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SIDEWAYS SEUCK COMPO 2015 commences Mid-August 2015 :)




As a bonus treat I am very pleased to announce something special for the SEUCK gaming fans, by the way of an Easy Flash CRT image for VICE,, which consists of nearly every single SEUCK compo entry from all SEUCK compos which TND had run between 2010-2015. These also include the enhanced prizes versions of each game. You;ll surely be able to tell the difference between each entry. Hope you will enjoy this treat courtesey with TND.

Click the Disk icon to download your .CRT and enjoy the SEUCKs


Imagine going back in time to 1987. The shoot 'em up Construction Kit by Jon Hare and Chris Yates of Sensible Software was officially published back then, through Palace Software, then later re-released by Gremlin Graphics. There was also a toolbox release for those of you who bought the Light Fantastic package back in the early 1990's. This was the version I had for my Birthday during Christmas day.

Background information about the tool:

The Shoot Em Up Construction Kit,, or as we call it S.E.U.C.K is a fantastic utility in which allows you create your very own shoot 'em ups. Unlike some game makers in the past, such as Gary Kitchen's Game Maker, Arcade Game Construction Kit, which were full of multi-load options. SEUCK had a a large series of options to allow you to create and develop your own C64 shoot 'em ups, but only with limitations. You didn't need programming knowledge to create your games either. The games could only use a vertical scrolling and still timed landscapes. The front end editor allowed you to use either still colours or scrolling raster bars. The char editor allowed you to customize your own char set to design your own text chars or make hi-hires logos and construct those on to your SEUCK game title screen.

There has been a huge cult of SEUCK games hitting the world since the birth of the editor. Many games were pretty rushed and played terrible. There had been communities of SEUCK lovers, who support the editor, and also a minority of individuals who dislike SEUCK.

In 2008, Jon Wells created the Sideways scrolling Shoot 'Em up Construction Kit, in which used the original SEUCK engine and scrolled the the background horizontally, instead of vertically.

The SEUCK compo was first launched in 2003, and since the relaunch of the previous competitions. The SEUCK compo has become a success. Yet again we are doing it yet again.

Here is a small showcase of some good examples of SEUCK games produced from previous SEUCK competitions.

Officially released SEUCK / Sideways SEUCK Games from previous SEUCK Compos.

Double or Nothing by Alf Yngve

Double or Nothing was a clever SEUCK creation, in which used a hack in which linked two players to one joystick. Whether or not the authors of SEUCK left this as an easter egg or not is questionable, but with the use of POKE 16578,2 you can get pretty cool results. Alf used this feature in Double Or Nothing. It features one individual trapped into two different realities of war. The player was either battling against the war of robots, or a war against a series alien monsters. Both realities eventually merge into one where the real nightmare takes place.

God Slayer by Jeffery Oullette

Sadly this game never reached the top 3 games. God Slayer had some really nice graphics, pretty good game play, and felt sort of like a SEUCK version of the Zelda games. The graphics stood out well, and everything was nicely set out. This game was defeated by Pour Le Merite by Bamse, in the very first Sideways Scrolling SEUCK Compo, that was launched back five years ago. 

Pour Le Merite by Sonny Top (Bamse)


Five years ago, Sonny Top wrote this game which had won the competition. The graphics were pretty simple and the game play was pretty good. The game was inspired a true classic US Gold title, "Blue Max" by Bob Pollin. You had some missions in which needed to be completed before you were rewarded the Blue Max award. The three battles also consisted of a rescue mission. The prize ended up awarding the player invincibility and machine gun auto fire for any people rescued. This game was loved by many SEUCK fans

Forgotten Forest by Alf Yngve

Yet another Alf Yngve release that had won one of the previous SEUCK compos. This game was inspired by the Forbidden Forest games by Cosmi Software/US Gold. Instead of having a bow man, you had a mean man, armed with a flamethrower. The game itself was really creepy, and had you not only trying to survive, but torching out the enemies. This game later made a bonus appearance on Psytronik Software's Shoot Em Up Destruction Set 2 in 2013, as there was enough space to add one more game to the compilation.

Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo by Carl Mason

This was an entry for the SEUCK Compo 2013, and it never got finished until November. An 85% version was released in the game compo, but due to time restrictions, the full version of this game was to be delayed. It made it to 2nd place in the compo, and what a fun game it is as well. You played a little Dodo, which had to escape from the traps and blunderbusses, and reach to safety. The 100% is available from the SEUCK Compo 2013 page under the EXTRAS section. Very cute and good fun ;)

Action Def by Christian Siege

Something completely different had hit the SEUCK world. This time is was a fun SEUCK-style platform(esque) game which did quite well in one of the previous SEUCK compos. Sadly the game turned out to be too short, but it was a kind of preview any how. You played Action Def who has to make his way safely to the end of the game. In his way were various obstacles, some of which could be pretty amusing. Especially the flying laundry in the wind. The concept was pretty good. It however got defeated by Forgotten Forest and Heroes of Midgard.

and finally ...

Stormbird by Anthony Burns


Probably one of my all time favourite SEUCK compo entries past and present. This was a top quality vertical shoot 'em up by Anthony Burns, written back in 2011 for the Vertical Scrolling SEUCK Compo. The game personally felt like a SEUCK remake of SWIV but without a jeep. The game was all gray scale and consisted of lovely backdrops. The game is very fast paced, and was loved by quite a lot of gamers. It also came second place, as the game Il Mago (The Mage) had scored most of the points and had won the competition. I hope to see a sequel maybe with a bit more colour, and a tank or something like that as player 2. :)

... and that's your lot.

The aim of this competition is to create your very own shoot 'em up / or whatever type of game you want using the normal SEUCK, or the Sideways Shoot Em Up Construction kit. (Visit the official Sideways scrolling SEUCK web site for the Sideways SEUCK. The vertical scrolling SEUCK for C64 is easy to find to buy from EBAY as tape or disk. 

To enter this competition. All you need to do is design and create your own good quality looking game, using either the Sideways Scrolling Left version of SEUCK by Jon Wells, or the original SEUCK itself by Palace Software. Your game doesn't always have to be a shoot 'em up, as SEUCK can do other types of games as well as just a shoot 'em up. Your game can be anything, as long as it is created using the tool. Mods/POKEs added to the game are valid in the competition this year also. It is however pointless to write a new front end and add extra power up routines, as that would have been the main prize :o)

Want some SEUCK mods, here are some tips from Richard

While I was working with Alf Yngve on some games in the past, I came across some interesting things, that could be done by aid of some simple pokes. If you have an Action Replay cartridge handy, then here are the POKES which you can type in to modify your game settings. This will also work in the editor itself.

1 want 2 players and use 1 joystick

POKE 16578,2

Results can be pretty much interesting if your have more than one player linked to the same joystick. I first noticed this trick, but Carl Mason came up with this clever aspect first.

Should any compo entries use 2 players at the same time, I'll be very happy to add shared score routine. - Make sure extra lives at every 10,000 points milestone is disabled as that will cause some complications.

Peek-A-Boo, Hide and Seek

POKE 17424,0 (IN FRONT) 255 (BEHIND)
POKE 17426,27  ;REPLACE $D020

This will allow the game hide sprites behind certain background chars (the main char colour most of the time). This would be handy for games, which require STEALTH type of action. I.e. hiding behind trees, crawling underneath nets, tunnels etc.

Hires / Multicolour

POKE 17968,0 (Hires sprites) or 255 (Multicolour sprites (Default)).

The game, itself is alway multicolour, but the pokes given can give you Hi-Res sprites only, as well.

Decorate my score panel

POKE 17765,255 (Multicolour) 0 = Hires

This will make the score panel multicolour. Setting it as '0' will restore it back to single colour.

