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December 2014
25th December 2014

The time of day has finally come. It is time to unleash some Christmas presents... We have neat looking SEUCK games specially for you this Christmas, in which I'm sure you'll be looking forward to playing. Here they are:

Carl Mason's SEUCK Compo entry in which finally gets the finished works in game, so the game ends correctly after the player losing its last life. This score attack game sees you protecting your camp against an infinite group of assorted zombies. You must shoot frantically at those deadly zombies, but watch out for boomers, spitters, etc. They are tougher than the normal zombies. Combos are also awarded to you - should you defeat enough zombies.

Another Day, Another Zombie - Final

Shaun Pearson springs back on to SEUCK with this nice movie-style game, in which you are the star. The game features really stunning background graphics, some relaxing music and a nice loading picture. Alain was at first locked up in his hotel room, as he could not afford to pay his hotel bill. While the Hotel owner was contacting the police to arrest him. Alain escapes from the window, steals some clothes from the washing line and makes a bid for freedom. This is a comedy style game which I'm sure you'll probably have a jolly good laugh playing. Enjoy.

The Adventures of Alain

Finally something ultimately wonderful. A space SEUCK game loved by many, now imported into the SEUCK Redux engine in time for Christmas. Released by special request from Alf Yngve, himself. This game uses the same style front end, loading picture and music like in the SEUDS 3 release, but this time round there's a more stable scrolling landscape, linked enemy explosions and the alien bugs will aim at the players. Hope you will enjoy this XMAS gift from Alf, Myself and Psytronik Software. Have great fun blasting those alien bugs, and save your people.

Super Tau Zeta 2 - Redux


18th December 2014

Despite having to work increased hours during the months of November through to this month. Things are getting back to normal, and there are 3 games in store for the Christmas release schedule via TND. Sadly one of my games will not make it in time (Rick-O-Shay). The three games are a previously released SEUCK compo game by Carl Mason. A superb horizontal SEUCK Redux shoot 'em up by Alf Yngve, featuring the linked enemy aim function, and explosion routines, as well as a new front end with music. There's also a sideways SEUCK game by Shaun Pearson, which will feature stunning graphics, a nice loading picture, and also plenty of music. Whether or not there'll be more goodies in store next week. You will have to wait and see.  Have loads of fun.

1st December 2014

Black Friday weekend is over, now it is CyberLOAD Monday. Which means, well, a new treat for your C64. We are very happy to bring you the RGCD 16KB cartridge compo entry of 'Honey Bee'. A cute game which took several months to build up, with delays due to lack of suitable graphics resources for the new graphics by Steven Day. The 16KB version finally got finished. This version of the game isn't final by the way. As it will be expanded a little more to be a .D64 and .TAP release in the near future.

This is a cute game by Wayne Womersley, and programmed by myself in which you have to guide Honey Bee around each of the 16 different screens, picking up pollen and dropping the pollen into the honeywell. You also have to watch out for the creatures.

Honey Bee is available here

November 2014

28th November 2014

Busy times - but still active
Okay then here's some news you may have been hoping to hear from THE NEW DIMENSION. Although it is really busy with real life events through until Christmas - it doesn't stop us from being productive. There's a series of TREATS in store for you Christmas time. We are currently working on a small new game, inspired by a classic arcade game - but with a twist. There's also the launch of a .D64 and .TAP version of an upcoming RGCD 16KB cartridge compo entry. Also if we get time, and the game's finished. There could be one more additional surprise if we get the time. We will also be bringing the final version of "Another Day, Another Zombie" some time in the near future. Watch this space on 25th December 2014 :)

WHAT!?!?! ... NO SEUCK? - A New contributor release
You'll be very surprised to hear that today's contributor release is not a SEUCK release this time. In fact, something completely different. Joseph Rose (AKA Harry Potter) has submitted a series of demo programs, which were programmed in BASIC. If you like exploring BASIC demos and things like that, then here's a list of productions which he has launched for the contributor's page.



C64 Toys 1
Game Cart Demonstration

1st November 2014

X-Force Released
The New Dimension is very pleased to bring you X-Force. A futuristic horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up, inspired by Subterranea and Powerama by Hewson. X-Force features its very own tape loader, 16 levels, with nicely polished graphics by Saul Cross, power ups, boss stagess (inspired by Powerama), and hard thumping trance music throughout the game. You were mining for minerals in the underground zones of Darx. It is 10pm and you decide to go to sleep in your ship after a hard 12 hour shift. Just as you fall asleep an alien mother ship spots the X-Force fighter and beams it up. Then drops it into an alien HQ further underground to where the mines were. The aliens take you out and seal you in a glass cell. When you wake up, you find yourself trapped. Fortunately you had a heavy duty laser tool in your inside pocket. You get that out and blast it away. You suddenly escape, alarms go off. You find your X-Force ship and set off to freedom. You'll not be alone as the aliens are ready to ram into your ship. If you are a fan of horizontal scrolling shoot 'em ups. Don't miss out on downloading this baby :)

This way to X-Force

The voting deadline for the TND Loader Game music competition has now expired. Votes have now been recorded on to a spreadsheet and final results along with the CSDB member voting has been revealed. Who has won the compo? Time to find out ;)

Tape Loader Tune Compo

October 2014

31st October 2014

How many of you remember the classic Commodore Format magazine back in 1990-1995. Each issue of the magazine had a cover tape on each issue, known as the CF Power Pack. A fan of the magazine, Neil Grayson, at The Commodore Format Archive launched the CF 62 power pack tape back in July 2014, with help from TND with tape mastering. This little project went well enough. We decided on doing it all again in time for Halloween. Commodore Format Archive is very proud to present Power Pack 63. With yet another 4 full games, and 1 playable demo. Here's the list of the productions announced:

