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25th December 2016
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE, but first some sad news :(

DFlame/Blazon/Crypt/Alpha Flight passed away 23/12/2016.

It is very sad news to hear a fact, that Friday 23rd December 2016. One of my old C64 friends, who helped me out with a few TND productions, passed away after suffering from a heart attack. :( DFlame was known for C64 his programming and bitmap graphics. He helped me with a few of my programming difficulties, in the past. Also he did some nice and rather funny graphics for some demo parts, I wrote or was involved with. Also he made some nice loading screens for some of my games projects. In the next 1 or 2 weeks, I hope to be making a tribute demo with messages from other people from the scene. The demo will be uploaded on to both CSDB and TND web site. Rest in Peace.

... and now for some TND Christmas Presents:
1 Music Demo, A NEW Contributor's game and a SEUCK Redux Special

Mix Box #2 
Just in time for Christmas 2016. The New Dimension is very proud to bring to you Mix Box #2. The same old music selector from the past few months, but with five brand new tunes. Press keys 1 - 5 to select the tune you wish to play, and get the Christmas Party started.

Mix Box 2

Super Silverfish by Alf Yngve
The master of SEUCK, Alf Yngve kicks back with yet another stunning sideways scrolling shoot 'em up sequel, called SUPER SILVERFISH. This is a horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up, inspired by the classic game, Silkworm. Arm yourself a with helicopter and battle through five treacherous zones, defeating the terrorist's evil militia. Pick up power ups, because there sure will be some surprises in store for you. Call this game SEUCK no more :)

Super Silverfish

SEUCK School - Special Edition
A special edition of SEUCK School is finally here. This time, we help you get started with SEUCK Redux. For those who are unsure about what SEUCK Redux is. It is a completely new customisable framework for your own SEUCK games data files (Saved as All Data). SEUCK School gives you instructions on how to get your enemies to use AI, and gives you a simple guide on building your own power ups, status panel, and other useful bits. Make your SEUCK games even BETTER by making them NON SEUCK, and wow your friends. Maybe in the future you could do another Zap Fight 2 was an example that used SEUCK Redux :)

SEUCK School

Although all these are not really festive games, we hope you have a great time. Also have a very Merry Christmas, and see you in 2017.


One of my C64 game projects, Sen2itive has been delayed, as I feel the game project will need to restarted from scratch. This cybernetic ball rolling over the tiles puzzle game was originally intended for a Christmas Day release, but unfortunately things did not really go according to plan. I did test graphics, and I did write music for the game, but the code I added to the first test screen, just hasn't been working right. A strange major bug also occurred. So, I will be starting from scratch, and maybe add some better code with background animation, etc.


You may remember the 16KB cartridge version of Vortex Crystals, and you are still awaiting release for he final version of the game. Good news is that the game is 89% complete, but it is still not ready to be released. Nor will there be another preview of the game. The new front end is complete, the game, itself is practically finished with atmospheric in game sound effects and other bits. There's just the name entry/hi-score table to do, some final phase bug fixing and also I am awaiting Roland Hermans and Joachim Wijnhoven's music for the production. All is going really well with this game. VC will be released some time in 2017 for sure.

4th Decemeber 2016
A New SEUCK Compo Entry released today

Bergbert III - The Blue Knight by Christian Siege
The SEUCK Compo is back with full effect, with yet another entry for the competition. This time Christian Siege delivers 3 weeks before Christmas time, Bergbert III - The Blue Knight. Constructed using the Sideways SEUCK. This is a fun little dodge 'em up, also featuring a brand new tune for the title screen (composed by me). You play the role of Bergbert, the blue knight, who must seek out a naught villain, who has caused environmental problems. Your first mission will be a rather smelly one, and involves sewage. Your second mission could get you frazzled, if you don't power down the plant. Finally your last mission could go with a bang if you're not careful enough. In order to work out the three clues you must play the game to find out :)

Bergbert 3 - The Blue Knight

SEUCK Compo Deadline for submissions is 31st January 2017.

26th November 2016
1 new game from Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto Ricioppo has returned with just one more game before Christmas time. This time he gives space ships a break, and go extreme sports. Well, not completely extreme sports. The entry we are talking about is called Agent 101. A vertical scrolling skiing shoot 'em up. Control Agent 101 through each level, fighting against the enemy henchmen - who also shoot back. Score loads of points and also enjoy. :)

Agent 101

This will be the FINAL TND update, until Christmas time (Unless any more new SEUCK compo entries come along that is ;))
SEUCK Compo Deadline Extended!

Due to the increased working hours I have to do through until Christmas time/ I have decided to put the deadline for future submissions forward to 31st Janary 2017. This of course means you have 2 months added to the previous compo deadline, to get your entries ready in time for the compo. TND updates will continue, if anything comes along, but not as much as beforehand.


SEUCK School Update
Just a quick update on the SEUCK School page. We show you how to program a PAL/NTSC detection subroutine on how to get the PAL version of SEUCK to display the scoring panel on NTSC machines of the Commodore 64. Also, a very quick tip on how to get music to play more acccurately on NTSC machines as well. Both are in the same category. Get your C64Studio out :)

SEUCK School

28th October 2016
The Invasion has Started - New C64 game from T.N.D

Let's Invade
After the promising release of a 1 level preview of Let's Invade back in August. The final and full version of the game has finally been unleashed. Let's Invade is a Space Invaders type of game, but with a slightly original and psychedelic twist of a scrolling void with thumping trancce music in the background. You have to fight invaders inside a psychedelic scrolling void. Aliens also have a different behaviour to make you go mad. The game also consists of assorted power ups and 40 levels of pure alien blasting fun.  This game also carries an important health warning, and contains strobe effects (Which can also be disabled). Have fun!

Let's Invade

Vortex Crystals - Quick news update

You may have remembered back in 2015 I launched a 16KB cartridge version of Vortex Crystals for the RGCD 16KB cartridge competition. There were some good moments creating the 16KB version, but there were still missing elements and things like that. Well good news is that T.N.D games is back in action to finish this game off. So far I have managed to implement subroutines to make harmless teleporting sprites, before aliens appear back in to the game. Also the second missing element was of course the in game sound effects. The new version of this game gives out spectacular sound effects. Also will feature a brand new front end, with hi-score table, and also some stunning atmospheric music by YogiBear/Protovision.

For the timebeing, you can try out the 16KB version of the game which is on the TND games page while you await a final version of Vortex Crystals some time in 2017. :)

Vortex Crystals (16KB Compo version)

24th October 2016
2 contributor's games from Roberto Ricioppo

Bicycle Rider to Hunt
Roberto's back with 2 games. The first game is called Bicycle Rider. Get yourself on to a BMX and start cycling across the road, and also battle against the competitors in order to become the ultimate champion. Who's the ultimate cycling champion?

