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News & Updates

Februrary 2021

14th Februrary 2021

A new SEUCK Compo entry:
Bee Insect Attacking by Roberto Ricioppo?

It is time to get buzzing with a cute little sideways SEUCK adventure with Bee Insect Attacking by Roberto Ricioppo. You control a bee, which is under attack by various creatures and enemies. Your task is to protect your own territory from the deadly insects and other enemies. Shoot your stinger at the baddies, but don't let them hit your bee, otherwise it won't be your bee that is attacking. Have fun. :)

Bee Insect Attacking

January 2021

23rd January 2021

Bad News - but is it really all bad news?
Cruiser-X 79 news - What's happened?

I had a disaster last Tuesday. The hard disk drive on my old development system grinded to a major halt. I had to re-install Win 10 on to my old system once again. I attempted a backup process through the cloud drives. I re-installed Win 10 on to the HDD, which unfortunately completely wiped out the HDD. I used recovery software in attempt to find the missing project files. Nothing was recoverable. I went to the backup clouds ro restore the files I I thought backed up. The files were deleted from the cloud drives. I lost everything. Including all of my game sources. My PC was well and truly borked up.

Now I am working on a new dev system, which I tried to restore the game projects from the cloud drives. Still I had no luck. All the code and data must have been deleted by the cloud systems or my HDD was completely screwed up at the time during the backup process. This means that for future C64 projects, including Cruiser-X 79, I am going to have to start from scratch (Unless of course I find the project backed up on a CD-ROM from last year or something like that). For future C64 development, I will be using GitHub as a backup process for my source code and data - so this problem doesn't happen again. The ongoing projects will be hidden from public eyes, but the complete project source code will be available publicly  :)

I would like to say sorry to Saul Cross and to you all, also  thank you for your patience. This game will happen, and hopefully at a faster process than before hand.


16th January 2021

Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2021 gets a first entry and also SEUCK School Updates
Their Machine by Raul Gubert

The very first entry to this year's official C64 SEUCK Compo starts with Their Machine by Raul Gubert. It is a push scrolling Sci-Fi shoot 'em up adventure. You play an agent who has to fight the machine before it takes over the world. You will need to take a few precautions while on your mission. Not everything appears to be what it seems. It's a horrible world out there.

This way to: Their Machine

SEUCK School Updates

A few SEUCK school tutorial updates have popped by. Today's updates were mainly discovered by Eleanor Burns. There is a trick on how to change the sprite characters in the game status panel. Also there is a brand new and clever trick which allows the player to use more than 2 frames of animation, when moving multi-directional. The trick will only work on single player games. Finally, there are some Action Replay backup tips for those who cannot code, but want to make their game disks single-filed using the cartridge freezer.

Okay pupils, it is time for SEUCK School