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11th December 2015 - Voting form is now live

Apologies for the delay, but you know what it's like when it is one of the most busiest times of the year. Anyway, good news is that the voting form is now live. If you like you can vote for your favourite compo entry. 31st December 2015 will be the closing date for votes. Results will be revealed in January.


2nd December 2015 - Submissions now closed

I now declare that the deadline for submissions for the Sideways SEUCK Compo 2015 is now closed! An online voting form will be activated some time on 5th December 2015. Voting will end on 31st December 2016. Results will be revealed 1st January, and prizes will commence 1st February 2016, or maybe earlier. This year's Sideways SEUCK compo wasn't as successful compared to the mixed SEUCK compo hosted earlier on this year. There will be a mixed SEUCK compo some time next year - but this time - Spring - Summer.

Huge thanks go to Errazking and Alf Yngve for their compo submissions. Even with just 3 entries. There is still a compo ;)

EDIT 06/12/2015 - Due to heavy workload from over the last 2 weeks or so. The votesheet has unfortunately been delayed until 11th December 2015. Closing date for voting remains unchanged.

7th November 2015 - Third entry: U91306-Eidothea - The Daughter of Protheus, by Errazking

The third entry comes today, by the way of U91306-Eidothea - The Daughter of Protheus. Written by Errazking. This game will take you for a voyage into the body of a human being, and battle against the deadly viruses, and bad cells. Can you cure Protheu's daughter from a really nast virus, before she's gone forever?

U91306- Eidothea

27th September 2015 - Second Entry - Retro Reto Pan by Errazking
The second entry for the 2015 Sideways SEUCK compo is a funny cartoon game called "Retro Reto Pan". It is a game in which you are Pan, a really small chap who has to save the world from a mad professor, by fighting against his minions. You also get to repair broken machines, and try out arcade machines for extra points. :)

Reto Retro Pan

21st August 2015 - First entry just in ... Edge of Time by Alf Yngve
Just under a week of launching the SEUCK compo. A new has already been produced. Alf Yngve's entry, "Edge of Time" is a sequel to Double or Nothing (Which won the official SEUCK Compo in 2014). This time the game takes you further into the future. This is an action packed split screen shoot 'em up, in which features HUGE sprites. Why not check it out :)

Edge of Time

Did you enjoy the official SEUCK Compo 2015 earlier on this year? Want more? Well the good news is that TND is once again doing another SEUCK compo and this time it is to support the Sideways Scrolling version of SEUCK. The idea of the competition is to create and generate your very own game, using SEUCK Sideways Left (by Jon Wells), and try to make it stand out to the rest. You are allowed to enhance your game slightly, with various SEUCK enhancement tips/pokes which I have provided (Which requires programming).  For more information on compo rules, some enhancement tips, etc:


The Official C64 Sideways SEUCK Compo 2015 page


December 2015
25th December 2015

It's a Christmas Update
Merry Christmas everybody. We have a neat Christmas update. Mainly by the way of mostly good quality SEUCK game releases. Before all that. Let's start with this.

Honey Bee Redux - Now on .D64 and .TAP
Afer a very long wait. (Over a year or so), the 16KB cartridge compo version of Honey Bee appears in disk and tape form, free for you to download. Joe Dixon's remix of one my tunes also makes an appearence on the tape loader system. As an extra bonus - You don't have to wait over 45 seconds for de-crunching the game after loading the .D64 or TAP version of the game. Since the 16KB cartridge compo for 2014 has finished. Can you help Buzzy the bee gather enough pollen to make Queen Bee happy?.

Watch out for the final free digital download of the full game coming some time in 2016.

Honey Bee RX

Flying Cobra RX by Alf Yngve
Alf Yngve strikes back with an awesome vertical scrolling SEUCK blaster for TND. This is 'Flying Cobra RX'. A very special UNSEEN version of an old SEUCK creation, which was made back in 2010, but never saw the light of day until the release of the disk version of Kung Fu Maniacs. We have pushed this game even further to bring you more in game enhancements. A brand new front end, and some really cool explosion effects. Can you battle against the enemy forces and win the Nuclear War, or will the dictator be too good for you!

