 to the present year, people around different parts of the world have been creative and made SEUCK game creations. A lot of the games were too much rushed, but there were also some TOP QUALITY SEUCK titles, which had no enhancements (or did have the odd new subroutine added to it). The games appeared on different C64 magazines and fanzines on cover disks, and cover tapes.

What about the SEUCK Compo?

The SEUCK compo has been going on for many years, since the early 2000's. The first SEUCK compo was hosted by Akira, who hosted, at the time. Since time was a major issue (should I have remembered this correctly). The author lost interest in the compo.  I was given kind permission to take over and host the Official C64 SEUCK compo. The SEUCK compo has been continuing over the last two decades, although there have been breaks in between years. The aim of the competition was originally create a new SEUCK game without enhancements, or anything in particular (apart from music). Well, those were the rules back then. That was until 2014, onwards, where I allowed mods and minor enhancements to be added to your own SEUCK creations. Such as huge sprites, sprite/behind background priority. Now come 2018, this compo had brand new, and major changes have made. The SEUCK Compo 2016 went slightly over the beginning of 2017. That was the reason for why there was no compo in 2017, unless you can count on the Spanish SEUCK Compo 2017 run by Errazking, which went quite well. I even submitted a fun horizontal scrolling SEUCK title, with full enhancements into the compo (See picture below, and click Disk image to download if you want to).

The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2018 was originally a themed based compo, but the theme scenario didn't go very well. In 2019, the compo was restored to just one category, and even allowed enhancements of any kind. The 2019 SEUCK Compo was the most successful competition so far. ... and with your help, could this year's 2020 compo be even better? I honestly hope so, because it is great to see brand new SEUCK games from new starters in the C64 world, as well as the usual regulars. Last year has been fantastic :)

Delta Run - 4th Place runner up in the Spanish SEUCK Compo 2019)

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Finally the history of the compo is over. Now let's get to the fun part ... Aim + Categories.

The aim of the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020 is to create and generate a fully playable game, with aid of using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit or the Sideways Scrolling SEUCK. The objective is to make any kind of game genre that you think might stand out in front of the crowd. It will be worth it, since last year's winner managed to create something quite original, well presented and a whole lot of fun. The prize was a fully enhanced version of the game. If you win this year's compo, the same thing can happen to you.  Here are the recommendations that should be done for this year's competition:


- Front end presentation should have at least a logo and credits, rather than a full page with just plain text. SEUCK's front end is very restrictive for designing and creating your very own front end. To create a logo, you can use the character editor in the title screen editor to create chars that form a logo. The easiest way would be to use characters that don't need, then manually construct the logo.  A good example of a front end presentation in SEUCK. (And it is very easy to make a logo using the front end SEUCK char editor.) :) You might want to use the Action Replay M/C monitor to change the rolling bar colours if there are colours that you don't want. You may use SEUCK School enhancements in the front end also if you like.



- Game content should stand out well. There should be nice graphics, and the sprites should be clear to see when playing this game. Graphics should have some time spent on them. Rendering PC made graphics of your own, then converting those to C64 (Like Alan Symek's Synergy) is one good option. Exploring other background and sprite graphics can be quite helpful as well. Zombie Brain Eaters uses a clever example of creatging an Operation Wolf style game. It's highly playable and good fun. 


Like last year's Official C64 SEUCK Compo. I am happy to also announce that any kind of SEUCK enhancement added to your game, using the KickAssembler SEUCK+Hi Score Framework, SEUCK School Tips or even SEUCK Redux is allowed to be used for this year's competition. So if you can code, like to add something to a friend's SEUCK game and show it off in this year's compo. If you know a programmer (except for me) who you'd like to add enhancements to your game. I have no issue with this.


Although you may enter your games for this year's compo. We don't want to see games that look as if they have been rushed too much, and consist of terrible graphics, excessive flickering and nonsense like this. Take these two games for example: NINJA TASK looks really rushed and quite awful. Also the same goes for ATTACK OF THE UNDERPANTS. Both games, which I admit are quite embarassing. Oh, and guess who wrote those two games back in the late 1990's? ;o)


Like every C64 SEUCK Compo, Every entry that gets submitted will feature a piece of music on the title, or in game music (please request when submitting). This time, in order to have submissions entered more frequently, my existing tunes from the HVSC will be added to the front end. Unless of course music is provided :)

Last year's winner was Stefano Canali with 'Pagoda Warrior 2', followed by Legion of the Damned 3 by Eleanor Burns in 2nd place, and Third Place: Fulgur by Alf Yngve. The prize of course (only for the winner) will be:

The winner's game gets full enhancements as a prize and will be emailed to them first before the prize package (at the end of the compo) has been launched on D64 on the TND SEUCK Compo page in August/September 2020.

