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The official C64 SEUCK COMPO 2020 and voting has now closed!
Results to be revealed after the Prize package has been produced and launched.
Huge thank you to all of the entrants who made it this year.


2nd August 2020
SEUCK Compo 2020 Results and Prizes Available

The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020

After months of SEUCK compo entries, a month of voting. The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020 results and prize package is finally here. So then, who has won this year's Competition? There's only one way to find out: Click on the link below, download and enjoy the goodies.SCC


The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020 Results and Prize Package

JULY 2020

12th July 2020 
It's a demo extravaganza from Blazon.

We Love C64 by Blazon

Here's something to keep you entetained if you are in to watching demos, moving raster bars, swinging logos and other cool things like that. Blazon (A group which I am currently in brings our newest mega demo called "We Love C64". Each part in this demo compilation requires aid of the spacebar to skip each demo part. The demo also features some nice parts by Dr.J/Delysid and also one or two from Mythus. I do hope you enjoy this nice collection of demo parts, which we all have worked hard on.


We Love C64

1st July 2020
A funny 4K Game for you

Zzapped in the Butt by Richard Bayliss

While you are waiting for the results for the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020 to come out (Which won't be until the prize package is completely ready (I estimate it around about August 2020)). We have a fun little 4K treat for you. This time it is Zzapped in the Butt. A small 4K game, which has been entered to the Craptastic Compo 2020, run by the Reset team. In this little game, you have to defend your city from a pink mothership. Trouble is however, although a protective shield was fired up to defend your planet. The mothership had other ideas and is dropping aliens down to invade the city. Your mission is to fire lazers at the aliens, zapping them into a puff of smoke. Avoid crashing in to them. The pink mothership will fire lazers from time to time, making the game more of a challenge. At the end of the day, you don't really want to be Zzapped in the Butt by any chance do you?

Make my Day Aliens - Time for Zzapped in the Butt

JUNE 2020
29th June 2020
1 Contributor release   

Othello Revenge by Matteo Angelini

This is a fun little strategy game programmed by Matteo Angelini, using CC65 and C language. Othello Revenge is based on the all time classic board game, Reversi. This game features scrolling background graphics and presentation based using the charset from the Hanoi Tower, which Matteo launched a few months back. The idea of this game is to place as many pieces on to the board adjacent to your opponent, trying to capture as many of your opponent's pieces and transforming them to your own colour. This game consists of 4 different skill levels. One of which you can play against a friend or family member and another where you play against the computer. The harder the level the longer thinking time the computer has. At the end of the game, the winner will be decided when the game board is full or there are no possible moves. 

Feeling BOARD with Lockdown? ...  Let's play Othello Revenge

26th June 2020

KickAssembler SEUCK Enhancement Framework V3 released

The third version of the Kick Assembler SEUCK Enhancement framework has been released. This framework still has a lot of the old features, but there are some bug fixes and additional improvements implemented. This includes front end and in game charset animation, title music options, jingle options, etc. The opening file framework.asm has a lot of features which you can enable/disable in your game. The front end colour override bug has also been fixed. The game used this time is my SEUCK Compo Entry, Guillotine - The Doom Machine. Enjoy.

This way to Kick Ass SEUCK Framework V3

5th June 2020

The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020 voting is now in session

The  voting stage for this year's official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020 has been launched today. Please read very carefully the instructions on how to vote for your favourite entry. The closing deadline for voting is 30th June 2020. Which C64 game from this year's Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020 is going win the compo this time? Nobody knows, but after the voting has finished the result will be revealed. The winner of this year's Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020 will receive a new version of their game featuring new front end, and if possible work imported in to the SEUCK Redux engine with a new front end and other tasty enhancements. Also, like with last year's winner Pagoda Warrior (below). You could end up with a .tap version of your game with loading picture, music and possibly a tape inlay cover to print off. Who can make it to the top I wonder?

Visit the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020 and vote for your favourite compo entry

New C64 game: The Forever Extending Hungry Snake by Richard Bayliss

It is time for yet another Lockdown treat. This time by the way of The Forever Extending Hungry Snake. This is a small fun score attack game I have written a couple of weeks ago as another theC64 game programming challenge. You star as a snake, which moves around the arena. However it extends constantly. The idea of this game is to survive and score as many points as you can, by extending and eating as much fruit as you can. however death skulls mysteriously appear on screen. It is your job chomp your way into the fruit. Eat bombs to clear the arena and completely shed all of your skin and keep on playing. That is until you hit a wall or face your fate with a deadly skull. Remember to eat plenty of fruit (then play the game. Whoohoo!)


