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In 1987, Sensible Software produced a utility called The Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. This program allowed people to write their own games without the aid of any programming knowledge. All you were able to do with SEUCK was draw your own players, enemies, create your own background and of course transform it all into a standalone game. SEUCK has been the main culprit for so many shoot 'em up games on the Commodore 64.  If you take a look at Gamebase 64, and search "Created with SEUCK", you will get hundreds and hundreds of SEUCK games. Some good and quite a lot of terrible ones as well. SEUCK could only create vertical scrolling shoot 'em up games, but people even had original ideas for SEUCK games, which were made possible. In 2008, the Sideways Scrolling SEUCK was born. Here are some examples of standard SEUCK and Sideways SEUCK creations.

Officially released SEUCK / Sideways SEUCK Games.

Pour Le Merite by Bamse

Pour Le Merite was the winner of the 2010 Sideways SEUCK Competition. Probably because the main concept was based on a classic World War 1 game. Who remembers U.S. Gold's classic "Blue Max"? I remember that appearing on a magazine cover tape :). Blue Max was absolutely fantastic. Bamse created Pour Le Merite, as a tribute to such a classic game - although it isn't a diagonal scrolling shooter like Blue Max originally was. You could see how retro this game looked. I loved the way the game was designed as a move style sideways SEUCK game. You controlled a red plane which has to shoot down the enemies and rescue parachuters and collect flags. You had to fight through different zones of the enemy territory. You had to raid each zone before you were to achieve the coveted award, the Pour Le Merite (The Blue Max).

The final version of the game was imported into the SEUCK redux source code, and turned out pretty well. The game also ended up with a brand new front end and music in the background also.

Barakon by Alf Yngve

Barakon was a fantastic vertical scrolling SEUCK game I was hoping to be the winner of the competition of the 2010 Vertical SEUCK competition. Fortunately it made it to second place, and was very close to win. Il Mago (The Mage) had won the 2010 Vertical SEUCK competition, and the game looked cute and good fun. Barakon was a cybernetic mech warrior, who had to save his city from being oppressed by and evil dictator. The Dictator sent her minions to try an cause havoc in Barakon's city. The cybernetic warrior had to attack his foes using his cybernetic power fists. The amusing side of the game was where Barakon had to eat pies as a bonus.

You may have noticed that although Barakon won second place in the 2010 Vertical Scrolling SEUCK competition, it had no new front end for it. That is because it's going to be re-released on the next Psytronik Software Shoot Em Up Destruction Set some time later on this year.

Storm Bird by Anthony Burns


The use of monochrome grey scale graphics for a World War 2 style game was surprisingly effective. Anthony Burns showed us what you could do with the use of grey scale and he came up with this amazing SEUCK blaster. Stormbird was a game inspired by the classic arcade coin ops, 1942 and 1943. There have been SEUCK clones of these games, but they were just not as good as this game. Stormbird made it through to third place in the 2011 Vertical Scrolling SEUCK competition. The game rewardingly got enhanced eventually, but only with a new front end. Whether or not I released that one, is questionable but guess what's coming on the Commodore Free cover tape #3 (Issue 67 this February? :)).

The Mage by Gaetano Chiummo

The game was originally called Il Mago, and involved really cute loveable capers. The concept was basic, but the winner's game had additional features. The Mage was a classic shoot 'em up in which you controlled a cartoon Mage around the forest, picking up various sources to mix into potions. After the potions were mixed, the Mage was awarded a new power up - but that was of course according to how much resources were picked up. The game had some very cute characters and a heart warming story line.

Speed Demon by Ryan Chenery

Back in the 1990's came this masterpiece of a SEUCK creation. It was possible to create new ideas using the SEUCK. Alf Yngve most certainly did some amazing things with it. The very first ever Operation Wolf style game, "Death Row" was a prime example. However Ryan Chenery surprised us via Binary Zone PD (and Commodore Zone fanzine) with "Speed Demon". A 3D looking racing type of game, with limitations. You are driving along a busy road, and various vehicles and helicopters are trying to stop you from getting directly to the other side of the road. Ryan limited the play area so that on one side of the road, player 1 was on the left, and the other side of the road, player 2 was on the right. The bullets were used to make it look as if the road was moving. It was a very clever game concept which deserves to be in SEUCK's history book.