I want BIG aliens (NEW FOR 2015)

Want massive sprites? Go to the VICE M/C monitor and edit:

A 4503
> 4503 JSR $0800
> 0800 LDA #$FF    
> 0802 STA $D017 ;Expand X
> 0805 STA $D01D ;Expand Y
> 0808 JSR $5C94 ;Play SFX
> 080B RTS

... Would be worthwhile to reduce the status panel sprite size, and disable multicolour. Try this :)

> 080C LDA #$00
> 080E STA $D01C ;NO multicolour
> 0811 STA $D017 ;Expansion X
> 0814 STA $D01D ; Expansion Y
> 0817 RTS

... and to link this routine to work 100% would be:

A 4566
>4566 JSR $080C

This will reduce the size of the score panel back to its correct state. Should the routine $080c - $0817 been added.

More SEUCK Tips:

For more tips, please visit the SEUCK Vault web site, and have your action replay handy :)

Picking a winner for the competition

As usual. We'll be building an online vote sheet and the winner will be the game that scores the most points.

The winner of the SEUCK competition 2015 will receive an enhanced version of their SEUCK game, which will feature various enhancements. Such as music, new front end, high score table/detection (memory space limited), power ups / smart bombs (make sure you make collectable objects if you want power ups), and a loading picture drawn by a selected C64 artist. Unlike the last 3 compos - only the WINNER will get their game enhanced. The other entrants will have a new front end bolted on to their game, with a possibility of high score detection.

Last year's winner was "Double of Nothing" by Alf Yngve


Latest revision: 12th March 2015

Although the competition is for any version of SEUCK or the Sideways SEUCK. There are some general rules for this competition, which are as follows:

SEUCK Compo Rules - Questions and Answers

Q1. If I wrote a SEUCK game and wanted to update the game - before it gets uploaded on to the SEUCK compo page. Will I be too late?

A1. No, you won't be too late. If your game hasn't yet been uploaded to the SEUCK Compo 2015 page then we will upload your later version on to the compo page. Sometimes there may be times where delays for an entrant is possible. Mainly due to work life, etc.

Q2. If I wrote a SEUCK game and wanted to update the game but the game has already been uploaded on to the SEUCK compo page. Will I be too late?

A2. Unfortunately you will be too late, but we can reserve the updated version of your game for until after the competition has finished. Or submit it to the contributors page for you.

Q3. If I write a SEUCK game, and add music to the game. Am I allowed to enter it into the competition?

A3. Yes, you can - as long as the music is for the title only. In game must be sound effects only. I won't want people voting for the music. This is a game competition after all ;)

Q4. Are we allowed to add additional enhancements to our games. For example 2 players being controlled by the same joysick, players respawn at the same place they died?

A4. Yes, because not only is it a SEUCK competition. By request from other people, it is also an innovating SEUCK compo as well. So add as many pokes / tweaks in to the game as you like.  Don't get too carried away, otherwise the prize wouldn't be worth having if you game is fully enhanced. ;)

Q5. Am I allowed to use SEUCK Redux for the compo entries?

A5. No that is not allowed. You are welcome to send me a SEUCK Redux version of your game, but it must not be for the compo. The redux versions can be submitted to the TND contributors page if you like.

Q6. I just released my game on to my web site, and want to submit it to the compo. Am I allowed to do this?

A6. You should add your entry to your web site *after* the compo entry has been uploaded. Otherwise the entry will not be accepted.

Q7. I write a new SEUCK game, but want to add my own intro/cracktro with my name/group for the entry. Is this allowed?

A7. You can, but we would prefer it if you didn't.

Q8. May I opt out of having music added to my submission for the compo?

A8. Yes, please let us know if you want no music added to your game after the compo has finished - although many SEUCKers have been much more happier with music added to their games.

Q9. I write a game and want to submit it via Snail Mail. Is this possible?

A9. Sorry, but Email entries only.

Q10. I write a game and saved in .tap using SEUCK. What concerns me however is that the game does not load on my real C64, using the blue/yellow stripes  on my C64C - even on 1541U2 or DC2N. Will our submission still count if the .tap works on Emulators, not real C64?

A10. I get the same problem with this loader system on my C64C as well. Don't panic. It seems that this loader doesn't work on some C64's. We will remaster the tape to work on C64C with a different high speed loader system.

Q11. I have already written an old game in the past and never released it. Would I be allowed to submit the game to the SEUCK competition?

A11. If not released before in the scene or gamebase 64. Yes, you are welcome to submit your old game for the competition.