1st June 2020

Submissions closed

The official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020 submissions deadline has now drawn to a close. Any later submissions will be moved to the outside compo section on the compo page. A huge thank you to everybody who took interest and particicpated in this year's official C64 SEUCK Compo. The voting start later on this week, on the next TND web site update (Friday 5th June 2020). Once again, a huge thank you to alll of this year's  participants.  So which C64 game will follow last year's winner Pagoda Warrior? We'll have to wait and see.


MAY 2020
31st May 2020
Raining out another new release + 1 SEUCK Compo 2020 entry

Storm Chase by Richard Bayliss

Now that's a surprise. Another new game 2 days after Mega Tank Blasta! This time it is Storm Chase. A fun collect and dodge 'em up written 100% on the full size theC64. This game was originally made for Scene World, which has sadly been delayed once again, due to circumstances beyond control. The game has been given the okay to be released as May 2020 was originally the deadline.  You play a storm chasing lad, who has to grab falling rain drops and avoid being struck by lightning or flooding his home village. This is a fun game, which includes all game data (combined together) along with source code. So should you want to improve or make your own version of this game. You are very much welcome to, providing that the game is free.

To find out how I made this game. You'll need to wait until Scene World issue #30 has been released.

Pour away to Storm Chase

Lagrangian Point 3 - The Earth-Moon elevator by Recycled Arts

Getting extremely close to the SEUCK Compo 2020 deadline. A new entry from Recycled Arts. This time it is a sequel to the very first Langrangian Point game. However, a completely different game. It is the Earth-Moon elevator. Man has created an elevator which can transport humans from planet Earth directly to the moon. However, while travelling to the moon, there are some hazardous consequences that you have to be aware of. Airborne forces are trying to destroy the lift. Luckily the lift consists of a deterrent from attack. Can you reach to the moon in an elevator? We'll have to wait and see.

Lagrangian Point 3 - The Earth-Moon Elevator

29th May 2020


Mega Tank Blasta by Richard Bayliss and Alf Yngve

The New Dimension is very pleased to bring to you Mega Tank Blasta. A game I made specially for Reset's Mix-I-Disk. Unfortunately due to the heavy delay of issue 13 of the magazine. I have been given the go ahead to release this game. Mega Tank Blasta is a push scrolling shoot 'em up, originally created with SEUCK. Enhanced with SEUCK Redux, with smart aim firing and a few other things. It is a game in which you patrol a heavy amored tank, ready to blast anything in sight. A rogue agent has broken out of a U.S. high security prison, and has escaped out of the country in a gun boat. Sightings have spotted the boat heading towards a UK port. Your mission is to fight through 3 different parts of the world, and locate the gun boat. Well, what are you waiting for ... Go and get him!

It's Tank Blasting time

SEUCK Compo Entry #8: Terminus by Mo Dernart

A new entry has popped by this week. It is a fun little dodge 'Em Up by Mo Dernart. In this game, you control a yellow thingummygig around the game screen. Pick up disks and score as many points as you possibly can. However watch out for the deadly obstacles otherwise one hit and you're finished for good.

The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020 is closing its entry submissions this Monday, so you have until Sunday 31st May 2020 to submit your compo entries before it is too late. 


14th May 2020


Oblyblam by Pinov Vox

Pinov Vox is proud to deliver to The New Dimension yet another fun space shooter created with the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. Oblyblam is a fast scrolling space shooter in which you fly over an enemy base and try to make as much mess out of it as you possibly can. There are 3 different versions of the game, which you can choose from. One of which consists of a title screen with full high score table. The second of which consists of a title screen with a high score and just in game sound effects, and the third which gives a title screen with a set of colour bars scrolling inside the charset. Enjoy this contribution.

APRIL 2020
24th April 2020

TOTAL TAPE 2 by The New Dimension

A second edition of the Total Tape double pack has been released. Now you can experience another two remakes of two different classic tape loaders. The first of with is Totally Gold, a remake of the classic U.S. Gold style tape loader. Secondly and finally there is Totally Alpha, a re-creation of the classic CRL loader (With optional sprite or border flashing). Enjoy another trip down memory lane :)

21st April 2020
SEUCK Compo 2020 Entry #7

Space Fighter by Pinov Vox

With just over a month to go until the submission deadline and we have a 7th entry. Space Fighter by Pinov Vox. This is a horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up in which you transport your space fighter into a deadly mother ship and try to wipe out the alien empire. This is a game for 1 or 2 players, and also features a nice loading picture by Fabs/Hokuto Force. Have fun blasting aliens.