- The Prisoner by Bieno Marti - A unofficial text adventure based on an old 1960's television series
- You have to Win the Game by Kabuto/Pirate Hearts - Suggested by Neil, himself - A fun Public Domain platform game, crammed full of puzzles. Can you Win the game by revealing the magic word? Also was based on an old MSDOS PC game.
- The Dark Within - A fun shoot 'em up game by PieVSPie using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit, where to boad a mind craft to visit previous memories and nightmares of your own life.
- The Maze of the Mummy by Magic Cap and Psytronik Software - A sneak preview of a brand new C64 game coming some time in the near/distant future.
- X-Force - The New Dimension - A horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up inspired by Subterranea, in which you must escape from 16 different zones of the underground planet of Darx, which consists of aliens trying to batter your space craft to its doom.

The power pack is available from the site below:

Commodore Format Archive Power Pack

A .D64 and .TAP version of X-Force will be released on the TND games page on 7th November 2014.

HALLOWEEN 2014 SPECIAL - Darkland by Alf Yngve
Time for some real spooky action for this Halloween. Darkland is an enhanced sideways scrolling SEUCK game, with yet more innovation added to this tool. It is a dark themed game. The game also features a brand new front end and in game enhancements. Play the role of an adventurer, who is trapped in Darkland in search for the light. Around the world are deadly tentacled shadow monsters, spitting deadly poison. The poor adventurer cannot go anywhere near the monsters. Luckily armed with a pistol and a flashlight, it is possible to kill those monsters.  This is a real spine chiller. Should you dare get to the end of the game?.

Dare you cross the creepy Darkland?

In the past, TND had released some dark-themed games, which are pretty much ideal for Halloween. Here's a list of horror games for you:

Another Day - Another Zombie by Carl Mason
The Tomb of Dracula - Reloaded by Piti
Zombie Party - by Mac/Radical 
Zombie BrainEaters by Arkanix Labs 
The Player Dies at the End by Alf Yngve

To round up today's update comes the Commodore Free cover tape game, Rabid Robots. It is a comedy game in which you play a schoolboy, Vikram who has to save London from being under siege by a series of hate spreading robots. In order to defeat the robots, and its maker. Vikram must squirt water out at the robots, but must avoid getting hit by the robots hate ray. Vikram can't fight alone, so he takes his pet bulldog to help him save London.

Rabid Robots, this way

24th October 2014

3 New games from Roberto Ricioppo
Roberto Ricioppo brings TND 3 new SEUCK games which are as follows:

Nakterius, a space shoot 'em up in which you guide a laser powered satelite through the depths of the deadly planet of Nakterius - and blast them to smithereens.

Rocket from Space, yet another space battle in which you must fly your rocket over enemy territory and blast them down.

Super Novax, another space shoot 'em up, in which you must fly across enemy territory and blast the enemy ships to pieces.


Friday next week is Halloween. Yes, that is absolutely right. However something really spooky will be hitting THE NEW DIMENSION web site next friday. I won't tell you what it is, but it is a really gripping ADVENTURE. Something which will make your spine CHILL. Watch out for those SPIDERS in the BATH


The Commodore Format Archive will be launching the second of three special Power Pack tapes. Back in July 2014, Neil Grayson (at CF archive) launched Power Pack tape 62, which went extremely well with many previous Commodore Format fans. Many people bought CF back in 1990-1995 for the top quality software that was bunged on to the cover tape, until things really started to crush and burn the magazine in 1994-1995. The loading clock has also made its come back - but with a BIG difference. Power Pack 62 had 4 stunning full games on the tape, including Sub Hunter.

The next Power Pack is going to be even BIGGER. There are going to be TWO unseen games which will be featuring on the Commodore Archive Power Pack 63 tape. One of which was inspired by a classic 1960's TV series, and another which was first showed as a video preview earlier on this year, and is now a real blast to the future. There will also be a playable demo of an upcoming new game production for Psytronik Software. Can't say fairer than that huh?

Keep an eye out for it next week!

17th October 2014

New game: Wacky Waste by Alf Yngve
Alf Yngve brings to The New Dimension, a pretty funny Sideways scrolling SEUCK creation called "Wacky Waste", where you play a rat, which has to attend four different racetracks against the enemies of Garbageville. Before he does that also has to walk across the streets of Garbageville to get to the racetracks. Luckily for Ratty, he's able to flob goo at the enemies, in order for them to disappear. Eugh!. Anyway, this game features a nice new addition to the SEUCK Redux engine. Have loads of fun with this one.

Wacky Waste

New game: Interstellar by Roberto Ricioppo
Roberto brings yet another SEUCK addition to the contributor's page. 'Interstellar'. A little game in which you have to guide your spaceship through each zone, and blast the alien ships to pieces. Roberto also create some music for this game as well.


New game: Galaxian of Xiabex by Roberto Ricioppo
Roberto has yet another fun SEUCK creation called 'Xiabex' in which you control a drone, which has to blast out the alien empire.

Galaxian of Xiabex

12th September 2014


C64 Tape Loader Tune Composing Competion 2014

4th October 2014
-Sorry for being a couple of days late. Been really busy - as usual. Good news however is that we have a new entry just in time for me to close the competition submissions. The compo ends with a disastrous tape load error by Randall/MSL/Arise.

It is now time to SUBMIT your votes via the voting form (click the link above to get to it).

Huge thank you to everybody who submitted their entries for this music compo. Next year, we might do a 'loader' related compo, news about this will be revealed in January 2014.

