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DMC SID Music Compo 2007
*** Too late, compo closed, results are revealed ***

Introduction / Aim of compo / Compo rules / Submitting entries / Deciding the winner / Compo entries(3) / Results

C64.SK had originally launched the SID compo which is every year. I thought it was about time that I done another competition. No SEUCK or Crap game competition this time. It is a cool music competition. If all goes really well, I might consider to do another compo of the same thing. Later on this year, but this time with JCH music editor :oD. So why is it a DMC compo, nothing else? Well it is mainly because I have used DMC in the past and present and still will use it as always. The DMC music composer tool really brings the heart to C64 music. You can compose cool types of style and sounds with DMC's varied sound settings. Plus it is also to bring back the kind of traditional style of C64 music. Using a C64 program instead of a cross platform music composer. :o) DMC has always been part of my pride of composing music on the C64. I've always loved it.

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Aim of Compo:
The aim of this compo is to arrange and compose a masterpiece of music for the Commodore C64 using the Demo Music Creator in any form of style you like

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Compo rules:
Simple really. All you need to do is compose music in one of the following music editors, which are as follows (on this .D64):

  • Dmc V1.2
  • Dmc V2.0
  • Dmc V4.0
  • Dmc V5.0
  • Dmc V7.0
  • Or any other music creator which is not DMC. As we now accept non DMC entries.
  • or which other DMC music creator (The higher version the better) you can find to arrange and compose your masterpiece. You will have until 30th April 2007 to arrange and compose your track. It can be anything from C64 old school jazz to c64 techno/trance or if you wanted, death metal YEAAAAAH!. Chose your style and enjoy composing.

    You are NOT allowed to compose any cover tunes.

    Your tunes are NOT allowed to have rude names

    Do NOT mix other people's demo tunes and call it your own.

    You are welcome to use any demo tunes that support the music editor (Best thing for newbies) else refer to my DMC tutorial on the TND web site :o)

    The playing time of your tune does not matter at all although we will appreciate that your entry is at the most 5:00 minutes long and at the least 2:00 minutes.

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    Submitting entries:
    You can submit your entry in two ways. Either via email to or through private message on the TND forum, CSDB or Lemon64. You entry can be as SID or C64 PRG inside a .D64. Although we will do 2 versions of the tune. When you submit your tune please include the following information:

    Name of tune:
    Composer used:
    Playing time:
    SID type: (Old or New)

    Nothing else.

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    Deciding the winner:
    The winner will be decided by using a voting poll. The voting poll will only stay for 4 weeks after the closing date. Then the winner will be announced

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    Compo entries:
    We upload entries to the compo as fast and regular as we can :)

    Entry #1
    Name of song: Extreme - Part 2
    Author            : Surgeon/Vulture Design
    Version          : DMC V7.0 (Modified version of DMC V4.0 ;o))
    Duration        : 2:54
    SID Type     :8580 (New)


    Entry #2
    Name of song: Wot Da Funk
    Author            : Marcin Majdzik (Psycho)
    Version          : DMC V4 (Modified by Glover/Samar)
    Duration        : 2:15
    SID Type     :8580 (New)


    Entry #3
    Name of song: Tanker
    Author            : Rio/Rattenrudel
    Version          : DMC V7.0 (Modified version of DMC V4.0 IDE 64 Version)
    Duration        : 2:09
    SID Type     :8580 (New)


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    Here are the results to this compo:
    1st Place - Wot Da Funk / Psycho (14 votes)
    2nd Place - Extreme Party 2 / Surgeon (6 votes)
    3rd Place - Tanker / Rio (3 votes)

    Winner will receive a copy of a new unreleased game by TND (Once finished).