17th April 2020
LOCKDOWN 2020 Special #2

Amok by Phil64

While a lot of us still trapped indoors during the Covid-19 lockdown, and it has been extended further. There's another great game to help entertain and cheer you up during these hard times. It is a superb dodge and avoid game, which features some amazing effects. Amok is a fun game in which you control a white cursor around the game screen. You must avoid bumping into any obstacles otherwise the game is over. Keep on scoring as many points and let's see if (without cheating) you can be the first player to score 999 points. Go for it :)


15th April 2020
Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020 - ENTRY 6

Fish Pond - RoboVox by Pinov Vox

Now here's a funny parody game, which doesn't really inflict the compo rules. Fish Pond - Robovox is a fun 3-part Italian S.E.U.C.K cartoon caper, written by Pinov Vox. It features colourful game worlds, some really cute sprites and some challenging game play. You must help Fish Pond save your friends from an evil Vallain, who leaves them stranded close to danger. Fish Pond has a different weapon to fire in each part of the game. Oh, and you won't be able to play each part too easily. I sense that there is something fishy going on here :)


Help fish pond rescue his friends

12th April 2020

Toilet Paper Stacker

While we are going through pretty tough times in lock down at the moment. I wanted to make use of some of my time with boredom. So while there was nothing else to do, I worked on a fun little game, which I designed and programmed in Arthur Jordison's CBM PRG STUDIO (Which I recommend you check out, it's a fun cross-platform CBM development suite) . The game is called "Toilet Paper Stacker". The Commodore 64 has contracted a deadly virus, which has now been concealed inside a glass cabinet. Your job is to try and break the glass by stacking over sized toilet paper on to the glass cabinet. After a 7th successful stack, the glass will break and the virus gets wiped out. You will have five minutes to score as many points as you possibly can. There's a slight catch though. You have 3 chances. If you drop a toilet roll and it doesn't successfully stack, a chance is lost. The game ends after all chances are lost, or the time runs out. Try to score as many points as you possibly can. I know this game is unrealistic, but it should be fun.


Let's grab some toilet rolls and stack


CRAPTASTIC 2020 - AH YEAH! - Let's Zap 'Em in the Butt!
The New Dimension WILL be participating in the Reset Craptastic 2020 Game competition. I am working on a C64 4KB game called ZZapped  in the Butt. The game is also being written in CBM PRG STUDIO. This is going to be a simple little arcade game inspired by a C64 game that was featured on the Wicked Software 50 Great Games cassette. I have fond memories about that particular game, involving a Helicopter and and Flying saucer. I cannot remember the name of the game, but you had to defend your city from mines that were being dropped by the flying saucer.

ZZapped in the Butt is going to be slightly (or should I say COMPLETELY different). At the bottom of the screen are 4 cities. At the top of the screen is an alien mother ship. You control a space hyper space craft. Your mission is to try and prevent as many cities as you can from an alien invasion. This can simply be done by fighting the aliens with your lasers. However, if an alien hits the city. It will become destroyed. If all cities are destroyed or a life has been lost, the game will end. Here's a screen shot of the work in progress so far.


1st April 2020
S.E.U.C.K REDUX TUTORIAL UPDATE: A complete project

Rocket 'n Roll Redux - Updated

This is just a small update to let you know that the SEUCK Redux tutorial page I did yesterday has had a slight update. The most up to date version of Rocket 'N Roll has been added to the project archive. This is the build that should be used. The game play has been made slightly easier, with less rapid firing aliens. The player also has more lives, and the shield code (after collecting a power up) lasts for a while longer. Also the work disk also contains the final build of the game. Should you be looking for just the game to play :). Have loads of fun tossing those rockets into space :)


Updated Rocket 'N Roll tutorial, at SEUCK School

MARCH 2020

31st MARCH 2020
S.E.U.C.K REDUX TUTORIAL UPDATE: A complete project

Rocket 'n Roll Redux

To close the S.E.U.C.K Redux section in the SEUCK School. A final and 10th chapter has been launched, which is based on working alongside a complete game project. This project today is Rocket 'N Roll Redux. The tutorial teaches the basics from how to add new music to your production, awarding the player power ups, smart aim aliens, linked enemy explosion, improving end of level boss stages, creating a new score panel, all the way to making a brand new front end. This tutorial is mostly aimed at beginners. If you follow the steps carefully you should be able to succeed in future SEUCK Redux Development.


