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1st January 2019

Happy New Year - A new SEUCK Compo Launched

Happy New Year!!!!

The New Dimension is very proud to present the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019. This year we have decided to not restrict the compo to be categorized or themed or anything like that. As usual this is a game creating compo, in which to make a game with SEUCK or Sideways SEUCK. A game that stands out from the crowd. Do you fancy a bash at making a game for the compo and submitting remote entries for this competition? If so, then for the compo rules look no further than:

26th December 2018

No Christmas release update this year. Still, a belated Merry Christmas to you all

Sadly there has been no Christmas release extravaganza update this year. Mainly because I didn't have much time spare near the festive period (Except for coding some quick intros for the ICC). Still, please don't let that put you off. My initial plan was to make a Let's Invade sequel, in C64Studio. However, I have decided to save this for the RGCD 16KB game cartridge compo 2019 (Should it fit). Let's Invade was a whole lot of fun to code in 2016. I'd love to make a fun sequel to the original. So, why not ?!?!?!?! ;)

The next TND update will be January 2019. Where I launch the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2019. The initial plan is to get the page ready in time for 8th January 2019. There will be plenty of new things to look forward to in 2019.

A big  Assemble it update  and Mix Box #8 is also intended to be launched some time in early 2019. There is plenty to look forward to.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and retro new year. :)

14th December 2018

SUB HUNTER's 10th Anniversary

Sub Hunter marks its 10th anniversary this year, and to celebrate it. I am very proud to launch the digital cartridge version of the game, which was put together by RGCD back in 2012.  I would like to say a huge thank you to RGCD, Enthusi, Kenz, Frank Gasking, Drax, and everybody else who have been involved with this project, for their kind support.  Also to those who back in 2008, 2012 and later bought the physical versions of this release. It is very rare that I launched a game for commercial release, since I like to make C64 games for fun, not really for money. After all I do have a full time job. So then what are you waiting for, go hunt those spies and fish, rescue the divers and encounter the beastly sharks and experience the stunningh music by Drax. Merry Christmas and see you in 2019.

For tape/disk inlay, etc. Please visit Psytronik's page. 


Sub Hunter 10th Anniversary

7th December 2018

SEUCK School updated and Tank Blasta

I have decided to end this year's update with a bang, and way before Christmas time, I am very happy to bring you yet another addition to SEUCK School, which is based on adding High Scores to the original SEUCK front end. The idea is to grab and display the player's score, and see whether or not it becomes a new high score, otherwise the high score remains unchanged.

There is also an example game included in the tutorial called Tank Blasta. Tank Blasta is a SEUCK game for 1 or 2 players in which an evil spy has started an illegal war in 3 different areas. The evil spy is located in a brown spy trawler ship (at the end of the city). You control either a green or a blue tank and you must fight against his militants and amoured weaponry. Collect parachutes to gain bonus points (unless you are playing the fully enhanced version included, which gives you power ups. You'll lose these every time a life has been lost. Also avoid collecting power ups if on 3 bullets, else you revert back to one). After each stage, you will be fighting against a boss. After completing the boss phase, you will enter the shooting range. Fire at targets that move across the field. Score bonus points, then move on to the next stage.  Have loads of fun causing as much carnage to the enemy as you can. After all, it is nearly Christmas time.

Tank Blasta at SEUCK School

1st December 2018

No Christmas Update this year + Things to come

This year, due to not having enough free time during this busy period. The New Dimension will be holding no Christmas updates - for the timebeing (It depends what comes along). The 8th Mix Box, and the Assemble It feature on vertical scrolling has been postponed until some time in the beginning of 2019. There will be a new C64 game released before the festive period, but this game will be part of the SEUCK School feature. You'll see the game when it is finished when the update is done. I will also be trying my best to create a new intro for the Intro Creation Competition. The new year will also become the start of the 2019 SEUCK Compo - yet another game making contest to look forward to :)

16th November 2018

New C64 game: SPIDER MAZE released

The New Dimension is very pleased to bring to you "Spider Maze". A fun little arcade game, which features C64 arcade style sound effects and some fun disco style in game music.  This game was going to be released with Scene World issue 29, along with the source code. However, being been given the go ahead by the Scene World crew to release this game. Spider Maze is finally here for you all to play. You will have to wait for issue 29 of Scene World, for the game coded in kicksassembler source and binary data. As it was made as part of the game programming tutorial for the diskmag.