Bicycle Rider to Hunt

Dyriun T2
Roberto's second helping is a futuristic space blaster called Dyriun T2. In which you must rescue your planet by entering Dyriun T2, and battle the aliens. In order to restore energy to your planet.

Dyriun T2

15th October 2016
1 contributor's game

Toz Muz Lines by Roberto Ricioppo
Here's a game to GET YOU IN LINE :) Toz Muz Lines is a little score attack game, in which you must battle against the enemy lines. Score as many points as possible. This is a real tough game. So make sure you have nerves of steel to play it :)


7th October 2016
1 funny new C64 game from TND

Granny's Teeth by TND Games
How would you to play the role of a jumping Granny in a funny little platform game?. Well, with thanks to T.N.D, we have made this possible for you. Granny's Teeth is a funny little platform game, inspired by the classic games creator games,  by Mastertronic. Granny's Teeth isn't one of those, but was self-programmed by yours truly, Richard with graphics by Saul Cross. :) This is a simple little platform game, in which you play the role of Granny Hegarty, who gets up later in the morning, only to discover her teeth has gone missing. Her grandchildren may have something to do with it.

Granny's Teeth

5th October 2016
1 Contributor's Game

Helicopter 3 by Roberto Ricioppo
Just a quick update today before something *specially funny* THIS FRIDAY!. Roberto Ricioppo springs back a day later from his last release with Helicopter 3. Fly your helicopter into the enemy territory, and do battle against the enemy forces.

Helicopter III
4th October 2016
1 Contributor's Game

Winco by Roberto Ricioppo
While we have been getting used to space ships, robots and other mech type of objects in Roberto's games. Roberto has surprised us with something completely different. A sideways SEUCK adventure game called Winco. You are Winco a poor adventurer, who studied a book about the forbidden woods near your local library. You read the history about a gem being locked somewhere in the forest. To find out whether or not this story is actually true or not. You decide to go into the woods in search for the gem - which could make you richer. However, in order to find the gem, you have a tough adventure on your hands.


30th September 2016
Get in the Mix and feel the slick beats!

Mix Box #1 by Richard/T.N.D

How would you like some new tunes for a change? Well, good news is that. TND is very proud to bring you Mix Box #1. An oldschool music selector demo, inspired by the Music Pot Pourri demos, and the Apex Music demos. This week, I compiled 5 brand new tunes, unreleased and created some nice colourful code, and turned it into the very first edition of Mix Box. Mix Box 2 is planned for the near/distant future. Enjoy the first edition :)

Mix Box #1

Carhadron by Roberto Ricioppo
Roberto Ricioppo brings yet another SEUCK game for you to enjoy. This time it is Carhadron, a game in which you patroll a space ship inside the Carhadron mines. Battle your way through nasties, and try to get out alive.


26th September 2016
Quick bit of TND news for you.
Let's kick off with:


This autumn will be seeing at least one brand new C64 game. Let's Invade, is nearly finished and is just under beta-testing with a couple of my usual testers. It is another 'Space Invaders; game. Although there will be some twists and turns to the game. The project has been turning out really well so far. There have been many blogs about this game on TND64.UNIKAT.SK. Some pleasing results :) A new blog will follow later on this week.

The final version of Vortex Crystals has been temporarily held back while I'm waiting for the updated sprite animation. However some more news about this game project reveals that YogiBear (Joachim) has stepped in to compose atmospheric tunes for this game. Since the original music I did was only exclusive for the RGCD 16KB cartridge compo 2016. :)

As well as Let's Invade still being under testing, and awaiting final tape mastering, TND will also be producing and bringing out to you a music demo called 'Mix Box'. A music pot-pourri, with a selection of 5 unreleased tunes, to get you jiving through. Tunes vary from DMC GoatTracker and the CheeseCutter music editor. There'll be some nice oldschool features in the demo as well. :)

25th September 2016
SEUCK Madness - 4 new games from Roberto Ricioppo
Now that's what I call generous :)

Blaster 2

First of all comes Blaster 2, a vertical scrolling space shoot 'em up by Roberto Ricioppo. It is a simple shoot 'em up, in which you must blast your way through a star base, and fight alien craft.

Blaster 2

Quazyvar 2

Next from Roberto is Quazyvar 2, another vertical scrolling shoot'em up, created using SEUCK. Yet again it is another futuristic space blaster with colourful graphics. Fly through the enemy starship, and make a big mess out of it. If you can that is :)

Quazyvar 2

Xiendres 3

Roberto's 3rd game for today is Xiendres 3. A tough horizontal scrolling  labyrinth shoot 'em up game. Created using Sideways SEUCK. Guide your saucer through the push-scrolling maze, and fight the aliens. Mind you don't get zapped.

Xiendres 3

YDAS 2 - The Galaxy of Corruction

Finally from Roberto comes YDAS 2 - The Galaxy of Corruction. A sideways scrolling SEUCK title, in which you must battle through the galaaxy, battling against the alien forces.

... and that wraps our weekend update!


24th September 2016
A new SEUCK Compo Entry

F-Clash 64 V1.1 by Canseco

We had to pull version 1.0 outside the competition, due to the fact that the game was not quite ready and I just uploaded the compo entry too soon at the time it was still being produced. Sorry, that was my fault. Anyway, here's the final version of F-Clash. A neat horizontal scrolling sideways SEUCK war game. Fight enemy forces across 2 different stages. The city and the ocean. Can you put an end to the war for once and for all? Good luck pilot. You fight alone.

F-Clash V1.1

19th September 2016
1 Contributor Game

Borck by Roberto Ricioppo

Only one update (which will be the FINAL update for this week, as I have a very busy schedule over the week or so). Roberto Ricioppo is back with another sideways SEUCK game. This time it is a cute horizontal scrolling shooter called 'Borcky', in which you play Borcky, a cute creature who has to fly across a cave where mean creatures pop by to make Borcky's life a misery. Can Borcky save himself from those bullies?


16th September 2016
1 Contributor Game, and 1 Contributor Utility released

Laser X1 9 by Roberto Ricioppo

Another SEUCK game for you to enjoy. Roberto delivers from his C64 to the outside world - Laser X 1 9. A shoot 'em up in which you have to save your space station Laaser X 1 9 from an alien invasion. Strap yourself into a cruiser and fight against the alien forces. Save your station, or risk everything.

Laser X1 9

Megaclock by Matteo Angelini
Finally for today's update is Megaclock, by Matteo. It is an alarm clock for the good old C64. Relive the late 1980's/early 1990's with this handy program. Set the time and the alarm and then press the spacebar to start the clock. :)


7th September 2016
TND Goat Tracker V2. Worktunes - Released

Goat Tracker Workfiles by Richard Bayliss

As a real treat for wannabe C64 musicians, who want to use Goat Tracker to compose their own tunes. I am happy to bring to you an archive with a lot of my work files - except for the unreleased tunes, which I have made for a load of games in the past. Maybe you'd like to compose your own trance style music, in the style of 'Zap Fight' or 'Trance Sector', or maybe do some cute tunes, then we have some work tunes specially for you to play around in GoatTracker.  :)

Richards' GoatTracker V2 Worktunes

2 NEW contributors games from Roberto Ricioppo

Silicom Tunnel by Roberto Ricioppo

The next game from Roberto Ricioppo is a horizontal scrolling SEUCK creation, called 'Silicom Tunnel'. It is a game in which you must guide your space ship through the Silicom Tunnel, having to watch out for the nasty alien ships. Can you fly through to safety, or will you be defeated?