To submit your entry, please email with an attached .D64 / . T64 / .TAP (Or Zipped version) it to

Good luck :)

Click disk icon to download compo entries
Game Design, Graphics and SFX by Alf Yngve
Music by Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Standard version
Mods: Sprite expansion hack, linked joystick control, exclusive title music

To kick off this 2015 competition comes Alf Yngve's first entry. This is a Xevious inspired vertical scrolling shoot 'em up using the original SEUCK. It features a powerful title tune inspired by Xevious Resurrection and mixed with the Bomb the Bass / Megablast tune done in the style of Matt Gray. It features stylish graphics, and is a real tough blaster - well, for me it is. To me, this is probably one of Alf's best creations to date. The game uses giant sprites mod, and there's not much by the way of SEUCK slow down syndrome either. Excellent stuff.

You have been selected to test the GIGABLAST -- a devastating new superweapon.
Fly the aircraft and drone across the robotic testing field, and take out as many machines as possible.

You control a ship firing lasers, plus a drone which drops Gigablast plasma bombs.
Your ship or your drone will be awarded an extra life for every 10,000 points scored.
When you come across laser barriers, be careful! They can destroy your ship, but the drone will only be stopped by it.
Whenever a green arrow appears on the ground, a hostile force-field will prevent normal flight. You have to pull your ship forward to break out of the field.

The Gigablast plasma bombs are slow. If you time their firing, they can cause more precise destruction.
- The closer the drone comes to an enemy, the faster it can inflict serious damage.
- Some enemies are worth a lot more points, but they are harder to beat.
- If an enemy gets past your ship, it can shoot you in the back.
- When you come across a large boss robot, shoot the weaker parts before you aim for its core segment.
- Avoid the laser barriers at all costs!
- Try to keep the drone alive for as long as possible, it will be invaluable later on.
- On later levels, avoid crashing into tower blocks. (Hint: They cast large shadows...)
- Look out for the mystery bonus item... and the invisible Red Robot!

S.F.S. (Special Forces Soldier)
Game Design, Graphics and SFX by Shaun Pearson
Music by Charles Deenen/Maniacs of Noise
SEUCK Version: Standard version
Mods: Music in title screen

The second entry for the 2015 SEUCK compo comes from Shaun Pearson. Special Forces Soldier was inspired by Rambo - First Blood PT2 and Commando. It features stunning graphics and plenty of commando style fun. The front end consists of a Galway inspired atmospheric tune. This game also comes with production notes and a poster.



Your mission:To rescue a commando captured by enemy forces. Play the part of Jon A Troubled Special Forces Soldier. Take on the enemy armed with only a machine gun.

Snatch McBlagger
Game Design, Graphics and SFX by Alf Yngve
Music by Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Horizontal Scrolling SEUCK
Mods: Music in title screen, Sprites behind background, bugfixed map flicker
Extras: Docs + Raw version, work file included

Alf Yngve comes up with a second entry for this year's SEUCK competition. This time it is called "Snatch McBlagger". It is one of these ladders and platform games, in which consists of an amusing and fun game concept. Alf also adds a nice sprite/behind background feature, in which hides various game characters and objects behind the background at times. This game features plenty of clever stealth movement -like tricks. It reminds me a bit of Colorclash Software's Action Def slightly :)

Shoot or Die
Game Design, Graphics and SFX by Tommy Nine
Music by Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Standard SEUCK
Mods: PAL fixed, Music in title screen.
Extras: Docs + Raw version, work file included. NTSC Original also included.

NOTE: Uses same tape loader, but loader should work on NTSC although looks very odd during loading.

Here's a game, which qualifies as an entry, as it has been unseen elsewhere. "Shoot Or Die" was written back in 1988. The game gives you this kind of retro feeling of what it was like to have created SEUCK games back in the 1980's. There's no specific plot, but there's some colorful scenes which really caught my attention. Difficulty level is quite high, but this game is jolly good fun. I enjoyed playing it through.



No specific instructions provided so I'll have to make some up. It is 1988 You went to a newsagent, and purchased a Commodore 64 game  from an unknown software label. After you got home, excited you decided to load it up. First the file was found, then the  loading stripes appear, then the game loader sucks you into your C64 - while the game was still loading with all those loading bars, cycling different colours.