29th September 2014
-A new tune from Psycho8580 called 'Tape Me' added to the compo page. We now have '31' tunes. There's 4 days left before it is time for me to prepare the voting form :)

27th September 2014
Two tunes new tunes. We have hit '30' tunes now. Incredible stuff.
- 8 Bit Seas of Love by Scarzix / Offence
- Freeloader by Stinsen/G*P

Some tunes are intending to be picked up and used on the the tape loader of the next Commodore Format Archive Power Pack, soon to download in the end of October. Composers will be credited respectfully in the tape loader. The Power Pack tape will of course be a free download and will be non-commercial.

26th September 2014
Two tunes by Scarzix/Offence added to the competition. They are 'Home Trip' and 'Ancients'.
... Don't forget, the final deadline has been extended to 2nd October before the voting form goes live. During the week ahead, I will be working on the voting form, and it won't be live until Sunday next week. Thanks :)

25th September 2014

- A new melodic loader for you to relax and enjoy, courtesey with Gaetano Chiummo/Samar. Enjoy!
- Due to not enough time this week to work on the vote sheet, I have increased the submisssions deadline to 2nd October. This will give any of you who haven't yet done a tune to write one (if you reaally want to). Remember, no prizes, it is just for fun. :)

24th September 2014

- 2 brand new tunes from a brand new C64 composer, musikdusche. They are Excenter and Stubdep.

23rd September 2014

- Added Bad Eggs (loader) by Mermaid/G*P. Enjoy the funky tune ;)

21st September 2014

- Added Anticipation 8580 by Toggle

17th September 2014

- Bossa Novaload by Stein Pedersen has been added to the compo page. I wonder what loading would have been like if it was used in the screeching/scrolling Novaload system. Much nicer, I have to admit. Heard too much of the Spangled Banner for U.S Gold classic titles, and also Pirates of Penzance on some titles by Elite and Beyond Belief. :)

12th September 2014

- 000-036 Game Of Life by Randall added to the compo page
- Dark Ocean Loader by CelticDesign/G*P also added to the compo page.

... more to come, maybe tomorrow or Sunday :)

10th September 2014

- Only one tune today. John M***** F*****' Rambo by Jammer. Never mind the bad language, enjoy this awesome tune :)

9th September 2014

- Three new entries of crazy and cool loading tunes. We have BASF by Hein/Vision, Space Adventurer Danger by Linus/Viruz, and finally One Riff Loader by SpiderJerusalem/Mayday.

We have hit 15 tunes now. Let's see if we can break the 20 :)

8th September 2014

- Just one new entry today. Micro Loader by Psycho8580/Multi Style

7th September 2014

- Let's get really funky ... Two new tunes from Jammer/Samar has been added to the compo page.
- The original target for the music compo was originally 10 entries, well, we've hit over the target no. of entries in just over a week, and the closing deadline is not quite near yet. Well done and thank you for your contributions. Keep them coming :)

6th September 2014

- Two new tunes from Celtic Design and Peacemaker (Motherload and Retro Load) added to the compo page.

4th September 2014

- Get some more of the classic loading experience with Entry #7: Special Tape by Antti Hannula (Flex/Artline Design).

3rd September 2014

- Yet another tune added to the compo page. Entry #6: TDK by Hein / Vision :)

2nd September 2014

- Two new tunes added to the compo page. They are 'Unloader' by Stinsen/G*P and 'LoaderInjection' by CelticDesign/G*P. Enjoy the tunes. :)

-Someone has asked me what the maximum number of tunes per entry for the competition is allowed. I have added to the compo page, that a maximum of 3 entries are allowed for the competition :)

1st September 2014

-One new entry by Peacemaker/Hitmen

-The 4K limit rule, has been ruled out.

-After an PM arrived to me, and a major investigation was taken place. One of the competition entries has now been kicked out of the competition, due to the entry being a cover of an existing track
Dave Berry - This strange effect. Although the track was made in 1965, it breaks the NO COVERS rule in this competition. Therefore TAPELOADER 8580 has been disqualified. 

28th August 2014

Three entries by Linus, Fredrik and Pepsi/Sentenced to Death have now been releeased on to the Compo page.

26th August 2014

Imagine the good old 1980's and 1990's, where you bought a commercial C64 game from the local newsagents at a cheap cost. Popped it into your datasette and while loading the program, you hear a catchy loader tune. Ocean / Imagine were notoriously known for their excellent tape loader tunes. Now is your chance to try and compose one on / for the C64 :)

The New Dimension is proud to announce a music composing competiition, which should last a month, before the voting phase commences (should we get enough tunes). The aim of the competition is to compose a tape loader tune which at the most can play for 2 minutes then loop afterwards. Full rules are on the compo page, itself and entries will run until 26th September 2014. :)

If you think you are up for the challenge ...

Loader Music Compo 2014

September 2014

19th September 2014

Supertablet released
Roberto Ricioppo brings us yet another of his SEUCK game titles. This time, it is Supertablet. A game in which you are a good tablet, which has to wipe out all the bad tablets. As usual the music is supplied by Roberto. Have fun


12th September 2014

It's SHMUPTember!
It's SHMUPTEMBER, and a new C64 game created using SEUCK has been released. Not on the TND web site BTW, but it will be TND related. Anthony Stiller has written a SEUCK game inspired by 1942/1943, but set in the prehistoric times. Sophwiths and Pterrordons. A vertical scrolling arcade game, in which you control a plane and have to blast flying dinosaurs. The game consists of nice graphics, and fun game play. Other news is that there is an enhanced version of this game planned for Reset magazine's Mix-I-Disk (E-Cover disk) in which will feature a new status panel and music by yours truly. No hard hitting trancey stuff this time ;)

To find out more about Anthony's blaster (and for a taster of the raw version of the game) check out:

10th September 2014

New SEUCK Game: Wheel Space by Roberto Ricioppo
Roberto Ricioppo has yet again released another SEUCK game ... Back to blasting the aliens again. Wheel Space is a little game in which you have to guide your wheel through deep space and blast out the alien ships, in order to progress further into finding the major cause for the invasion.

