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Back in 1987, Sensible Software produced the excellent Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. I first had mine in 1990 when I had a Commodore 64 as a main birthday present, which came with a tape deck and a few tapes. The version I have is the Toolbox version from Domark. The Shoot Em Up Construction Kit turned gamers into developers. People designed and created their own shoot 'em ups, with the aid of a built in sprite editor, objects editor, background designer, level editor, attack waves, etc. This made creating shoot 'em ups much easy - without the aid of additional programming knowledge. There have been some good games, which made an appearance on magazine cover tapes, the likes of Zzap 64 / Commodore Force and Commodore Format published great SEUCK titles. Games such as Aqua Blasta, Twin Tigers, Out Take 2, Sub Burner, Blue Encounter showed what amazing things can be done with the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. Authors took their time, and come up with amazing ideas for their games.

Later in 2008, Jon Wells took a look at the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit and attempted to make the vertical scrolling engine, scroll horizontal, but the direction was opposite to what many C64 horizontal scrolling shoot 'em ups turned out like. However it didn't stop the SEUCK users from using this version of the tool. In 2010 and 2011, I launched a Sideways SEUCK compo, in which allowed SEUCK developers attempt to make a sideways SEUCK game. The compo was pretty successful. Now last year I did a compo which supported BOTH standard and horizontal SEUCK games. It all worked great.

Here is a small showcase of some good examples of SEUCK games produced:

Officially released SEUCK / Sideways SEUCK Games.

VERDE by Aldo Chiummo

Verde was a very cute cartoon game, in which you played a little green bird type of creature. He was on a little quest in which was to rescue his tribe from the evil demons. The game had really nice cute graphics, nice sound effects and pretty good game play. I was given a list of power ups in which the game could have, but sadly the entry never won in either of the top 3 entries, but it was a pretty close one. This game was admired by many C64 SEUCK game fans.

Synergy by Alan Simek

This was an entry from last year's SEUCK competition. The game looks absolutely stunning. The background graphics and sprites were very well structured by design. The big enemies looked really nice. Sadly this game failed with use of attack formations. Alan made a great effort

Poultergeists on the 16th Floor by Sonny Top


Sonny (Bamse) Top attempted to do something original with SEUCK. The idea was pretty clever. It was a 3D perspective looking as if the player is walking towards the exits. From the distance, ghosts appear and start coming in. The player controlled the gun, which the ghost hunter has in his possession. The disadvantage to the idea to many gamers was that the gun's movement was limited, which made it more easier to get killed by the ghosts. The end part of this game shows the real horror ... What could that be?

The Player Dies at the End by Alf Yngve

The master of SEUCK, Alf Yngve surprised me on Halloween with a spooky game in which you had to fight against the lurking horrors in a dark dismal fearsome forest. The game idea was pretty clever in general but what happens at the end of the game? I won't spoil it. The game consists of some nice mixes of hires and multicoloured graphics. The game has a pure horror movie like atmosphere. It was perfect for Halloween 2012. :)

Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo by Carl Mason

This was one of last year's entries for the SEUCK Compo, and it never got finished until November. An 85% version was released in the game compo, but due to time restrictions, the full version of this game was to be delayed. It made it to 2nd place in the compo, and what a fun game it is as well. You played a little Dodo, which had to escape from the traps and blunderbusses, and reach to safety. The 100% is available from the SEUCK Compo 2013 page under the EXTRAS section. Very cute and good fun ;)

Wyverns by Christian Siege

Christian designed a nice looking game which was created using SEUCK. The game had really nice graphics, and some nice sprites as well. The very first Wyvern had sprites ripped from Flimbo's Quest, but later on, Christian drew his own sprites and replaced the game. The game was expanded slightly as well. This is a nice attempt at writing a horizontal scrolling SEUCK game in which you are a dragon, battling against an evil wizard ... bit wait a minute, here's ....

Evil Wizard 2 by Pingo

Evil Wizard 2 was a game which was designed a completely different way. Pingo (a former member of the demo group, Civitas) designed this game using CharPad and SpritePad by Subchrist Software. It was up to me to put all the graphics data in SEUCK and then help him out with the attack waves. The tricks worked quite well. Some of the sprites eventually got used in the game GOLD QUEST 5, which a preview was only submitted for last year's compo.

The aim of this competition is to create your very own shoot 'em up / or whatever type of game you want using the normal SEUCK, or the Sideways Shoot Em Up Construction kit. (Visit the official Sideways scrolling SEUCK web site for the Sideways SEUCK. The vertical scrolling SEUCK for C64 is easy to find to buy from EBAY as tape or disk.