Loading has finished, you hear a fuzzy de-crunch noise. Then suddenly you find yourself trapped inside a capsule. In order to break out of the capsule and get back to freedom. Your mission is to be part of the computer game. Your mission is to go through the game world and shoot down any enemy in sight and meet its creator. Should you succeed in a battle against the computer game, you will be free and the game complete. Should you be defeated, you will stay trapped in the C64's world forever. Can you escape, SHOOT OR DIE!?!?!?!

Game Design, Graphics and SFX by Anthony Stiller
Music by Richard Bayliss (Additional support by Scarzix/Offence)
SEUCK Version: Horizontal Scrolling SEUCK
Mods: Music in title screen.
Extras: Docs, work file + Pre-built TAPE version

This is a new game, written by Anthony Stiller, Author of Reset Magazine's "Sopwiths and Pterradons". It is a game, which reminds me of CRL/Power House's "Aquanaut". It is a horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up in which involves rescuing endangered whales from the poachers who have been putting nets over the poor guys. There' also some nice features inside the game which involves assorted fish. There's also a big fight at the end of the game, which you'll need to play through in order to find out what the final fight is :)



6 days ago: Deep Sea Research Station Crouch End 01 reports that core drilling has uncovered "samples of [REDACTED] far beyond our expectations."

4 days ago: Reports from Deep Sea Research Station Crouch End indicate an increase in magnitude of localised seismic activity that "has caused a section of the trench wall to fall away, revealing a great [REDACTED]."

3 days ago: Reports, occasionally confusing, speak of a malady that has struck down some researchers in the station causing hallucinations and severe paranoia.

2 days ago: Garbled and sometimes completely incoherent reports come flooding in from Crouch End. Panic, terror and insanity seems to have taken a hold of the entire research station. One communique speaks of marine creatures trapped, driven mad, mutated, and worse.

1 day ago: All contact with Deep Sea Research Station Crouch End 01 is lost

Today: You get the call.

As a Deep Sea Reconnaissance and Rescue Operative aka ABYSSONAUT, you have volunteered to brave the crushing depths and violent creatures, free any helpless marine life you find and discover what has happened to the Crouch End Research Station. You head out at once, plunging into the ocean on your DSRRO Manta class seascooter.

How to Play

At the title screen press the fire button to start the game.

Control your Abyssonaut using a joystick in port 2. Unlike most side-scrolling shooters ABYSSONAUT scrolls from left right.

During play, pressing fire unleashes one of the high explosive-tipped harpoons currently loaded into your twin harpoon launchers. Your harpoon launchers reload after a harpoon has either exploded or reached maximum effective range. As per DSRRO safety regulations only two harpoons can be 'hot' at a time.


Naait Raaider
Game Design, Graphics and SFX by Fritske/Royal Belgian Beer Squadron
Music by Richard Bayliss, SFX by Sensisoft
SEUCK Version: Standard SEUCK
Mods: Music in title screen.
Extras: Work files + tape image (Mastered with Thunderload 7)

The next entry for the 2015 SEUCK compo is 'Naait Raaider'. Written by Fritske of Royal Belgian Beer Squadron, and The Sid Station ( This time, it is a top down car blaster inspired by a classic TV show  in the 1980's called 'Knight Rider'. Anyway, here's what Fritske had to say about his game:

"Sadly it only has 3 levels but it loops at the end back to level 1. It's total crap, had this cool idea till 
i stumbled upon the limited colours you can use and then motivation slowly slipped away.
but i finished it anyway in the long term."


All cars in the vicinity are under the influence of the evil car C.R.A.P. (naait raaider's evil twin brother) and your only choice is to 
destroy them all before they reach the city and start killing all humans by running them over..


Game Design, Graphics and SFX by Errazking
Music by Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Standard SEUCK

Mods: Music in title screen. new raster colours and direction
Extras: Work files, loading picture (linked to the game) + tape image (Mastered with Thunderload 7)

Here's entry LUC0KY #7, and for those who like to have a quick blast, here's T-UFO, written by Eraazzking. This is a still screeen shoot 'em up in which features a
hydraulic steam engine tank, which has to fight against the fleet of aliens from outer space. Nice in game graphics, good fun to play as a score attack game.