Flying Cobra

Kuhn Lin RX by Synchro
This game surprised me a few weeks back, when announced on Lemon64. I remember the game 'Beach Head 2' really well. Since I first owned the U.S Gold classic on Commodore Force's Reel Action tape, around about Christmas time 1994. The 'Escape' stage was one of my all time favourite parts of the game - as I love a good shoot 'em up. Kuhn Lin is no exception. Instead of controlling a helicopter, the player controls a tank.  This game was written back in the 1990's by Synchro. TND also has the privilege to not only host this game on the contributors page, but also make a special REDUX version of the game. Kuhn Lin RX is born, and features more challenging game play - such as enemy AIM firing. Add this one to your Christmas list  ... Oh, too late - you already have it :D

Kuhn Lin

Ulysses II RX by Synchro
Synchro's second nice looking game from the 1990's comes 'Ulysses 2 - Legend of the Gods'. A simple space shoot 'em up, in which you must fight against the forces of evil in order to break an energy source and obtain a script, guarded by the energy. During the flight, you have to battle against the gods and try to reach the Hadeys sector aboard the ship. There are tough challenges ahead. Considering some the of the enemies AIM before they try and shoot your ship down - with thanks to SEUCK redux :).

Ulysses II

Ladybug 2015 by Mr. Nop
Finally to end the Christmas contributor's release extravaganza comes a game by the name of Ladbug 2015. It is a C64 port of the classic arcade game, using PETSCII graphics. Also included is one of my tunes that I originally wrote for JCB/Meanteam's C64 port of the type-in game 'Taipan'. Which sadly didn't get finished. Anyway enjoy this A-Maze-ing game and try not to get too BUGGED about it if you don't play that well :)

Ladybug 2015

2nd December 2015

Sideways SEUCK Compo Submissions NOW closed
As mentioned above in the SEUCK Compo section. The deadline for the submissions for the Sideways scrolling SEUCK compo has now closed. Voting will commence 5th December 2015, when the voting form will be live on screen. Huge thank you to all entrants who submitted their compo entry on to the TND web site. Future submissions will be uploaded on to the contributor's page.

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2015

Christmas is Coming ... New stuff on its way!
The New Dimension will be releasing some more new stuff this Christmas, mostly by the way of contributor's games. There are also one or two big surprises in store for you all to enjoy as well, courtesey from "The New Dimension". Watch out on 25th December 2015 and you'll see. It is all under wraps at the moment, but when you open the present on Christmas Day - you'll be in for a surprise.

November 2015

7th November 2015

U91306 - Eidothea, Daughter of Propheus released by Errazking

Errazking brings to the TND Sideways SEUCK Compo 2015 - Eidothea, Daughter of Propheus. This is a game, in which you have to guide a sub inside Protheus' daughter, and battle against deadly viruses. In order to make her better again. The game features some nicely designed landscapes inside the human body. It also remind me of a classic game, 'DNA Warrior' one way or another. Dare you voyage into the human body and find a cure for a deadly virus?

U91306 - Eidothea @ Seuck Compo 2015

Links page updated. 
Just a quick bit of news for you that the Links page has been updated with a few more links to the site. They are:
October 2015

30th October 2015

Links page updated. 
Just a quick bit of news for you that the Links page has been updated with a few more links to the site. They are:

Quantum Link - A US and Canadian online service, which was operated from 5/11/1985 to 01/11/1995. The site was available for the Commodore 64 back in those days. QL wasn't connected to the internet, and was originally a BBS system based on Play Net software.

Commodore Format Archive - A web site devoted to UK's no.1 paper magazine back in the 1990's. It features previews of some of the older issues of the magazine, exclusive interviews with the ex-staff, and also three shiny digital Power Pack tapes, which you can download and enjoy/

1541Ultimate - The hardware which most C64 users have probably put in their collection already. This fantastic cartridge device allowed the C64 fanatic to digitally preserve their own software to .D64 or .TAP formats, etc. There is also occasional firmware updates, to help improve the system's capabilities. The 1541U2 is truly recommended as an alternative to a 1541 disk drive, tape deck, etc. Only a serial cable, micro SD card and optional USB is required. Or if you want to load tape files (from the TND web site), a tape adapter is also available from 1541Ultimate.
10th October 2015

NEW C64 game released today - BLAP 'n BASH
Some time last month saw the release of 'Nuclear Strike Force'. A vertical scrolling SEUCK game, by yours truly. Now we give you a break from SEUCK and bring you a funny breakout game. The game is called Blap 'n Bash. Imagine how crazy it would be to play a breakout game, where two bats are to be controlled with one mind? Well, this game is really crazy, and consists of zany power ups. A little something which should hopefully keep you occupied and confused. Blap the balls, bash the bricks - win the game!