Strike School by Carl Mason

Carl did various games, such as the Strike Team series, Cleo the Dog a C64 version of Bottom and even some other amazing shoot 'em ups, like VIOS. Strike School was quite an original idea, in which Carl managed to bolt 2 player movements together with the aid of one joystick (I can also do this myself). POKE 16578,2 will link both players with the same joystick (PORT 2). The player could move around that the bottom of the screen, and the cross hair moved at the top and could shoot. The player man at the bottom was unable to shoot. The idea of the game was to point the cross hair on to the targets, and pick up medals that appeared at the bottom of the screen.

A SEUCK that wasn't

The Hungry Dead by Jinxtengu

Several years back I received a Sideways scrolling SEUCK game by JinxTengu / Bizarre Wound called The Hungry Dead. This was a game which was planned to be split into several parts. Sadly the game never got finished and is NOT available - yet. You played a hero who has to blast at zombies and zombie dogs in the street. The game has some very nice and smooth animation, and some clever action themes for example bodies thrown out of a smashed window and plummeting to the ground. Graphics were pretty good, and this would have made a great game. Whether or not Jinxtengu completes this game, we don't really know.:)

BeyondReproach, was also writing a futuristic SEUCK game for one of the Sideways SEUCK compos, and showed me some snippets of his game. Sadly the author didn't have enough time to write his game. Whether or not we'll see the this game actually finished (or a preview), or entered in this year's compo is very questionable, but the game graphics looked really good. Nothing else to comment and no snapshot to show either. :(

And something completely different.

An old Public Domain SEUCK game which originally was working on NTSC called "Space Pope" now sees a brand new version of the classic, written by Dov Sherman.  The game now works on PAL and NTSC. This version of the game was updated and enhanced by "Priest Maxi" (No it wasn't me, honest). This release was made  just for fun. You play as a space pope from a space vatican, having to eliminate all the evil monsters that lurk in each zone. Warning: This game consists of harsh language!

The aim of this competition is to create your very own shoot 'em up / or whatever type of game you want using the normal SEUCK, or the Sideways Shoot Em Up Construction kit. (Visit the official Sideways scrolling SEUCK web site for the Sideways SEUCK. The vertical scrolling SEUCK for C64 is easy to find to buy from EBAY as tape or disk.

The main aim of this compo is to design and create your own good quality looking SEUCK game. Your game can be anything, as long as it is 100% SEUCK with no enhancements programmed in to it - unless you want to make the use of the 2 players moving with one joystick (Action Replay POKE 16578,2). The theme for your game can be anything you like, as long as it does not bend the rules. It could something cartoonish, space blaster, combat, etc. However, we want to see really smart in game graphics which stand out and the game to play pretty well - not rushed graphics that look too basic. :)

Picking a winner

Like with the 2011 Sideways SEUCK compo. We'll be building an online vote sheet and the winner will be the game that scores the most points.

The winner of the SEUCK competition 2013 will receive a special prize. The prize will be an enhanced version of your game with additional add ons, such as suitable power ups, new front end, end screen, a hi-score table, plenty of music. We will also prepare a loading picture, cover design/rendering and of course a special tape master for the production.

 The winner of the 2011 SEUCK compo was "Forgotten Forest" by Alf Yngve. It won brand new enhancements - and got released to Psytronik Software on the Shoot Em Up Destruction Set #2 compilation.


Although the competition is for any version of SEUCK or the Sideways SEUCK. There are some general rules for this competition, which are as follows:

SEUCK Compo Rules - Questions and Answers

Q1. If I wrote a SEUCK game and wanted to update the game - before it gets uploaded on to the SEUCK compo page. Will I be too late?

A1. No, you won't be too late. If your game hasn't yet been uploaded to the SEUCK Compo 2013 page then we will upload your later version on to the compo page.

Q2. If I wrote a SEUCK game and wanted to update the game but the game has already been uploaded on to the SEUCK compo page. Will I be too late?

A2. Unfortunately you will be too late, but we can reserve the updated version of your game for until after the competition has finished.

Q3. If I write a SEUCK game, and add music to the title or in game music. Am I allowed to enter it into the competition?

A3. Yes, although we tend to do that ourselves. If you want music, let us know if you want title or in game music - unless you have added it already. Even better, pick out a tune from HVSC and we'll add it to your game if we can relocate it. No tunes from commercial titles please. Demo tunes are okay, but must be JCH newplayer, Voicetracker, USA Music Assembler or Demo Music Creator format. :)

Q4. Are we allowed to add additional enhancements to our games. For example 2 players being controlled by the same joysick, players respawn at the same place they died?

