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Commodore is Awesome!
Commodore is Awesome

December 2013



The wait is finally over. After a successful release of the 16KB, the full final version of Invert is NOW AVAILABLE from the TND GAMES page. This Tile Flipping game was originally released for the 16KB cartridge competition, but I decided to finish it off even more by adding a level editor, a loading picture with music, etc. A FREE TND quality release, perfect for Christmas Day. We do hope you will enjoy it.



Have you ever wanted to master your own programs to tape using a loader game? Now is your chance. What used to be just a little small program installer routine, finally becomes a tape master kit. Now is your chance to master your tapes with either Moo-Tilation or Happy Blocks loader games, with a professional loading scheme which is not too flashy :)



Oh no, the aliens are coming. Time to arm yourself and blast those alien scumbags in this magnificent sideways scrolling SEUCK game with loads of enhancments added to it. Starring Cassandra Richley as the main character. A time bomb has been activated, and it is up to you (Commander Richley) to escape from your home base to freedom. The only problem is that hungry slimy green aliens are after you for lunch. Can you escape in time, or will the bomb go off with you inside the base?



First seen on the Commodore Free E-Tape #7 (Which I compile for the free magazine). The New Dimension and Alf Yngve are proud to bring you this excellent Sideways SEUCK game called "Night Raid". It is a game in which you have been captured as a spy by enemy forces. Luckily a one of your people blast you out of your cell. You start to make your escape, but the enemies will be waiting for you. Can you escape from enemy lines to a heli-port then fly your helicopter back to your own hq?



Baaaaah! Those foxes are at it again, but this time in a deluxe version of Sheep VS Fox. This game was originally released on the Sheepoid DX and Woolly Jumper disk by Psyrtonik Software, but Alf and I are very happy to bring you this funny sequel, which consists of plenty of funny gags , sheep, new obstacles and even some countryside music.



Didi/Laxity has a newer version of the Candle Burner game, which was originally made for the 16KB game cartridge compo, so we have updated the entry for this game. Have a wonderful time playing this Christmas treat courtesey with LAXITY.



To end this festive update, Roberto Ricioppo brings TND some more of his games. Not one, two, three, but 13 of them (Gasp!). Click on a link to get to the page where the games lie:

Alphabet Crazy / Battle in the 4th System / Cubotter / FORM3000 / Highway II / Knife Crazy / Last Super Ship of Xerox / Nagasyan / Superball 2 / Tractors / The Wind / Zik the Ant 4


Thee JaC64 (TND Games Room) has now been updated, so that the following games can be played online. Bad news is that Roberto Ricioppo's 13 games are not added to the games room quite yet, due to lack of time. Hopefully you'll see his games on the TND Games Room page next week.


Have a Merry Christmas everyone. And I'll see you on 1st January 2014 with the 2014 SEUCK compo page - and even a brand new surprise of a brand new vertical scrolling shoot 'em up, paying tribute to a real classic, which I loved when it appeared on a Commodore Format cover tape. Enjoy the festivities, and see you then.

Richard / TND, 25/12/2013

6th December 2013


There hasn't been any updates since last month. This is due to the fact that I haven't had time available most of the time for TND productions and updates. I have been busy working on the "Shoot Em Up Destruction Set #3", which will be released some time in the new year. It has been a fun project, and there is only the final mastering to be done - but I am still awaiting the loading pictures.

More bad news arose the past 2/3 weeks, where I haven't had ANY free time available to work on C64 productions, due to real life - or as I like to call it .... WORK! ... Good news however is that there will be a BIG update coming on Christmas Day, with the latest productions, contributors games.


The C64 game, I wrote for the RGCD 16KB cartridge competition (INVERT) is now available to download, but not yet from TND. Mainly because I'm working on a final version, which I hope will be finished in time for Christmas. What I intend to do is add a simple level editor (Which of course will still use the screen layout). The idea is that typing the letters of each key will place a represented chosen tile into the game background. Of course the first tile cannot be a hole, as the player will always START at the top left (as if it is an entrance to the zone). Apart from that, nothing else really needs to be changed.