Huge thank you goes to Errazking for his great loading picture. Looks really artistic ;)

September 2015

23rd September 2015

SEUCK School Update - C64Studio SEUCK Framework added
An update on SEUCK school has been added. This time, we kindly bring you a SEUCK framework, which you can play around with the possibility of enhancing your own SEUCK creations. A quick starter has also been added, in a future SEUCK School update we'll be expanding the framework to add additional subroutines into the game.

For now, here's just the framework for you to play with:


22nd September 2015

20 Years on, and still going strong ... plus a new C64 game from US !!!
TND celebrates the 20th Anniversary of own Public releases since the first ever release made back in 1995. A special article has been written about how it all started. Also gives a highlight of some of the TND game titles, which were released in the past. Still looking into the C64 scene's future, and looking forward to produce some more new games.

20 Years of own PD Released

and to celebrate the 20 years, here's a little present for you to enjoy ...

Nuclear Strike Force by TND Games
Get ready for pure blasting and destruction with my latest game. 'Nuclear Strike Force' takes you into the year 2031. Where you fight agaist the 'Red Section', a military group, who's leader builds a powerful Nuclear rocket on the Red Island, and starts a Nuclear war. President Rocket calls for the 'Nuclear Strike Force' to try and put an end to the war by sending a commander in to send some pilots out to the war zone. That commander is unfortunately you.  Collect airships for power ups.

This game was originally designed and created using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit, by me, and then was imported into the latest version of the SEUCK Redux engine. The game consists of a brand new animated front end, enemy AI firing, in game music, animated background, and really cool power ups. Looking at all of these enhancements will make you wonder ask yourself "Is this game really SEUCK?".


Zick vs Zock by Roberto Ricioppo
Roberto Ricioppo brings 'Zick VS Zock', a SEUCK game in which you battle against alien ships and try to save the universe and everything. Just like many space shoot 'em ups :) Heheheh. Go, on give it a try,


Scene World Issue 25 released
The C64 PAL/NTSC talk diskmag continues its glory with issue 25 of Scene World. It features 4 disk sides of interviews, reviews and other special features. Some of which include exclusive interviews with creator of Boulderdash, an interview with ex-C64 musician Uncle Art (Who remembers the C64 version of Power Drift, Steet Fighter 2, etc?). Also a report on the Vienna Commodore event, and yet more game reviews, including a classic game from the past.


5th September 2015

Blander TSK128 by Roberto Ricioppo
Roberto brings a sideways scrolling SEUCK game called Blander TSK128, in which you are a top security robot, out to guard RRHQ from spy robots. Armed with a lazer cannon you set into the air and blast your way across the corridor. A war of robots has just began.


War on Planet Pegys
Roberto's second coming of the day is War on Planet Pegys, where you control a ship, which has to protect the city from an alien invasion.


August 2015

29th August 2015

JET B27 Botter by Roberto Ricioppo

It is time to set off into the skies and attempt to blast off your opponents in this sky high sideways scrolling SEUCK game by Roberto Ricioppo. Enjoy


28th August 2015
SUMMER SIZZLER - 3 New Contributors games

Despite Summer this year not being that good, weather wise. TND's back with a summer sizzler of 3 new contributor's releases. The programs are as follows:


MEGATRON is an awesome spinoff to the classic 'TRON' lightcycles game. In which you play against the computer around different courses trying you best at attempting to trap him/her. There have been many TRON clones on the C64, which were programmed in BASIC as a type in. This one however - is NOT one of those type-ins, but a proper full game, crammed with many challenges, and also a series of options to help you make the game easier or harder.



Big Face is a sideways scrolling SEUCK title, in which you have to defend the world of happiness from evil faces.



Finally a space game, in which you fight aliens that try to invade the planet of Chaplex. Can you be brave enough and have whaat it takes to defeat the alien fleet?


21st August 2015
SEUCK School is now open

A brand new feature, on the TND web site is finally here. It is SEUCK School. A page dedicated to programming / POKEing techniques which helps you enhance your very own SEUCK titles. The tutorials start from cleaning and compressing your games, through to giving it a complete makeover. The feature is on-going and will be announced on the news page. Various features intended to be added in the near future include:

Score sharing for both players, synchronized death sequences, a simple new front end programming tutorial, A C64 studio SEUCK framework (Allowing you to add/code things at ease without needing Action Replay), A complete di-section of a fully enhanced SEUCK game. and much more.