To enter this competition. All you need to do is design and create your own good quality looking game, using either the Sideways Scrolling SEUCK by Jon Wells, or the original SEUCK, itself. Your game doesn't always have to be a shoot 'em up, as SEUCK can do other types of game as well as just a shoot 'em up. Your game can be anything, as long as it is created using the tool. Mods/POKEs added to the game are valid in the competition this year also. It is however pointless to write a new front end and add extra power up routines, as that would have been the main prize :o)

Want some SEUCK mods, here are some tips from Richard

While I was working with Alf Yngve on some games in the past, I came across some interesting things, that could be done by aid of some simple pokes. If you have an Action Replay cartridge handy, then here are the POKES which you can type in to modify your game settings. This will also work in the editor itself.

1 want 2 players

POKE 16578,2

Results can be pretty much interesting if your have more than one player linked to the same joystick. I first noticed this trick, but Carl Mason came up with this clever aspect first.

Peek-A-Boo, Hide and Seek

POKE 17424,0 (IN FRONT) 255 (BEHIND)
POKE 17426,27  ;REPLACE $D020

This will allow the game hide sprites behind certain background chars (the main char colour most of the time). This would be handy for games, which require STEALTH type of action. I.e. hiding behind trees, crawling underneath nets, tunnels etc.

Hires / Multicolour

POKE 17968,0 (Hires sprites) or 255 (Multicolour sprites (Default)).

The game, itself is alway multicolour, but the pokes given can give you Hi-Res sprites only, as well.

Decorate my score panel

POKE 17765,255 (Multicolour) 0 = Hires

This will make the score panel multicolour. Setting it as '0' will restore it back to single colour.

More SEUCK Tips:

For more tips, please visit the SEUCK Vault web site, and have your action replay handy :)

Picking a winner for the competition

As usual. We'll be building an online vote sheet and the winner will be the game that scores the most points.

The winner of the SEUCK competition 2014 will receive an enhanced version of their SEUCK game, which will feature various enhancements. Such as music, new front end, high score table, power ups / smart bombs, and a loading picture drawn by a selected C64 artist. Unlike the last 3 compos - only the WINNER will get their game enhanced. The other entrants will have SID music (of their own choice) added to their games.

Last year's winner was "Sheer Earth Attack" by Gaetano Chiummo.


(Final validation of rules: 2nd April  2014 - Update: Increased deadline to end of month)

Although the competition is for any version of SEUCK or the Sideways SEUCK. There are some general rules for this competition, which are as follows:

SEUCK Compo Rules - Questions and Answers

Q1. If I wrote a SEUCK game and wanted to update the game - before it gets uploaded on to the SEUCK compo page. Will I be too late?

A1. No, you won't be too late. If your game hasn't yet been uploaded to the SEUCK Compo 2014 page then we will upload your later version on to the compo page. Sometimes there may be times where delays for an entrant is possible. Mainly due to work life, etc.

Q2. If I wrote a SEUCK game and wanted to update the game but the game has already been uploaded on to the SEUCK compo page. Will I be too late?

A2. Unfortunately you will be too late, but we can reserve the updated version of your game for until after the competition has finished. Or submit it to the contributors page for you.

Q3. If I write a SEUCK game, and add music to the game. Am I allowed to enter it into the competition?

A3. Yes, you can - as long as the music is for the title only. In game must be sound effects only. I won't want people voting for the music. This is a game competition after all ;)

Q4. Are we allowed to add additional enhancements to our games. For example 2 players being controlled by the same joysick, players respawn at the same place they died?

A4. Yes, because not only is it a SEUCK competition. By request from other people, it is also an innovating SEUCK compo as well. So add as many pokes / tweaks in to the game as you like.  Don't get too carried away, otherwise the prize wouldn't be worth having if you game is fully enhanced. ;)

Q5. Am I allowed to use SEUCK Redux for the compo entries?

A5. No that is not allowed. You are welcome to send me a SEUCK Redux version of your game, but it must not be for the compo. The redux versions can be submitted to the TND contributors page if you like.

Q6. I just released my game on to my web site, and want to submit it to the compo. Am I allowed to do this?

A6. You should add your entry to your web site *after* the compo entry has been uploaded. Otherwise the entry will not be accepted.

Q7. I write a new SEUCK game, but want to add my own intro/cracktro with my name/group for the entry. Is this allowed?

A7. You can, but we would prefer it if you didn't.

Q8. May I opt out of having music added to my submission for the compo?

A8. Yes, please let us know if you want no music added to your game after the compo has finished - although many SEUCKers have been much more happier with music added to their games.

Q9. I write a game and want to submit it via Snail Mail. Is this possible?

A9. Sorry, but Email entries only.

Q10. I write a game and saved in .tap using SEUCK. What concerns me however is that the game does not load on my real C64, using the blue/yellow stripes  on my C64C - even on 1541U2 or DC2N. Will our submission still count if the .tap works on Emulators, not real C64?

A10. I get the same problem with this loader system as well. Don't panic. We'll be remastering all entries with fabulous ThunderLOAD Series Six tape loader.