A4. Yes, we accept those features for compo submissions.

Q5. Am I allowed to use SEUCK Redux for the compo entries?

A5. No that is not allowed. You are welcome to send me a SEUCK Redux version of your game, but it must not be for the compo.

Q6. I just released my game on to my web site, and want to submit it to the compo. Am I allowed to do this?

A6. You should add your entry to your web site *after* the compo entry has been uploaded. Sorry, but those are the rules. The idea of the compo is all entries must be exclusive.

Q7. I write a new SEUCK game, but want to add my own intro/cracktro with my name/group for the entry. Is this allowed?

A7. Preferably, you shouldn't really do that because the games usually get compressed and enhanced with music. We can re-link your game to the intro if you prefer us to do that. Please let us know.

Q8. May I opt out of having music added to my submission for the compo?

A8. Yes, please let us know if you want no music in your entry.

Q9. I write a game and want to submit it via Snail Mail. Is this possible?

A9. Sorry, but Email entries only.

Q10. I write a game and saved in .tap using SEUCK. What concerns me however is that the game does not load on my real C64, using the blue/yellow stripes - even on 1541U2 or DC2N. Will our submission still count if the .tap works on Emulators, not real C64?

A10. I get the same problem with this loader system as well. Don't panic. We'll be remastering all entries with one of our high speed tape loaders.

To submit your entry, please email with an attached .D64 / . T64 / .TAP (Or Zipped version) it to


Good luck :)

Entry #1 - The Dark Within
Rank: (11th Place)

SEUCK Version: Standard
Game by Pievspie/Rubberland Studio
Music: by Pievspie/Rubberland Studio, The Syndrom/TIA (Intro)
Tape loader: Martin Piper + Richard Bayliss


Battle your way through the darkest most fearful place imaginable your own mind clash with repressed memories, career struggles and personal vices to overcome the ultimate foe yourself so climb aboard the 'mind craft' and prepare to face The Dark Within.


- average
- Too easy to finish, and the background graphics look too simplistic.
- It looks like the author of this game doesn't have much experience with SEUCK... I hope to see something better in the future!
- this one really kept me going
- A tongue in cheek blaster about memories and life. :)
- hmmm...
- Looks OK, needed more work on the sounds. This style of game has been done before, so it wasn't for me.

Entry #2 - Dante's Department Store
Rank: (9th Place)

SEUCK Version: Sideways SEUCK
Game by Pievspie/Rubberland Studio
Music: by Richard Bayliss
Tape loader: Martin Piper + Richard Bayliss


A shopping horror. Two worlds have clashed into a department store. While you're out shopping, you are having to fight against assorted demons from another dimension. Pick up bargains, and shoot the demons into oblivion. Get the hell out of the stores before it is too late.


gives me headaches
- A very original idea, but the game is slow paced and too easy to finish...
- I like the strange and absurd sprites, though the game seems to be a bit rushed...
- Graphics are not bad. The concept is hilarious, Imagine defending your shopping trips from horror creatures :)
- hmmm -1
- Pretty tough but works OK, with a little work on avoiding flicker it would be much better

Entry #3 - Gold Quest 5 - Playable Demo
Rank (10th Place)

SEUCK Version: Sideways SEUCK
Game by Thorsten Schreck (Sledgie), Pingo,
Camailleon, Stefan Egger
Music: by Richard Bayliss
Tape loader: Martin Piper + Richard Bayliss


Sledgie has been captured by an evil monster and thrown into the cave. Dworina finally gets the piece of the action. She is on a quest to rescue poor Sledgie, but Dworina has to travel through treacherous grounds. Where the evil creatures and monsters lurk. Throw axes at the creatures to make them disappear, and pick up gold, and other collectibles (The original purpose for the other collectibles were for additional power ups, but that's not allowed in the SEUCK compo - as the prize involves those anyway :)).


