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The compo is CLOSED
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What is SEUCK?
SEUCK = Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit

This was a utility which was made back in 1987 by Sensible Software, and it was originally published by Palace Software (As full a price product on disk+tape), Domark (As a Toolbox package which came with the 'Light Fantastic Pack' of the Commodore 64, and GBH (Gremlin Graphics) as a £4.99 budget software title.. SEUCK allowed people be really creative and design brand new Commodore 64, games, with use of a series of different options, but with limitations. Designing sprites - to forming objects, building level maps, and forming attack wave patterns, setting up levels and eventually making your own game creations come to life.The package also came with example games: Slap and Tickle (A SEUCK homage to Slap Fight?), Outlaw (Western Shoot 'Em Up), Transputer Man (Futuristic push scroller shoot 'em up), and Celebrity Squares (Weird space shoot 'em up, with people's names on the blocks). The SEUCK package also came with a BLANK SEUCK - where you can start from scratch at building your own SEUCK game title.

Twin Tigers, by Alf Yngve ... Made using SEUCK.

In the leap year of 2008, the Sideways Scrolling SEUCK was built. Jon Wells managed to build a special version of SEUCK which can scroll SIDEWAYS instead of DOWNWARDS. There is only one version of the SIDEWAYS SEUCK at the moment, which is the Sideways scrolling LEFT version of the tool. A version to scroll the other direction was mentioned back in 2013, that it will go ahead, but time constraints is the major issue. You can find Jon Well's Sideways SEUCK here. Which is absolutely free to download from his site..

Sideways SEUCK Example demo: Breakthrough by Jon Wells, also included in the Sideways SEUCK Package.

Between 1987 to the present year, people around different parts of the world have been creative and made SEUCK game creations. A lot of the games were too rushed, but there were also some TOP QUALITY SEUCK titles, which had no enhancements (or did have the odd new subroutine added to it). The games appeared on different C64 magazines on cover disks, and cover tapes. There were some real stunners, and there were some naff ones as well.

SEUCK was also made for the AMIGA, and ATARI ST home computers as well. There were a couple of unofficial C64 ports of S.E.U.C.K as well, but with even MORE limitations.

What about the SEUCK Compo?

The SEUCK compo has been going on for many years, since the eraly 2000's. The first SEUCK compo was hosted by someone called AKIRA, who hosted, at the time. Since time was a major issue, and (should I have remembered correctly) the author lost interest in the compo.  I was given kind permission to host the SEUCK compo. The SEUCK compo has been continuing, although there have been breaks in between years. The aim of the competition was originally create a new SEUCK game without enhancements, or anything in particular (apart from music). This was until 2014, onwards, where I allowed mods and minor enhancements to be added to your own SEUCK creations. Such as huge sprites, sprite/behind background priority Now come 2016, this compo is brand new, and major changes have been made. Check it out below ...

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The aim of this year's compo is simply to create a vertical scrolling or a horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up, which should stand out from the crowd. We don't want to see rushed out games, which were made in a series of less than a day, or really rushed graphics. We want to see real stunning SEUCK games, with really smart graphics, and also games good attack wave patterns, end of level bosses, etc. The creation will be in your hands. Can you game stand out? If you think it can, then please read on.

Unlike last year's SEUCK compo and the mini Sideways SEUCK Compo. The competition has been well thought out this year, making it last longer - with:



The compo has fresh new rules, as well as some old ones.


Some compo entries will have exclusive music added to the front end, etc.. ;)


The SEUCK Compo this year has been split into 3 different categories
. This is where not only the SEUCK game creator, who can design their own games but cannot program games has the opportunity. But there are more open opportunities for the experienced C64 programmers, who might want to take part in the SEUCK compo. The categories are as follows:


- No enhancements required (Except for title music, colour bars altered) 

The Back to BASICs part in the SEUCK compo is simply writing a standard SEUCK game without any mods (apart from title music, and new raster bar colours, raster direction) to the finished game. This is because they will belong to the next category below. This is an ideal section for those of you who don't know how to program enhancements into your SEUCK game creations. All you need to do is write a decent long enough game, with the aid of the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit, and try to make it stand out with the crowd. Basically, make a really smart game, redesign the front end with a logo and credits, with or without example raster bars.


TAU ZERO by Alf Yngve

Tau Zero is a game, which was written back in 1989 and finished in 1992. It was published into the public domain by Binary Zone PD and later submitted to the TND contributors page. Tau Zero's front end gives a fine example with what sort of front end we would LOVE to see in the Back to Basics section. Tau Zero is a great vertical scrolling blaster, which lasts a long time. Game play is pretty difficult, and has a variety of different levels. This game also made an appearence on the Zzap64 article 'How to be a Megastar'. If you want to try this game out right NOW, grab it from HERE. Music by OPM/Dutch USA Team.

Jani 2 by Oliver Orozs

This is another example of what we'd like to see in a graphics perspective kind of way. Jani 2 was released this year by Oliver Orozs, where you played a cute character having to rescue his friends from the evil clutches of the demons. This game had some really smooth animation, beautiful graphics and quite good game play. Jani 2 is available to download from CSDB.

VIOS 2011 by Carl Mason

The final example, which I have chosen for the BACK TO BASICS category is the excellent 'VIOS 2011 - Special Edition' by Carl Mason. The game features tough levels, and a lot of clever tricks. Especially the end of level bosses. This game features great graphics, and it also gives a good arcade feeling to it as well. VIOS 2011 can downloaded from here.


- No new front end required (Only music, with rolling bars or no rolling bars)
- In game music
- In game tweaks (i.e. Sprite/Background priority, big sprites, linked players, score sharing).