The 16KB of the tile flipping fun game is available to download from:


November 2013

<> <>
6th November 2013

Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo - Released

TND launched a SEUCK compo earlier on this year, in which catered for the standard and sideways scrolling SEUCK. However, one game never actually got finished, which caught our attention. Did it end up dead as a Dodo? The good news is that it hasn't. After a slightly long delay, Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo is finally available from the CONTRIBUTOR'S PAGE. This game made it to 2nd place in the SEUCK compo 2013. Now it features some enhancements. $D016 / Scroll fix up, new front end, in game music, Get Ready + Game Over, end screens and of course a very cute and brilliant piece of loading artwork. Now the little Dodo can try and make his escape through 3 treacherous zones from Sailors and Blunderbusses, on an island of 17th Century Maritiaus. Can Dodo plant egg trees, and recover hidden eggs during his escape. Or will the poachers have a good meal? ... Only one way to find out. Check out the game.

Dash through to Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo


A brand new C64 game has been submitted to the RGCD 16KB Game cartridge compo, called "Invert". It is a game in which you play a blue ball shaped blob, which has been captured and imprisoned in a Puzzle Cell. To be able to escape, the blob must invert every single BLACK tile on the floor (Not the holes BTW). The trouble is that monsters will be watching the poor blob, and will be tempted to chuck a bomb now and then. Unlike the 16KB cartridge entry. I will be adding just one more feature to the game. A simple level editor. INVERT is a puzzle game after all. Expect to see the final version of INVERT round about Christmas time.

October 2013

<>WHAT. No news for October? That's a first :(. There wasn't anything new to mention. It doesn't mean that TND is finished. I have been really busy with a co-op project along with Alf Yngve, which of course is the third Shoot Em Up Destruction Set. Keep watching the TND news for more about it in the near future.
11th September 2013

MUSICALS3 by Roberto Ricioppo

We had quite a lot of madness going on with Roberto's releases last week. You had a new release practically every day. Well, things have started to shape back to normal, as this week you only get one game from him. It is time to play some music with MUSICALS3. Roberto Ricioppo jams some high notes with yet another funny SEUCK game in which you have to blast musical instruments and other things. Roberto also gives us a wonderful tune for the title screen as well.
September 2013

11th September 2013

MUSICALS3 by Roberto Ricioppo

We had quite a lot of madness going on with Roberto's releases last week. You had a new release practically every day. Well, things have started to shape back to normal, as this week you only get one game from him. It is time to play some music with MUSICALS3. Roberto Ricioppo jams some high notes with yet another funny SEUCK game in which you have to blast musical instruments and other things. Roberto also gives us a wonderful tune for the title screen as well.

Play some notes with Musicals3


The two loader games, which I have written (Moo-Tilation and Happy Blocks) NOW have a function in which allows you to keep playing the games after loading has finished. Instead of automatically running a program that loads from tape. I have added a "PROGRAM LOADED - PRESS SPACEBAR TO CONTINUE" prompt (or similar). Other news about both loader games is that soon, you'll be able to master those two crazy games to you tape, as I have created a master tool specially for that process. Watch this space :)

7th September 2013

GEOMETH by Roberto Ricioppo

... As I have said before Roberto's games just keep on rolling in to us. This time GEOMETH. A Sideways scrolling SEUCK game in which two alien races of two planets clash in an intergalactic war. Only one empire will reign. Which one though?

Space wars begin with Geometh


... I just spoke too soon. The games just keep on rolling. Yes, once again Roberto Ricioppo hits us with yet another funny SEUCK game, but this time in the mould of the Sideways SEUCK engine. Attack on the World Of Fruit involves flying through the treacherous world of fruit. The fruit start a war and things are about to get messy. The game involves you as an apple, which has to fight against the enemy fruit and restore peace to the fruit world.

Free fruit salad this way :)

6th September 2013

GRAVITY OF SULEX by Roberto Ricioppo

Looks as if this week has been a Roberto Ricioppo special :) Roberto has struck us again with yet another SEUCK game called "Gravity of Sulex". A vertical scrolling shoot 'em up with what you'd usually expect from Roberto, where it comes to shooting aliens and robots. Load and fire :)

Feel the Gravity of Sulex

4th September 2013

ALIENS OF KALADRAM by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto keeps churning out new games for the contributors page. So far this week we have had 3, now here's his forth game of the week. This time by the name of Aliens of Kaladram. It is a vertical scrolling SEUCK game, in which you are flying through Kaladram, fighting against the hostile aliens. To save your people from an imminent invasion.