- Gold Quest is Gold Quest!
- Nice atmosphere, it looks promising.
- Though it's a demo (and that's not fair, in my opinion), I didn't like this game at all... I hope the complete version is better, with better and more varied graphics and less boring...
- *didnt finish in time*
- I usually am involved with Gold Quest, but this version of the game was completely done by some other people. Only my spider was used from the older Gold Quest
- very good! sometimes is a bit difficult to see enemies bullets though
- very good, I would like to see the final version
- A little scruffy but nice to see the Gold Quest series continuing, will be interesting to see the final version with power-ups

Entry #4 - Sheer Earth Attack
Rank (1st Place - WINNER)

SEUCK Version: Sideways SEUCK
Game by: Gaetano Chiummo

Music: by Gaetano Chiummo
Tape loader: Martin Piper + Richard Bayliss


It is the year 2261. According to the prophecy, the Earth is going to be destroyed! The prophet didn't give many details, except that the menace will arrive from the sky. The scientists are gazing at the stars, but the army has got its eyes on a civilized alien race, which has started studying a new source of energy. They never threatened the Earth, nor any other civilized planet around, but what if this new energy has got the power to rule the universe? So, the army's sending a space ship (along with a rotating combat module) out to space, to seek and destroy this mysterious weapon. And, guess what!, the pilot is YOU! (Full instructions are in the production itself and .txt document) :)


like it, don´t know why
- Very playable, with lots of levels and enemies and a funny end sequence. It's my favourite!
- A great, furious, entertaining, well balanced and very playable shoot'em up, with very good and varied graphics
- I love Space sideways scrolling shoot 'em ups. This game reminds me of some of the classic C64 games of all time. The big bosses are awesome, and the game's ending is hilarious.
- nice shooter! waves are good. First boss too static though
- pretty good, but .
- Some very nice touches and very polished

Entry #5 - Spy Rider
Rank (6th Place)
SEUCK Version: Standard SEUCK
Game by: Alf Yngve

Music: by Richard Bayliss
Tape loader: Martin Piper + Richard Bayliss


It is a tough job being a spy. You successfully captured an assassin from the Swiss Connection and now he's banged up in a high security prison. Your mission was successful. You get back on to the plane from Switzerland, to North England and start driving back to your underground top secret HQ. Unfortunately you're not alone as the assassin, who you got banged up wants his revenge. He has sent out some of his best hench people to try and stop your getting home. By road and also airborne as well. Your  mission is to survive through the whole journey and shoot down the enemy vehicles. While player 2 has to shoot the incoming airborne helicopters, who are out to gun the spy vehicle down. You got yourself into a big mess, now get yourself out of it if you can.


I like new game concepts, nice two player mode!
- The game uses a lot of tricks, but lacks playability.
- I was expecting much more from Alf Yngve... This time he came out with a very unplayable and maybe rushed game... How can I switch to the crosshair in single player mode without having anyone driving the car? But, apart from that, I didn't have much fun with this game...
- splitscreen bonus
- This version was rushed to make the deadline. A much improved Version 2.0 has been made.(RICHARD'S COMMENT - The V2.0 is on my to do list for the Shoot Em Up Destruction Set 3. And will be the LAST game in the compilation. V2.0 is to feature on the next Commodore Free E-cover tape in end of May 2013, along with James Fly, Trac Troopa and Warspite).
-  The game concept would have done well if both players were linked to one concept. Pretty tough game, but I love the Spy Hunter style theme to the game.
- nice idea, but controls felt too cumbersome to me
- very good
- Great attention to detail but needed a little more variety in the scrolling map

Entry #6 - Realms of Midgard
Rank (3rd Place)

SEUCK Version: Sideways SEUCK
Game by: Anthony Burns (An unreleased game originally submitted for The SEUCK Vault)

Music: by Fredrik/Avatar
Tape loader: Martin Piper + Richard Bayliss


Your cities are under attack from invaders from another Kingdom. Use your Galleon to protect the cities, simply by firing out cannon balls. Try to avoid destroying your own farms, as they are there for a purpose - to cart goods directly to your cities. The cities can rebuild themselves, but only with limited equipment. Once the equipment's all used up. The City cannot be restored and is destroyed for good. Your Galleon is there for a purpose. If you get to the end of the game, you'll need to load in the end part, in which you have to use the CORRECT combination to see it.

not my cup of tea, but nice backgrounds
- Very original idea, creative use of SEUCK; it's a pity that the game is so short... (Limitations of SEUCK)
- I love this game! Though it's frustrating at times, especially when you're shooting some foe and the supplies that are moving to your castle get in the way, its concept is very interesting, original and perfectly implemented! The fantasy RTS-like graphics are extremely cool!
- fresh concept
- Neat use of "friendly" towns/castles to influence the amount of hostile forces on screen. And the Tolkien-ish backdrops are gorgeous.
- Brilliant use of the hi-res colour mode, as well as using Multi-Colour sprites. A clever trick used in 2 player mode as well. Where player 1 is the ship, and player 2 is the city.
- very nice concept!
- neat idea
- Fantastic detail in the graphics, totally original gameplay and the scoring system is amazing. Well done Anthony!