This category is similar to the 'Back to Basics', except that minor mods are allowed to be made. Which means you can use any small trick in the book. One of which is a few pokes. Some the additional options allowed are in the rules section. You can even make a new front end, but no extra enhancements. You can use the SEUCK School Framework for this category if you like. Here's a few examples for the MOD SQUAD category.


Strike School by Carl Mason

Strike School is a simple game which uses the shared sprites trick. Where the player is running around at the bottom of the screen, and the crosshair object moves around about the same time. You used the crosshair to shoot at targets that appeared. If you did well, a medal appears at the bottom of the screen (representing an extra life). Nice looking game. The game is also available to download from here. Music by TLF/Sonic Uproar.

Rabid Robots by Alf Yngve

Rabid Robots, used a different trick in the book. Which used expanded sprites. You played a schoolboy in the suburbs of London, who has to save the world from a hate campaign run by evil robots. The schoolboy has a trusty dog, and must fight hard to save the world - and meet his girfriend. The game used linked sprites, sprite expansion and also sprite/background priorities, in Sideways SEUCK. Examples of these can also be found in SEUCK School. Rabid Robots can be downloaded from here. Music by Richard Bayliss.

Final example is Laser Hawk by Shaun Coleman. This game had some nice mods added to it. First of all, the colour tweaking for each stage. Not only this, after 10000 points was scored, as well as an extra life, Shaun changed the player ship's weapon into a new power up. Finally, this game has a very nice single char parallax trick added to the game. Did I not mention about the mod on the title screen?. That was quite impressive too. No music on the production however :)


- New front end with optional hi-score table
- Any kind of in game enhancements which you have to chosen to add. Including power ups
- Plenty of music

This is a real special category for programmers who want to add more to their SEUCK compo game entries. The idea of this category is to give the game the full works, with aid of the SEUCK framework. This means a brand new front end, in game enhancements and a few extra pieces. The game must look really attractive and stand out. So if you want to make your game stand out like 'Dark Force' did (below) or any other particular game, then go for it! Some examples:

Monster Mash by Jon Wells

Jon did a few SEUCK enhancements. The first I saw was Twin Tigers by Alf Yngve. Back in the 1990's Jon had written a SEUCK game title called 'Monster Mash'. He also made a brand new front end, and in game enhancements for this game. The game got released to Commodore Format magazine. Monster Mash had a brand new front end with in game options, and a load of great additions to it. Enemy bosses exploded in one go, and the in game music changed according to whether or not the player was facing the boss enemy or not. The score panel also had a new look, and there was great background animation. Jon also did something very clever to the ending, where the player had disappeared, and you could see an animation of the player moving acrosss. This game is available to download from the Commodore Zone cover disk at Binary Zone PD.

Dark Force by Alf Yngve and Richard Bayliss
This is an example, which we are happy to see in 'THE FULL WORKS' category. Dark Force, is an example of what can be done with aid of the Shoot Em Up construction Kit, and additional programming. A new front end with bitmap picture and a re-design of the front end, with in game options and a high score table.Two players are linked together with extra code (I had to create a subroutine which forced the player's position after death). Each level has a different colour, in game background animation, and even a twist of fate - where if  the player failed to have blasted every single generator. The game would have been lost. This game can downloaded from here.

Zap Fight by Alf Yngve

The third and final example of inspiration for this specific category is the stunning Zap Fight, by Alf Yngve. It features a new front end, with a high score table, text that stands out, a 3 colour char logo, with thumping trance music on the front end. The game itself consists of some nice landscapes, and plenty of enhancements. Loads of power ups, which increased the player's speed and firing speed. There was also a drone power up, which enabled Player 2 to re-appear on to the screen. The drone was invulnerable, but after player 1 got destroyed, the drone was lost and you had to recollect all the power up stars. The game also had the ability in which you can activate a smart bomb. There is no download available for this game, but if you own Shoot Em Up Destruction Set 3. You'll probably love it ;)

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Since there are 3 categories. Only 3 prizes this time round. For the BACK TO BASICS and MOD SQUAD categories, the prize is a new front end with a little more extra programming for power ups, and other things. .tap and .d64 versions will also be mastered in a professional style with a loading picture, and loading music. The FULL WORKS, won't really require any extra programming, but wins a .d64 and .tap master, along with a nice cover inlay. the BACK TO BASICS and MOD SQUAD.

Last year's winner was Anthony Stiller with Abyssonaut. A nice underwater game, in which you had to save the ocean from pollutants, and rescue whales stranded in the sea. As a prize, the game consisted of a new front end, Power Ups, and a few other things. All were mastered using the SEUCK Redux framework. The overall result turned out great. This year, should any games which don't use EXPANDED SPRITES mods, in this year's compo win. There could be a possibility that the games could end up with the following in SEUCK Redux:

- Printable disk sleeve / tape inlay
- Loading picture (On tape and disk version) - Tape version will use a professional loading scheme (Preferrably with loading stripes, to suit the picture with music, along with load error handling).
- New Front End
- New Score Panel (Instead of the dull SEUCK panel used time and time again ;)
- Power ups (Your game must have collectable objects, or availability of extra lives for every 10,000 points in order for a power up to take place
- Enemy random firing - becoming AIM / AI type of firing
- Get Ready, Game Over, Hiscore Table/Name Entry


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How entries should be submiitted:

- Entries are allowed to be in Standard SEUCK or Sideways SEUCK
- All entries must be your own work (Unless you are working with a group, with your production).