14th August 2015
Sideways SEUCK Compo 2015 has started

Yet a brand new C64 competition hosted by TND. This time it is another SEUCK compo, but this time round it supports the Sideways Scrolling S.E.U.C.K editor by Jon Wells. The idea of the competition is simply to create your very own top quality, C64 Sideways scrolling shoot 'em up, with cool graphics, sfx and ideas. So then, do you feel motivated enough to build your own SEUCK game , using the Sideways Scrolling Left adapted version of SEUCK (Since Right scrolling version doesn't exist)? If the answer is YES then check out:

July 2015

17th July 2015
No More Updates until mid August 2015

Just a quick message to let you know (Also added to the front page), that this will be my final update for this month. I will also not be available for internet access from 25th July - 8th August, 2015 due to circumstances beyond my control. Emails and private messages will be delayed. Normal service will resume 9th August 2015. 

15th July 2015
Profile / History update.

I left the profile page out of date for so long, this week I have been spending most of the free time, updating it with some fresh new stories and history. Have fun reading it.

Profile page

7th July 2015
2 new games from Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto Ricioppo delivers yet another two games, which are now featured in the contributor's page. The two games were created using the Sideways Scrolling SEUCK engine, and are as follow:

Little Trains
A game in which you have to shoot enemy steam trains, while trying to move across the track. Can you move the enemy trains out the way before your train gets de-railed?


Spix in Space
You are an alien in which has to fight enemy aliens through space.

June 2015

29th June 2015
3 new games from Roberto Ricioppo

Over the weekend, while I was busy with something else, I received some more contributor's games. Roberto delivers yet another 3 SEUCK games, in which are as follows:

Fix the Fuxia
Battle your way against an army of machines, score loads of points, but watch out for the enemy fire.

Fix the Fuxia

Super Jet 3
A game in which you control a jet across a no-fly zone. Blast at the enemy jets, but watch out for enemy fire.

Super Jet 3

A space battle game, where you fly across each zone, battling away at enemy star ships. Can you defeat the alien empire?


26th June 2015
SEUCK Compo 2015 - Prizes available

SEUCK Compo 2015 prizes are now available for download on the SEUCK Compo Page 2015. The three main games that won the top 3 places in the SEUCK compo consists of new front ends loading pictures and other goodies. Both in .d64 and .tap form.


20th June 2015
SEUCK Compo 2015 - Prizes update 

The prizes are still not quite ready for release yet. However there are a few more snippets of the prize versions of the games. All front ends and enhancements are complete. All to wait for now are the loading pictures. Then it's on to the final tape mastering / pic-linking to the game. Hopefully the compo prize package will be ready in about 1 or 2 week's time. Please watch this space.


14th June 2015
 NEW SEUCK Game from Roberto Ricioppo

Back to Ziridium
Roberto Ricioppo delivers a new ZX Speccy Look game for the Commodore 64 called 'Back to Ziridium'. It is a vertical scrolling shoot 'em up, which is uses a familiar form of attack formations. Guide your ship through each zone, battling against the alien forces, and avoid your ship from becoming fried too much, otherwise it won't be rebuilt and game is over :)

Back to Ziridium

12th June 2015
3 NEW SEUCK Games from Roberto Ricioppo

Over the coming week, I had been hit with some more ZX Spectrum Style C64 games for the TND contributor's page. And here's what Roberto has got in store for you today:

The first game is a wild west sort of game, in which you must shoot down the bad guys, and survive for as long as you can.


Last Mission 5
The second entry is Last Mission 5. A game in which inolves shooting enemy space ships to their own doom.

Last Mission 5

... and finally

Major Ducth
Not pretty sure what this game is all about, but to me it looks like a sort of driving and shoot 'em up.

Major Ducth

6th June 2015
NEW SEUCK Game from Roberto Ricioppo
Global Space
Roberto Ricioppo wanted to try and give the next C64 game a ZX Spectrum kind of look. This time he brings out a horizontal scrolling SEUCK game called 'Global Space', in which you fly across the landscape and blast enemies to their doom. The game is of course available on the TND contributor's page.