The world is being attacked by waves of UFOs. As Chiron pilot you must defend the planet from this terrible threat through five continents ...


Shamai - Return of the Myths
Game Design, Graphics and SFX by
Minimoog and Kondzio
Music by Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Standard SEUCK

Mods: Music in title screen. new raster colours
Extras: Work files, + tape image (Mastered with Thunderload 7)

Entry 8 comes by the way of a spooky hospital adventure by a group from Poland called Slavia. It is a game in which you must control your hero around each
ward of the hospital, collecting certain objects, and fighting against the monsters.



 In the USA nobody expected anything unbelievable to happen. But one day in an abandoned hospital built before the War,
a very unusual incident took place – from remains and ashes of dead people arose an ancient, powerful Indian shaman Mato Wanartaka. The
only person capable of fighting the new threat – a real Indian shaman – was called to the place of events. He is one of the most
powerful shamans presently known, but fighting against a reincarnated demon could be harder to do than anything done before. Mato Wanartaka
summons other demons from hell to disturb the order established by white people – invaders and aliens. Will the real shaman defeat
evil forces? Will he cope with rising danger together with his black-haired assistant? See for yourself, lead the fate of your
characters and keep USA safe and sound.


Game Design, Graphics and SFX by Errazking

Music by Baron Ashler
SEUCK Version: Standard SEUCK

Mods: Music in title screen
Extras: Work files, loading picture linked to enhanced game + tape image (Mastered with Thunderload 7)

The 9th entry comes by the way of something completely different to what you usually get in SEUCK games. There's no shooting involved this time. Errazking shows us that it is also
possible to build sporting events using SEUCK. The game is pretty good fun for a gruelling cycling challenge. Nice to see different things made in SEUCK now and then :)



The evil Moriarti sabotaged preventing you turn your bicycle handlebars. Try to reach goal in this classic race of the Basque Country.

Entry #10
Payback Time

Game Design, Graphics and SFX by Canzha Lahgher

Music by Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Sideways Scrolling SEUCK

Mods: Music in title screen
Extras: Work files + tape image

This next entry is an alien invasion type of game. It was created using the Sideways SEUCK. The game may be really short with only one level, but it is mighty tough to play. The story line
feels different, compared to what you'd normally expect in a video game. Perhaps that is why this game is called 'Payback Time'.



You are an alien from another planet. You have just arrived on to Earth. The main purpose was to explore the planet to see what it's really like. As you got lower, and lower to the Earth's
surface. A crack team called their militants to come and thwart your plans to invade planet Earth. It is war time. Fight against the militants, mutilate people and animals and also make
Earth your brand new home.

The Ocean Ninja

Game Design, Graphics and SFX by Slavia

Music by Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Standard SEUCK

Mods: Music in title screen
Extras: Work files + tape image

Slavia comes with a second entry written exclusively for the TND SEUCK compo 2015. This time it is by the way of 'The Ocean Ninja'. This is a static screen score attack game,
 in which is pretty much challenging. The player is limited to move where it can, on a giant raft. There are enemies coming after you as well. This game is very hard, and I really like it a lot. :)



Asia in danger! Old books and forecasts say: “The best ninja only in the Asia won’t be lonely, with evil fight he must – it has been written in the forecast!” (what a poetry!) The best ninja in Asia – Ho-siu – has to fight with ALL the evil appeared in his country (Japan). Lead his moves and bring him glory!


The main and only rule is to shoot EVERYTHING and not to die. Game is bottomless, so get as high score as you can.


There are 4 different enemies:

And one bonus – vial, 1000 points.


The Ocean Ninja” is a game styled on video games of second generation such as Atari 2600 or 2500. Very ascetic graphics, sfx, gameplay and rules reflect the light of very old games, I hope.