Silicom Tunnel

Silicom Tunnel by Roberto Ricioppo
The second helping of SEUCK games from Roberto Ricioppo is a vertical scrolling SEUCK creation,by the name of Galaxy 09. Pilot your ship across the colourful galaxy, battling against the alien empire. Watch out it is going to be a huge intergalactic space war.

Galaxy 09

2nd September 2016

1 Contributor's entry
Pinnynoid by Roberto Ricioppo
Game 161 of Roberto Ricioppo arrived in my in-box this week. This time, it is a horizontal scrolling SEUCK game called 'Pinnynoid'. I don't really know what this game is all about, as usual no instructions was provided. So once again, I made some up for you. Guide your space disc through alien territory and blast out the bad aliens ... Nothing else too it :) Have fun.

27th August 2016

The Invasion is Coming - Autumn 2016
Let's Invade by TND Games
Although I have been sidetracked at times, to compress, master and upload contributor's stuff, other tape mastering and tasks, etc. Some other activities have also been in place this week. The game project, Let's Invade has continued once again. You had better get the barricades ready, because an invasion of a certain kind is coming this autumn. Check out my blog to find out what has been happening over the last few days?

WORK IN PROGRESS: Let's Invade now has 11 levels fitted in. A rolling 2x2 tile effect. Border tweak for power up test, and purple aliens for extra lives (orange aliens are power up aliens). To find out more about this game, here's the latest BLOG update:

TND Blogspot - Let the Invasion Commence [PART 3]

2 New contributors releases
Lost Spaceship by Roberto Ricioppo
First of two games comes Lost Spaceship by Roberto Ricioppo. Once again it is a sideways scrolling SEUCK game in which you patrol a spaceship that flies across each enemy zone. You must do battle against your enemies, and make your space ship not lost no more. Oh well :)

Lost Spaceship

Planets of Rebellion by Roberto Ricioppo
Adding a total of 160 titles by Roberto Ricioppo, Planets of Rebellion is the 160th of his games. Patrol your ship through a rebellious planet, battling against the Rebellion alien forces.

Planets of Rebellion

25th August 2016
1 New contributor release for a Thursday

Boncher II by Roberto Ricioppo
Only one game today from Mr. Ricioppo, in which is a small SEUCK game called Boncher 2. Can you pilot a drone over an industrial plant, and  battle against the rogue defences?

Boncher II
23rd August 2016
2 NEW Contributors Releases from Roberto Ricioppo
162 Police in Action
Roberto's first game for this week is '162 Police in Action'. A game in which you play a police officer who is at war against criminal gangs. You set out into your police car in order to do battle against the gangs, and bring back peace and justice to your community.

162 Police in Action

Second Tunnel X5
Roberto's next game for this week is 'Second Tunnel X5', a horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up, in which you must fly through a tunnel, and do battle against aliens, in order to get back to your mothership safely.

Second Tunnel X5

13th August 2016
1 NEW Contributors Releases from Roberto Ricioppo

Commander 02
For this weekend's ONLY update today, Roberto Ricioppo delivers another SEUCK game. This time, we can have a little break from space ships and robots, and go commando instead. You are assigned as Commander 02, who must thwart plans of an evil; dictator, who captured your comrades. In order to succeed with your mission, you must fight the enemy forces. Good luck sir!

Commander 02

11th August 2016
1 NEW Contributors Releases from Roberto Ricioppo

ZB Rinco
In the summery weather, you need a nice ice lolly to cool you down. NOT this time, with thanks to Roberto. The ice lollies are in fact vicious mutants. Luckily to stop them, is you, as ZB Rinco. A Mexican gangster, type hero - who must melt those lollies down. Go on, have an ice cream instead :)

ZB Rinco

10th August 2016
1 NEW Contributors Releases from Roberto Ricioppo

Shomys 06
As a quick update today, Roberto Ricioppo's back with Shomys 06. Another vertical scrolling shoot 'em up. In which you patrol your space craft up through the space corridor, battling against the enemy ships and trajectories. Only the best people can get out alive - can you?...   Best of luck!

Shomys 06

8th August 2016
1 NEW Contributors Releases from Roberto Ricioppo

Mission Ras 2
After a day or so with 7 releases the weekend is over, but ... Well, Roberto is back once again and this time with a SEUCK game called Mission Ras 2. In which you must guide your ship around the labyrinth having to avoid becoming cheese-on-toast.

Mission Ras

7th August 2016
7 NEW Contributors Releases from Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto is back with some new games and this time, 7 more come their way. I won't describe the games much, due to time restrictions, but here's what games we have for you:

Jimbas the Warrior
World of Numbers
Abyss Global

Super Road Seven 06
Arcadians 071
and finally Cloco the Robot

6th August 2016
1 Playable demo

Let's Invade Preview by TND Games

After a bit of nagging to get a release I decided to do exactly that. This is the first and hopefully last WIP playable  demo of a new Space Invaders game I am currently writing for the C64. Get out the city, drive a tank and destroy the aliens, as they come towards the bottom of your home planet. Hopefully better background designs and colour schemes will be made in the furure :)

Let's Invade

Contributor's Round Up

Zub the Box by Roberto Ricioppo

After a 2 week break on vacation, Roberto has been busy on a new SEUCK game. Once again he's unstoppable with yet another sideways SEUCK game creation. This time it is 'Zub the Box'. A small game in which you must guide Zub, a box across Box World, and fight against the enemies. Watch you don't get shredded by the enemies.

Zub the Box

24BIT Frequency Counter

Matteo Builds a CIA frequency counter program, and also gives out a listing for you to assemble and run in Endurion's C64Studio.

24BIT Frequency Counter


Finally Matteo Angelini brings to you SIDScope, a small demonstration / utility, which gives out equalizer style visual effects. Matteo has also provided the original source code which created this tool. So, should you wish to use or improve this program to show off your tunes, or something like that, then please give it a go :)


5th August 2016
SEUCK School Update

Dark Force -  Dissected

The long awaited SEUCK school special feature is finally here. The New Dimension reveals the enhancements to a SEUCK game, which eventually become a tribute to Faster than Light's 'Light Force'. Revealed is the code that enhanced the game, and made it it was intending. Source includes:

- Title Screen
- In game enhancements
- Hi score / name entry
- Get Ready / Game Over
- End sequences

and much more. Make sure you have your programming hands at the ready as this is pretty much a lengthy feature, and the source code is self-explainable. I have also included downloadable access to the full binary and source code of this SEUCK spectacular. We might reveal Zap Fight's enhancements in the next installment. I'll discuss it with Alf Yngve first :)

Dark Force Dissected


SEUCK School

JULY 2016

7TH JULY 2016
1 Contributor's game

City Cars 3 by Roberto Ricioppo

The next game from Roberto Ricioppo. We have a sideways scrolling shoot 'em up called "City Cars". A SEUCK game in which you have to guide your little car across a city. Out to slow you down with you progress are ruthless drivers, armed with pistols. Luckily for you, you have one too. Can you rid the city from those ruthless drivers?