Global Space

2nd June 2015
3 more SEUCK games from Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto has brought us another 3 new games, which are now on the contributor's page. The games are as follows:

A small game in which involves battling against other robots and droids.


Hunt Flags
a flag hunting game.

Hunt Flags

Three Circles
A game in which you blast circles.

Three Circles

May 2015
30th May 2015

GTW SEUCK Effort from 1988

There have been quite a few SEUCK 'Megablast' games in the past, which all ripped graphics from Xenon and other games, commercially sold back in those days - NAUGHTY NAUGHTY!. Frank Gasking has come across a game that looks as if it was never released and contributed this production to TND - and it is a REAL STUNNER. 'Megablast' is a small vertical scrolling shoot 'em up game, in which is based in space, features some nice intro programming, and also some great music, which was composed using Future Composer back in the day. The game consists of nice graphics, and also no RIPPED graphics from other games. More information about the production on the contributor's page. Go on, give it a MEGA BLAST :)


A few more SEUCK games from Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto Ricioppo has provided some more of his SEUCK game titles, which are quite an assortment. Theses games are as follows:

Bikes in Action
A sporting shoot 'em up where you mount yourself on to a bicycle and cycle the long road. Meet other people - but they are not nice people. Try not to fall off your bike, as you'll most certainly be laughed at by any youngsters.

Bikes in Action

The second helping of SEUCK action, comes in form of 'Birds'. No, not Hitchcock's novel, but a game in which you are a farmer who just ploughed your land and put the seeds in place. Alas a series of crazy birds decide to invade the farm and pinch the seeds.Luckily you are armed with a musket gun, and you are willing to knock those birds flying. Warning, the birds have their own weapons too ... Don't let them poop on you.


Fixy the Commander
The third game is Fixy the Commander. Where you are a soldier in the 19th Century, who has to protect the King from in coming marauders, and invaders. Armed with a musket gun. You are ready to battle against them.

Fixy the Commander

What would you expect? It is a horizonatl scrolling space shoot 'em up :). Fly your ship across the alien city and blow the enemy ships up for more points.


17th May 2015

Another new game by Roberto Ricioppo - South Western

Just one more of Roberto Ricioppo's SEUCK titles for you this weekend, before you all go back to work or school, or ... somewhere else :)

South Western is a Sideways SEUCK game, based in the Wild West. You ride on horseback and have to shoot the bandits and injuns, etc. Mind you don't fall off the saddle :)
Yeee-haaar, ride 'em cowboy!

South Western

16th May 2015

5 NEW C64 GAMES by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto has been busy and delivered another 5 new SEUCK games for you to enjoy. They are as follows:

Babbu Bobbu

Crazy House


Snappy in the World of Robots

and Vectors Seven

April 2015

18th April 2015

4 NEW C64 GAMES by Roberto Ricioppo

The updates this month seem to be turning into a Roberto Ricioppo SEUCK special :). Today we have not one, two or three, but four new games from Roberto. They are as follows:

Across the Space One: a futuristic blaster in which you have to fight against alien forces
Experiment Traxter: A game, in which involved an experiment which had gone wrong, and your mission is to clean up the mess from it.
Matthew the Cowboy: A wild west themed Sideways SEUCK game.
Project YT-61: A game in which you protect your system from rogue defences.

Across the Space One

Experiment Traxter 7

Matthew the Cowboy

Project YT-61

15th April 2015

NEW GAME: BATTLE SHIP 2025 by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto Ricioppo hits back with yet another new game for SEUCK fans. This time, it is a sea-battle game in which you have to fight against enemy spy ships. Enjoy.


3rd April 2015


Just want to say "Happy Easter" to all of your retro-gaming and C64 fans out there. Hope you enjoy your chocolate eggs and don' eat too many of them. :o))
March 2015
28th March 2015


The wait is now over.Trance Sector Ultimate has now been launched. It features 64 pre-built levels from the standard and competition edition of the game. Also consists of a modern day overhaul to the game. Can you guide your ship around 32 levels inside the trance sector and dispose of all of the nuclear pods that have been stored on each floor. Then destroy the Trance Sector? Only one way to find out ... Visit the TRANCE SECTOR ULTIMATE page :)

Trance Sector Ultimate

2 contributor's releases - Blackjack 21 and Carrera F1 by Data Land

Joerg Heyltes (DATA LAND) brings two of his games.