- Entries are Email based and can only be submitted to: or
- Entries must be in .D64, .TAP or .PRG format, (or .vsf, .c64 format if you struggle to save your game on to .D64)
- Entries are preferred to be packed/crunched and runnable from BASIC. Use of Exomizer, ByteBoozer or PuCrunch are welcome. Submissions from save finished game state or Action Replay Freeze mode, are fine. I can fix the game up for you and put it together before uploading it on to the compo page.
- Entries automatically have title music added to the games, if you don't wish this to happen. Please let me know
- Loading pictures are not required
- Maximum of 5 entries allowed in the competition.
- Entries are evaluated and will be submitted to a certain category
- Please ensure an all data work file has been included with your submission. That also includes the MOD SQUAD and THE FULL WORKS
- Try to vary your own attack waves in the game. We don't want to see the same old, same old typical enemy just move down the screen all the time
- Entries should at least have a collectable object which (later on) can be reserved as a power up collectable (as main prize).
- Use of the TND SEUCK framework, and other SEUCK related resources on SEUCK School is welcome (Only applies to MOD SQUAD and FULL WORKS)
- (Applies to BACK TO BASICS and MOD SQUAD) If you are using the SEUCK front end editor, try to make your front end stand out. We don't want to see JUST a few words all the time. Make your title stand out.
- Old unreleased SEUCK games of your own are accepted. - Only if they don't appear elsewhere on the internet and stand out well. I will check for any existing releases before evaluating the compo entries.
- Submissions can be PAL or NTSC compatible (PAL is preferred). Language should be in English only. Don't worry if your submission uses another language, we will still accept it. However, should it win. The prize will use ENGLISH language only
- Entries may be split into seperate parts, should you wish to make something big for the competition. If you need a password system for your game, please feel free to use any Public Domain password maker tools, such as JCH CODER, etc. or ask me to link a passcode routine on to your game.
- Entries with a single in-game and no extra code for title screen POKE is classed as Back to Basics category.

When submitting - Please provide the following:

Name of game:
Musician (if any):
Modifications (if any)


Things you should NOT do with your submissions

- No in game enhancements are required (Unless you are selecting the MOD SQUAD or THE FULL WORKS CATEGORY)
- Do not use graphics / assets from commercial game titles, or other people's games
- Do not use copyrighted material from films, books, video games, etc as the name of your game.
- Do not use your entry to exploit other individuals or groups or cause conflict. 
- Do not use example attack waves, graphics or sounds from example SEUCK game demos. They must be your own sounds.
- Do not rush your game. We don't want to see rushed games, with ugly graphics and lack of gameplay. That would not suit compo standard
- Do not use obscene material, such as swearing, scenes of adult nature
- Do not use example demo games from the original SEUCK. Such as attack waves, etc. That is just plain lazy ;)
- Try not to make your game too short. This will be classed as a demo. Although we will accept demo games.
- Try to not put in too many sprites on the same screen. This will cause SEUCK slowdown syndrome.
- Do not rip logos and assets from existing demos, games, etc if they are not classed as your own work.
Recycling of your sprites / background graphics from existing games of your own work is okay.
- All compo entries must be exclusive. If you are a CSDB / Scene member, please try to not upload your game on to CSDB until AFTER the entry gets uploaded on to the compo page.
- NO SELF-VOTING when the voting phase takes place. If the game is yours, when you're voting it must be marked as a '0'.
- Updated submissions of previously released games will not be accepted, unless you decide to pull out the previous compo entry from the competition. 
- SEUCK Redux is not allowed to be used.
- No trainers/spoilers

.. All entries will be mastered to .D64 and also to TAP (for tape fans) with our special loader, Thunderload 7!. There will be later versions mastered with TAPE MASTER PRO V3.0 with loading pictures, with huge thanks to Errazking for his support :)

Last submission date is 31st January 2017, but no later than 4th February 2017

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Name of game:
Matador '16
Author: Igor 'Errazking' Errazkin
Music (if any): Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Sideways Scrolling SEUCK
Number of players: 1 only.
Mods: Title music (Added by Richard Bayliss)
Extras (if any): N/A


The first entry for the Back to Basics category (Basically, a normal SEUCK / Sideways scrolling SEUCK, without any additional enhancements added to the game, itself. This is an amusing little game, which puts your player in the middle of a Bull-Fighting arena, but unlike many bull fights, there are a few surprises on the way. The game is quite nicely detailed, and acts as if you are on different Spanish TV channels of  the 1980's. Music on the title screen is called "Olé Hosé', which I composed today using DMC V4.0. A legendary great music composing tool, written in the early 1990's by Graffity. 

Welcome to the national holiday. You jumps into the arena and face the bull in this unequal struggle ... May God distribute luck!

Name of game:
Author: MiniMoog/Slavia
Music (if any): Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Sideways Scrolling SEUCK
Mods applied: Music, Raster Colours (Both added by Richard Bayliss)
Number of players: 1 only.
Extras (if any): N/A


This is a little comedy game, based in 1917, which isn't to be taken too seriously. Where you are a leader of a Revolution, who enters a palace in order to have a final showdown against the corrupt rich people, and put things right. The game features a very short tune, which I thought should fit the title screen quite nicely. Giving it a sort of a silent movie feeling to the game. 


1917. The whole world is ruled by imperial capitalists, exploiting workers and peasants. Oh! poor workers and peasants! You’re the power of the world, but rich men don’t appreciate you! There is one brave person who wants to change this misery – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin! Workers, peasants, comrades! Let the Revolution to begin, let the Red Power to win the dominion stolen by capitalists! Let it fight the nobility full of money, petty capitalists smoking cigarettes, greedy Jews throwing matzo and the worst form of imperialism – the evil tsar Nicholas II!
Dear comrade Player! Lead the Revolution and rescue Russia by hands of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin! Rush through the Winter Palace, find tsar and fight him! It’s the unique opportunity a year before the Revolution’s centenary!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE! Remember, that the whole game is a joke. Don't take it too seriously.