Depending on the type of game's compatibility, The prize version of the game will be tested on SEUCK Redux (If suitable) and showed to the winner - if suitable. Otherwise the prize will be on standard SEUCK engine with additional enhancements. Either way this will include:

- Front end with author's credits and music
- Additional in game enhancements where necessary
- Hi Score table
- Full tape master with loading picture and music

Prize version of game will be respectably submitted to the game author before release with the SEUCK compo prize package in July/August 2019


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Last updated: 11th January 2020 (Final Revision)
(Minimised compo rules removing the unecessary points, final revision and will not be changed)

How entries should be submitted:

- Entries are Remote Email based and can only be submitted to:

- Submissions should be .D64, .TAP, or PRG format. If you submit VICE snap shots, please let the webmaster know which version of VICE was used otherwise if you cannot save your game to .D64, after loading the VICE snapshot try this as a guide line:

1. Go to Settings / Drive Settings / Enable True Drive Emulation
2. Go to Settings / Drive Settings / Drive Settings / Select one of the 1541 disk options. Then click on OK. The disk drive should then reset
3. Go to File / Attach Disk Image / Drive 8 / Create a new D64, by typing in nameofprog.D64 then click on CREATE  IMAGE, then click ATTACH
4. Go to the SEUCK Storage menu. Ensure menu shows disk and select SAVE FINISHED GAME and type in the filename of your game.
5. Wait some time for the disk to save. You'll see a clock on the bottom right side of the screen
6. After the clock has finished. Wait a couple of seconds. Then go to FILE / DETACH DISK IMAGE
7. Ensure the snapshot is still saved on your PC. Don't delete it as you might need it again. Re-attach the D64 and then HARD or SOFT RESET the VICE C64 and type in:

LOAD "*",8,1

Your SEUCK game should load and run after 3 or 4 minutes

1. Create a TAPE (.tap) image, by selecting FILE / ATTACH TAPE IMAGE,  save as NAMEOFGAME.TAP and then ATTACH it
2. In the SEUCK Storage menu, select CHANGE DEVICE.
4. In SEUCK select SAVE FINISHED GAME, enter the name of your game, being saved and wait patiently. After a few seconds or so a clock will appear on screen while writing to .tap
5. After finished recording from tape. Go to file DETACH TAPE.
6. Attach Test load your tape in VICE for your game to load. Depending on which version of SEUCK you should either have the blue+yellow loading stripes turbo or the multi-coloured loading stripes turbo.

Your SEUCK game should load and run after 3 or 4 minutes


- The compo organizer (TND Games) is also allowed to submit entries in to the compo, which is likely to happen, but  the same rules apply as to all the compo entrants.
- Entries are allowed to be in Standard SEUCK or Sideways SEUCK. You may use enhancements or SEUCK Redux if you wish to. Make sure you include the raw SEUCK version of your production as well.
- Your game must be your own work. That is unless you are working within a group of friends. For example; the Demo scene or perhaps a game development team with your submission. If that is the case please credit the other people who are/were involved. Or let us know who was involved, so that the credits before the game submitted is 100% accurate.
- Maximum of 3 entries allowed in the competition, as always.
- Use of social media previewing videos and screen shots of your game is allowed, providing that the final production isn't publicly released before it has been released at the competition
- Use of the TND SEUCK School tips are accepted.
- Old unreleased SEUCK games of your own are accepted. Providing that the game hasn't been publicly released before the game enters the compo.
- Optional presentation: Using SEUCK's front end and character set - New score/lives chars and also a title logo. To make the logo - simply edit the unused letter chars to make the shapes that can possibly form the logo.
- Please allow a maximum of 7 days waiting time if your entry hasn't yet been uploaded. Normally the page gets updated.
- SEUCK Compo 2020 entries are allowed to be updated and replaced - but in fairness,  will not be accepted if the deadline is reached - or was actually released publicly before being submitted for the SEUCK Compo 2020.

Your compo submission will feature music added to the front end, but if you wish to have a hi-score checker (See Tank Blasta in SEUCK School) or in game music, please let the web master know on the day of the submission. If you are a composer yourself and would like the music added to your game. The organizer will be very happy to do this for you.


- Try not to put in too many sprites on the same screen. This will cause SEUCK slowdown syndrome. Remember that on one line - the C64 can handle only 8 sprites horizontally.
- Do not submit a previously released or publicly released game or an updated version of a previous SEUCK Compo entry. Your entry must be exclusive to this competition.
- Do not use copyrighted source/content, for example graphics / assets or from commercial C64 game titles, or other people's games. Also do not create games based on copyrighted material, such as films, books, TV programs, video games etc. Parodies are an exception.
- Do not upload entries to CSDB. Since in this year's competition you are allowed to make updates to your entry.

