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What is SEUCK?
SEUCK = Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit

This is a utility which was made back in 1987 by Sensible Software, and it was originally published by Palace Software (As full a price product on disk+tape), Domark (As a Toolbox package which came with the 'Light Fantastic Pack' of the Commodore 64, and GBH (Gremlin Graphics) as a 4.99 budget software title back in the early 1990's. SEUCK was also released on Atari ST and Commodore AMIGA, but differed slightly to the C64. This competition is C64 only!

SEUCK allowed people be really creative and design brand new Commodore 64 game creations, without the need of programming. In
order for the user to create a brand new C64 game, a series of built in editors crammed to one file. You can create your own sprites, and create actual objects as players, bullets, deaths and of course the enemies. Then later on, you could design and construct your very own in game background, with use of the characters, tiles, and map editor. You could also setup player limitations (lives, length and height of play field, collision type, etc). There is also a very simple level setup. Also there are limited attack waves patterns, where you could insert new enemies or link existing ones to build a boss, etc. The title Screen editor allows you to edit the score panel chars, and title screen chars and also place chars into the title screen editor. So that you can have your own title screen editor.

The Last Hope by Gaetano Chiummo ... Made using SEUCK.

In the leap year of 2008, the Sideways Scrolling SEUCK was built. Jon Wells managed to build a special version of SEUCK which can scroll SIDEWAYS instead of DOWNWARDS. There is only one version of the SIDEWAYS SEUCK at the moment, which is the Sideways scrolling LEFT version of the tool. A version to scroll the other direction was mentioned back in 2013, that it will go ahead, but time constraints is the major issue. You can find Jon Well's Sideways SEUCK here. Which is absolutely free to download from his site..

Sideways SEUCK Example Delta Run by TND GAMES

A Little History lesson

Between 1987 to the present year, people around different parts of the world have been creative and made SEUCK game creations. A lot of the games were too much rushed, but there were also some TOP QUALITY SEUCK titles, which had no enhancements (or did have the odd new subroutine added to it). The games appeared on different C64 magazines and fanzines on cover disks, and cover tapes.

What about the SEUCK Compo?

The SEUCK compo has been going on for many years, since the early 2000's. The first SEUCK compo was hosted by someone called AKIRA, who hosted, at the time. Since time was a major issue, and (should I have remembered correctly) the author lost interest in the compo.  I was given kind permission to host the SEUCK compo. The SEUCK compo has been continuing, although there have been breaks in between years. The aim of the competition was originally create a new SEUCK game without enhancements, or anything in particular (apart from music). This was until 2014, onwards, where I allowed mods and minor enhancements to be added to your own SEUCK creations. Such as huge sprites, sprite/behind background priority Now come 2018, this compo is brand new, and major changes have been made. The SEUCK Compo 2016 went slightly over the beginning of 2017. That was the reason for why there was no compo in 2017, unless you can count on the Spanish SEUCK Compo 2017 run by Errazking.  

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Examples of compiled games are downloadable by clicking on the images below.

The aim of this year's compo is simply to create a vertical scrolling or a horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up, which should stand out from the crowd. We don't want to see rushed out games, which were made in a series of less than a day, or really rushed graphics. We want to see real stunning SEUCK games, with really smart graphics, and also games good attack wave patterns, end of level bosses, etc. The creation will be in your hands. Can your game stand out? If you think it can, then please read on.

Unlike previous SEUCK compos I run. This new SEUCK Compo has only one category, which is open to standard / sideways SEUCK users and also enhancements and SEUCK Redux code this time is DEFINITELY welcome to be entered into this year's competition. However the 2018 SEUCK compo is THEMED BASED. Don't panic though, your game can be to do with anything, as long as it fits one of the two themes. These are as follows:


The first choice of theme chosen is Science Fiction/Futuristic. The type of game to suit this theme can be practically anything related to Sci-Fi horror, or just any futuristic space blaster (or a futuristic combat game. If you are making this sort of game, make sure the game uses a futuristic / sci-fi style background to it. Examples of sci fi style games can involve space ships, aliens, robots, scientific experiments that gone horribly wrong, etc.

Split Second by Alf Yngve is an example of Science Fiction based on the after effects of time travel. This game had you controlling two versions of Joe Rubicon, who was injured during the time wars. Two different  times emerged into one, and he finds himself fighting in two different realities. This game almost won 2016 SEUCK compo, but it has been decided by the voters that THE HUNTER won the modded addition to the SEUCK Compo.

Sheer Earth Attack by Gaetano Chiummo is an example of another Sci-Fi theme, created using Sideways Scrolling SEUCK by Jon Wells  but this time based in space. This game won the 2013 SEUCK compo and was rewarded new presentation and power ups. It features mean alien space ship bosses, and pretty slick game graphics. This is a little space game, deeply inspired by classic Shoot 'Em Ups, such as Nemesis (Gradius), I-O, and a few others.