City Cars 3

4TH JULY 2016
1 Contributor's game

Thadex Y1 by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto Ricioppo's next game is Thadex Y1. A vertical scrolling space shoot 'em up, in which you battle your way through alien invaders and score more points! Once again, this game was created  using SEUCK. Enjoy!

Thadex Y1

2ND JULY 2016
SEUCKer Saturday - Another SEUCK Compo Entry

F-Clash 64 by Canseco

Another Sideways SEUCK  comes along, but this time not by Roberto Ricioppo (He's busy making another game, heheheh :)) Instead comes a SEUCK compo entry by newcomer, Canseco. F-Clash 64 is a colouful horizontal scrolling blaster. You are assigned of a Pilot who has to battle across the city, and over the sea. During your battle, you must fight against the enemy forces on ground, buildings, air, and sea. Mind you don't crash into the buildings. This is after all not a good idea :).  WHOOOHOOO!!!


Breakaway 64 (Updated) by Matteo Angelini

You may remember Breakaway, released last week. A bug had persisted inside the game, where the colours did move around in the grid, but the letters never moved at all. This new version of Breakaway 64 has this bug fixed, and also another fix up inside the game. I have now replaced the previous edition of Breakaway. Enjoy this updated version of the puzzle game! Hope you enjoy ;)

Breakaway V1.1

COMING AUGUST 2016: SEUCK School Darkforce - Disected

Find out how those amazing enhancements in the original Dark Force game (Not SEUCK Redux version) had occurred, and how the game also had 2 endings. Also, revealed will be the title screen code (Which is currently being commented in C64Studio at this moment in time).

JUNE 2016

27th June 2016
Manic Monday - 2 full contributor's games

Hover Raider RX by Alf Yngve and TND Games

First off, comes a great new version of a very old SEUCK game by Alf Yngve, released on the Reset magazine Mix-I-Disk today.  'Hover Raider'. It is a fast paced vertical scrolling shoot 'em up. First released back in the early 1990's on the Binary Zone PD catalogue. Now turned into more of a budget commercial quality looking game (Although it isn't a commercial game). This game was actually a little experiment for me, as I wanted to try and implement my own sound effects into a 2 channel GoatTracker tune inside SEUCK Redux. Also I was very intrigued in generating a new score panel using chars rather than sprites. The result turned out great at the end. So here it finally is. Available to download from THE NEW DIMENSION.

In this game, you must guide your hovercraft around the landscape, doing battle against enemy forces, that are based on ground, sea and air. Some small, some big. Take great care moving your hover craft around each area. Some enemies will aim for your hovercraft, so you had better get out of the way, otherwise you could end up being fired at. One blast or a sudden bump with trees or other solid objects will waste one of your hovercrafts. Can you beat the battle, or will your mission fail?

The game consists of an easy and hard version. Easy version for practicing over a slow moving scroller, and hard mode for the ultimate challenge.

Hover Raider RX

Soldier Yeteran Defends for Earth by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto Ricioppo strikes back with yet another funny little SEUCK creation called "The Soldier Veteran Defends for Earth". It is a vertical scrolling shoot 'em up in which you play a soldier veteran who has to battle against an army full of aliens. Since the aliens landed on to Earth and want to wipe out the humans, and take Earth as their home planet. You certainly will have a huge battle in your hands. Now grab that pulse laser rifle and shoot those aliens into oblivion. Good luck alien hunter.

Soldier Yeteran Defends for Earth

23rd June 2016
1 contributor's game

Evolution of War in Space by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto brings out yet another Sideways SEUCK game, by the name of Evolution of War in Space.  It is a game in which you enter an alien space ship, and must fight against legion, after legion of aliens, in order to rescue Earth from being invaded by the Aliens.

Evolutiuon of War in Space

19th June 2016
2 contributor's games

Motty by Roberto Ricioppo

First waiting in the contributor's queue is a SEUCK game called 'Motty' by Roberto Ricioppo. In which poor old Motty's village is being invaded by evil characters. He must attempt to save his village, by battling against them. Will he be able to save the village or will Motty face his fate?.  


Breakaway 2016 by Matteo Angelini

Finally to end the contributor's front comes quite an original puzzle/strategy by the name of Breakaway - 2016 edition. In this game you have 3 counters in which you have to try and corner the computer's counter from reaching the very bottom point in the game. The game features additional enhancements which I could not resist to program in, to kill time. Don't get too puzzled playing this game.


Breakaway 2016

8th June 2016
1 contributor's game

Imperial X7 by Roberto Ricioppo

Just under a week later, after the last game roberto released comes yet another new Sideways SEUCK game, called 'Imperial X7'. A game in which you must fly your hero through the underground lair of planet Imperial X, and zap out the alien spies. Can you save Imperial X7 from a threat of global destruction, or will the planet be destroyed?.

Imperial X7

3rd June 2016
1 contributor's game

Shadow of Two Worlds by Roberto Ricioppo

Only a very small update today. This time it is yet another Sideways SEUCK game from Roberto Ricioppo, called 'Shadow of Two Worlds'. A black + White space shoot 'em up, in which you must guide your spaceship across the landscapes. Then do battle against the fleet of assorted alien ships. Two worlds are at war against another. Only one person can stop this battle from becoming a mess, and that is YOU, pilot. :)

Shadow of Two Worlds
MAY 2016

27th May 2016
Honey Bee now Officially released.

Honey Bee by Autumn Soft, and The New Dimension

Despite the ups and downs we have been having with this game in the past, and a leak of a previously unfinished version of the game into the cracking scene. Honey Bee is finally officially released for Psytronik. The game is available as a FREE digital download, directly from the TND games page. The game features a brand new presentation, a smart intro, a smart bonus stage, 16 levels of mayhem, a high score table, and much more. You just don't want to miss out on this game. Psytronik Software are also selling copies of this game on physical media, on disk or tape. Can you help Buzzy Bee impress Queen Bee by gathering loads of honey, and dropping it (at any height) into the bee hives in 16 different zones. Or will the great outdoors be too much for poor buzzy? No TND intros this time ;)

Special thanks goes to everybody who was involved with this game. Hope you all like the finished result :)

Buzz over to TND GAMES and enjoy Honey Bee

You also don't want to miss THIS:

X-Force - Final Version by The New Dimension is here!