24th MARCH 2020

Nucleo 448 by Leonardo Vettori

Do you remember the game Nucleo 447 last year. If you haven't then why not check out the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019. As this game was originally released as a competition entry last year. It was also a shame that this game missed out on the top 3. Still, moving on to 2020. Leonardo Vettori tweaks the game and brings this exclusive release for The New Dimension. Nucleo 448 is an updated version of Nucleo 447. It is a brilliant vertical scrolling SEUCK REDUX sci-fi shoot 'em up, now featuring aiming aliens, new status panel and also power ups. Messages far from outer space has been translated by a mad scientist. An asteroid is hurtling towards your home planet. You have been assigned to stop it. Unaware about the consequences, you venture into the asteroid ready to fight the aliens, and the asteroid's creator. Can you fight against the machine, and work out who, or what is behind this threat?

Nucleo 448

22nd MARCH 2020

SEUCK Redux Update

SEUCK Redux Framework updated

The SEUCK School tutorial, based on SEUCK Redux has now been updated. This corrects a few mistakes from the first update. Also the feature uses the most simplest way to save your own SEUCK game data and exporting the data to the SEUCK Redux project. A lot of the feature is still currently old, but as time progresses further on. This feature will be updated with even more practical examples, to help beginners with the SEUCK Redux frame work. 


13th MARCH 2020
2 Contributor's games and a SEUCK Compo 2020 entry

Atom Heart by Mo Dernart

We have 3 more games from Mo Dernart this time round. All of which are Deluxe editions. First we start with Atom Heart. You may have remembered it from the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2018. This is the more deluxe edition, which consists of a loading picture, inlay, etc. Dare you enter The Hive  and destroy the nasty creatures, before your planet gets destroyed.

Atom Heart (2020 Edition)

DemonStar 2 by Mo Dernart

Secondly comes a deluxe edition of a new game that was released last year in the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019. Demon Star 2, inspired by an old stategy board game. This game pits your skills against the enemy forces. Collect valid objects and score as many points as you possibly can.

DemonStar 2

Wild Wafers Deluxe by Mo Dernart

The Fith entry for the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020 is Wild Wafers by Mo Dernart. This is a fun little blaster, best played on NTSC. The game was inspired by a sub game in a well known C64 game of the early 1980's. So rewind the tape back to 1984, and get blasting those aliens and rake in as many points as you possibly can. Have loads of fun.

Wild Wafers Deluxe

10th MARCH 2020
2 Contributor's games

JERO by Mo Dernart

Who remembers the classic Mastertronic Games Creator? I remember first seeing this in the C64 Classic CD compilation which was bought from a music and video game shop in the very early 2000's, a few years later I bought Creations, from EBAY on tape, and it turned out to be the same games creator. Today we have two of these MGC games complete with new title screen, created using my MGC Title Screen Maker V1.0. The first game is JERO, a funny platform game by Mo Dernart. You play a Jumpman Eggbeater Retreival  Operator, who must jump from one platform to another, collecting remains of broken satellites, which were destroyed after the destruction of a Power Plant. You also have to watch out for the enemy drones, that try and stop you. Try not to fall to the very bottom ground.


BEATNIK BERT by Mo Dernart

Now here's something that is totally mad. Mo Dernart's second game is an amusing title called Beatnik Bert. The game carries an amusing story on the title screen. Also to add to the humour. The title screen and tape loader consists of a rendition of The Sugar Plum Fairy, which was converted from BASIC to SIDWizard. :) Help Beatnik Bert pick up his haunted pipe inside his basement. Watch out for the deadly bongos and the substance that is fired from the pipe. It is time to smoke that pipe and chant Ohhhhmmmmm! ;)