- Do not use your entry to cause any form of conflict, politics or upset. Also don't rant/abuse at the organizers and other contestants if anything doesn't work out. We are human. We make mistakes.
- Do not use example attack waves, graphics from example SEUCK game demos. They must be your own work. You'd be surprised that many SEUCK games I saw actually used Slap 'n Tickle's attack waves time, and time again. Most definitely not recommended.
- Do not use obscene material, such as swearing, scenes of adult nature, etc.
- Do not rip logos and assets from existing demos, games, etc if they are not classed as your own work.
Recycling of your sprites / background graphics from existing games of your own work is okay.
- All entries must be exclusive for this competition, and must not have been seen elsewhere before your entry has been uploaded on to the competition page. 
- NO SELF-VOTING when the voting phase takes place. If the game is yours, when you're voting it must be marked as a '0'. The scoring is inspected thoroughly.

When submitting - Please provide the following:

Name of game: What is the name of your game?
Author: You can use your real name, or if you prefer, you can use a handle/pseudo name
Musician (if any): If your game already has music added to it, it is wise to credit the musician
Modifications (if any) What enhancements have you added to this game. (If any)
Extras: Does the game come with an ending, loading picture, intro, etc. Either way, this is still allowed :)

Please also give brief instructions on how the game should be played. A full story, etc.

- Competition starts on 4th January 2020
Last submission date is 31st May 2020
- Vote sheets will be available some time after the closing submission of the compo.


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GUILLOTINE - The Doom Machine
SEUCK Version: 
Sideway scrolling SEUCK
Machine type (PAL/NTSC): PAL only
Graphics and Game Design by Richard Bayliss
Richard Bayliss 
Amount of players:
1 or 2 Players
Extra code/Mods: 
Enhanced front end with hi score table, in game sound options, background parallax scrolling, power ups, full alien boss explosion with level complete trigger. Most source is based on Rocket 'n Roll
Extras (if any): Raw executable and Workfile 
Build Version: 1.0
Release date: 4th January 2020


Screen shots:


Ooer, what a horrible name for a game. No, this isn't a horror medieval death penalty simulator. Guillotine is a horizontal fast-paced scrolling blaster, written by the web master. It was created using Jon Well's Sideways Scrolling adaptation of the Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit. The game features two amazing previously released tunes (Title music: Guillotine, In game music: Doom Machine). The front end features additional code, based on the tutorial game Rocket 'n Roll (See SEUCK School).The main idea of this game was based on the music, previously released on Mix Box #10). Guillotine features 3 different levels, with power ups that will enhance the player's shoot ability. The enemy bosses will explode in one go. SEUCK has its own timed feature, but in this game, if the boss explodes before time on a still screen expires. The next level begins.  


You and a friend are pilots of the Interstellar Justice Federation. You have been assigned a very important mission.

An alien Emperor has illegally built a Doom Machine, called the Guillotine. Its purpose is to create a dangerous substance and generate a giant atomic explosive device. The alien forces have been capturing and transporting humans from Earth to the planet of Jetan, and took them to the factory and used them on the machine. The Emperor also threatens to wipe out the universe should it wish to.

Your mission, should you accept it is to enter the planet Jetan, locate the Guillotine and destroy it. However, you will have to fight the alien ships, since a galactic war has also broken out.

There are 3 levels in which you can fight through. They are as follows:

- The Jetan caves
- The factory construction works
- The main entrance to the factory, where you will find the Guillotine.

Luckily our dead pilots left out power pods, which can help you through your mission. They are as follows:

- Red  - Better fire power
- Blue - Matter Splatter explosive
- Green - Bonus lives

Watch out for the bosses at the end of each stage. You'll need a nerve of steel.

Can you thwart the evil Emperor, or will the Universe be forever gone?

Good luck pilots. You will need it

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Synthia in the Cyber Crypt
SEUCK Version: 
Standard SEUCK and Sideways SEUCK
Machine type (PAL/NTSC): PAL/NTSC
Graphics and Game Design by Eleanor Burns
Richard Bayliss 
Amount of players:
1 players
Extra code/Mods:
Linear map switching, platform gravity, puzzle solving
Extras (if any): Raw executable and Manual
Build Version: 1.0
Release date: 11th January 2020


Screen shots:


Wow. I have never saw a SEUCK game use a platform style engine. This one is pretty good and has a pretty dark theme to it. You will notice when you see the background graphics. This game was created using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. Eleanor wondered if it would be possible to make a flip screen platform adventure using the construction kit. Loads of enhancements were made in this game, to make an interesting result. Eleanor has also created an end sequence. As usual, you will need a password and load part 2 from disk or tape in order to view it. I won't give any spoilers. All I can say is that this game, and the ending is pretty much spectacular. I'll let you be the judge of that :)


Humanity is doomed. The scientists who had been working on AI replacements to help the survivors of the atomic war have been killed by their latest model. One obsolete HEC-80 is our last hope.