To mark the 1st anniversary of X-Force (2015 Edition, as that was the month I believe that was the month that I sent the game to Psytronik). I am very pleased to announce a year later, a FREE digital download of this marvellous Hewson Subterranea, inspired horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up called X-Force (Cross Force). Where you have to control a ship across 8 before (and after) landscapes, inside the mines of the planet Darx. Destroy the aliens wave, after wave that come along. Then fight (or chicken out) from the end of level guardians. This game was officially my first decent shoot 'em up. Pick up the power ups in order to battle through. Watch out for the background, the laser gates and the grey alien mines. Now features in game sound effects, a crazy hack, and other extra goodies.  Enjoy. No TND intros this time ;)

Special thanks goes to everybody who was involved with this game. Hope you all like the finished result :)

Blast your way to play X-Force

1 Contributor's Game

Pablito Head by Roberto Ricioppo

Time to play with some food, with yet another funny looking Sideways scrolling SEUCK game creation by Roberto Ricioppo. This time, it is a game called "Pablito", in which Pablito, a piece of toast is in patrol. He must go around the maze and battle against the enemies. Will he succeed or will he become burnt toast? Play the game to find out :)

Pablito on Contributors Page

Other news

You may have noticed that the TND games room hasn't been maintained for a very long time. This unfortunately due to major issues with JAVA seecurity updates. The application

20th May 2016
1 Contributor's Game

Mebby the Big Head by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto's next game is Mebby the Big Head. Where you player a big head called Mebby, who, unsurprisingly has to battle through each castle, fighting the enemy big heads. Have fun :)

Mebby the Big Head

17th May 2016
1 Contributor's Game

Arthur the Viking by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto's next game is Arthur the Viking. In which you play a fearsome Viking who has a terrible ordeal, where he must fight against enemy ships. Armed with just a scimitax, he must try to do damage against the ships and enemies, in order to beat the opposition and keep on raiding the islands.

Arthur the Viking at the Contributor's Page

15th May 2016
1 Contributor's Game

Super Magnetic 2020 by Roberto Ricioppo

This game has been lying in my inbox for a few days now, and finally it gets released. Probably because I have been really busy recently, and had no time to master and upload this little game. Anyway, here it finally is. 'Super Magnetic 2020', written by Roberto Ricioppo. A game in which you guide 2 magnets across the alien corridor, having to avoid the walls. Shoot the aliens, and make sure you have a steady hand (and good composure). That is if you do have a good composure that is. Good luck, you'll need it.

Super Magnetic - On contributior's page

13th May 2016
SEUCK Compo 2016 - A New Entry

1917 by MiniMoog/Slavia

A forth SEUCK compo entry has now taken place, by the way of 1917. A little joke creation, which was inspired by the year 1917. This game isn't to be taken too seriously and has not been made to offend anyone. The whole world is ruled by imperial capitalists, exploiting workers and peasants. Oh! poor workers and peasants! You’re the power of the world, but rich men don’t appreciate you! There is one brave person who wants to change this misery – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin! Workers, peasants, comrades! Let the Revolution to begin, let the Red Power to win the dominion stolen by capitalists.

1917 by MiniMoog

I do have a contributor's release from Roberto Ricioppo, and should hopefully have it online tomorrow. 

9th May 2016
1 new contributor's game

Nick in the Land of Giants by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto Ricioppo returns with his 131st game, called "Land of the Giants". A sideways scrolling SEUCK game in which you play adventurer, Nick who enters the Land of Giants. The Giants are not very happy with him trespassing on to their land, so they set out their Giant buddies in order to stop him. Nick is armed with a catapult, and tries to knock them down,simply by pelting stones at them. The giants have got the same idea as well. Can Nick get to safety, or will he be defeated? It is a real tough game, so you'll need proper timing for this one.

Nick in the Land of Giants

7th May 2016
1 new contributor's game

Uncle Smarty by Roberto Ricioppo

Uncle Smarty has popped by in my in box. It is yet another new SEUCK game creation from Roberto Ricioppo. You are Uncle Smarty, who has to rid the factory of rogue robots. Since the mainframe system had accidentally reprogrammed the robots to take over the world. It is up to Uncle Smarty (You). Good luck!

Uncle Smarty

6th May 2016
2 new contributor's games

Action Tank 2 by Roberto Ricioppo

Quite recently TND received Action Tank 2, a Sideways SEUCK game by Roberto Ricioppo. It is a simple little game, where you drive a tank across enemy territory and must blast the enemy tanks to shrapnel.

Action Tank 2

Reverse by Matteo Angelini

Also recently comes this little puzzle game by Matteo Angelini, called "Revers", a C64 conversion of the KIM-1 puzzle game. All you need to do is relax, and swap letters around  and complete the puzzle in 11 moves or less, in order to win the game.


2nd May 2016
Scene World 26 released, plus a new contributor's game

Scene World Issue 26 by People of Liberty

Finally after a long delay, issue 26 of PAL/NTSC talk diskmag, Scene World magazine is finally released. This issue features an oldschool intro, also the mag has had a major makeover, with the content. There's news on C64 new game releases, game reviews. There's also an exclusive review on the C64reloaded motherboard, party news, interviews and much more. Not to be missed. Issue 26 is available to download from TND's Scene World page, as well as CSDB, and the official Scene World web site.

It's Scene World Issue 26

Bomber Fight III by Roberto Ricioppo

The unstoppable Roberto Ricioppo launches a colourful S.E.U.C.K  game into the contributor's section called "Bomber Fight 3". A game in which you must control a bomber across the game area, battling against the enemy forces. There are a few ambush traps, which you must watch out for (the 3 light grey dots may probably represent the mines). Anyway have fun with this blaster. :)

Bomber Fight 3

SEUCK Compo 2016 News has moved

The SEUCK compo news has now been moved on to a separate page. A link underneath the logo should take you to the SEUCK news, should you wish to find any more news about the entries in this year's prolonged SEUCK compo.

1st May 2016
Improved version of Alien Formation Maker V1.0 released

Alien Formation Maker V1.0+

An improved version of the Alien Formation V1.0 has now been released. There were a couple of major bugs that were left in the previous release. So I have spent a little time and fixed the major issues. The directory option will now clear the screen before it displays the disk directory. The recorder and playback option didn't initialise the starting position of the memory, which caused sprite movements to be completely out of place when writing own programs using the generated X+Y position tables. I tested this version on a tutorial project I'm working on for issue 27 of Scene World Magazine, and the new version works out much better.

Alien Formation Maker V1.0+

APRIL 2016
29th April 2016
1 Contributor's game released

Sfylar 06 by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto Ricioppo brings today, "Sfylar 06", a horizontal scrolling alien blaster, created using Sideways Scrolling SEUCK. In this game, you have to guide your space ship across Sfylar 06, in a bid to free the universe from domination by the Sfylarians. In order to do this, you enter the main star station, and battle your way against the enemies. Can you save the universe from being taken over by hostile aliens? Or will hope finally be lost forever in the conflict?