6th MARCH 2020

TOTALLY TAPE #1 by The New Dimension + Martin Piper

It is now time to take a trip down memory lane. Back to the 1980's where the first few tape loaders were born. TND has started a series of Totally Tape. A single filed double-pack of tape mastering software, made as a tribute of various classic tape loaders. The tribute loaders are NOT the actual commercial tape loader systems, but have been made to have a similar appearance. The first installment is based on Visi Load, a true classic turbo loader, which appears as a blue screen with flashing border. The second load is based on Wild Save (or Wild Load some might call it), which most of the time uses a black border and long thin stripes. Totally Mad and Totally Wild allows you to master your own games with a loading tune (Init $1000, Play $1003) and also display a Koala Paint loading picture. Game should load be runnable from BASIC memory address. Works well on packed/crunched games :)


28th FEBRUARY 2020

TOXIC (2020 Edition) by The New Dimension

In 2018, this game was originally entered as a competition entry for the 4K Craptastic game compo. (I'll probably be entering this year's some time with a retrozapper called Zapped in the Butt, if it gets made). Now it is 100% complete with a loading screen, Ocean style loading music, front end and game music. There's also a new skill added to make the game play more harder and challenging. Toxic is a game of survival, in which you play Debbie Lambaart, a military personnel. Your job is to help Debbie clear away as much toxic slime as you possibly can. You carry a jet pack, which the tank is filled with decontamination fluid. You also carry a Geiger meter. In order to survive for long, the meter must stay in the GREEN status area. Otherwise if it passes the green zone, you are one step closer to a grisly end.

Toxic 2020 Edition

MGC Title Screen Maker V1.0 by The New Dimension

Here's a handy utility for your own personal use. If you own the Mastertronic Games Creator or Creations. You can now create your own front ends for your creation using the MGC Title Screen Maker V1.0. The editor consists of a menu of different options, and disk operations. There is also a linker/packer, which uses Nesquick V3D source, in which is possible to load from the games creator, itself (Since the menu options in the Games Creator were made in BASIC as well as asssembly). So now after all these years, you can finally make your own game creations made with these tools runnable. Also included is HELL IN SPACE 2, a game made with the utility with front end and thumping trance music bolted together. Enjoy!

MGC Title Screen Maker V1.0

18th FEBRUARY 2020

... but first an apology

There has been a slight mistake made on the tape loader scroll text in ThunderLoad. On the .tap version of Spearhead, I accidentally credited the wrong person for the game. This has now been fixed and updated. Sorry goes to Alf and Eleanor for this mistake.

... and now... The SEUCK Compo 2020!

CHODE LOADER by Mo Dernart

Just a small update today (since I'm very busy finishing of an upcoming game project). Mo Dernart delivers for the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020, Chode Loader. A simple little shoot 'em up. Play the role of your hero, who has to inflate and release balloons to fight the monsters, which sit around firing deadly bullets. Keep on shooting these to score points and try to gain a high score. Enjoy this colourful crazy release.

Chode Loader @ SEUCK Compo 2020

7th FEBRUARY 2020

SEUCK COMPO 2020: ENTRY #3: Spearhead by Alf Yngve

To start off today's SEUCK special update. Alf Yngve has submitted Spearhead. A horizontal scrolling left SEUCK game, in which you control an aircraft, which has to fight against the enemy forces, simply by shooting at them. The game features plenty of blasting and explosive action and erm, big sprites again. Also as an additional bonus, a thumping techno/trance tune 'Matter Transporter' by yours truly. Enjoy this packed game, a homage to Scramble.

Spearhead @ SEUCK Compo 2020

SEUCK School Update: Kick Assembler SEUCK Framework V2 released

First of all, a tip based on the player respawn feature was incorrect, and has now been corrected. Secondly a new KickAssembler framework for SEUCK games has been uploaded on to the SEUCK School Page. It has major improvements, such as a much more stable interrupt. Also there is a 100% working hi-score detection/name entry source. For those who cannot code, the framework has been made much more simpler for you. There are commands which allow you to enable/disable specific features which you do or don't want. The framework V2 is planned to be upgraded with addition (and hopefully more helpful) routines to enhance your own SEUCK games with style in the forseeable future. Example game used this time is Elven War by Eleanor Burns.

SEUCK School: Kick Assembler Framework V2

SEUCK School Update: Background Terrain by Eleanor Burns

Continuing with the SEUCK special. Eleanor Burns has provided TND with a new tip, which is pretty clever. This new tip is based on background terrain. So if you want to make games using background and want to set a specific char value to your game to do a certain trick to the player. This can be possible with thanks to Eleanor's tip. Please note that a lot of coding knowledge may be required for this tip.