Name of game:
F-Clash 64 (Version 1.1)
Author: Canseco
Music (if any): Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Sideways Scrolling SEUCK
Mods applied: Music, Raster Colours (Both added by Richard Bayliss)
Number of players: 1 only.
Extras (if any): Loading picture, texts, etc.


Yesterday the very first version of this game got pulled out of the competition, due to the fact that I made a mistake by uploading the game too early when it was in preview mode. Sorry, my fault. Anyway, here is the latest and FINAL version of the compo entry. It features 2 tough battles by land and sea, against the enemy elite. Nice graphics, not bad game play, and I've put a nice tape version together with this game with Tape Master Pro V3.0. Lock in and load, arm and fire!


The elite, the RGB Squadron, wants you!!! Red, Green and Blue are the pure colors any patriot should follow. Take the Red pill, warrior, and feel the RGB inside you. Defend the land from those "derived" entities and make the world a peaceful place!!!.


One player only, joystick in port 2.
Watch out for buildings and be precise with that short range weapon.

Good Luck.

Name of game: Bergbert 3 - The Blue Knight

Author: Christian Siege / Phrentic Software
Music (if any): Richard Bayliss (Loading music by Response/Darklite)
SEUCK Version: Sideways Scrolling SEUCK
Mods applied: Music, Title flash adjustment (Classed as back to basics category, due to no mod inside actual game)
Number of players: 1 only.
Extras (if any): Intro created using Datel's Action Replay Enhancement tool, featuring music by Rob Hubbard (Disk only)


Christian delivers a third sequel in the Bergbert series, which features a new tune on the front end screen. Since the main game, itself has no mods inside or the front end not having a major overhaul with brand new code. I decided that this game fits the back to basics category. The last game was made back in  in 1993 using SEUCK. 23 years later Bergbert is back on another adventure, in which he has to complete 3 different tasks. This is not a shoot 'em up but actually a stealth / skill type of game. You are given 3 different missions which are quite amusing, but that makes the game :).The quality standard of the in game graphics are superb. I remember seeing some other games of Christian's which had top quality game graphics in SEUCK. Whoever said SEUCK was made for only making shoot 'em ups - think again. :)

On the .D64 version of this game is an intro, which was created using Datel's Action Replay Enhancement utility disk demo maker, saved as a loader and also  features music by Rob Hubbard.


An unknown Super Villain lures Bergbert, hero of the nineties, into dangerous situations, threatening to destroy the city. Bergbert returns in order to find him.

In level 1, the sewage plant spills toxic water. Shut off the valves.

In level 2, the villain turned up the generators in the power plant. Switch them off to avoid overload and citywide blackout.

In level 3, ride the conveyor belt in an ammo factory and defuse bombs, avoiding ammo test guns.

Touch objects to switch them off but be careful. Don't touch the green wastewater, the electricity from the generators or the sparks from the bombs' fuses. Detect the villain and reveal his identity.

Name of game:
Border Blast 3
Author: Alf Yngve
Music (if any): Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Standard SEUCK
Number of players: 1 or 2 players
Mods: Title music and raster colour update(Added by Richard Bayliss)
Extras (if any): N/A


Border War and Border Blast 2, were great SEUCK creations I remember playing back in the 1990's when I bought disks from PD Libraries. I remember how much good fun those two games were to play. Now 25 years since Border Blast 2 was produced another sequel arrives. Border Blast 3, a game where you and/or a friend fly jets through the borders of the USA in order to save the country from being held captive. This game features stunning graphics, and also some clever features. The game title has been updated to use the colours Red White and Blue to symbolise the American Flag. Also the title screen features a Matt Gray style tune, which I composed with CheeseCutter V2.8. I will say no more. Play the game. :)

The sequel to the games Border War (1989) and Border Blast 2 (1992) ...

In the year 2035, the first Border War between China and the United States ended.  During this conflict, the U.S. had erected a protective force-field barrier along its borders. This barrier had saved several American cities from being wiped out.

Once the war was over and the Chinese Emperor brought down, the American people demanded that the force-field would be shut down. And so the world enjoyed 25 years of peace...

Now, in the year 2060, a new tyrant rises. In a surprise attack, he seizes control of the old force-field barrier. The tyrant now uses the barrier to imprison the people of the United States WITHIN its borders. No one gets out, and no aircraft can pass through. A new Border War begins.

The U.S. President requests help from the Air Force. This is where you (and perhaps a friend) come in...

Your mission is to fly a powerful jet through different war zones in the United States. Destroy the enemy forces and bomb their bases. During some stages, the enemy will drop a nuclear warhead. Your only chance against an atomic blast is to find a safe spot in the shadow of a bunker. Collect power-up pods to amass points and earn bonus lives.

Your ultimate target is the enemy’s Mobile Command Center (MCC) – a flying fortress from which the tyrant controls the force-field barrier.
Destroy the MCC and free the people!

Name of game:
Antarta the Penguin
Author: Igor Errazkin
Music (if any): Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Sideways SEUCK
Number of players: 1 player only
Mods: Title music and raster colour update(Added by Richard Bayliss)
Extras (if any): N/A


It is most definitely winter this time of year. Fancy some winter fun in the snow? Igor Errazkin brings a fun little cartoon game called Antarta in which is based in Antarctica. The protagonist this time is a little hapless penguin, who joins in a winter marathon for the first time. The game is a constant horizontal  scrolling challenge, and it also shows that SEUCK is not just for making shoot 'em ups. Some nice cartoon graphics, and quite fun game play. :)


Antarctica, an island full of ice, snow and freezing temperatures. An ideal place for bear, penguins and other wildlife. The annual Penguin Marathon has been launched. All the penguins gather together in order to run a race across the island. Many of those are aware of what hazards are about to get in their way - except for Antarta of course. He never thought about how treacherous the annual marathon was, and he just entered the competition. This is where you get the  role of playing the poor little fellow penguin. Run across the course, but watch out for the deadly hazards that will cause poor Antarta to lose a life.