Sfylar 06

24th April 2016
Let's Get Moving

New tool: Alien Formation Maker V1.0 by The New Dimension

When I was writing the game X-Force back in 2014. I wanted to write a little source, which allowed me to record, and test alien formation. Now 2 years later, after the success of X-Force. I'm very proud to bring to you a handy utility (built in 2 mornings) called 'Alien Formation Maker V1.0'. This program allows you to write your own 256 byte table for X position and Y position of sprites which uses XMSB (asl, ror $d010) method. With aid of a joystick and function keys, you can record your own sprite movements. There is also a playback option which plays the alien formation (using 8 sprites). All you need to do is program your game. :)

Alien Formation Maker V1.0

24th April 2016
A new TND Contributor game

Labyrinth of Procton 4 by Roberto Ricioppo

At the end of this weekend, Roberto delivers a new SEUCK game called 'Labyrinth of Procton 4'. A game which not only requires good shooting skills, but good stealth skills in dodging the deadly lazer beams, as they are rapidly being blasted out. This game requires a calm nerve and quick thinking. So are you brave enough to beat the Labyrinth of Procton IV?

Labyrinth of Procton 4

Coming soon ... 'SEUCK SCHOOL UPDATE: Dark Force - Disected'

20th April 2016
A new TND Contributor game

Methamorfosys by Roberto Ricioppo

Another SEUCK game from Roberto Ricioppo. Methanmorfosys is a game, in which you fly a space ship across the space garden, and battle against the enemy ships, that intend to ruin the garden. Save the plants.

Luna Lander

16th April 2016
5 new TND Contributors games
Some more brand new Contributorss games have popped by. We have one game by Matteo Angelini, and a 4 SEUCK games by Roberto Ricioppo. Here's what is in store for you today.

Lunar Lander C64 by Matteo Angelini

This is a C64 conversion of a KIM-1 book game. You take control of a Lunar Lander, which must land safely on to the ground. The only trouble is that when falling at a long distance, the gravity pull is in full force. Using the keys 0-9 will controll the thrust of your lander (Which you won't see until it starts falling to the ground). Can you land safely or will you end up in peril?

Luna Lander

Agent Rod by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto delivers 4 SEUCK games. First up is Agent Rod, a horizontal scrolling espionage, where you are Agent Rod, having to battle against the enemy forces. You are travelling across the bridge, and must fire at all enemy vehicles on sight, should you wish to find the evil villain who is obviously hiding away, hoping he will not be captured.

Agent Rod

Jocopter by Roberto Ricioppo

The second game Roberto brings is a mountain helicopter game called 'Jocopter'. In this SEUCK creation, you are flying over mountains, and must avoid the green peaks. Fight against the enemy gunships and win the battle.


Mr. Cipo the Robot by Roberto Ricioppo

The third dose of SEUCK action today, from Mr. Ricioppo, is Mr. Cipo the Robot. A nightmare has begun. Mr. Cipo has become a robot (or is he dreaming?). He is trapped in a high security protected building and has the urge to make a huge escape from the enemy robots. In order to do this, he must zap them. Can Mr. Cipo finally make his escape, and become the normal Mr. Cipo, or will he be trapped in his nightmare forever?

Mr. Cipo the Robot

Sumyo 3 by Roberto Ricioppo

.... and finally today comes Sumyo 3, by Roberto Ricioppo. A tough Sideways SEUCK shoot 'em up. You are a Sumyo 3 security droid. Your mission is to break out of the rogue security system, and battle against the enemy robots. Should you succeed, you'll win the battle. Should you faid, then the game is up.

Sumyo 3

15th April 2016


Some very big news for the tape fanatics out there. Finally Tape Master Pro V3.0 by TND, is finished, and is now available on the TND downloads page. With this utility you can master your very own programs of up to 161 blocks with a nice flashing border, a scroll text, optional flashing tape sprite, and display a loading picture, play music, etc. Tape loader also handles load error detection and can run programs that use a BASIC SYS run. If you written a new game and want to make tape masters (and tap files) out of them. This program is for you. Full documentation and 2 example masters provided :)

Tape turbo by Martin Piper

Tape Master Pro V3.0

8th April 2016
Honey Bee - Coming May 2016

Some big news for you, regarding Honey Bee. You may remember back in December 2014, Honey Bee got released into RGCD's 16KB cartridge competition?. Over the past couple of years or so. Wayne and I were looking forward to getting the final production made. The game got finished in early March 2016 and was finally submitted to Psytronik Software. Below are some  snapshots of what the overall production looks like. Before you look at them, let me tell you about the game in general. Unlike the original 16KB compo version, I created. You don't have to wait for VERY LONG de-compression this time round.

Honey Bee features a disk / tape loader with JSL's stunning loading picture. Only the tape version uses a honey bee-style loading stripes scheme (I thought yellow+orange would be ideal for this). The game also features a nice new animated front end, which cycles through each character, at first. Then flips straight on to the high score table. (Key F3 is a shortcut to take you straight to the high score table). There's also sound options: In game music, or buzzy bee cute sound effects, an intro sequence, and an end sequence. There is also a hidden Trainer of Wayne's, can you find it? He'd look silly if he went out and worn only one :D

Not only will Honey Bee be released on physical Disk + Tape by Psytronik Software. We will be hosting a free download of the game on the TND GAMES page. :)


The final version of this game will be uploaded on to the TND Games page in May 2016, as well as released on DISK + TAPE and free digital download by Psytronik Software. Hope you're looking forward to seeing the final production.

1st April 2016
2 new games by TND for 16KB Dev Compo released

While Roberto Ricioppo has had is day of fame last night (heheheheh). It's our turn. This time, by revealing excellent news that the 16KB Cartridge Game Dev Compo, as received many entries, including many stunners. Which I just cannot wait to play. However, other great news is that TND has also participated in this year's  (Or should I have said, last year's) 16KB Game Cartridge Dev competition. Run by RGCD. The idea of the competition of course was to program a top notch Commodore 64 and develop a digital 16KB cartridge image for the entry and then submit it, in time for the 31st March 2016 deadline.  There are so many entries this year ... However, here are two TND entries, which are also AVAILABLE for you to download from the TND Games page. The games are only in 16KB Cartridge form (CRT) and should work fine on a 1541Ultimate 2.  Here's what corkers you have from TND:

Vortex Crystals (16KB version) by TND Games

How about THIS for a corker of a game? Vortex Crystals was my first submission for the dev game compo.  This is a co-op game production with the master of SEUCK, himself, Alf Yngve. It is a single screen platform game, where you play the role of a Special Forces Operative, who must save the world from a future alien invasion, simply by jumping around and picking up crystals from the VTEX complex, and destroy them. The only trouble is, the Vortex Complex is high security, and you are trapped inside each room. In order to get out. All crystals must be removed, and the infinite alien robots will try and destroy you. If all crystals have been removed. You must destroy an alien robot to retreive the pass card.