Spider Maze is a maze game, in which you play the role of Fred the yellow ball. He listened to a legend about an explorer entering the mines, gathering diamonds to make him rich. The mines closed in, and spiders were on the loose. Sadly the explorer didn't survive and was lunch for the spiders. Now you, as Fred didn't believe in this tale, and tried for yourself to enter the mines and try to make yourself rich.  You are now trapped in the mine. In order to get out, you must pick up all of the diamonds, to release yourself from each maze. Luckily there are some other valuable items to help you with your escape. Watch you don't get caught by the spiders or touch a deadly skull. The spiders will change direction jumping from web to web. Can you clear all 16 mazes before you become the spiders din-dins?

This way to Spider Maze

9th November 2018

MASSIVE Assemble It Update and BLASTOPIA

The latest installment of the ASSEMBLE IT update has finally been launched today. This time it features a major update on the sprite movement patterns. Also you get to learn the basic art of horizontal map scrolling (the easiest way possible). There's even an awesome little horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up project you can also try and attempt to experiment with (or play) BLASTOPIA. Fly a space craft through 8 alien planets. Blast at fleets of aliens. Pickup camels and then after the alarm goes off, land on to the landing pad to complete a level.

If you just want the game on its own. It is available on the TND games page.
Otherwise Head over To Assemble It - Chapter 6

3rd November 2018

CETI 21 - Special Edition released

Earlier on this year, I developed a SEUCK Compo entry, CETI 21. A few months later, a special edition has been born. This is the SEUCK Redux edition of my sideways scrolling shoot 'em up. It features a new front end presentation, a quickly made loading picture (which was originally for a different game, but there wasn't need for that). CETI 21's security mainframe has been ransacked by aliens. A computer virus has caused CETI 21's defence systems to retaliate against the moon's owners. Control Ultrax 18 to fight the aliens and rogue defences. Enter the security base, and locate the underground mainframe where you can shut it down.



SEUCK BUSTER V2.0 released

Do you write games with the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit, and would like to place music on to your own or friends standalone SEUCK game creations. Good news is that you can with SEUCK BUSTER V2.0. This is a simple C64 utility which allows you to add title and/or  in game music on to your very own SEUCK game creations. This tool is also compatible with SIDEWAYS SEUCK also. You can also design your own colour bars and install those - should your game's front end use title colour bars instead of one plain colour. Also included in the D64 are some example tunes, to play with - and also CETI 21 V2, which I intend to place into SEUCK Redux in the near future.



14th October 2018

ASSEMBLE IT - Update coming soon

Last month I have been preparing an update for the next edition of Assemble It, but it is not quite complete yet. The reason for this is because I am working on yet another fun game, which you probably might have fun playing around with. As soon as the game is ready and good to go, the next installment of Assemble It will be live. The tutorial will be featuring on background character set animation, scrolling and Game 10: Blastopia. Which is intending to be a horizontal scrolling space shoot 'em up, which features 8 different maps, and a set of varied alien formation, based on my Alien Formation Maker tool. The concept will be pretty simple, but hopfully the game should end up playable enough to enjoy. Don't think that TND is dead, due to no update last month.

We are still making games - So don't panic if there are delays with TND news updates :)

Sorry, but there have been no updates for September 2018.

31st August 2018


Chapter 6 of Assemble It is here. It mainly features a little about project housekeeping in C64Studio (Keeping your project organized). There are also more features based on sprites (custom movement) and also an example game, which is basically an older project of mine called Granny's Teeth. Enjoy this chapter. The next part of the chapter will be even cooler. I can be sure of that. You may need to wait about a couple of months or so before it comes out into the blue.