To submit your entry, please email with an attached .D64 / . T64 / .TAP (Or Zipped version) it to


Good luck :)

Download the entries, and Click here to VOTE for your favourite game
Voting Closing date: 31st May 2014

ENTRY 1 - Another Day, Another Zombie

SEUCK Format:   
Sideways Scrolling SEUCK
Game design:       Carl Mason
Graphics:              Carl Mason
Music:                   AEG/Smash Designs
Mods (if any):        2 players linked to 1 control, Music on front end


This is a score attack game where you must survive as long as you can against wave after wave of the advancing undead. You and a pistol are the only thing between a horde of flesh eating zombies and your camp of a dozen survivors. If any of the walking corpses make it into the camp all hell will break loose and it's game over... you can't afford to let one of those b******s get past you.

You can only fire a couple of rounds before you have to reload, so use your bullets sparingly, as a wasted shot can mean certain death. The faster you cut through the horde, the more points you will acquire as more dangerous zombies appear such as Spitters which have a highly toxic ranged attack or Boomers that will explode, splattering corrosive bile around its proximity. Also a 'Zombie Combo' bonus is awarded for taking out a wave of zombies in succession.

How long can you hold back the creeping doom?


SEUCK Format:   
Standard SEUCK
Game design:       IndyJR/FanCA
Graphics:              IndyJR/FanCA
Music:                   Richard Bayliss
Mods (if any):        Music on the front end.


You are a Lonely knight, who must defeat forces of evil - skeletons, bats, deadly spiders and colect gold from wooden chests. You must travel across four different levels, the forest, village, cemetery and old church dungeons. Good luck brave knight!


SEUCK Format:   
Standard SEUCK
Game design:       Alf Yngve
Graphics:              Alf Yngve
Music:                   Richard Bayliss
Mods (if any):        Music on the front end, scrolling raster bars reversed, 2 players linked to 1 control


Your world is at war. But as the chaos rages around you, your mind seems to drift... your memories grow contradictory. You fear that you are going mad. Are you living in two places at once? Are you experiencing an alternate life in a parallel reality?
Are you one man in one world... or two identical copies sharing one mind and two realities?
You must survive the war to find the truth. You must stake everything on finding yourself. It's double or nothing.

With one joystick you control two alternate versions of the protagonist. One version (left-hand screen) fights an alien invasion of Earth, the other (right-hand screen) fights an army of robots. Occasionally both versions may enter the same reality.  Eventually both men will enter a shared space outside normal spacetime, where they can confront the source of the invasions.


SEUCK Format:   
Standard SEUCK
Game design:       Alf Yngve
Graphics:              Alf Yngve
Music:                   Richard Bayliss
Mods (if any):        Music on the front end, sprites behind background and 2 players linked to 1 control


A foreign power is preparing to release a massive amount of dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere. Your mission is to sabotage the chemical plant. Before you can exactly do that, you must guide a drone into enemy territory to defend your aircraft from hostile fire. Proceed from drop area into the plant... Sabotage all vital machinery and escape.

ENTRY 5 - SHAKEN - The Tale of the Swordless Ninja

SEUCK Format:   
Standard SEUCK
Game design:       Roberto Dillon
Graphics:              Roberto Dillon
Music:                   Richard Bayliss
Mods (if any):        Music on the front end


The evil Shogun has murdered your clan and stolen your family Katana that was passed along from generation to generation. Swordless and armed only with a bunch of Shaken.You have to infiltrate the Shogun Headquarters and take it back!. Watch out for the Shogun's hench people. They are ready for you.

ENTRY 6 - Vampire Hunter 2

SEUCK Format:   
Sideways Scrolling SEUCK
Game design:       IndyJR/FanCA
Graphics:              IndyJR/FanCA
Music:                   Richard Bayliss
Mods (if any):        Music on the front end, raster bar colours and direction altered


After the defeat of Mozgorioth the evil vampire in "Vampire Hunter", in Transylvania. Astaroth, brother of the beaten monster is in New York. In an attempt to get his revenge on Adam, for killing his brother. He wants to kill all population using an ancient poison in the city sewage system. Playing as Adam, You must destroy all the evil forces in New York, and kill Astaroth, who will be waiting for you in the theatre. You are the fearless Vampire Hunter.

ENTRY 7 - 1941 - The Secret Conflict

SEUCK Format:   
Standard SEUCK
Game design:       Gibranx
Graphics:              Gibranx
Music:                   Richard Bayliss
Mods (if any):        Music on the front end, raster bar colours and direction altered


World War 2 is in operation. A series of bombardment attacks have taken place on your home island. Fortunately the enemy planes run out of bombs and missed your Hangar. You and / or a friend are a fearless pilot of an English World War 2 fighter plane. As part of the Allied forces, you must thwart the enemy forces of the evil Dictator. To be able to complete your mission - and maybe get a reward for it. You must take a long flight to another city. In a cover up attempt to put a stop to this war once and for all. Your battle will take place in air, across land and sea. . Joystick port 2 controls a plane which can only shoot upwards, where as joystick port 1 can shoot directional fire. Good luck pilots.