Vortex Crystals (16KB)

Blap 'n Bash Revisited by TND Games

Blap 'n Bash, a breakout game which blew people away last year, has once again made a comeback with a fresh new interior design, now sounds and music, and most important of them all NEW levels. The game, itself is still very crazy.This game is probably guaranteed to drive you really crazy Blap the ball, bash those bricks with it, and clear the screen. Try to avoid the red zone. The balls will help bash those aliens. Pick up power ups and experience the wonderful world of Blap 'n Bash in 16KB form.

Blap 'n Bash Revisited

MARCH 2016
31st March 2016
3 new SEUCK games from Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto Ricioppo delivers another 3 games, all PuCrunched and mastered to .D64 and .TAP for the TND contributor's today. If you think that's the end of the TND updates this week. Just wait until you see TOMORROW's news update. It's even bigger - and it will be no April Fool either (Since the update won't be until after 12PM UK time). Hahahaha. :). Anyway, here are the 3 new games from Roberto, while you wait for tomorrow's big news!

Attack to the Spaceship YM2

This is just a horizontal scrolling space SEUCK game, where you fly your ship across the rocky landscapes, and do battle against alien ships. Mind you don't crash into those satelites. Our Earth people won't be very pleased. 

Attack to the Spaceship YM2

Last Shake

Next up is a vertical scrolling SEUCK game, Last Shake. Yet another futuristic blaster, in which you must fight across a vertical scrolling world, battling against aliens. (Again :))

Last Shake

S Y L O S T261

Sylos T261 is yet another vertical scrolling shoot 'em up, in which you fly through another world, battling against the alien empire. Yawn... let the battle commence ...

S Y L O S T261

28th March 2016
Another SEUCK game from Roberto Ricioppo

Yet another tiny update today. This time, with another SEUCK game creation from Roberto Ricioppo called Teptus 1. A game in which you fly a ship across the landscape and do battle against enemy forces. Enjoy

Teptus 1

25th March 2016
1 SEUCK game from Roberto Ricioppo

Only a small update today, since I am really busy this weekend. Today we give you 'Fourth Street', a SEUCK creation written by Roberto Ricioppo. In this game, you control a car, who has to shoot at various enemies and other objects around you. Watch out for various obstacles, otherwise your car will crash.

Fourth Street

18th March 2016

Let's get the weekend started with the releases, before GOOD NEWS and some BAD NEWS ...

Sheepoid - Frozen In Time - Released

What originally was planned to be a TND Christmas 2015 release, was long delayed, for one reason or another. Sheepoid - Frozen in Time is finally a secret out of the blue and is NOW AVAILABLE for you to download from the TND GAMES page. This is not a playable preview, but an older build of the actual full game of the original Sheepoid. This game is full, due to the number of levels that were added to the game. The only things missing in this version of the game was the 'Smart Bomb' and the 'Hi Score Table' feature. Those two features appeared in the final version of Sheepoid. The reason for why I called this version 'Sheepoid - Frozen in Time', is because this version was found on the PC in an old projects file, and was indeed frozen in time 5 years ago.  This game contains similarities to the final release version, and also major differences to the release version as well. Hope you have fun shoot at the alien invaders with your sheep. :)

Sheepoid - Frozen in Time

Petaco5 by Errazking

Right in front of the C64 Contributor's front comes 'PETACO5', by Errazking. This is a neat compilation of C64 pinball machines, created by Errazking, using Electronic Arts' "Pinball Construction Kit". The game also features music mixed with the sound effects. Unlike many pinball games created with this kit. This release consists of very nicely done handcrafted PBCK games, guaranteed to knock your socks off. Load them up and enjoy the classic Pinball gaming moments. :)

Petaco 5

Super Pizza 2 by Roberto Ricioppo

Robric brings us a SEUCK title called 'Super Pizza 2' in which you play a plate, which shoots pizza at other things! Weird, but fun :)

Super Pizza 2

...and finally on the Release front

Dreider 6 by Roberto Ricioppo

Robric brings us alien blasing with a sideways SEUCK called Dreider 6

Dreider 6

...and now time for some GOOD NEWS

SEUCK Enhancements Framework and Tape Master Pro V3.0 is coming this Spring

Have you ever wanted to build new front ends for SEUCK games, display high score tables, power ups etc? Well this will be possible in mid-late Spring as I do intend to make a framework that can actually do this to SEUCK games for the NEXT INSTALLMENT of SEUCK School. It will be C64Studio/ACME cross assembler compatible, but it should be easy enough to make it Turbo Assembler compatible for 1541 ultimate users.

Other news. You might have noticed already, the loading screens for last year's Sideways SEUCK Compo 2015 prizes, and also PETACO5. They use a new TND loader system called Tape Master Pro V3.0. There is currently no PD utility made yet, but this will eventually happen. Imagine this... Mastering your own favourite games with a professional looking tape loader that can load koala paint pictures, play music and even run crunched BASIC programs - without having to remember the SYS jump address of your game (if not sure).  I have been working on the main loader system to make much tape mastering so much easier and more customizable for single filed programs.  Other features updated, include the colour washing bar, loader cycle table  (Will be optional in the menu), and also a 'PRESS SPACE' routine after loading has finished - To give you the chance to heaar loading tunes in full.

... and now for the bad news.

Honey Bee is not released YET

This may sound like bad news to you all. It isn't all that bad news, there's no death to this game... Don't worry!. I have had some emails which are concerned about a final release of Honey Bee. The people mainly were asking me "when will it be released?" ... Unfortunately I don't know when it will be released. The game will be released eventually, but at the moment there is a queue of other games that came before Honey Bee, for Psytronik Software. The game is still intended to be released to Psytronik Software, and is most definitely finished and mastered. Anyway don't panic. The game will eventually get released.... It is unknown when, although I do promise you - there will be a FREE digital download to this production as well.

For the timebeing, here's a few screen shots for you to enjoy:

Otherwise... Look out :)

7th March 2016
Logic game from another contributor.

Bagels 1.0 by Matteo Angelini

Who remembers the KIM-1 machine? The famous Jim Butterfield wrote a logic guessing game for the classic KIM-1 computer, in which you have to guess a 4 lettered code. The computer then results in whether or not how many letters are in the correct place or how many correct letters are in the wrong place. You had a series of guesses. In the past, we saw PD games programmed in BASIC called 'Mastermind'. Now Matteo has ported the classic Bagels game to the C64, and features custoim made graphics, and a nice tune for you to enjoy. Have fun!