Assemble It - Chapter 6

20th August 2018


ZILSPLEEF by Mo Dernart/PlayOrbit

Mo Dernart/PlayOrbit has come up with a new and very imaginative SEUCK game, called Zilspleef. It is a weird push scrolling shoot 'em up. You play the part of a bubble, who must make its way round the labyrinth. The labyrinth is heavily guarded by terrors who just want to burst your bubble. Can you complete the maze, or will you be banished by the demons forever?

Check out Zilspleef at the Contributor's Corner

17th August 2018

THE OFFICIAL C64 SEUCK COMPO 2018 Prize Package released

After the results about over a week ago. We are very pleased to bring to you the finished the Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2018 prize package. It features all of the compo entries, and also includes the prize release version of Valkyrie 3, now featuring a new front end. In game music, hi score table, etc. Not to be missed if you have been a fan of the SEUCK Compo 2018.


6th August 2018


Voting has now closed. Results have been collated, along with the comments / feedback made by the voters. The SEUCK Compo Results are on the official SEUCK Compo page, along with the comments. The prize will be under development this week. So then, which gamer has won this year's coveted C64 SEUCK Compo new front end, enhancements and all that? Find out at:

JULY 2018
20th July 2018


Assemble It will be continuing August 2018. Chapter 6 will be focussing on program/project housekeeping, keeping your files organzied. Also based on custom sprite movement. There will also be a sample game which will correspond to the project. Also in the future we hope to be looking at building scrolling background, and moving it horizontally and vertically. 

In the near future. A new utility for SEUCK users who own reset cartridges will be coming its way. Have you ever made your own SEUCK games, own a 1541Ultimate 2 or Action/Retro replay cartridge and wanted to place some title and in game music on to your SEUCK game creation? Well in the future you will be able to do exactly that. SEUCK Buster 2 intends to give you a choice whether or not you would like to have title music only, in game music only, both, or just a plain clean SEUCK game with no music at all. 


Do you remember the Christmas TND hit, Starfysh last year? A brand new version of this game has been produced, exclusively for issue 12 of Reset64 magazine's Mix-I-Disk. The game will feature the same levels as normal, but it also features additional music, and slightly harder game play. Due to the size of the exo-compressed data. I have had no choice but to make this game a multiload. As soon as Starfysh Remix has been uploaded by Reset. A digital .D64 and multiload .TAP file will be released on to The New Dimension.



The voting phase is still in session through until 4th August 2018. After the voting phase has finished. Results will not be announced until the enhanced SEUCK compo prize and package has been made. Also to make things fair. Should any of my games win the competition. I will also do an enhancement for the runner up. The winner's game will also make an appearance on to issue 12 of Reset Magazine's Mix-I-Disk.

If you haven't done it already:

13th July 2018

MIX BOX #7 Released


Get ready for yet another 5 funky new tunes. The seasonal Mix Box is here, and it is the 7th edition in a series of music demos. Usually I deliver one at least 4 times a year, to show some of my hard work on the music composing side. This edition of the music selector consists of a brand new oldschool look, with plenty of rolling rasters. There is also an excellent logo by Rotteroy/Megastyle. Huge thank you for your help Roy ;) Now sit back, relax and enjoy the music.



Christian Siege has programmed a little BASIC fighting game called Knight Fight. It is a slightly colourful game, in which you must fight an evil knight, also defend. This game tests your reactions. Be too slow, and you might lose the fight.

KNIGHT FIGHT - Purely 100% written in BASIC

7th July 2018


The Official C64 SEUCK Compo 2018, now draws to a close. It is time to VOTE for your favourite C64 SEUCK Compo entry of all time. So then, which game really stood out for you?. It is time to vote. The winner of the SEUCK Compo 2018 gets a prize of a full SEUCK enhancements. A brand new title screen with high score table, in game enhancements and a few other things. The prize will also feature in the compiled SEUCK Compo 2018 disk later on in the summer or autumn of this year. 