Wheel Space

1st September 2014

Quick update announcement on projects X-Force and Honey Bee
Things may have been pretty quiet on the TND blog, but I can announce on this news page a quick update on progress with Honey Bee and X-Force game projects, and how I plan to release those two games.

This is my main game project which I am currently working on at the moment. Saul Cross has been working on the graphics for the game, but I am still waiting for the level maps from Saul Himself. At the moment, it may take a while for the finalized maps, due to other circumstances beyond Saul's control. You may have already seen a video of the game, which features the very first level and my test of all of the enemies (Which all won't feature in level one), if you haven't seen it, then you can find the video at :)

Not much code needs to be done for the main game engine, as everything is practically done code wise. I am working away on setting up the aliens and their behavior patterns by manually creating the byte tables for the enemies. I was intending to have 16 levels for this game, but it could all change, depending on memory usage. If not enough memory is available for fitting this game as a single file, then I might consider to make a multi-load version of this game. The game is planned to be released in October on Commodore Format Archive's Power Pack 63 project at :)

Poor Wayne, he designs a game project and then nothing happens, except for previews, and hard hitting comments on his graphics. The last game, 'Honey Bee' unfortunately feel through exactly the same trap here. There was an older release which Prime Suspect was working on. Progress was pretty good, but sadly a fatal computer crash had destroyed the entire code for the project. This made him decide to give up HB completely. Kenz later got in touch and asked me if I'd be interested in working on the project. I received the files, looked at the levels and I decided to work on an overhaul of the game project. Ste86 worked on level mockup designs, and I worked rough level designs, with Multi Screen Construction Kit. Then I jumped on to the main programming. Honey Bee did have existing music, which will be used. Also a loading picture, but for a 16KB cartridge game, I doubt I'll be able to fit that one in, but will do for the .D64 and .TAP versions around about Christmas time - should the game be finished by then.

Well, progress of this project is still under 50%, and I have been all over the place, trying to find a way to fit Steve's new single graphic charsets into the game. It took me months to find a solution. Without one, it really de-motivated me to go any further with the project. Thankfully a solution has now been found. The latest version of Endurion's ElementEditor is going to be used to build various background blocks and also build the level screens. Some of the objects won't look the same as in Steve's mockup shots, but will get close as possible to it. I also added a few charsets of my own, the white fences, the waterfall (done in style by request from Wayne). I'll need to make some holes, so that it looks as if water is spouting out of the walls. Wayne also wants some City levels involved as well (blocks of flats). The new game engine code is near to completion. It is just setting up the enemies, and the speed, and direction they can move.

I am hoping to get Honey Bee released for the 16KB cartridge competition, near to the end of November. However I cannot guarantee that it will be ready for the 16KB)
August 2014
28th August 2014

New game: Aircraft Patrol 3 by Roberto Ricioppo
A new SEUCK game by Roberto Ricioppo has been released. It was created using the sideways scrolling version of the SEUCK. No aliens this time, just air craft :)

Aircraft Patrol 3

26th August 2014

SEUCK Compo Prizes Available
The prize versions of Double or Nothing, The Last Hope and Vampire Hunter 2 have now been released. The three games have had data imported into the SEUCK Redux engine, in order to reduce the risk of the SEUCK Slowdown syndrome. Double or Nothing features power ups, and also additional enhancements, such as enemy aim in a later level, as well as a new front end and in game music. Other runner-up games only feature a new front end with music. Hope you will enjoy the goodies.


... new game by Roberto Ricioppo will follow on Thursday. I haven't had time to master it yet :) Sorry Roberto.

8th August 2014

Back again.
The past 2 weeks, I haven't been available. Now I'm feeling more afresh, ready to continue support with the C64 scene. So far, Honey Bee, X-Force and the SEUCK Compo 2014 prize (Double or Nothing) is still on top of my to do list . If you sent any messages to me, which I was offline on vacation. Apologies for the delay replying back to your emails. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
July 2014

23rd July 2014

Super Cars 4 released
There is yet another contribution from Roberto Ricioppo called "Super Cars 4". It is a sideways scrolling S.E.U.C.K game, in which you are driving along the road, shooting at other enemy cars - and they will fight back. This is a sort of shoot 'em up which you would expect to see from Roberto. Now and then.

Super Cars 4

X-Force Announcement
There is a brand new C64 game in the works, which I am writing. You'll be pleased to hear that it is not going to be a SEUCK game. It is called 'X-Force'. A game, which was inspired by Subterranea by Hewson. The game will be consisting of possibly 16 levels, and featuring stunning graphics by Saul Cross. The game will of course be given away free with the Commodore Format Archives in October (Should the game be finished by then) and a week later on to the TND web site. A video exists on, and no playable preview will be launched. Only the full game. Well, we don't want to spoil everything do we? ;)

Watch the X-Force video on YouTube

Read the blog about it

8th July 2014

Dark Force - Redux released
There is a final version of Dark Force, released. This awesome blaster, inspired by 'Light Force' by Faster Than Light, now becomes even MORE awesome. As it makes game play more challenging. Although it was written using S.E.U.C.K, back in January/February 2014. Dark Force - Redux features more major enhancements. Such as a new intro, updated front end with raster bars, more intelligent enemy fire, and also the most important thing of them all. No more of that SEUCK slow-down syndrome, with huge thanks to the SEUCK redux engine, Martin Piper and the Lemon64 forum posters. This new version of the game took a few days to create, due to the extra code I had to create and assemble. Anyway, hope you will like the overall result. Huge thank you goes to Kevin / Reset Magazine and Didi / Laxity for suggestions about Dark Force being added to the Redux scroller frame work.