Gaetano also created The Last Hope, which came as runner up for the 2014 SEUCK Compo. It is yet another futuristic space blaster, this time going vertical. The shoot 'em up looks as if it was deeply inspired by more classic games. The beginning part of the game (Where the yellow scrolling background comes on) reminds me a little of the very first level of Lazer Force, except that there is no animated fire :)


The second theme is Fantasy/Adventure. This is where your games can be based in another enchanting world. The game could involve wizards, dragons, witches, monsters, knights, maids, or anything fantasy based. Some type of games which would fit this theme would be a game, where you fly a dragon across an enchanting world, trying to destroy the spells cast by an evil wizard. Or maybe a fantasy war game, where you are a warrior, who has to battle against the enemy forces of monsters, armies or an evil prince. Your game idea, based on this theme should be up to you.

God Slayer by Jefferey Oullette is an example of fantasy. You are a brave little knight, who must battle against the demons inside an ancient castle. The game features some very nice cute cartoon style graphics, and some very good gameplay blended inside the game. I strongly recommend that you check this game out for certain ideas.

Hero Time by IndyJR is yet another good example for fantasy. Play the role of a poor peasant, who eventually becomes a hero,  who tries to rescue prisoners from a deadly guards and battle against other monsters. This game has a reduced sized game area, which reminds me of the classic C64 games,such as Commando. The game is nicely presented and has a very high difficulty in game play. 

C'NOTTE D'KNIGHT by Aldo Chiummo, is also an example of cartoon fantasy, where you play a brave knight, who must rescue the princess. He has to climb up castles to rescue the princess from the clutches of an evil guard. C'Notte must fight against enemy guards and also demons and dragons. This game looks as if it was inspired by Fire Trap by Domark.


Not only would the compo should have games with outstanding game graphics.The compo should also have a well-designed front end, to make the game more attractive. This can be done in different ways (Depending on how you'd make a presentation).

Example 1 - Standard SEUCK Front end with presentation layout

A lot of previous compo entrants have been designing their own SEUCK game front ends by doing some excellent, but limited design to their games. Certain characters in the SEUCK char editor was used to make single chars to help form and produce logos. This is one thing I sure will be looking for in the compo. :) An example front end below is Tau Zero by Alf Yngve. This game was made way back in 1989/1992. 

Example 2 - Standard SEUCK Front end with new colours

The Shoot Em Up Construction Kit has a limit on colours to select from, but it is possible to use an Action Replay cartridge and alter the colours of the raster bars. SEUCK School has a tip on how this can be made. This example shows a good title screen presentation, with new colours. The Last Hope by Gaetano Chiummo

Example 3 - New Front End (Progammed)

Also accepted in this year's compo are programmed additions added to your SEUCK Game. These may be in standard SEUCK, or SEUCK Redux. That's right! SEUCK Redux IS allowed to be used this time round! If you make a new front end for your game. Please make sure that it has a nice logo to stand out, and also additional text presentation. Hi-Score additions and other bits are also welcome. An example below is the front end I made in SEUCK Redux for Alf Yngve's Zap Fight 2.


Last year's winner was Alf Yngve with 'Border Blast 3', Eleanor Burns with 'Night of the Valkyrie' and Errazking with The Hunter. Unlike last year's and previous compos. I have decided that this time round only ONE entry will win this year's compo, and there will only be ONE prize in store for the winner:

- New front end with in game enhancements and hi score table / power ups (Should they be required)
- Full tape master with loading picture and chosen loading stripes theme.




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How entries should be submitted:

- Entries are allowed to be in Standard SEUCK or Sideways SEUCK
- All entries must be your own work (Unless you are working with a group, with your production).

- Entries are Email based and can only be submitted to:
- Entries must be in .D64, .TAP or .PRG format, (or .vsf, .c64 format if you struggle to save your game on to .D64)
- Entries are preferred to be packed/crunched and runnable from BASIC. Use of Exomizer, The Bongo Cruncher, ByteBoozer or PuCrunch are welcome. Try to avoid using ALZ64 due to very slow depack. Submissions from save finished game state or Action Replay Freeze mode, are fine. I can fix the game up for you and put it together before uploading it on to the compo page.
- Entries automatically have title music added to the games, if you don't wish this to happen. Please let me know. You also can choose the music to be added to the game title screen, should you want to use it?
- Loading pictures are welcome, but not really required
- Maximum of 3 entries allowed in the competition.
- Entries must stick to the themes of SCI-FI/FUTURISTIC or FANTASY/ADVENTURE
- Please ensure an all data work file must been included with your submission. This includes SEUCK Redux entries
- Try to vary your own attack waves in the game. We don't want to see the same old typical enemy just move down the screen all the time.
- Entries could at least have a collectable object which (later on) can be reserved as a power up collectable (as main prize) - Although this is not compulsory.
- Use of the TND SEUCK framework, or SEUCK Redux is very welcome although not compulsory.
- Old unreleased SEUCK games of your own are accepted. - Only if they don't appear elsewhere on the Internet and that they stand out well. I will check for any existing releases before evaluating the compo entries.
- Submissions can be PAL or NTSC compatible (PAL is preferred).