4th July 2018

NEW Contributor's release:

Thinker 2018
by Matteo Angelini

You're probably expecting a little break from SEUCK games, and 4K games by now? So to give you a break in between comes this little puzzle game by Matteo Angelini. Thinker 2018 is an assembly programmed conversion of a puzzle game, which was originally made in BASIC through Compute Gazzette. This is a puzzle game, in which you must highlight all of the letters in purple. Pressing keys 1 - 6 will trigger a chain reaction over the letters. Fill all 9 letters purple, you win the game. There's no time limit., So take your time and relax :)

Thinker 2018 - Contributors page

1st July 2018


Rabid Robots 4K - Out of Control
by Richard Bayliss and Alf Yngve

The first of two Reset Craptastic compo entries, submitted in time for the deadline are here. Rabid Robots 4K is a simple little score attack game, which was originally Alf Yngve's idea. It was programmed in CBMPRGStudio. The game graphics were made in SEUCK, but THIS IS NOT A SEUCK GAME. So it would not QUALIFY for the SEUCK compo 2018. :) You play the role of a little school boy who was playing in the back yard, who has to spray his water pistol at menacing robots. They want to capture his dog. Should the robots hit either the boy or the dog. Both will flee. Could this game become a future tape loader game? We'll have to wait and see :)

Rabid Robots 4K - Out of Control

Toxic 4K by Shaun Pearson and Richard Bayliss

The final of two TND craptastic compo entries comes Toxic 4K. A simple little score attack with a challenging difficulty curve. Play the role of an industrial cleaner, who has to clear as much radioactive slime as possible. The trouble is that more slime gets spilled at a random position. The cleaner must also keep the giger counter at condition green. Should too much slime appear on the screen, the giger counter will go upwards and there's no stopping it. If it reaches red, the alarm goes off, and then you are dead. What a lovely game :)

Toxic 4K

JUNE 2018
30th June 2018

Battle in the Woods

The deadline for submissions is just under a week away. The compo has finally reached its 10th milestone. A talented Italian retro gamer, and SEUCK fan who calls himself VOX VG has launched a fantasy game for his submission. This is a game called Battle in the Woods. Where the protagonist is Eddie, a young adventurer, who has to break a spell of an evil wizard. Armed with stones, he must take a journey across the woods, and fight the mutant creatures, wizards and guards. Can he reach the castle, defeat the wizard and put an end to the evil wizard's curse?

Battle on the Woods at SEUCK COMPO 2018

29th June 2018

Panzer Patty's Pink Tank Adventure
by Alf Yngve

Alf Yngve has come up with a comedy science fiction game, called Panzer Patty's Pink Tank Adventure. You play the role of a 16 year old American teenager, who has been given a pink tank for her birthday by her parents. Her mission is to drive it through the towns and villages of the states and do battle against enemy tanks and choppers - patrolled by her bullies. Watch out for the super big tanks. They will want to crush you down. Now, where's that selfie stick?

Panzer Patty at SEUCK COMPO 2018

CETI 21 by
TND Games

The 9th entry is CETI 21 by Richard / TND (Why me of course). This is a SCI-FI sideways scrolling SEUCK game. Humans have been transported to CETI 21, a moon light years away from the decayed Earth. The humans built a defence system which successfully prevented CETI 21 from alien attack. Now many years later. The system's OS was being updated, but a fatal crash occurred. The aliens took advantage and breached Sentinel Security Plant and rigged the super computer with one of their own. The defence systems have now turned against the humans. Time to send in the Ultrax 18 drones, to do battle against the aliens, enter the security plant and destroy the alien's mainframe computer. Can peace be restored - or CETI 21 be the aliens's official home?


23rd June 2018

Dreamworld by Gaetano Chiummo

One week before the deadline (with a possibility of 1 more week while an online vote sheet is being constructed before 7th July 2018). The 7th Entry comes from Gaetano Chiummo, by the way of Dreamworld. It is a game, in which you play a role of a little boy who has been very naughty. Father Christmas is very cross with him, and will not give him any presents. The child cries himself to sleep, then finds himself in Dreamworld. A fantasy world, in which he can grab toys, and throw unlimited marbles at the nasty toys and creatures he encounters. Travel across three different worlds. The woodlands, the spooky countryside and ice world. If you survive all through those stages, you'll wake up feeling much happier once more. - Have yourself a merry little Christmas (Erm, what in the summer?!) :D

Dreamworld at SEUCK COMPO 2018

14th June 2018

ASSEMBLE IT - CHAPTER 4 (Rasters, interrupts, intro and demo making updated)

Chapter 4's section on rasters, interrupts, intro and demo making has been updated. A lot of the old content from older versions of assemble it have been merged into one whole page. There is also a new Assemble It update, which involves swinging logos and also my most favourite TND swing intro, I created back in 2013. The code has been dissected and you can download the intro and code, to play around with (Should you wish to).