ENTRY 8 - Last Hope (the)

SEUCK Format:   
Standard SEUCK
Game design:       Gaetano Chiummo
Graphics:              Gaetano Chiummo
Music:                   Gaetano Chiummo
Mods (if any):        Music on the front end, raster bar colours and direction altered


In the year 3000 a new planet was discovered: it was very similar to our planet Earth, and so it was called "Earth II". Within 100 years, the richest part of the population of the Earth emigrated to Earth II. The poor were still living on an already wasted planet but, just when they were losing their hope in the future, some young brilliant scientists started searching for a way to clear the water and the air, to improve the agricolture and to get new sources of energy. They finally succeeded, and brought the planet to a new life. In the meantime, the people who colonised "Earth 2" were almost starving: just as their food supplies were almost over, they found themselves unable to work and to produce food on their own. At that point, they decided to go back to their old planet. Soon they discovered that a hostile alien race was planning to destroy the population of both Earth and Earth-II! You've been enlisted to control the most technologically advanced space-fighter, the only effective weapon in the hands of the Earth-II inhabitants. You must fight against the alines through three "stages":

1) The asteroids belt;
2) The enemies' space station;
3) The Head Quarter of the alien army.

At the end of the third stage you must fight against the enemies' ultimate weapon; if you destroy it you can fly back to your beloved Home Planet.
This game is for 1 or 2 players.

  1. Double or Nothing by Alf Yngve - 65 points
2. The Last Hope by Gaetano Chiummo - 64 points
3. Vampire Hunter 2 by IndyJR/FanCa - 60 points
4. NOXUS by Alf Yngve - 57 points
5. Shaken - Tale of the Swordless Ninja by Roberto Dillon - 54 points
6. Another Day, another Zombie by Carl Mason - 52 points
7. Hero Time 2 by IndyJR/FanCA - 48 points
8. 1941 - The Secret Conflict by Gibranx - 33 points

Congratulations goes to Alf Yngve with Double or Nothing. You will get the full works added to your SEUCK production some time over the summer. Also well done to last year's winner of the SEUCK compo Gaetano Chiummo for making it second place - and also to IndyJR with Vampire hunter. Both of you will get a new front end as 2nd and 3rd place prizes - also during Summer. As for the rest of you, a huge thank you for your particpation in this year's SEUCK compo. sorry but you didn't make it this time, maybe next time eh.

..... And finally
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The full SEUCK Compo 2014 package is here and consists of the following programs:

Two disk sides (D64s) crammed full of the enhanced SEUCK Compo entries that were originally submitted. On side 2 of the disk are the 3 prize versions of the winners and runners up games. All enhanced using SEUCK Redux.

Only the compo prizes with IRQ turbo loaders with loading picture and music, or loader game.  All games were mastered using SEUCK Redux, to reduce / kill the SEUCK slowdown syndrome issue.

The tape inlay for only Double or Nothing. Manually drawn by me.

By Alf Yngve

The winner of the 2014 SEUCK Compo was Alf Yngve, and as his prize. Double or Nothing was fully enhanced with a new front end, featuring a nice logo be Shine/Code7, music, hi-score table and also a tape inlay, and tape master with loading picture and music (Called 'Hello Ocean'). The game also features power ups, for any boxes the player picks up - both players can shoot the same power up bullet. After losing a life or picking up another box, the weapon is lost. Some enemies use the test aim function in later stages of the game. Large enemies will explode as a whole when killed. Also as an extra in the prize pack - a tape inlay cover made by me.


By Gaetano Chiummo

The first runner-up of the 2014 SEUCK Compo ended up with a tape versiom mastered using a loader game 'Blitz-A-Load', due to no picture ideas, or loading pictures available for this game. The game consists of a flashy title screen, with the original music which Gaetano composed. The game data was imported into the SEUCK Redux engine, in an attempt to prevent the SEUCK slowdown syndrome problem from occuring!


.... and finally

By IndyJR/FanCA

The second runner-up of the 2014 SEUCK Compo ended up with a tape version mastered with a loading picture, which IndyJR already did. Of course the 'Hello Ocean' tune was used once again (As this is now the NEW TND tape loader tune). A new front end was created, and the game was imported into the SEUCK redux engine, in order to stop the SEUCK Slow-Down Syndrome from taking place.


A huge thank you goes out to all of you who entered this year's Commodore 64 SEUCK Competition. Hopefully we will be doing it all again January next year. You now have plenty of time to work on an entry for next year's compo - make sure you don't release it beforehand ;). Enjoy the goodies!