Name of game:
Night of the Valkyrie
Author: Eleanor Burns
Music (if any): Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Standard (Vertical scrolling)
Number of players: 1 only.
Mods applied: Background animation, linked players, colour change on title screen, fixed sprite/background priority ($D01B) (All added by the author)
Extras (if any): End scene (Password protected), PDF Instructions manual


This is the very first compo entry for the 2016 SEUCK Compo, which got submitted before the compo even started, but it never got released elsewhere before the competition. Therefore, it qualifies as entry. This is a commando style SEUCK creation, with a big twist. The game is based in 1942 transylvania, during the World War 2. Instead of playing a soldier in the military forces, you play a blood sucking Valkyrie, who is on a quest to find her true love. In order to reach her goal, she must cast spells at the SS Panzer Division 6, and survive. 


Joystick port 1 controls the princess. Press fire to use her pyrokinesis to blaze enemies from afar. Human enemies, however, can be killed by draining their blood: simply touch them in a way that avoids their attack. The more blood Mariska drinks, as indicated in the brown score / energy meter, the better her chance of progressing to and surviving the final challenge (10,000 points earns her one extra drop icon). Beware of the army chaplains, though. These soldiers wield crosses instead of guns or grenades, and for all her innocence Mariska is still a vampire. If she touches the chaplains, they will exorcise her and cost her a life, so avoid them or attack them at long range. They are slightly tougher than the standard SS grunts, having some spiritual protection against your powers, and will thus take two shots.

Also, enemy vehicles and materiel are bloodless, and should just be destroyed or avoided. This includes the motorcycles: the riders may have blood enough in them, but it is not worth the blunt trauma of a speeding BMW R-12 smack in the face. It might not be a stake in the heart, but it certainly won’t do you any favours.
From stage 2 onwards, the stormtroopers will be issued with consecrated silver bullets that are capable of harming Mariska. Thankfully, they will only use them sparingly, but be sure to time it carefully if you decide to tackle them head-on. In stage 3 (the POW camp), imprisoned commandos can be freed, and a little blood may be taken from them as recompense. Since the blood of the righteous is far more nutritious than that of evildoers, this is well worth the effort. Touch the prisoners quickly, though, as even without their SS escorts they will soon panic and try to run away. Mariska is many things, but a reassuring sight she is not.

Other deadly hazards include fire, artillery shells, bombs, and grenades. Modern warfare can be almost as dangerous for the undead as it can for the living. Survive the main quest having drunk enough blood (to gain at least one extra drop icon), and you will get to face the kommandant in battle. Defeat him, and your path will be clear to your true love, even if he has yet to be informed of the fact. You can always worry about the details later...

Name of game: 
Split Second
Author: Alf Yngve
Music (if any): Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Standard (Vertical scrolling)
Number of players: 1 only.
Mods applied: Linked Players
Extras (if any): Full documentation


After the first day the SEUCK compo was launched, a day later, another entry got fired over to TND for the compo. This time it is a Sci-Fi thriller, called 'Split Second'. A third of the 'Double or Nothing' series. This is a vertical scrolling SEUCK game, which consists of some clever tricks implemented in the BASIC SEUCK engine. The linked players poke (16578,2) controlled with one joystick mode, works really well with this game. The background consists of mixed hi-res and multicolour chars. You'll know what to expect from Alf. The green circular beams also feature a very clever trick implemented into the game, where the player can duplicate each other. There are some mean bosses, human militia, aliens. 



The year is 2053 AD...
You remember that you are Joe Rubicon, decorated hero from the great Timewarp Wars which ended in 2022.
You ALSO remember that you are Joe Rubicon, decorated hero from the great Timewarp Wars which ended in 2050.
Confused? You should be.
Because you are suffering from timewarp injury.
Any shock can cause you to split into two identical copies, two overlapping realities.
And a new war is coming.
You are not ready for this fight.
But you must fight, to save the world - even though it may cause you to fall apart... in a split second.


You control Joe Rubicon's movements and firing with Joystick only.
Joe can fire LEFT, UP, RIGHT, UP+LEFT and UP+RIGHT, and fire simultaneously in two directions.
If Joe passes a SPACETIME ANOMALY (a glowing green ring), or loses a life, he will split into two copies.
NOTE: Only one of these copies can fire in several directions.
You can choose join the copies back into one with the Joystick, or control them separately.

Joe will automatically walk forward until he reaches the end of a level, where one or several bosses await.
From that point, you must push UP to proceed to the next stage (watch for an on-screen prompt).

Certain obstacles are lethal - don't run into them.
Some obstacles on the ground (water, potholes, undergrowth, blue panels) will prevent Joe from moving sideways. Avoid them!

Collect energy capsules (marked "E") to restore Joe's vitaly. 10 capsules will award you a bonus life.

Between each level comes a bonus stage in which you can boost your score and gain extra lives.

IMPORTANT: Joe has two score and life counters, one for each copy. The points you score will not be shared between them, so make sure both copies get enough points to survive!
If either copy of Joe loses the game, the remaining copy plays on alone.

Good luck - both of you!

Name of game:
The Hunter
Author: Egor Errazkin
Music (if any): Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Sideways Scrolling SEUCK
Number of players: 1 or 2 players
Mods applied: Colour bars set to blue, Sprites behind background
Extras (if any): Full documentation


Sub Hunter meets SEUCK????! What?. Well Igor Errazkin surprises us once again with yet another stunning looking horizontal scrolling SEUCK game. Featuring some nice background graphics and  clever tricks. The player control runs quite smoothly, and there's some nifty little jokes implemented in the boss stages of this game. You'll see - if you ever come across a boss stage.