Assemble IT - Rasters, Interrupts, Intro and Demo Making

SEUCK Compo 2018 - New entry: Algol by Mo Dernart/playOrbit

As the deadline looms in closer, for submissions. A new entry has been submitted this week. This time it is by the name of Algo, by Mo Dernart. This is a colourful weird push-scrolling shoot 'em up in which you control Orbis. Your mission is to take over, invade and destroy the planet of Eden and its inhabitants. The trouble is, you will be battling against them.

Algol at The SEUCK Compo 2018

13th June 2018


As part of the programming simple games chapter. Missile Blasta - Remastered V2 has been added to the specific chapter. This part of the tutorial delves into creating and generating game orientated macro routines. Where basically independent sprites have their own properties, etc. Please note that you UPGRADE C64 Studio to the most recent version, in order to be able to assemble the new macro code.

Assemble IT - Object properties using Macros


Missile Blasta - Remastered V2 is also a full single-screen, multi-level shoot 'em up with much improved graphics and also game play. In which you are in deep space, defending your own home planet from the incoming of giant alien nuclear missiles. Blast those to pieces and score 100 points per hit. Avoid contact with missiles, otherwise you lose a shield. Lose all 5 shields, your ship will be destroyed and Earth will be lost. Complete all 8 waves to save Earth. As always with the tutorial source and binary data included.

Assemble It - Missile Blasta - Remastered V2

2nd June 2018

Scene World Issue 28 Released

Issue 28 of Scene World
has now been released today. The PAL/NTSC C64 talk diskmag has yet some more interesting features. Keeps you up to date with games news, and also teaches you more on cross platform game programming with a selected assembler and Star Toast (Previously released in February 2018 as a standalone game) - Although next issue we are moving to another cross assembler, KickAssembler. There are also a couple of games reviews, NTSC demo related news and also worldwide C64 party reports. Yet another jam packed issue crammed on two 1541 disk sides.

Scene World #28

SEUCK COMPO 2018 News:

NEW ENTRY: Moon Over Afghanistan by Jari Karjalainen

After a long wait since the last entry for the SEUCK compo, comes a new entry for the compo, to fit the Science Fiction category. The game is set in Afghanistan, where you must pilot a drone, and fight your own army, who have been possessed by aliens from out of space? (That's if I am correct). Fly across the desert and do battle against anything that moves and attacks.


1st June 2018

A$$EMBLE IT Assembly programming tutorial updated


Continuing with the Assemble IT game coding feature. The New Dimension is also very proud to bring you yet another FULL game. I thought you probably may want to have a break from space ships shooting aliens for a change. So Alf Yngve and I have come up with a fun platform game, for you to learn from called Rogue Ninja. 
A C64Mini compatible .D64 has also been added with the source. Also featured in the tutorial is a basic introduction on how to spawn new objects.

In the next Assemble IT update, coming maybe in about a week's time. We will be going back to Missile Blasta, and learn to improve the gameplay slightly. Also, as part of the ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. We will also be looking at adding individual sprite/sprite collision for enemies and player - and try to MACRO the code. 


SEUCK COMPO 2018 NEWS - Is the compo DEAD?!?!?!