Entry #7 - Zombie Brain Eaters
Rank (4th Place)

SEUCK Version: Sideways SEUCK
Game by: Andy Vaisey, Playtested by Andrew Fisher / SEUCK Vault

Music: by Richard Bayliss
Tape loader: Martin Piper + Richard Bayliss


After a horriffic experimental vaccination had gone wrong. The citizens who had the vaccination have been transformed into undead dangerous zombies. Thankfully you didn't take the drug. You have been assigned by the police to save the city from a huge infestation of Zombies. Armed with a gun you have to destroy each one as quick as possible, before they bite you back. Once all your energy is drained - you will become a zombie yourself and game over. So don't just stand there - let's go and frag zombie ass. :)

I like different game styles, but this op. Wolf-style is not a perfect concept for seuck: why do i die because of my crosshair??
-The graphics seem like a tribute to Robocop 3 first level, and so the gameplay; the game is very easy to complete, though it's difficult to understand when a zombie is going to bite the player (and even those very far can bite...
- Good idea, but something disappoints me... Why should I shoot the zombies if I may be "shot" by them? The graphics remind me some popular game, but it's well made, though boring...
- unplayable
- I loved Operation Wolf back in the 1990's. This game is a great attempt at making a spooky Op Wolf style game. Alf Yngve was first with OP Wolf style games. Love the graphics for this one.
- cool, but it isn't clear when player is taking damage... (RICHARD: See the BITZ and you'll see the player takes damaged)
- best
- Outstanding, I really enjoyed this. The first level reminds me of Robocop 3. Would love to see a sequel with more levels!

Entry #8 - Aufwaerts (Going Upwards)
Rank (7th Place)
SEUCK Version: Vertical SEUCK
Game by: Sonny Top (Bamse)

Music: by Richard Bayliss
Tape loader: Martin Piper + Richard Bayliss


You are a soap bubble, moving its way upwards toward heaven. The trouble is that you have a long distance to travel to get up there. Guide your bubble safely through the course, avoiding contact with enemies or the sides. Beware, because if you lose a bubble you might appear off course. Memorize the map at the beginning of each level carefully before making your journey across the course. Player 1 controls a large bubble, which cannot shoot. Player 2 controls a small bubble which can shoot.


None shooter seuck games rule. nice Sprites!
- This game is very unfair, because when the player gets hit, he might be respawned outside the playing area, losing other lives. It's a pity, because the basic idea is very clever.(RICHARD: Don't worry. When I remaster the games, I will fix the reposition of the player's bubble, as I feel the same about it).
- This game is not very playable... I always have the feeling that the maps at the beginning of the levels are wrong... and sometime it's difficult to avoid the enemies without touching the borders... I didn't have much fun with this...
- fresh concept
- The game itself, is pretty well unfair. After the player's bubble dies, it may respawn somewhere where all deadly background lies - and then the bubble bursts. If SEUCK didn't have the player stuck on the background bug, then it would have made it better to play.
- no comment
- Not convinced the map really helps, did not get very far into the game but some nice animation

Entry #9 - Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo (80% compo version)
Rank: (2nd Place)

SEUCK Version: Horizontal Scrolling SEUCK
Game by: Carl Mason

Music: by Decoy/Excess (Intro), Richard Bayliss (Title music)
Tape loader: Martin Piper + Richard Bayliss


It is the 17th century on the island of Mauritius and you are the last of the Dodo's. Sailors carrying harpoons and blunderbusses are on the hunt and have set traps all over the island which you must get past in order to find any eggs which may be stashed away. A map is shown at the start of each area to help you remember where they were hidden:

Each dot on the mini map represents a pile of leaves or some other potential nesting site, the light dots are the locations which contain an egg whereas the black dots are empty or could even hold a trap. Also on your travels you may come across mounds of dirt, simply press fire on these and a dodo tree sapling will sprout from it, do this 4 times and you will gain an extra life.