Dark Force - Redux

Super Truck 3 by Roberto Ricioppo released
Regular contributor, Roberto Ricioppo takes a break from building aliens, and builds trucks instead, with "Super Truck 3". It is a horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up game, in which you must drive across your local town and race against other trucks at 10MPH (WHAT?!?!). You also get a good opportunity to blast rockets out of the opponents. They will fight back. It's racing like it has never been before. What next? Granny racing? ;)

Super Truck 3

TND Games Room - Updates? Where are they.
The JaC64 page, the TND Games Room, hasn't been updated for a long time, although there are new releases hitting the TND website. This page hasn't been supported for a long time. This is mainly because, since upgrading the OS on my PC. I am unable to test the TND / Contributors releases on JAC64, due to the JaC64 being blocked by security settings. If I can fix this problem, then I'll add the later releases on to the TND Games Room page. 

3rd July 2014

BIG NEWS ... Sheepoid + Woolly Jumper Released - FREE
This is probably the news that you have all been waiting for. To celebrate the 1st Birthday of Sheepoid DX and Woolly Jumper by RGCD and Psytronik. This software bundle is now FREE and available to download from TND. The games contain plenty of sheep, and aliens and some other things. If you want to add this game to your TurboChameleon, DC2N, 1541Ultimates, etc then click on the link below to download the games.


Woolly Jumper + Sheepoid DX

Scene World Issue 23 Released
The 23rd issue of the PAL/NTSC C64 talk disk magazine is here. It features various articles and features, related to the C64. It also includes a fishy intro, which I programmed for fun. There is also some reviews, interviews and the usual headlines. Have fun :)

Scene World Magazine

Laser Legion Redux by Alf Yngve released
This is also more good news for Alf Yngve fans. Last week just after releasing Tau Omega. Alf Yngve and I happy to bring you another classic SEUCK Redux game. "Laser Legion". It features test AIM function (Only works on player 1) and also a High Score test, to see which player can get a high score when playing the game. There's also a story in the game, which I made up. Also the most important feature in this game is that there is NO SEUCK slow-down syndrome in it either. Hope you will enjoy this fun game.

Laser Legion Redux

Two new games, Promos 32 and Razzo by Roberto Ricioppo
Finally, Roberto Ricioppo sends us another two of his SEUCK games, in which are alien blasters (as usual). There is Promos, a sort of Defender inspired game, and also Razzo, a standard vertical scrolling SEUCK game. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of his stuff in the near future.



June 2014

26th June 2014

New SEUCK REDUX Framework Updated
Martin Piper has updated the SEUCK REDUX framework with the latest version, which now features support for the connected 2 players function (Where 2 players are controlled using one joystick or are connected together). Also other features include a screen clear before putting a new screen in place, and score X+Y position settings, fixed sprite/background features. Old features still included are Enemy AIM, Enemy/Background AI and Armalyte balls, for the front end, ability to play music and the most important of them all no more SEUCK slowdown Syndrome. The SEUCK Redux is going to be used for the SEUCK compo winner game, "Double or Nothing", which later on during the working of this game, will probably might turn out pretty awesome. Watch out for it in September. :)

Martin Piper's C64 cross assembly source repository

You may have noticed last week, we released a special SEUCK Redux version of the classic Binary Zone PD game "Tau Zero" by Alf Yngve. This was mainly to test enemy fire, etc. Well this week we are very proud to bring you the excellent SEUCK REDUX version of the excellent sequel "Tau Omega". As suggested by Alf, himself. Of course this game was showed to Alf before we both decided to release it. Kenz's original instructions have also been included in the scroll text. Yes - that's right... a scroll text on the SEUCK front end. Fly through all of the planets fighting the aliens, but watch out. They will fight back. Try not to pass through the laser gates - that'd be a very stupid move. Guaranteed.


COCKMAN by Roberto Ricioppo
Cockman is a little Sideways SEUCK game by Roberto Ricioppo, in which you play the role of Cockman - half man, half cockerel, who has to defend his castle from evil ghosts. Simply by spitting at them.


Drumo in Adventure Land is a little SEUCK game by Roberto Ricioppo, in which you enter adventureland, in order to get your revenge on the beer guzzling aliens who raided your beer farm. You set off to cataput space vegetables, in an attempt to fend them off. Like with Cockman, you'd know what to expect.


19th June 2014

New SEUCK REDUX Framework Released
Have you written a game with SEUCK or are you fed up with the own limitations of SEUCK, Slowdown syndrome and want to make your game even better. Good news for SEUCK fans and programmers alike. Martin Piper has launched the latest SEUCK Redux framework in which allows you to enhance your SEUCK games even more - although you will be required some knowledge of 6502 ML programming / hacking. So imagine this, you write a SEUCK game, want to adapt it further by adding more power ups to it, destroy a boss in one go, create a new scoring system, new front end with high score table, etc. Well it is possible with SEUCK Redux. The Scroller directory is documented on what each routine in the framework will do. This engine will also work on sideways scrolling SEUCK. See LOTD for example.