SEUCK School: Background Terrain feature


31st JANUARY 2020
Assemble IT Chapter 8, SEUCK School updates

Vortex Crystals added
For chapter 8 in the ASSEMBLE IT column. This time, TND brings you the complete project of Vortex Crystals. A fun project which was originally made for the RGCD 2015 16KB Cartridge compo. The game eventually got finished some time in 2017 as a 100% completely full game. Now you can enjoy exploring through the code, and maybe try to make or master your own platform game with it (if you want to that is)

Assemble it - Chapter 8 - Vortex Crystals

20th JANUARY 2020
Assemble IT Chapter 8 - More projects in C64Studio

3 Projects and source uploaded
Another 3 game projects with full source code, as well as final build are available for you to download and play around with. The three games are as follows:

Blastopia DX

This is an awesome fast paced horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up game I wrote back in 2018 at first as a tutorial game. The later game got released as a final full game for the RGCD 16KB cartridge competition. Shoot those aliens, rescue the camels and make a whole mess out of the alien planets.

Let's Invade 2

A game sequel to the original Let's Invade entered for the 2019 RGCD 16KB cartridge competition. Shoot those aliens and defeat wave after wave clearing them out of the screen. Invaders don't use a full path when there are gaps, which makes this game even challenging. There are 40 challenging stages to complete.

Planet Popper

A game tutorial production I wrote back in 2013 for issue 22 of Scene World diskmag. This is a simple Crazy Comets style shoot 'em up in which you have to shoot as many of the alien planets as you can, before your shield runs out. This game was originally made in Turbo Assembler, and aid of a few C64 utilities. It has now been ported to C64 Studio format.

... More open source projects coming next week.

For now please check out:

Assemble It Chapter 8

4th JANUARY 2019

Another entry for the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020

First of all compo rules update
The compo submission rules are based on the 2019 competition. However amendments have been made to the rules page based on use of Social Media, Enhancements, new services (In game music, hi-score detection) and of course those of you who have been using VICE snapshots experiencing problems saving to a disk image after using the snapshots. Some helpful tips based on saving your finished game in SEUCK - if the disk version doesn't save properly for you.

For updated Rules please check out

The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020

ENTRY #2 Synthia in the Cyber Crypt by Eleanor Burns

Eleanor Burns surprises TND with a world's first. A platform adventure, created using SEUCK. How on earth is this possible? With aid of VICE with an Action Replay cartridge (or VICE monitor), a programming mind, etc. You can produce what you like and open your imagination. This is also what the SEUCK Compo is all about. You are a Cyborg, HEC-80, whose mission is to break out of the cyber crypt. In order to do this, HEC-80 must solve puzzles. Clues are marked with a flashing ?. So explore the rooms, grab an object and see if you can solve the clue by pressing fire on the ? whilst holding that particular object.

Zap your way to Synthia

4th JANUARY 2019
The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020 is here and we have a first entry!

Wow, is it really that time of year again? Yes it sure is. After the success of The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019. The New Dimension is very pleased to present you. The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020. This year's compo is more or less the same as last year's compo as there are no specific categories. The idea of the competition is to simply create a brand new game using Sensible Software's Shoot Em Up Construction Kit or Jon Wells' own Sideways SEUCK adaptation of the original. There is also a new feature added to the aim/rules, in relation to front end presentation this year. If you think you have what it takes to create a game that stands out from the crowd this year. Look no further than the link below. 

The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2020

... but wait ...

Entry 1: GUILLOTINE - THE DOOM MACHINE by Richard Bayliss

Okay, so it isn't an official release from any other entrants but one of my own newly enhanced SEUCK games. After the success of Rocket 'N Roll last year. I couldn't resist to submit this Sideways SEUCK as the first entry for the competition. This is a fast paced horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up called "Guillotine - The Doom Machine". You control a space ship across 3 different zones in the planet of Jetan. Your mission is to seek out and destroy an evil doom machine, created by the evil alien Emperor... The Guillotine, which his empire is capturing humans from Earth in order to create a very dangerous weapon. Go on, you are a member of the Interstellar Justice Federation, go and wipe out those nasty aliens, locate and destroy the machine (by firing at the yellow gate) and destroy the alien planet.

Head off to Guillotine - The Doom Machine