First of all comes Blackjack AKA 21, in which you enter the C64 casino to play blackjack, and try to win big money or go bust (Should you go over 21 when twisting those cards). 


Secondly comes Carrera F1. This is a car racing game, inspired by the classic Scaelextric toys, which I remember back in the 1980's/1990's when I was a kid. You can play against the computer or against a friend, with use of only ONE control to speed the cars around the track. This game consists of 8 different racing tracks to choose from.


6th March 2015
NEW C64 Tool - SEUCK With Gravity Released

TND is very proud to bring you a pretty funny experimental source called "SEUCK With Gravity". This source allows you to generate your own games which features some form of gravity to the player in your SEUCK game. Now it is possible to sort of make Flappy Bird type of games, or whatever you want to build using the source code. Before you can do this, make sure you have the FINAL REPLAY with TASM/CODENET set on your 1541Ultimate or VICE, CCS64 or whatever. Since the code is all Sequential Turbo Assembler. We have also enclosed an example game to go with it, called "Silly Sheep". Which does of course require improving. So please feel free to improve the example game.


February 2015
28th February 2015

Another SEUCK game

Oceanic by Roberto Ricioppo
Aaaar me hearties... Swab the deck ... Hoist thee cannons ... Fire. Roberto Ricioppo brings a new SEUCK game to life. This time called "Oceanic", where there's war across the ocean. Locate the enemy, fire and watch them sink. The game features a nice title tune, which Roberto composed himself. Enjoy!

Oceanic by Roberto Ricioppo

21th February 2015

Two new SEUCK Games for you.

Sajtron KU 42 and Spherical by Roberto Ricioppo
Once again, SEUCK fan, Roberto Ricioppo brings two new games, set in space. They are Sajtron KU 42 and Spherical. Cannot really describe what those two games are all about, apart from they are alien blasting titles. Have fun.

Sajtron + Spherical

14th February 2015



Issue 24 of Scene World is here. The PAL/NTSC C64 scene talk diskmag hits the road of the information superhighway. SWO brings you the earliest - latest  news, reviews, interviews and special features. Plus plenty of Boulder-Dash.  :)

Scene World #24 is here

New contributor release - BIG ROAD CHALLENGE 3 - Fasten your seat belts!

Big Road Challenge Roberto Ricioppo
It is time to strap yourself into an electric car and travel from John O'Groats through to Lands End. Heheh, only joking. It is a game created using the Standard SEUCK, in which you have to race against other cars, and cause carnage. Anyway, enjoy.

Big Road Challenge

6th February 2015
New contributor release - ZOPPER IN THE WEST

Zopper in the West by Roberto Ricioppo
Roberto once again continues his journey into SEUCK with a Wild West themed game called "Zopper in the West". Guide your cowboy through the enemy territory and show those bad guys who's boss in this goddarn stinkin' town! Yeeehaw!

Zopper in the Wild West

January 2015
30th January 2015

New contributor release - IT'S BLASTING TIME!

Galaxy of Drexx by Roberto Ricioppo
Roberto brings a brand new SEUCK game for the new year, in which is called Galaxy of Drex. This is a horizontal scrolling SEUCK game in which you are a space pilot, which has to thwart against an alien empire. As usual you know what to expect from this type of game. A space ship, a scrolling landscape, and a whole lot of blast-fever. Available for free on Commodore 64 disk + tape format. 

Galaxy of Drex

1st January 2015

Happy New Year from TND. - 2 new contributor's releases + SEUCK Compo 2015 Launched
How about that? We kick off the new year with 2 contributor's releases.

3000 Kung Fu Maniacs Demo by Psytronik Software
Alf Yngve and TND are very happy to bring you a playable demo of the upcoming finale to the Kung Fu Maniacs trilogy. Soon to come to Psytronik Software in the near future. After the explosion at the Master of Exoposition's HQ. The master of awesome sets off on a new quest in which is to deliver a letter to the Ninja master. Since this is only a 1 level preview of this game, you won't be able to meet the Ninja Master, but you will be able to get a taste of what the game is like. It features front end presentation, Kung Fu inspired in game music, power ups, etc. This demo is also a new year's present from Alf Yngve and TND :) Keep a look out for the final production in the near future :)

3,000 Kung Fu Maniacs

MadLib64 by Joseph Rose
This is a little program in which will allow you to create and share your own stories by typing in various words.