Benidorm, Sunny Spain. Beachgoers and people like to go out  and soak in the rays from the sun, play volleyball, and also  have a swim. The beach was there for people to enjoy ... That was until one day an evil spy trawler had crossed the Spanish sea and dropped chemicals that drugged the friendly sea creatures and turned them into mutants. The sea is no longer safe for the beachgoers.

The Spanish government seeks out for secret agents. That is unfortunately you and / or a friend. You jump into a submarineand then prepare yourself for a battle against the mutant sea creatures, and enemy spies.


This is a game for 1 or 2 players.

Joystick port 2 controls player 1 (Blue sub)
Joystick port 1 controis player 2 (Yellow sub)

The aim of this game is to journey through the Spanish sea and shoot torpedos at the enemy subs and mutant fish. You won't be alone, because at times, you will encounter attacks on
the water's surface - as well as below in the water. Some enemies cannot be destroyed. - Especially the airborne ones.

During your trip. There are coins that can be picked up.  Pick up these spinning objects, and you will gain bonus points. Every 10,000 points rewards you an extra sub marine.

Can you clear out the sea from mutants and enemy spies and  make the Spanish sea safe again once more. The only way to find out is to PRESS FIRE TO PLAY.

Good Luck!

Currently there are no entries for this category.


2003 - Cloud King by Andrea Carnobbio
Music by Richard Bayliss

In 2003, Andrea Carnobbio's compo entry (made in 2001) 'Cloud King' won the first SEUCK Compo. It featured wonderful graphicss, and cute game play. You player a little cloud demon, who's quest was to escape from a large dungean, and fight the monsters. During his quest he can pick up magic bags, to boost the score to gain extra lives. I did do a brand new front end for this game back in time, but sadly I am unable to show it, as it had got lost in time. Click the disk icon to download it anyhow :)

2010 - Pour Le Merite by Sonny 'Bamse' Top (Sideways SEUCK Compo 2010)
Music and enhancements by Richard Bayliss (Using SEUCK Redux by Marin Piper)
Tape loader by Martin Piper
Loading picture by Bohoki

The winner of the 2010 Sideways SEUCK Compo was Pour Le Merite. A horizontal scrolling SEUCK title, based in the 2nd World War. Your mission is to fly across the enemy territory, and rescue POWs who are stranded. Should you pick one of those guys up, you'll gain a power up, or invincibility for a limited time. The game features a brand new animated front end with high score table, and plenty of cheerful wartime style music. The game was inspired by Bob Pollin's Blue Max, by U.S Gold.

2010 - The Mage by Gaetano Chiummo (Vertical Scrolling SEUCK Compo 2010)
Enhancements by Richard Bayliss, music by Gaetano Chiummo
Tape loader by Martin Piper
Loading picture by Gaetano Chiummo

The Mage had won a prize which gave the game some enhancements, to check how many items the player picked up. It featured some really nice music by Gaetano. The idea of the game was to pick up magical items, and try to turn your village into a good place once again. Another mage had accidentally casted bad spells, and hidden in a cave. You had to find the mage, and defeat him, in order to break the bad spell. The game features cute graphics, a nice loading picture and lovely music. A true winner.

2011 - Forgotten Forest by Alf Yngve
Music and enhancements by Richard Bayliss
Tape loader by Martin Piper
Loading picture by Alf Yngve

(Screen shots below are correct, but version downloadable is different... Due to the prize version of the game being a bonus part of Psytronik's Shoot Em Up Destruction Set 2).

The winner of the 2011 Sideways SEUCK Compo was Forgotten Forest by Alf Yngve. You played a monster slayer, armed with a blow torch. He has to make his way through the forest, and fry the deadly creatures and monsters, then face the final horror. The final production consisted of some spooky tunes, with some screams in the tune as well. The game did have a new front end and loading picture.

2012 - NO COMPO?
There was no SEUCK Compo in 2012

2013 - Sheer Earth Attack by Gaetano Chiummo
Enhancements by Richard Bayliss, Music by Gaetano Chiummo
Tape loader by Martin Piper
Loading picture by Gaetano Chiummo

I love space shoot 'em ups, and this one is one exception. It is Sheer Earth Attack (A parody from Queen's 'Sheer Heart Attack'), by Gaetano Chiummo. The game was designed using the Sideways SEUCK editor, and was inspired by great retro blasters of the past, such as Gradius, IO, etc. The game has a nice animated presentation, with sweet music. There's real tough bosses, and power ups galore in this game. The attention to detail on the C64 was excellent. This game really stood out from the crowd.

2014 - Double or Nothing by Alf Yngve
Enhancements and music by Richard Bayliss,
Logo by Shine/Code7
Tape loader by Martin Piper
Loading picture by Richard Bayliss

The winner of 2014's SEUCK compo was Alf Yngve's excellent Double or Nothing. A game with a very original idea. You play a soldier who's has been trapped in two different realities. The first reality is a war against aliens, and the second reality is the war against the robots. As you progress through the game, two realities clash into one, where both of you must face the final ordeal, and find out who you really are. As the main prize. This game got imported into the SEUCK Redux framework and was completely remastered with a new front end, and some in game music.

2015 - Abyssonaut by Anthony Stiller (SEUCK Compo 2015)
Enhancements and music by Richard Bayliss (Redux framework and tape loader by Martin Piper)
Loading picture by Errazking
Tape loader by Martin Piper
Loading picture by Errazking (There's also another .tap with someone else's loading picture)

The winner of 2015's SEUCK compo was Anthony Stiller's cute underwater creation. 'Abyssonaut'. This is a great SEUCK game inspired by CRL/Power House's Aquanaut. You play a diver, who has to clean out the ocean, by picking up treasure chests (giving the player power ups) and rescue all of the whales, who have been netted by poachers. The sea creatures become mutants, and there is one nightmare about to come true at the end of the game. We won't tell you what it is, you'll have to wait and see. Abyssonaut consists of a new front end with some nice relaxing music, and becomes upbeat afterwards. The in game music gives a sort of dark atmosphere to the game, but the results ended up great.