SEUCK Compo 2016 News Update

I am very happy to announce that as from 1st or 2nd April 2016 (Depending on how early I get the compo page finished). The Official C64 SEUCK game creating competition is going ahead. Unlike previous competitions, this competition will be having 3 different categories. Where not only normal SEUCK users can participate, but programmers can also get involved (as long as it isn't me... Hahahaha!). The 3 categories are: BACK TO BASICS, where you can create a SEUCK game with no additional programming. THE MOD SQUAD, which was started a couple of years back, where minor in game enhancements could be added. Finally THE FULL WORKS, where your games can be produced with FULL TITL+IN GAME ENHANCEMENTS. This year TND has an invitation for programmers to participate in this year's competition. NEW COMPO, NEW RULES, NEW MUSIC, MORE FUN!

5th March 2016
3 brand NEW contributor's game releases from Roberto Ricioppo

Three new SEUCK games from Roberto Ricioppo

Fix the Fuxia

The first game is one, we had forgotten to add to the contributor's page. It is a game called Fix the Fuxia. Where you play Mr. Fix, a mechanic and DIY freak, who thought he was a real expert at making new things. He builds some robots, and accidentally programmed them incorrectly. Now the robots are trying to take over the world. Can Fix save mankind from those robots by destroying them - or will the robots reign the power within?

Fix the Fuxia

Syrium IV

Secondly comes a game which is a horizontal scrolling space shoot 'em up. In which must defend you home planet from alien invasion.

Syrium IV

Truck Master II

Trucking with a big battle on your hands against enemy truckers, who just think they're the kings of the road.

Truck Master II

4th March 2016
2 brand NEW contributor's game releases

Happy weekend everyone. The New Dimension is very proud to bring you two contributor's releases for the start of this new month. Here's what is in store for you today:

Slime Deluxe by Mr. NOP

Mr. NOP brings a special 'Deluxe' edition of the C64 port, of Jim Summer's CBM PET game 'SLIME'. This deluxe version features brand new graphics, in game animation, improved game play, exclusive new thumping trance music and loads of alien battling fun. You must check it out! It's awesome!

Slime Deluxe

Super Bus F512 by Roberto Riciopopo

Roberto delivers to TND 'Super Bus F512'. A game in which you face other busses in a huge battle. This game was created using The Sideways scrolling SEUCK.

Super Bus F512

28th February 2016
1 new SEUCK game from Roberto Ricioppo
Popo Buum

As a quick contributor's update today. We bring you a cute little SEUCK game called Popo Buum by Roberto Ricioppo. Popo Buum, is a little alien, whose world is being invaded by deadly enemy ball type creatures. Popo Buum must zap at them quickly before they get at him. Can popo finally save his world from the invaders?
28th February 2016
1 new SEUCK game from Roberto Ricioppo
Popo Buum

As a quick contributor's update today. We bring you a cute little SEUCK game called Popo Buum by Roberto Ricioppo. Popo Buum, is a little alien, whose world is being invaded by deadly enemy ball type creatures. Popo Buum must zap at them quickly before they get at him. Can popo finally save his world from the invaders?

Popo Buum

19th February 2016
2 new SEUCK games from Roberto Ricioppo
TM21 Attack Tank

The first game, which Roberto brings to the TND contributors is TM21 Attack Tank. Which is a simple tank war game.  Guide your tank through enemy territory and blast the enemies to pieces. Try to survive through the deadly warzone.

TM21 Attack Tank

Son of Mr Cipo

The second (and final game for today) is the Son of Mr Cipo. A game in which you are trapped in a forest and need to make an escape from the enemy toys that approach you.
Son of Mr Cipo

13th February 2016
New contributor's game released
SLIME C64 by Mr. Nop

It is time to go back to memory lane with this neat C64 tribute of the classic PET game 'SLIME', written by Mr. Nop. This is a frantic shooter in which aliens scream down into the screen to generate slime, which then transforms into spore. There are also aliens that move across to open the slime more, to give spore. Not only does this game consist of classic 1982 style PETSCII gameplay, but it also consists of cool sfx and also hard thumping trance tunes to get you in the mood. There could be a deluxe version on the cards in the near future, if all works out well. If it does happen. We might also host the game on the contributors page as well. :)

Slime (C64 Port)

12th February 2016
New SEUCK contributor's game released
ZYMONIX II by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto Ricioppo brings out his first SEUCK game creation of 2016, exclusively for TND's contributor's page. This time it is Zymonix II, which is (surprise, surprise) another simple alien blasting game. Fly through each zone, and blast down the aliens and their trajectories. Don't get destroyed, otherwise your world will be invaded.

Zymonix II

1st February 2016 - Winter washout 
Sideways SEUCK Compo 2016 Prizes released

January has been quite aa productive month on the TND front. Not only did we submit progress updates of TWO 16KB cartridge compo entries for RGCD's 16KB game cartridge competition (And expanding the games after the compo). The New Dimension has also been busy ENHANCING and MASTERING all of the entries for the Sideways SEUCK Compo 2015. After publishing the final results, the prizes are now ready to download from the Sideways SEUCK Compo page. There's also a little more about the prizes. Alf Yngve's 'Edge of Time' is still undergoing brand new enhancements for the next series of Alf Yngve's "Shoot Em Up Destruction Set" compilation. Hoping to be released around about spring time.Anyway, enjoy the releases:

Sideways Scrolling SEUCK Compo 2015

SEUCK School Updated

The SEUCK School page has been updated for any SEUCK users, who want to learn more about the tricks and tips in developing extra features inside a SEUCK game. Alf Yngve's games made a good impression on many SEUCK fans. Also with the extra features, such as power ups, this made the games more impressive. There's a series of brand new tips from TND, and also some very exclusive tips from Jon Wells as well.

SEUCK School

26 January 2016 - Just a couple of things !!!
SEUCK School scheduled and SEUCK Compo prizes update

There is a new update scheduled for TND's SEUCK feature, SEUCK School is sheduled some time next week. We also have a BIG surprise in store for you on the 1st February 2016, regarding more SEUCK tips. You will see when all gets revealed. There will also be a di-section of one of TND's previously enhanced SEUCK games. Which game will this be? It was a much loved title, I can guarantee that :)

There will be a new SEUCK compo in April 2016.

10th January 2016 -TWO NEW  Contributor's GAMES from Matt Angelini
Crazy Letters and Pong 1.0 released

Two new Commodore 64 games have been launched on the contributor's page today. They are 'Crazy Letters', a reaction testing game - where you have to type in the letters that appear on screen and fly over to the right hand sign. There is also PONG 1.0, which is another PONG variant, with a series of options. These two games were the first ever games (and probably still are) that were programmed by following the 'Assemble IT' feature, as well as possibly a few other sources as well. Hope you will have fun with those two games.


PONG 1.0

1st January 2016 - Happy New Year
Sideways S.E.U.C.K Compo 2015 results have no been announced. Find out which game has won the competition.

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2015 - The Results


NOTE: The next SEUCK Compo will commence MAY 2016