I just want to keep you updated, regarding the SEUCK Compo 2018. There haven't been many entries for the SEUCK compo this year. Does this mean that the compo is dead?. Honestly not. There have been people keen to work on a new compo entry, but they don't really get the time.Secondly, the themed category seems to put people off. So I have decided to allow ANY unreleased SEUCK title as a compo entry. Do you have a SEUCK game that has not been released online, which you have made. Would you like to enter it to the SEUCK Compo? If the answer is yes. Check out the RULES section in the SEUCK Compo 2018, compo page :)


MAY 2018
12th May 2018

A$$EMBLE IT Assembly programming tutorial updated

3 days ago I did an update on the sprites, and making your own games. Well this weekend we continue to bring you a few more tutorials on the same feature. This time it involves moving sprites horizontally across the whole of the screen, before entering the border. Also a couple of games updated. One of which was Universal Blast Duel (Which has been converted to C64Studio, with binary data + source now downloadable). Also, a remastered edition of Missile Blasta, I game I originally did for the TND Assemble It feature back in 2003. The remastered version consists of some additional improvements, such as new graphics sprites, also a remix of the original Missile Blasta tune. Binaries and Source in C64Studio project format are also available for download.

Other sources are to be converted into C64Studio format, which will take time. There will be more better updates in the future. :)


9th May 2018

A$$EMBLE IT Assembly programming tutorial updated

Last week, Assemble It, was updated on screen drawing, interrupts and playing with raster splits. This week's installment is even more fun. It features a basic tutorial on sprites. There is also a basic example of displaying and moving sprites inside a loop. Finally, you also get to create MOON MADNESS - Episode II, with aid of the Charpad and Spritepad assets and the C64Studio game code. Also for future Assemble IT features. The code will be displayed as a separate page in .txt format. Although with future updates the source, binaries and the entire C64Studio projects the code WILL be displayed. There are still the old ASSEMBLE IT features on this same page, but future examples will be C64Studio based. There's more to come in the future. Enjoy this latest installment of Assemble IT.


5th May 2018

A$$EMBLE IT Assembly programming tutorial updated

After a very long wait (years ago in fact). The New Dimension is very proud to update the assembly programming tutorials (ASSEMBLE IT) with new and quite exciting stuff, for you to enjoy and learn from. The assembly programming tutorial has been expanded to ensure that learning to code on the C64Studio is much easier. A lot of the old content is still on the TND Assemble it feature, but there are a lot of changes are in store in the future of this tutorial making it more worthwhile. In the first updated installment, there is a feature on some of the assembly commands. There is also a table with C64 pointers, which I tried to remember from my head. There are also a load of practical assembly coding tutorials, which are related to screen drawing, including importing CHARPAD matrix and attributes on to the screen and colour RAM. Finally there are also features on raster splits, timing and also you get the chance to code your own intro. I need not say more. Here it finally is, and will be ongoing.


4th May 2018

SEUCK COMPO 2018 Entry #4 - Electric Warrior released to the compo!

The 2018 SEUCK Compo continues, with not only an entry for the SEUCK Compo 2018, but also a final DEADLINE EXTENSION. The deadline for submissions have increased by a month to 30th June 2018. Also NON THEMED entries are also welcome to the SEUCK compo.

Okay, back to the entry. Electric Warrior, is a SEUCK game by Mo Dernart/playOrbit. It is a push scrolling Sci-Fi adventure based in the dystopian future. You play part of the chosen child NRAR, who has been trained to become the new electric warrior. You have been set a mission in which is to locate and retrieve an ancient relic. Can you rid the evil warriors and their weaponry from the evil Doktor Gigglesmith? Only a brave warrior, like yourself can do this.



There have been quite a few requests for some future updates with the Assemble IT assembly programming tutorial. Over the last week or so, I have been putting a little more of my knowledge and note-taking and worked on some updates for Assemble IT. The first set of updates WILL be coming next week. The tutorial will be on-going, whenever I get the time/chance. The difference this time is that it will be based on using C64Studio/ACME, rather than native C64 tools - although it is still possible to code stuff from my tutorials using a native C64, turbo assembler and a few public domain utilities. So don't panic if you can't code in C64Studio. The first update installment will be NEXT WEEK. Some of the older tutorials will be moved around to specific categories and newer tutorials will also take place.