Control HEC-80 with joystick in either port. Go around each room, picking up objects (which will reappear) in order to solve a clue/obstacle in specific rooms. The objects are placed around each screen, and cannot be lost. Simply remember what they are, where they are and try to use what you have picked up using the fire button.

A full manual has been included. It might be worth reading to know more about the game.

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Results will be displayed after voting has finished.

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SEUCK Buster V2.0

The latest utility that allows you to add optional title and in game music to your own front end or in game music on your SEUCK or Sideways SEUCK game creation. Also includes a classic SCR packer by F4CG for compressing your SEUCK titles. Full instructions/note file are provided on the D64.


Sideways SEUCK Compo 2010
The official Sideways Scrolling SEUCK Compo, which I ran in 2010.

Also features:
(Compo winner)

Standard SEUCK Compo 2010
The official Vertical Scrolling SEUCK compo, which I ran in 2010

Also features:
THE MAGE by Gaetano Chiummo
(Compo winner)

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011
After the success of the last Sideways SEUCK Compo in 2010, I did it again with yet another sideways SEUCK Compo in 2011. Which was yet again, another successful competition.

Also features:
(Compo winner)

SEUCK Compo 2013
After a long break in 2012, with not so much going on ;)... This competition started as a mixed SEUCK compo, and was quite a success. Catering for both normal, and sideways scrolling versions of SEUCK.

Also features:
SHEER EARTH ATTACK by Gaetano Chiummo
(Compo winner)

SEUCK Compo 2014
The second mixed SEUCK Compo which was launched in 2014.

Also features:
(Compo Winner)

SEUCK Compo 2015
Another quite successful mixed SEUCK Compo 2015. Despite having to increase the deadline now and then for submissions.

Also features:
ABYSSONAUT  by Ant Stiller
(Compo Winner)

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2015
A mini SEUCK compo, which catered for only the sideways scrolling SEUCK compo.

Also features:

RETRO RETO PAN by Errazking
(Compo winner)

SEUCK Compo 2016
A very successful mixed SEUCK Compo 2016, which also ran over to start of the year 2017. Some real stunning entries also.

Also features:
BORDER BLAST 3 by Alf Yngve
(Compo Winner - Back to Basics)

The Spanish SEUCK Compo 2017

Run by Errazking, which I stepped down for a year or so. Features a whole lot of new SEUCK compo entries and also catered for other systems as well as the Commodore 64. Some nice games, some pretty old ones as well.

Also features:
VALKYRIE 2 - The Templar by Eleanor Burns - The Winner of Spanish SEUCK Compo 2017 :)

SEUCK Compo 2018
A themed based Shoot 'Em Up competition

Also features:
VALKYRIE 3 - The Night Witch by Eleanor Burns
(Compo Winner)

SEUCK Compo 2019

A great SEUCK game creation compo which was run last year. It featured some excellent game titles mostly made from the standard SEUCK. There were a couple of Sideways Scrolling SEUCK entries also. The official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019 was the most successful competition in the SEUCK category of all time.

Also features:
Fulgur by Alf Yngve
(Second runner up)


The SEUCK Vault
A SEUCK fan web site, run by Andrew Fisher, featuring a large archive of previously seen/unreleased SEUCK games. Also includes some additional articles, tips and tricks.

SEUCK School
My very own SEUCK enhancement tips page, including various POKEs and assembly / ML listings to help boost the improvement of SEUCK game creations. Also includes the C64 framework for SEUCK, and a few other cool tips.

Sideways Scrolling SEUCK
Jon Well's adaptation of the original Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. Create C64 games, which can scroll across the screen instead of downwards. Also comes with an example game demo called 'Breakthrough'. Current version only scrolls from left to the right, but is still worth checking out. Included on the page, Imaginator and Nyaaaah! 11, for you to play or work files, which you can muck around with.

Martin Piper's SEUCK Redux Framework

Martin Piper's open source framework for SEUCK games, and other bits. With this frame work, you are able to make SEUCK games more stable, and use better pixel perfect collision. You will be required to use the ACME cross assembler compiler (Martin's version is available with his full download pacakge), and a lot of programming knowledge. 

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