another none shooter: +1
- Awesome graphics, frustrating gameplay. The second level suffers from some annoying slow-downs.
- The graphics are really superb, even if it's not very varied, and the game is very playable. The only flaw is the fact that it's a little bit boring...
- *didnt finish in time*
- Very original, great animations, and you instantly root for the dodo character. Some of the graphics are so good I wonder "How did he do that?" :)
- Love the graphics and the game play can be pretty challenging, the game is pretty comical and good fun. A shame this one never got finished in time.
- cute, but whats the point?
- Beautiful animation and a really original premise, the map idea is genius

Entry #10 - Synergy
Rank (5th Place)

SEUCK Version: Standard vertical scrolling SEUCK
Game by: Alan Simek

Music: by Drax (Intro music), Wacek/Arise (Title music), Fanta (In game music)
Tape loader: Martin Piper + Richard Bayliss


You were exploring the Space Station, "Synergy" until you were held captive by the alien forces. Luckily you managed to break free from the lazer powered cell, and found yourself a space craft to escape. Unfortunately the space station consists of deadly cargo. Being transported by the transporters. You find you have a mission, in which is to destroy the cargo carriers and fire those rockets at the aliens.  Is there a way to escape from this hostile space station? Good luck pilot.


kinda dull
- Beautiful graphics, some slowdowns, very easy to finish once you understand the enemies attack pattern. Lacks of a story, looks a bit unfinished and mainly based upon stunning graphics rather than on playability.
- As soon as I pressed fire I said to myself: "Wow! This game is surely one of the best of this compo!", but after a few minutes I was really hoping it would end soon... The attack waves seem to be randomly put; the graphics are always the same (though they're really great, and that's my biggest disappointment... I love the blue reflex on the alien structures...); the game is too easy; it loops without you noticing it... I'm very sad because this game had a lot of potential..
- smooth gfx
- I love the graphics rendering, front end design, and the smooth animation of some the enemies for this game. The game is somehow never ending. It just loops after a while. Attack waves are simple.
- Polished animation and great backgrounds, music adds atmosphere but overall it felt too familiar
- It seems the author concentrated more on the graphics perspective, instead of the playability and ending. This game looked like a winner from the screen shot, but disappointed the game didn't work well, like how I would have expected it, A good rank deserved for this one anyhow.

Entry #11 - Amazon Gold
Rank (8th Place)

SEUCK Version: Sideway SEUCK
Game by: IndyJR/FanCA

Music: by Shade/Flash Inc (Intro), Scortia/Bonzai (Title music)
Tape loader: Martin Piper + Richard Bayliss


It is the year 1933. You are Greg Troublynsky. An intrepid explorer who is having trouble. Trouble with money in fact. Until one day his old uncle sadly passed away, and left in his possession, a map. A map to the secret temple of gold. Your quest is to trek through the amazon to the temple in search for the missing gold. There are 3 levels in which you enter, but beware. Traps have been set, and also the bomber planes are out to stop you as well.


- hard to decerne much some times :(
- Original idea, some annoying bugs, a bit slow paced, all in all a good game.]
- The idea is very cool, but it looks like if the maker had put more effort into it it would have turned out much better... For example, the SFX are very similar to the standard ones, and I didn't like the fact that the player always shoots leftward, even if it's facing right...
I also have the feel that it's difficult to avoid enemies or shoots in certain situations, because the character has little possibilities of movement...
- fresh concept
- Love the graphics, and the use of pure skill in which the player would need to take to avoid getting killed. The game play itself somehow sort of differs to a standard SEUCK game.
- alright
- Disappointed with the sounds, but a good effort

After the final voting phase. We have the final results for which game has won the competition. The prize for the winner will be prepared and ready by the end of May 2013. The 3 runners up will get a new front end with music added to their game, with no further enhancements. Once all 3 games are ready they will be available to download from this page. The games with the lowest score represents a higher rank. As each game was voted by each user as 1 (1st place) to 11 (11th place).