Game Design, Graphics and SFX by PieVSPie/Commodore is Awesome

Music by Richard Bayliss
SEUCK Version: Standard SEUCK

Mods: Music in title screen
Extras: Work files + tape image

Want some sweeties? ... Well ... PieVSPie is proud to deliver some to you. This time it is by the way of scoff. A funny single screen sweeties eating contest. Nice logo, not bad graphics
and here's a thumping sound track on the title screen to get you in the mood. Don't eat too much sweeties, they're bad for your teeth! :)


An eat 'em up adventure !
The aim of the game is very simple,you have to fly your character 'Chomp' around the play area and eat as many of the delicious sweeties that appear.
What could be more satisfying than filling your face full of sugary treats !


1. Abyssonaut by Anthony Stiller - 171 points
2. Gigablast by Alf Yngve - 158 points
3. T-UFO by Errazking - 157 points
4. Snatch McBlagger - 156 points
5. S-F-S by Wile Coyote - 141 points
6. Shamai by Slavia - 134 points
7. META14 by Errazking - 130 points
8. Shoot or Die by Tommy Nine - 116 points
9. Ocean Ninja by Slavia - 113 points
10. Scoff by PieVSPie - 99 points
11. Naait Raider by Fritske - 87 points
12. Payback Time by Canzha Lahgher - Disqualified! (Fake entry)

Congratulations go to Anthony Stiller, for first place position. He wins the full works of 'Abyssonaut', with new front end, hi-score table, power ups, and in game music. A tape loader with loading picture, cover inlay. Also well done to Alf Yngve and Errazking for making 2nd and 3rd place in the competition. Both win just a new front end with no additional power ups. As for the rest of you who entered the compo. Sorry you didn't make the top three, but maybe later on this year when I launch the Sideways SEUCK compo, you'll havbe better luck. Huge thank you to everybody who participated in the compo.

After a few weeks or so, and final testing of the games and bug fixing to each one is complete. We are very happy to present to you the finish production of the SEUCK Compo prize package. The prize package consists of 3 disk sides of all of the SEUCK compo entries, and also tapes files with tape inlay for Abyssonaut. All of which are specially for your 1541Ultimate 2, SDIEC, DC2N (TAPE ONLY),etc.

The Disk Version
The disk version contains all of the programs that have been compiled into 3 .D64's. These consist of the original compo entries, and also the three prize versions of each game, which consists of a loading picture with music. META 14 on this disk has been changed to play in game music, as well as front end music. Also displays brand new colour bars. Each program can be accessed from the disk menu (Which I originally made back in 2006 for issue 52 of Commodore Scene magazine's cover disk - which sadly  never happened at the end.). Also a results program added, as well as the 3 prize versions. NOTE: Before loading each program, make sure the correct D64 is attached.

The Tape Version
The tape (.tap)  package consists of a cover inlay, 2 versions of Abyssonaut (Loading pictures), Gigablast, and T-UFO, with a smart loading system. Remember that should a tape loading error occur. Rewind the tape slightly, and press PLAY again. Thunderload consists of a load error checksum routine and will automatically STOP the tape. The tape loader system also uses a PRESS SPACEBAR sprite will appear after loading has finished. So you can enjoy the rest of the music, during/after loading or press spacebar to run the game.

Consists of two different loading pictures. One by Errazking (Side 1) and another by Ben Chandler (Side 2). Loading music is the same. The game consists of a brand new front end with a high score detection routine, with colour washing, get ready, game over, and two game end modes. There's also in game music, jingles and  power ups, faster player, quicker harpoon, super speed + harpoon, which will enhance the game slightly more more. The enhanced game was constructed using SEUCK Redux source and extra coding.

Consists of a loading picture by Errazking, with new front end with some nice effects behind the logo., Shine's nice 2x2 charset, a Matt Grayesue style Megablast inspired tune on the title screen.  Fixed scoring panel with linked scoring, linked boss deaths, in game screen explosion and also player and drone are more separated at a different speed.

Loading picture from Errazking. Brand new front end, with own made logo for new title screen with disco music, swinging logo, colour washing and a smooth 1x2 scroll text message. Charset of course was by Nuckhead from CSDB's The Oldschool C64 Font Creation competition.

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