Martin Piper's C64 cross assembly source repository

Tau Zero Redux Released
Alf Yngve's classic Public Domain SEUCK game gets the SEUCK Redux treatment. This is a neat classic game from 1992, and features extra enhancements. Such as the enemy aiming for the player when shooting. Also the removal of the SEUCK slowdown syndrome (Since a lean and mean sprite multiplexor has been implemented in the source). I also added a little routine which will make the water background flow, by a simple delayed scrolling char routine. The game doesn't consist of power ups, but there's some good gameplay elements added to it. Hope you enjoy this classic futuristic blaster.

Tau Zero Redux

Dark Force - Special Edition released
Back in January/February 2014 Alf Yngve and I worked on a co-op SEUCK experiment, which turned into a pretty cool light force game. Later in March 2014 the game has been re-releeased on the Commodore Free E-Tape. Now, however you can download and enjoy our new version of Dark Force courtesy with TND games. This version of the game has been fully enhanced with extra features. An improvement added to the front end, slightly more difficult attack waves. Finally the background enhancements. Hope you will enjoy this special edition of Dark Force, a tribute to Lightforce by FTL / Hewson. :)

This way to Dark Force.

Loader Game Tape Master Kit 2 released
The second installment of the Loader Game Tape Master Kit has now been released. It features another 2 fun loading games. So while you're bored waiting for something to do, during loading your own programs. You can have some fun playing these mini games 'Square Pit' and 'Blitz-A-Load' during the loading process. Then after finished playing the game (after the program has loaded), press CONTROL to exit the loader game and run your main program. :) Originally given away with Commodore Free issue 80.

Loader Game Tape Master Kit 2

More stuff to come in the near future :)


1st June 2014 - Voting finished - Results are in ...

The votes have been counted, and the results are in ... Who has won the SEUCK compo 2014 prize? Two games were very close to winning the competition, but one got 1 point more. Find out which game that was.

Prizes will be worked on during the summer.

Comments for each game will be added later on this week. Time has been short at the moment :)

Seuck Compo 2014

3rd May 2014 - Voting system on

Now the compo entries deadline has expired. It is time to vote for your favourite entry. Closing date for voting is 31st May 2014. May the best game win :)

Seuck Compo 2014

The deadline for the SEUCK competition submissions have now closed. Sorry if your entry hasn't made it in time. We are now going to work on the SEUCK compo voting forms. This may take a week or so. Hopefully in 9 days time. The voting phase will be ready.

The deadline for the SEUCK competition submissions have now closed. Sorry if your entry hasn't made it in time. We are now going to work on the SEUCK compo voting forms. This may take a week or so. Hopefully in 9 days time. The voting phase will be ready.

Entry #8 - The Last Hope by Gaetano Chiummo

For the final entry of the SEUCK competition, we have a space shoot 'em up written by Gaetano Chiummo. This stunning game features 3 levels of pure blasting action (due to the limitations of SEUCK). You are travelling from Earth to Earth-II (Cloned planet maybe?). Aliens are waiting to start an invasion. Pilot a space craft through deep space, attacking the alien territory. Fight the bosses at the end of each stage. Save the poor people on planet Earth. You are THE LAST HOPE ;)

The Last Hope

26th April 2014 - ENTRY #7 - 1941 - The Secret Conflict

It is time to put on a flyer's jacket, a helmet with goggles. Strap yourself in, and get ready for an airborne battle against the Dictator. Gibranx brings as entry lucky 7, a nice tribute to Capcom's classic games 1942 and 1943. Called "1941 - The Secret Conflict". This is a game based on World War 2. In which you must fight your way airborne across land and sea, battling at your own will against the enemy forces of an evil Dictator. This game features a short intro to tell you what happens, and also an ending to show what happens after your complete the game. All created using SEUCK as a single file. Let the battle commence ...

1941 - The Secret Conflict

6th April 2014 - ENTRY #6 - Vampire Hunter 2

Ready for some vampire slaying mayhem? Well, here's the sixth entry for the SEUCK compo. It is IndyJR's second entry for the 2014 SEUCK compo, and it is a sequel to the classic "Vampire Hunter", which was written back in 2010. IndyJR has submitted this superb sequel of the game. Where you play Adam, the Vampire Hunter, who tries to foil the evil plot set by Astaroth - brother of the defeated evil vampire, Mozgorioth. Astaroth flys to New York city, and pours a deadly poison into the sewers - hoping civillians in such a state will perish. Don't play this horror themed game before going to sleep. You'll have nightmares :)


2nd April 2014 - SEUCK Compo Submissions Deadline
The deadline for the SEUCK compo submissions has been increased to Wednesday 30th April 2014. This will give more time for anyone who has not yet finished their SEUCK games, and also the chance for existing entrants to build another game if they want to. Also due to work commitments, etc. The voting phase shall start a week after the deadline. So do you have a last minute entry for the SEUCK compo (Or an old game of yours which you haven't released yet aand would like to submit to the compo, following the rules?) Hurry :) There's still a bit of time left.

SEUCK Compo 2014

23rd March 2014 - ENTRY #5 - SHAKEN - The tale of the Swordless Ninja by Roberto Dillon

It is nice to see new people keen to enter the SEUCK compo, and support the compo.  Roberto Dillon is proud to submit to us, Shaken - Tales of the Swordless Ninja. This is a fun little Commando style Ninja game, in which you have to control your swordless Ninja through three zones and retrieve your stolen sword. An evil Shogun is waiting, and guarding the sword. You're ready to kick butt, and slay the Ninja guards.