According to Joseph, himself about MadLib64:

They're very small and simple and written in cc65. If yes, I'd also like you to ask your audience to donate stories in the following format:

Genre: ***
Title: ***

And a word substitution should follow the format %<type of word> (keeping the angle brackets).

Both are open-source freeware. Note that the sources won't be included in the distribution I e-mail you. However, the C64 version is in Hidden64 at and the C128 version will be published with the next distribution of MemBank128.



After the success of the 2014 SEUCK Compo last year. It is happening again this year.The New Dimension is very happy to bring you the 2015 SEUCK Compo. The competition and rules still remain as they were last year, and also there have been one or two extra SEUCK mod tipss for anyone who might be interested in adding additional effects to the game, itself. For more information about this fun C64 SEUCK game making competition, please follow this link below. Additional news will be added whenever there is any. :)


6th June 2015 
Results are in
The results of all entries are now in They are as follows:

1. Abyssonaut by Anthony Stiller - 171 points
2. Gigablast by Alf Yngve - 158 points
3. T-UFO by Errazking - 157 points
4. Snatch McBlagger - 156 points
5. S-F-S by Wile Coyote - 141 points
6. Shamai by Slavia - 134 points
7. META14 by Errazking - 130 points
8. Shoot or Die by Tommy Nine - 116 points
9. Ocean Ninja by Slavia - 113 points
10. Scoff by PieVSPie - 99 points
11. Naait Raider by Fritske - 87 points
12. Payback Time by Canzha Lahgher - Disqualified! (Fake entry by web master)

Congratulations go to Anthony Stiller, for first place position. He wins the full works of 'Abyssonaut', with new front end, hi-score table, power ups, and in game music. A tape loader with loading picture, cover inlay. Also well done to Alf Yngve and Errazking for making 2nd and 3rd place in the competition. Both win just a new front end with no additional power ups. As for the rest of you who entered the compo. Sorry you didn't make the top three, but maybe later on this year when I launch the Sideways SEUCK compo, you'll havbe better luck. Huge thank you to everybody who participated in the compo.

2nd June 2015
Voting phase closed
The Voting phase of the SEUCK Compo 2015, has now closed and will be collated this week Thursday + Friday morning, since there's been quite a lot. Results will be revealed as soon as all scores have been added up.

1st place winner, gets a new front end, high score table, and power ups (if requested) added to their game. Runners up will just get a new front end. Prizes should hopefully be released by the end of this month. Watch this space :)

Compo submissions have now closed 

The deadline for the compo submissions have now expired. Any submissions which come now, will be released 'Outside compo', unless requested on TND contributor's section instead. A huge thank you to everybody who attended this competition.

8th May 2015

Compo submissions have now closed 

The deadline for the compo submissions have now expired. Any submissions which come now, will be released 'Outside compo', unless requested on TND contributor's section instead. A huge thank you to everybody who attended this competition.
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Voting has now commenced. Visit the SEUCK compo page, and enjoy the games, and vote for your favourite entry.

5th May 2015

3 new entries:

The deadline extension of the compo has got yet more submissions. Another three in fact. The games are as follows:

Payback Time by Canzha Lahgher
First on the list today is Payback Time, a horizontal scrolling SEUCK game by Canzha Lahgher in which you are an alien, out to invade planet Earth. Due to a crack team calling out for militants to attack your ship. Features a couple of my 'Future Composer' sound tracks, which I hope you'll enjoy.

Payback Time

The Ocean Ninja by Salvia
Next on the list is The Ocean Ninja, by Slavia. It is a score attack survival game, in which you are a ninja warrior, who has to fight against the evil clan of ninjas.

The Ocean Ninja

Scoff by PieVSPie/Commodore is Awesome
Finally for today comes a sweet 'Scoff 'em up' by PieVSPie, called "Scoff". It is a simple game in which you can scoff as many sweets as you possibly can.


3rd May 2015

New entry: META14 by Errazking.

Fancy a bit of sporting action? Well, with thanks to Errazking, you can participate in the most challenging bicycle race in the world. META14. Can you compete against other cyclists and make a long journey to the finishing line? Or will you fall off your bike? (Then decide to play the game afterwards - ha, ha :o)).


2nd May 2015

SEUCK Compo Deadline Extended 1 week.