APRIL 2018
24th April 2018

T.N.D C64Mini Collection Pack available

Have you recently bought a theC64 Mini and would like a compilation of TND games? Well, fear not because I have done exactly that for you. The New Dimension has compiled a large selection of my very own worthy games releases from my C64 programming/SEUCK Redux history. Included amongst the collection are: Amazon Tales, Invert, Starfysh, Trance Sector Ultimate, X-Force, and much more. All you need is a working USB stick. Download and extract the compilation to the device then plug into your 64mini. Enter LOAD "*",8 and RUN and you're away :)

Click Here to Download The TND Games Collection

9th April 2018

Another top QUALITY S.E.U.C.K contributor's game - ARHENA THE AMAZON - SPECIAL EDITION by Alf Yngve


Are you ready for some fantasy jungle adventuring? Alf Yngve and The New Dimension is very proud to bring to you a very SPECIAL EXTENDED edition of one of Alf's classic SEUCK games, which he originally wrote back in 1989. This is Arhena - The Amazon - Special Edition. This special edition uses Martin Piper's SEUCK Redux frame work and has a few enhancements. Queen of the Amazons of Mu, Arhena and/or her sister, Arika set off on a long adventure through the end of the world in a quest to search for the fountain of youth. Where one drink from it will make her and/or her sister live forever. Out to stop Arhena her and Arika on their quest for immortality are evil spear throwing tribesmen, giant bugs, tentacle monsters and an evil demon that guards the door to the end of the world. How far will Arhena and/or Arika go to reach the end of the world, to the fountain of youth?

Arhena the Amazon - Special Edition
MARCH 2018

21st MARCH 2018

SEUCK COMPO 2018: Entry #3 - Valkyrie 3 - The Night Witch by Eleanor Burns


It is now time for the third and final episode (I think) of the Valkyrie series. This time it is airborne. Your mission target is set on screen. In order to succeed you must shoot all of the correct target objects, and do battle against a whole lot of mean ground and air based enemies. If you complete all 3 missions through 6 different levels. You will be rewarded a 4 lettered passcode for the game ending (Which must be loaded separately). This game also features some cool power ups - that is if you collect the weaponry object. :) Pip, pip and tally ho :)

Valkyrie 3

16th MARCH 2018

SEUCK COMPO 2018: Entry #2 - Atom Heart by playOrbit


Here is the second entry for the SEUCK Compo 2018. Still in the theme of Science Fiction, playOrbit brings to the competition his first ever SEUCK creation called Atom Heart. You control Atom-X, which has to battle against the Extanoids. Destroy pollutants, and pick up colony relics/aid. Don't hit the pollutants otherwise they will destroy your Atom-X. You must find the main control centre and shut their system down (More or less destroy it). 

Atom Heart

12th MARCH 2018

SEUCK COMPO: Entry #1 - The Last Hugger by TND Games


The New Dimension is proud to present, the very first entry for the SEUCK Compo 2018 (Although this is more of an outside compo entry, rather than an actual compo entry, being that I have made this game). You play an alien species, under threat against intruding mercenaries, and their state of the art tech. You must spit deadly slime at the enemies, in order to keep yourself safe. Also you can lay light green eggs for bonus points - destroy the dark green ones, unless you want to become closer to extinction that is :)


2nd MARCH 2018

NEW GAME RELEASE: Quad Core C64 by T.N.D Games


Are you ready for some penultimate brain storming puzzling mayhem? The New Dimension is very proud to bring to you Quad Core C64. This is a public domain puzzle game I have produced for fun, in CBMPRGStudio (Where the source and binary data can be found on the CBMPRGStudio web site, as soon as it is available). This game was inspired by D-Lite, Reaxion and Mind Maze, but with a major twist. You are connected to a console which gives you a series of puzzles. Your task is to eliminate all of the lights that are displayed on the screen. Warning: Each light gets cross-inverted to another colour. Which means you are guaranteed to get really puzzled - especially considering that there are 3 colour combinations (Red, Purple, Cyan).  To make things even more challenging. You are also against the clock. Run out of time, and you have a limited number of tries remaining. There are 32 different puzzles for you to solve. The early puzzles are pretty much straight forward, but later levels will get frustrating. Can you crack all 32 levels without cheating?. This production also comes with a built in level editor, in which you can design and create your very own levels to challenge your friends. You can even save the game levels you created on to a disk or tape.