SHAKEN - The Tale of the Swordless Ninja

9th March 2014 - ENTRY #4 - NOXUS by Alf Yngve

Alf strikes back with a second entry to this year's compo. We have had 3 push scroll games, and no continuous scrolling game so far, until now. This is a game, which I am guessing was inspired by Xevius and Nexus. Your mission is split into two separate parts. The first one is to guide your drone through enemy territory, wiping them out. You also have control of the saboteur during part 2, who must survive through the whole mission.


9th February 2014 - ENTRY #3 - DOUBLE OR NOTHING by Alf Yngve

Imagine what it is like to be trapped in two worlds at once. Alf Yngve has hit us with an impressive SEUCK Compo entry, which so far to my general opinion, pretty much an original idea. Nice graphics and the story line is quite gripping as well. It is time to arm yourself with a powerful rifle and fight your way past the aliens or the robots. Which world are you really in? Play the game to find out.


25th January 2014 - ENTRY #2 - HERO TIME 2 by IndyJR/FanCA

The next entry which we have for this year's SEUCK competition, is a medieval fantasy arcade adventure called "Hero Time 2". This is a sequel to the original Hero Time. In which you play the role of a lonely knight. Who must fight against enemy forces and deadly creatures, and of course open treasure chests to pick up gold (Which will turn into points scored). Huge thanks goes to IndyJR for this fine contribution.


20th January 2014 - SEUCK Tips Revealed

With huge thanks to Alf Yngve for suggesting the extra mods I showed him using SEUCK. We are pleased to bring you some SEUCK tips on changing your in game settings, related to sprites, players, and scoring. All POKEs require an Action Replay cartridge, or similar with FREEZE function.


The competition has already received a first entry, in which might probably put you off camping :). Another Day, Another Zombie, written by Carl Mason. This party game stars you as a bounty hunter, which has to defend a camp site from being invaded by Zombies. This is a static screen shoot 'em up, which is a score attack to try and defeat the zombies. The game will end if you die and the camp is invaded. Zombies love brains you know :)

Another Day Another Zombie


Some final changes to the compo rules. I have decided to make a few modifications to the rules, to make things more fair. Music (in title only) and use of POKE 16578,2 (2 players controlled with one joystick) is now allowed in the compo. Other rules remain unchanged.

Talking of SEUCK ... Watch out as a new co-op TND + Alf Yngve game is coming soon. I'm still working on the final enhancements of the game, followed by a brand new TND intro to link to it. :)


May  2014

*** no news ... sorry ***

April 2014

26th April 2014

1541U2, Chameleon Users - TND Collection Available

Do you have a 1541Ultimate 2, a Turbo Chameleon or any other C64 hardware that supports SD Card / MicroSD. If you do, then how would you like the ENTIRE COLLECTION of TND goodies? Good news has come. The New Dimension is very proud to bring you the TND 1541 Ultimate Collection. Which consists of practically every C64 program which has been hosted on this web site. That means, games, demos, utilities, contributors and SEUCK compos can be archived on to an SD card. Just unzip the archive on to your SD Card or whatever, and enjoy exploring the world of The New Dimension.

TND 1541U2 Collection

6th April 2014

New TND logo and TND Forum re-opened

Just a couple of news bits for you, related to TND. Kitty from Commodore is Awesome has provided a brand new TND logo. It is the same as the old logo, but there are some differences in the logo as well. Also the TND forum has been re-opened and linked to the main menu on this page. Have fun.

1st April 2014

SEUCK Compo Deadline extended ...

Due to lack of time until the end of this week. I have decided to increase the deadline date for SEUCK compo entries. The new deadline is now Saturday 5th April 2014.  Voting forms probably will not be ready until 13th April 2014. So if this is the case, the deadline will be extended to 11th April 2014.


March 2014

30th MARCH 2014

New contributor's C64 game: COBRA MISSION 2 - Released

Riszard Nazarewski (IndyJR) has come up with a new blaster sequel based on his first Cobra Mission game. This game got released to Commodore Free, but with request from the game's author. This game hits the contributor's page. Strap yourself into a U.S. Cobra helicopter, and prepare to fight against the evil Dictator's armed forces and find the lost Nuclear Submarine, where. Rescue hostages, and take great care flying through the scenery. Some obstacles will make you say bye, bye to your helicopter :)

Cobra Mission

26th MARCH 2014

New C64 music: HEAVY STORM - Released

A tune I composed for the Forever 2014 party has been uploaded on to the music page. It is a C64 trance tune, inspired by the Trance Sector style tunes I wrote in the past. The tune is 3 minutes long, enjoy the music.


February 2014

18th FEBRUARY 2014


Not really a major update, but some quick updates about my C64 projects past and present. Their statuses, etc. Here's a quick list. Explanations about the projects will be revealed in the projects page.

- Revenge of the Tomato - Complete
- Bionik Granny Returns - Complete
- Sub Hunter - Complete
- Up in the Air - Cancelled
- Amazon Tales - Cancelled, stays 75%
- Ultimate Stuntboat Challenge - Cancelled
- Trance Sector - Complete
- Invert - Complete
- Sheepoid - Complete
- Woolly Jumper - Complete

Projects page

3rd FEBRUARY 2014


Alf Yngve wrote a special edition of the game "Gray Hawk", which was released back in 2013 for Commodore Free magazine. Since last year, there may have been various people who probably missed out on this fun Warhawk inspired SEUCK game. Compared to the older release of the game. Grayhawk 2013, consists of a major update on the level settings, and also the front end as well. Music on the front end sounds sort of like what you would have heard on Future Composer, but nope. It isn't. Tunes were done using GoatTracker :) I do hope that you will enjoy this great piece of SEUCK history.