You might have noticed that the compo deadline has been put forward a week later. The reason for this was due to circumstances beyond my control. I also have something special lined up for next week, by the way of a voters pack loadable from a disk menu. I also have another SPECIAL treat for the SEUCK compo. I won't tell you exactly what it is, but hopefully SEUCK fans should hopefully enjoy it :)

There is a new entry for me to upload, but that will be released some time tomorrow or Monday.

30th April 2015 - 2 new entriees.

T-Ufo by Errazking

The next entry comes from Errazking, by the form of T-UFO. A fun game in which you fight through five different worlds, using a steam engine controlled tank, battling away against hoards of alien invaders. Watch out for some surprises in the game, by the way of the resurrection of world's MOST famous aliens of all time. :)


Shamai - Return of the Myths by Slavia

Group, Slavia have produced a brand new entry for the SEUCK compo, in which is called "Shamai". It is a game in which wards of a hospital is being ransacked by evil monsters, summoned up by evil spirits. You have to save the hospitals from those deadly monsters. You can pick up hospital objects in order to gain more points. You also get to fight the big guys :)


29th April 2015 - Naait Raaider by Fritske
The next entry for the 2015 SEUCK compo comes by the way of Naait Raaider, written by Fritske/Royal Belgian Beer Squadron. It is a funny top down shoot 'em up, inspired by a classic 1980's TV series, "Knight Rider". In which you drive a black car and fight the criminals from a villain. The game consists of 3 levels, but keep on scoring points. Strap yourself in for a bumpy ride.

Naait Raaider

3rd April 2015 - Abyssonaut by Anthony Stiller
Anthony Stiller previously released "Sopwiths and Pterradons" for Reset Magazine, in late 2014. Now Anthony strikes back in 2015 to deliver this year's SEUCK compo "Abyssonaut". It is a horizontal scrolling SEUCK game in which you attempt an underwater rescue mission to save the whales from being trapped by poachers. Although you attempt to remove the whale traps, what lies inside the abyss will be waiting for you. :)

Abyssonaut is here

13th March 2015 - Trapped inside the system? - SHOOT OR DIE by Tomnmy Nine

Sometimes computer games can be pretty deadly. Well, here's a new entry (and a rather old game) written by Tommy Nine, called SHOOT OR DIE. (Cue Turrican speech). This is a classic game written back in 1988 and has been released exclusively to the SEUCK Compo 2015. The author originally made this game on an NTSC machine, but it now it has been fixed to work on PAL machines. NTSC version and workfiles have also been included. The game also features thumping music on the title screen, added by yours truly :).

Shoot or Die

12th March 2015 - Extended deadline for submissions

Due to a very low number of entries submitted so far in this year's compo. The deadline for compo submissions has now been extended to no later than 30th April 2015. We'd like to give you more time to complete your compo entry. Which means there is only a month and a half to go before the deadline :) Voting will commence on 2nd May 2015 until 31st May 2015. Results will be revealed in the summer.

24th February 2015 - Locked up! - Snatch McBlagger by Alf Yngve

Alf Yngve brings us his second entry to this year's SEUCK compo. Snatch McBlagger. A game in which you play a robber who manages to break out of his cell, but is on a great escape. Policemen, viscious dogs and evil cellmates are out there to stop poor Snatch in his escape. Snatch also has to pick up a series of objects strewn around the scenery. Plenty of comical good fun. You must check it out!

Snatch McBlagger

18th February 2015 - Second entry submitted - SFS by Shaun Pearson

The next entry is a game inspired by Capcom's Commando. Called "S.F.S", also known as Special Forces Soldier. In this game, you are a special commando, known as John A Troubled Soldier, who has to go through enemy territory in order to rescue soldiers, who are held hostage by the enemy soldiers. This game consists of atomspheric sound effects, and a nice piece of music added to the front end, and a nice atmospheric tune composed by Charles Deenen/Maniacs of Noise.

Special Forces Soldier

3rd January 2015 - First entry submitted - Gigablast by Alf Yngve

The first entry for the competition has been submitted. We are proud to bring you Gigablast by Alf Yngve. This game was inspired by Xevious and features giant alien sprites, and plenty of explosive action. This game really blew me away when I played this game in cheat mode. This game also features a powerful Matt Gray style Bomb the Bass / Megablast inspired soundtrack, on the front end. Enjoy this totally awesome blaster


1st January 2015 - Happy New Year
S.E.U.C.K Compo 2015 has been launched