Quad Core C64


23rd FEBRUARY 2018

NEW GAME RELEASE: Star Toast by T.N.D Games


Time for a new release, while you're waiting for the last part of the debugging  phase of Quad Core. While I have been working on some articles for issue 28 of Scene World. I also made a  tutorial game (Which the binary data and source will feature in the disk mag itself, as soon as it is released on to the Scene World section on TND web site). The mag has been delayed once again, but I decided to delay the game no further, and had Joerg's blessing to upload this little release. This is a simple vertical scrolling shoot 'em up (NOT a SEUCK game). You control a cyan space ship, which has to do battle against hoards of attacking aliens and try to score as many points as possible. You have a limited number of ships at your disposal. If you lose all of your lives, you will become Star Toast.

Star Toast

There are some more releases to come in March 2018. - Watch this space:)
5th FEBRUARY 2018


Quad Core 64 - Coming Soon!


The New Dimension is very pleased to announce that for the very first TND game in 2018. I decided to not make something with SEUCK this time round. Instead, over the past few weeks I have been working on a brand new puzzle game for the Commodore 64, in Arthur Jordison's CBM PRG Studio V3.12.0. Quad Core is NOT yet released, due to some bug fixing and improvements being made. However this is probably one game which will give your brain a good workout or get you even puzzled. Quad Core is a game, inspired by 2 public domain games Mind Maze and Delight. The idea is to eliminate all of the lights from the game board, by selecting the core central area of the cross. However, as you progress further into the game. It will become even more puzzling. As there will be a selection of different colours to play with. This game also has its own built in editor, in which you can design your own stages, store them to disk and tape and challenge your friends. As soon as the game is ready to be released. It will be downloadable from this web page, and also Arthur Jordison's CBM PRG Studio web site. More news to follow when the game is released.

Cruiser X-79


Also in the pipeline is Cruiser X-79. A vertical scrolling space shoot 'em up, in co-op with Saul Cross (Graphics). This game was inspired by Denarius by Firebird. It is a fast paced shoot 'em up in which you have to battle through 16 different alien stations, destroying as many aliens as you can. The player ship can pick up power ups to boost fire power, gain protection for a short period of time, or even destroy a current elite of aliens. This game may look quite stunning - but it is NO WHERE near to completion yet. The main game code is practically complete. It is just awaiting the additional level graphics, Due to the size of the files/levels. This game will become my first ever multi-load game for the C64. Whether or not the game will be .tap form as well as .d64. We'll have to wait and see. The final game intends be released on to the TND games page when finished.


A 6th edition of Mix Box is intended some time later on in the Winter/Spring time. Hopefully by the end of March 2018. You'll have yet another 5 awesome tunes to sit back and look forward to. The 6th Mix Box will be using the same outfit as Mix Box 5.


28th January 2018

It has been a while since the last contributor's entry was uploaded on to TND. I did have another contributor's game from Alf Yngve, but I have saved it for the next issue of Reset's Mix-I-Disk as it is a real corker of a release. This web site has been very quiet as well. Don't dispair, it doesn't mean TND is doing nothing or that we are dead!. :) There are more new releases in store for you in 2018. A brand new Commodore 64 release, which hopes to come some time in February 2018. Anyway on with today's release:

Contributor's Release: Von Helzing by Christian Siege

Christian submitted me this game, which was made with SEUCK in just a record-breaking hour. It is a score attack Sideways SEUCK game called Von Helzing. You play Von Helzing, a Vampire hunter. Who has to destroy a set number of vampires in each wave. A number on the left of the screen indicates how  many vampires to kill, in order to move on to the next challenge. There's no graphical detail, but this game idea is quite fun.

Von Helzing

1st January 2018
Happy New Year from The New Dimension. Let's hope 2018 is still yet another productive year for the C64 scene.

After  Errazking taking over the 2017 SEUCK compo, and giving me a break from being host. The TND SEUCK compo is back once again. This time it is slightly different to the previouys few compos. You'll see when you check out the compo page.

Shaun 'WEC' Pearson brings out a nice sprite demo of Starfysh. If you find the game to be too difficult, then why not check out this little demo, Shaun has generated using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. Enjoy :)