2015 - Retro Reto Pan by Errazking (Sideways SEUCK Compo 2016)
Enhancements and music by Richard Bayliss,
Logo and loading picture by Errazking
Tape loader by Martin Piper
Loading picture by Errazking

The winner of 2015's sideways scrolling SEUCK compo was Errazking's 'Retro Reto Pan'. A cute cartoon game, in which you played Pan, a little hero, who has discovered that the evil Moriaty has generated a machine, which turns food into monsters from another dimension. In order for Pan to complete his mission. He has to take a trip into the amusement arcade and try to meet up with Moriaty. Bad things eventually will happen, Pan gets blasted into an arcade machine, and he must escape. The game features a remix of Baron Asher's great title tune. Also the new front end is quite different to some of the front ends I did in the past. Errazking wanted to draw the logo, and loading picture.

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Total number of votes during the voting phase:17.


6th Place:
MATADOR'16 by Errazking  (45 points)

- Entertained without more. To highlight, the presentation as if it were a sports broadcast. Very funny use of the logos of yesteryear the state television. Correct graphics and funny sound. Good melody in the presentation.

- A good homage to those times were we only had 2 channels on Spanish TV, even if you didn't like what they showed on the screen, sometimes...

- Although this game is pretty funny to watch. Graphics are nice, however, this game lacks in actual gameplay and scoring. Entertaining though :)

5th Place:
F-Clash64 V1.1 by Canseco  (47 points)

- Not bad for an opera prima...
- Pretty good shoot 'em up

4th Place:
BERGBERT 3 by Christian Siege  (52 points)

I find it worthy of being mentioned, the use of enemy objects in this way is surprising

- What a nice surprise to see an skill game with good graphics and very challenging!!!.

- Funny, and brilliant. Lovely graphics, and pretty good game play. SEUCK rocks!

3rd Place:
1917 by Slavia  (54 points)

An average game, with some pretty average game play.

- Very good gameplay! Very fun and simple to play ...

- Nice background and sprite animations. Revolutions never go wrong, XD

2nd Place (RUNNER UP):

ANTARTA  by Errazking  (55 points)

Cute, tough and good fun. Nice cartoon graphics and the game is quite good as well.

- Very funny. A novel treatment of a well-known MSX game. Very good graphics and very arcade sound. Good melody in the menu.

- It is bad that I say it, but the different deaths of the character are worthy of framing

- It's a bird? It's the Tux mascot? It's ANTARTA, XD Good animations, jokes, and quite challenging too.

1st Place - and ultimate Back to Basics Winner:
Border Blast 3 by Alf Yngve  (58 points)

I just love futuristic blasters. Brilliant graphics, and superb game play. Great ideas implemented into this game.

- Very good game, but it is not another good game, also I have mania to the author

- Almost everything is great in this nice SHMUP, except some slowdowns with too much sprite/bullets on the screen, so kill them as fast as you can, XD 

Congratulations goes to Alf Yngve, who has won 1st place in the 2016 SEUCK Compo's Back to Basics category. Border Blast 3, was a real penultimate challenging blasters. Well done also goes to Errazking and Slavia for 2nd and 3rd place.Bad luck to the rest of the entrants who participated in the compo.


3rd Place:
SPLIT SECOND by Alf Yngve (55 points)

Pretty much gobsmacked with this game production. It has some very clever tricks. It feels like a SEUCK Groundhog day, where you wonder whether or not you are actually fighting against soldiers, or whether or noy you are fighting against the aliens. Neat graphics. Good fun!

- Very good, this one lives up to the works that the inhabitant of Melmac has accustomed us to. A bit difficult or I very bad player.

- Nice game with split personalities that sometimes want to join again. It's not me, it's you, XD

2nd Place (RUNNER UP):
NIGHT OF THE VALKYRIE by Eleanor Burns  (59 points)

Superb graphics, great game play. Very nice tricks implemented into this production. A whole lot of effort was made into this game. It deserves a winning score.

- I was pleasantly surprised. Very well done, with a very balanced gameplay.

- Good intro, atmosphere and final bosses. Save the guy cheerleader, save the blood? XD

1st Place (WINNER):
The Hunter by Errazking  (60 points)

Not a bad game. Some clever tricks involved, but the game is too short.

- The best. Excellent graphics and great sound. Very well designed levels. A very good melody in the presentation. Great.

- Well done, use of the very accomplished elements, the final Bosses ... What am I going to say?

- Superb graphics, little animations all over the place and very big bosses with good sense of humor, XD

- I see a gamplay and this game is amazing! Big Errazking School!!!

Congratulations goes to Errazking for making it first place with 'The Hunter', who wins the 2016 SEUCK Compo. Bad luck to the other contestants who were CLOSE to actually becoming the winner, but personally. I think you're all winners :)


BORDER BLAST 3 by Alf Yngve


Alf Yngve's futuristic blaster contained some amazing enemies, and stunning graphics. Features some clever tricks, such as the incoming bomb animation, where the player has to find a safe haven before the ground got hit by the bomb blast. Also there were some mean, and awesome bosses, which the player had to fight. Alf may have been known as the master of SEUCK, but we now class him the RULER of SEUCK. Well done Alf. Your game will feature a brand new front end, with in game enhancements and in game music as well as the title.