Congratulations go to Gaetano Chiummo, who has won the SEUCK compo second time running. Also to runners up Carl Mason and Anthony Burns. Comiserations to those of you who didn't quite make it to the top 3 but a huge thank you for your entries. You all are winners. :)

We also asked questions about the SEUCK compo. What did the gamers think of this year's compo. Would they want another compo? Here is what the voters had to say.

 i liked the idea of including both seuck-versions in one compo. hold on to this! Are some games pre modified (player shoot not moving..?), because that's already ´enhanced´ for me. don´t like that, it´s unfair! - Stefan P

A lots of good games this year! It would have been better if only the basic SEUCK program would have been allowed (no music - no separate intro or end sequence - no pokes). I'm looking forward to next year competition! - Roberta

I didn't like the fact that also demos were allowed, and that creators could add some external code (and sequences) to the games. I hope next compo will be more "SEUCK-based" and that it features full games only. - Aldo Chiummo

Yes, please make another competition. You could suggest a number of topics and people vote for one. Then the games must match that topic (e. g. christmas related, sheep, space etc.) :) - Christian Siege

Looking forward to next edition!! - Roberto

liked Zombie Brain Eaters, Spy Rider and Synergy the best (in that order). Thanks for everything you do for the C64 community :) - Dink

Great competition and some very original entries, hope there are more events in the future! - Merman

Great competition! thanks, Great music and good games also.- Juan

..... And finally
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Finally, we are happy to bring you the prizes for two of the SEUCK compo games. Sadly one of the full version of the winning games, which we are awaiting is not quite ready yet (Dodo's Deep Doo-doo). Good news is that a alternative surprise is for you. Anyway the prizes are as follows:

1st Place - Sheer Earth Attack by Gaetano Chiummo.

This is the final enhanced version of Sheer Earth Attack. It features a brand new front end with a nice sprite sinus wave at the front. Also added are some power ups, in which the player can pick up. Gaetano asked if he'd allow me for him to draw the graphics for the front end and loading picture. Which I agreed on. The loading picture and front end logo are pretty cool, but check out the final production to see for yourself :)

2nd Place - Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo

After a very long wait for this game to be finished to 100%. It is finally here. The 2nd place prize now in place. Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo was actually one of my favourite entries for the SEUCK compo 2013, but sadly I wouldn't have been allowed to vote the compo myself - That'd be unfair if I did :). Anyway, this game is now 100%, and features 3 full levels of madcap mayhem, in which Dodo must escape from the terrifying ordeal of being the last of the Dodo's in Mauritiaus. The evil sailors and blunderbusses had set traps and ambushes to capture the poor little bird. This game features a brand new front end presentation, with cute music. There is also a routine which fixed the sideways SEUCK raster bug issue. There's a Get Ready + Game Over and end screen. And to top things off nicely, a very nice loading picture, which Carl drew himself - all mastered to tape.

The game is available to download from the Contributor's page

3rd Place - Realms of Midgard by Anthony Burns

Realms of Midgard hasn't had anything changed in the actual game itself, but a brand new front end with logo and some Medieval(esque) music which I finally got round to composing. Ben Daglish's tune for Artura inspired me to compose the title music for R.O.M. It feels very medieval like. When the final production was showed to the author. He was impressed :)

BONUS SEUCK SPECIAL #1: Gold Quest 5 (Full version) by Inferior Software

The guys and girls in Inferior Software deserved a big treat for all of their effort working on Gold Quest 5. I saw the final production and also used it to experiment on different things to push the limitations of the Sideways SEUCK engine. Sideways SEUCK has been notoriously known for its constant background flickering if there were sprites entering the upper border. I managed to add a routine that fixed that problem out, and all seems to run more smoothly than before. The game has a brand new front end, and also some brand new tunes. The main game itself consists of plenty of in game enhancements. Dworina (the main player) has the ability to pick up power ups, which take effect. Life will give Dworina extra lives, POW gives her a longer range for throwing her axes, also the ability to throw more than one axe. The GOD stone will make Dworina invincible towards enemies and deadly background. There are some surprises you'll notice with this game. Play it and see what I mean :)

BONUS SEUCK SPECIAL #2:Zombie Brain Eaters by Andy Vaisey

To end this Prize giving. I'm happy to give you a special TAPE edition of Zombie Brain eaters. It's a game with blood red loading stripes scheme and loading picture + music. The title music is a spooky tune I composed in the style of C64 legend, Matt Gray. The tape version of this game, originally had a clock with no loading picture, but now this version uses the loading picture. This was how I was originally intending to release this compo entry. Hope you enjoy it.

Note: You'll notice that during the loading of the games (Except for Gold Quest 5, which uses the Square Pit loader game), a flashing 'Thunder storm' sprite is used. This is to show progress of the program loading. If not flashing - data is being searched, otherwise a load error has been found. The sprite flashing = Loading the data ... Just like Cyberload originally did back in the late 1980's and Early 1990's :)


Hope you will enjoy the stuff :)