The cross-assembly version of the Grayhawk SEUCK front end tutorial has now been added to the tutorial page.

2nd FEBRUARY 2014


Have you ever written a SEUCK game, and felt bored with the same old front end. While I was working on the Shoot Em Up Destruction Set 3 for Psytronik and Alf Yngve.  (Which is now finished) I have come up with an idea which was to add tutorial on how to add a new front end to a SEUCK game. It is time to wave goodbye to the basic scrolling raster bars, and still 1 colour text presentations and hello to front end innovation :) WARNING - Programming required, but I'm hoping my code and tips will help you out.


January 2014


Scene World #22 released

Issue 22 of the PAL/NTSC C64 talk disk mag is now available to download. This issue features plenty of interviews, including an exclusive interview with a legend of Activision fame, David Crane. Also musician Chris Grigg. There is the second part of the crazy comet(esque) game programming tutorial called "Planet Popper", and there's plenty of reviews. Now relax and enjoy the mag :)

Scene World #22


DARK FORCE released

This is our first ever game for 2014, and hopefully not the last :). What was originally a challenge to launch the first ever C64 game on New Year's day, sadly failed. As the game was originally too short, had loads of issues and problems, now the good news is that with huge thanks to Alf Yngve's help and support with this project. We have finally brought to you the final fully innovated version of Dark Force, created using Sensible Software's Shoot Em Up Construction Kit - with loads of major enhancements taking place. Fly the Dark Force through 3 zones, fighting against the Cygons, their allied forces and destroy all 20 generators, which operates the Cygon laser cannon.  This game was inspired by "Light Force", a real classic by Hewson. Huge thanks also go to JSL for the nice loading pic, which has been used on both .D64 and .TAP versions of this game :)


This way to Dark Force



After the success of last year's SEUCK game creation competition. We are very pleased to announce the brand new SEUCK competition 2014. Just like last year, this competition runs from January - April/May. Submissions from January - End of March, voting from April/May and of course the prize of a major enhancement and new front end for the competition. The rules are similar to last year's competition, but this time round, no enhancements or music is allowed to be added to the game for the competition. This is to make things more fair.



To launch the SEUCK compo 2014, I was building a game through Christmas, which was meant to be a surprise for the compo. Sadly the result didn't turn out well as I would have expected. The result made the game turn out to be too short - although graphics are quite nice. Good news however is that it hasn't been cancelled. Alf Yngve is going to be improving the game, to make it more longer lasting and playable, while I work on the front end, enhancements, etc. Using the old version of the game.

- 2013 -
December 2013



The wait is finally over. After a successful release of the 16KB, the full final version of Invert is NOW AVAILABLE from the TND GAMES page. This Tile Flipping game was originally released for the 16KB cartridge competition, but I decided to finish it off even more by adding a level editor, a loading picture with music, etc. A FREE TND quality release, perfect for Christmas Day. We do hope you will enjoy it.



Have you ever wanted to master your own programs to tape using a loader game? Now is your chance. What used to be just a little small program installer routine, finally becomes a tape master kit. Now is your chance to master your tapes with either Moo-Tilation or Happy Blocks loader games, with a professional loading scheme which is not too flashy :)



Oh no, the aliens are coming. Time to arm yourself and blast those alien scumbags in this magnificent sideways scrolling SEUCK game with loads of enhancments added to it. Starring Cassandra Richley as the main character. A time bomb has been activated, and it is up to you (Commander Richley) to escape from your home base to freedom. The only problem is that hungry slimy green aliens are after you for lunch. Can you escape in time, or will the bomb go off with you inside the base?



First seen on the Commodore Free E-Tape #7 (Which I compile for the free magazine). The New Dimension and Alf Yngve are proud to bring you this excellent Sideways SEUCK game called "Night Raid". It is a game in which you have been captured as a spy by enemy forces. Luckily a one of your people blast you out of your cell. You start to make your escape, but the enemies will be waiting for you. Can you escape from enemy lines to a heli-port then fly your helicopter back to your own hq?



Baaaaah! Those foxes are at it again, but this time in a deluxe version of Sheep VS Fox. This game was originally released on the Sheepoid DX and Woolly Jumper disk by Psyrtonik Software, but Alf and I are very happy to bring you this funny sequel, which consists of plenty of funny gags , sheep, new obstacles and even some countryside music.



Didi/Laxity has a newer version of the Candle Burner game, which was originally made for the 16KB game cartridge compo, so we have updated the entry for this game. Have a wonderful time playing this Christmas treat courtesey with LAXITY.



To end this festive update, Roberto Ricioppo brings TND some more of his games. Not one, two, three, but 13 of them (Gasp!). Click on a link to get to the page where the games lie:

Alphabet Crazy / Battle in the 4th System / Cubotter / FORM3000 / Highway II / Knife Crazy / Last Super Ship of Xerox / Nagasyan / Superball 2 / Tractors / The Wind / Zik the Ant 4


Thee JaC64 (TND Games Room) has now been updated, so that the following games can be played online. Bad news is that Roberto Ricioppo's 13 games are not added to the games room quite yet, due to lack of time. Hopefully you'll see his games on the TND Games Room page next week.


Have a Merry Christmas everyone. And I'll see you on 1st January 2014 with the 2014 SEUCK compo page - and even a brand new surprise of a brand new vertical scrolling shoot 'em up, paying tribute to a real classic, which I loved when it appeared on a Commodore Format cover tape. Enjoy the festivities, and see you then.

Richard / TND, 25/12/2013
Older news for 2013 lies here

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