Border Blast 3, now has a neat loading system, a brand new front end, which features a logo which I tried drawing myself. I had some sort of cool idea for a logo, where I could make use of the old SEUCK raster bar scroller inside it, and flash the upper part of the logo and a high score table. The game features enemy aim function, a pretty awesome smart bomb power up, which can be activated, every time the border goes red. Holding the fire button activates it. This game also has a funny ending, which Alf couldn't resist to make. Have fun.


THE HUNTER by Errazking

Igor Errazkin (Who will be taking over as host for the SEUCK Compo this year) launched a SEUCK tribute to Frank Gasking and my own 2008 classic Sub Hunter. This game featured some nice ideas which were implemented in to the game, some classy jokes and atmospheric game play. Igor will be pleased with this result and this game will surely gets some more enhancements added to the production. Well done Igor.

Igor's game now has a nice new front end, which I made in SEUCK Redux. The front end feature some nice bubbles flying across the credits. Like I did with Zap Fight 2. I decided to implement a high score table in the scroll text. There are no specific power ups, but the game does feature some in game enhancements, such as animated background, and random firing enemies aiming for the player. The game also features some very atmospheric tunes, which I believe you may enjoy in the game. Although it is quite trance like :). The game also features an amusing ending which I couldn't resist to make possible.

... and finally:

We do have two winners, but there's enough room for just one more category. Sadly The Full Works category didn't work out. So instead, I have made up a new category which involves all of the entrants. Behold:


This is the category where I take a look at the overall results and make a decision on which game should win just a new front end with music. The result is also based on the amount of detail and quality of the overall production. I declare the winner of THE ORGANIZER'S CHOICE:


A lot of good quality and attention to detail was implemented into this production. Plus the overall voting, where this game was that CLOSE to winning The Mod Squad category. Eleanor worked really hard on the graphics, the sound, and implemented some nice parallax scrolling and sprite/background priorities inside the game. Something which a normal SEUCK game never featured. There's also a stunning end (should you have unlocked it). Night of the Valkyrie wins a much deserved new front end.

The final game 'Night of the Valkyrie' doesn't use the SEUCK redux, but standard SEUCK. Mainly because the game made use of the original scoring bug which SEUCK had in place. (Collected objects forcing player 2 to score points). The collectables? Well they are the enemy soldiers. You have to either shoot or suck their blood. The game features a nice new front end, which I coded the enhancements in Arthur Jordisson's CBMPRGStudio . I also polished Errazking's loading screen logo, and placed it into the front end. I also made use of Eleanor's great character set, and fit everything in to the title screen. The in game enhancements wasn't much apart from the BOSS DEATH. However the Game Over feature was quite a special one. It adds both player 1 and player 2's score (Player 1 = Battle score, Player 2 = Blood/bat score). The two scores are then revealed as a final score. Then the final score is compared with the high score. If a new score is higher than a high score. The player's score becomes the new high score. The second part of the game features the password system. I used second part again in order to have the prize compilation complete :).

Finally the prize package ...

All of the games have been re-mastered to a SEUCK Compo Compilation Disk, where every single game has loading tune (a load of my old tunes) and a picture linked to it.. All pictures were drawn by Igor Errazkin. The compilation also consists of mastered tapes, which allso use the same tunes and loading pictures. However, the prize versions have all been picture linked, and mastered to tape - but with BRAND NEW tunes, which you can enjoy. The package is absolutely free and recommended for you to plonk on to your C64. Enjoy.


Disk Menu Code, Compiling, picture linker code and tunes by Richard bayliss
Tape Loader system by Martin Piper
Loading pictures by Igor Errazkin
(C)2017 The New Dimension as PUBLIC DOMAIN Software

THE FULL COMPO PRIZE PACKAGE, along with the compo entries  ARE NOW AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD on DISK+TAPE images. Click the DISK image to download.
(Docs are not included... You need to download one of the compo pages for those :).

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Sideways SEUCK Compo 2010
The official Sideways Scrolling SEUCK Compo, which I ran in 2010. 

Standard SEUCK Compo 2010

The official Vertical Scrolling SEUCK compo, which I ran in 2010 

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011
After the success of the last Sideways SEUCK Compo in 2010, I did it again with yet another sideways SEUCK Compo in 2011. Which was yet again, another successful competition.

SEUCK Compo 2013
After a long break in 2012, with not so much going on ;)... This competition started as a mixed SEUCK compo, and was quite a success. Catering for both normal, and sideways scrolling versions of SEUCK. 

SEUCK Compo 2014
The second mixed SEUCK Compo which was launched in 2014.

SEUCK Compo 2015
Another quite successful mixed SEUCK Compo 2015. Despite having to increase the deadline now and then for submissions.

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2015
A mini SEUCK compo, which catered for only the sideways scrolling SEUCK compo.

The SEUCK Vault
A SEUCK fan web site, run by Andrew Fisher, featuring a large archive of previously seen/unreleased SEUCK games. Also includes some additional articles, tips and tricks.

SEUCK School
My very own SEUCK enhancement tips page, including various POKEs and assembly / ML listings to help boost the improvement of SEUCK game creations. Also includes the C64 framework for SEUCK, and a few other bits.

Sideways Scrolling SEUCK
Jon Well's adaptation of the original Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. Create C64 games, which can scroll across the screen instead of downwards. Also comes with an example game demo called 'Breakthrough'. Current version only scrolls from left to the right, but is still worth checking out. Included on the page, Imaginator and Nyaaaah! 11, for you to play around with.

Martin Piper's SEUCK Redux Framework

Martin Piper's open source framework for SEUCK games, and other bits. With this frame work, you are able to make SEUCK games more stable, and use better pixel perfect collision. You will be required to use the ACME cross assembler compiler (Martin's version is available), and a lot of programming knowledge.

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