- Entries may be split into separate parts, should you wish to make something big for the competition. If you need a password system for your game, please feel free to use any Public Domain password maker tools, such as JCH CODER, etc. or ask me to link a pass code routine on to your game.
- The organizer of the compo is also allowed to participate in the compo, just for fun.
- Language should be in English


- Do not use graphics / assets from commercial game titles, or other people's games
- Do not use copyrighted material from films, books, video games, etc as the name of your game. Parodies with different names are accepted :)
- Do not use your entry to exploit other individuals or groups or cause any form of conflict or upset. 
- Do not use example attack waves, graphics or sounds from example SEUCK game demos. They must be your own work. Plus it would be boring to see more games use those example game attack waves anyway :D
- Do not rush your game. We don't want to see rushed games, with ugly graphics and lack of game play. That would not suit compo standard
- Do not use obscene material, such as swearing, scenes of adult nature, etc.
- Do not use example demo games from the original SEUCK. Such as attack waves, etc. That is just plain lazy ;)
- Try not to make your game too short. This will be classed as a playable demo/preview. Although we will accept demo games.
- Try to not put in too many sprites on the same screen. This will cause SEUCK slowdown syndrome.
- Do not rip logos and assets from existing demos, games, etc if they are not classed as your own work.
Recycling of your sprites / background graphics from existing games of your own work is okay.
- All entries must be exclusive for this competition, and not have been seen elsewhere. Please do not upload on to CSDB until after the entry has been uploaded on to this compo page. 
- NO SELF-VOTING when the voting phase takes place. If the game is yours, when you're voting it must be marked as a '0'. The scoring is inspected thoroughly.
- Updated submissions of previously released games might be accepted, depending on how long your game has been uploaded to the entries page for.
- No trainers/spoilers
- Entries submitted and checked will be available to download if suitable after evaluation.

When submitting - Please provide the following:

Name of game:
Musician (if any):
Modifications (if any)


.. All entries will be mastered to .D64 and also to TAP (for tape fans) with the usual IRQ turbo tape loader.

- Competition starts on 1st January 2018
Last submission date is 31st May 2018 with no extended deadlines after that date.
- Votesheets will be available some time after the closing submission of the compo.

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  No entries yet - They will be released as soon they have been submitted.

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Results will come in AFTER the compo submissions deadline and voting deadline has closed.

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Sideways SEUCK Compo 2010
The official Sideways Scrolling SEUCK Compo, which I ran in 2010.

Also features:
(Compo winner)

Standard SEUCK Compo 2010
The official Vertical Scrolling SEUCK compo, which I ran in 2010

Also features:
THE MAGE by Gaetano Chiummo
(Compo winner)

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011
After the success of the last Sideways SEUCK Compo in 2010, I did it again with yet another sideways SEUCK Compo in 2011. Which was yet again, another successful competition.

Also features:
(Compo winner)

SEUCK Compo 2013
After a long break in 2012, with not so much going on ;)... This competition started as a mixed SEUCK compo, and was quite a success. Catering for both normal, and sideways scrolling versions of SEUCK.

Also features:
SHEER EARTH ATTACK by Gaetano Chiummo
(Compo winner)

SEUCK Compo 2014
The second mixed SEUCK Compo which was launched in 2014.

Also features:
(Compo Winner)

SEUCK Compo 2015
Another quite successful mixed SEUCK Compo 2015. Despite having to increase the deadline now and then for submissions.

Also features:
ABYSSONAUT  by Ant Stiller
(Compo Winner)

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2015
A mini SEUCK compo, which catered for only the sideways scrolling SEUCK compo.

Also features:

RETRO RETO PAN by Errazking
(Compo winner)

SEUCK Compo 2016
A very successful mixed SEUCK Compo 2016, which also ran over to start of the year 2017. Some real stunning entries also.

Also features:
BORDER BLAST 3 by Alf Yngve
(Compo Winner - Back to Basics)

The Spanish SEUCK Compo 2017

Run by Errazking, which I stepped down for a year or so. Features a whole lot of new SEUCK compo entries and also catered for other systems as well as the Commodore 64. Some nice games, some pretty old ones as well.

Also features:
VALKYRIE 2 by Eleanor Burns - The Winner of Spanish SEUCK Compo 2017 :)


The SEUCK Vault
A SEUCK fan web site, run by Andrew Fisher, featuring a large archive of previously seen/unreleased SEUCK games. Also includes some additional articles, tips and tricks.

SEUCK School
My very own SEUCK enhancement tips page, including various POKEs and assembly / ML listings to help boost the improvement of SEUCK game creations. Also includes the C64 framework for SEUCK, and a few other bits.

Sideways Scrolling SEUCK
Jon Well's adaptation of the original Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. Create C64 games, which can scroll across the screen instead of downwards. Also comes with an example game demo called 'Breakthrough'. Current version only scrolls from left to the right, but is still worth checking out. Included on the page, Imaginator and Nyaaaah! 11, for you to play or work files, which you can muck around with.

Martin Piper's SEUCK Redux Framework

Martin Piper's open source framework for SEUCK games, and other bits. With this frame work, you are able to make SEUCK games more stable, and use better pixel perfect collision. You will be required to use the ACME cross assembler compiler (Martin's version is available), and a lot of programming knowledge.

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