Fight the Aliens of Kaladram

3rd September 2013

CYBERNETIC by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto strikes back with "Cybernetic", a vertical scrolling SEUCK game, in which malfunctioned robots, droids and cyborgs try and break free from Robb-o-botics. A warehouse in which stores and repairs robots. Their parts recycling compactor is under repair, so your droid sets off in an adventure to stop those rogue robots from invasion of the warehouse basement. Good luck :)

This way to Cybernetic

2nd September 2013

METEORS OF THE SPACE 4 by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto has submitted yet another new sideways SEUCK game for the contributor's page called "Meteors of the Space 4" in which you are flying a space mine craft, blasting away at asteroids. Unfortunately the aliens didn't like what you did, so they arm themselves and start a big fight against you. Oh dear... Looks you you're in for it now :)

August 2013

31st August 2013

What has been happening this time round? Well, a bit active and busy as usual, so nothing much to show. However Roberto Ricioppo has yet another new SEUCK game to show you.... Here's the news about it.


Roberto's latest game is called The Last Space Ship. A game in which you have to fly the last fleet of space ships, across various worlds - occupied by various space mutants. Like with many of Roberto's games, it is a futuristic space shoot 'em up, with space ships and droids. Have fun playing this little game of his.

Take me to Last Space Ship

22nd August 2013
Small summer update ....

Did you miss us? Some people were concerned of my disappearance during part of the summer period. Don't worry. I was only away on holiday for a fortnight or so between 27th July 2013 - 11th August 2013. There was no TND update last week, due to the fact that there was nothing to add. However over the next coming 4 or 5 weeks there will be weekly updates for the contributor's page. Also I have a little bit of news about one of my C64 projects, which is being written for the 2013 RGCD 16KB Cartridge competition. Watch this space :)

Scene World #21 released

First released at the Gamescon 2013 event. The long await issue 21 of Scene World, PAL/NTSC C64 talk disk mag has been released. There had been a long delay with the diskmag due to so much going on in real life. This issue features another 5 exclusive tunes, a nice intro programmed in by Sixx/Genesis Project, featuring a great piece of music by Crome. The mag also features a little interview with yours truly, and the usual games round up and reviews and plenty of C64 trance music for you . More information is on the SWO page on the TND web site.

Take me to Scene World

The House of Mr Chuf - Released

Roberto Ricioppo has been busy with SEUCK. He has created *FIVE* new games, while I have been away on holiday. This is the first one, of which, if I am correct, inspired by The House of Usher by Synapse Software. This is a Horizontal SEUCK game called "The House of Mr Chuf" (Although I put this game in the 'H' section of the contributor's page). You are inside the house of Mr Chuf and is out to stop the bad spirits that control random objects to shoot you. Your mission is to shoot back at those objects and try to reach the end of the house.  It's worth a try. :)

The House of Mr Chuf

July 2013

26th July 2013
One final update before offline.

Chatters by Philip Bayliss
A new platform puzzle game, created using Construct2 is available to play online. The game is called "Chatters", in which you have aid of a robot which has to pick up blocks of some sort. Chuck them near one of the Chatters and let it eat what is inside the block. If the block is an ice block, the alien will freeze. This block will become a platform. If the alien eats a bomb block. Nothing will be left of it. To get past each level, the robot must find the exit and go straight through it. No time limit or lives are involved in this game, but according to Philip you have 20 puzzling levels to complete. Various obstacles include lasers and a few other clevel tricks.


20th July 2013
More C64 games online

TND Games Room Updated ....
Before the final update is closed untl Mid August. I am happy to announce the the TND games room has been updated with the outstanding missing game titles which were released by contributiors and SEUCK compo entrants. Every single game should now be available to play using the JaC64 emulator. The Help page has also been fixed.

The new entries are:

The Dark Within, Dante's Super Store, Gold Quest 5, Sheer Earth Attack, Spy Rider, Realms of Midgard, Zombie Braineaters, Aufwaerts (Going Upwards), Dodo's Deep Doo Doo (80%), Synergy, Amazon Gold, Bank Run, Carabean 1773, Crystal Space, Andomex X3, Pallino, War Under Sea, Wall of Fire, Cyborg B61

Sheepoid DX and the final version Woolly Jumper have not yet been added to the games page, as both of my games are part of a commercial compilation for Psytronik Software and RGCD. It doesn't mean that both games won't be added to the TND games room page at all. You just have to wait a while :)

TND Games Room


The unstoppable Roberto Ricioppo brings use a vertical scrolling SEUCK game called CYBORG B61. The game is available to download from the contributor's page.

See you in Mid August 2013

Cyborg B61

10th July 2013
Warping through your C64 - A new contributor's game

Wall of Fire

There seems to be more C64 activity from Roberto Ricioppo, than there is with me. Roberto launches yet another space shoot 'em, up game called "The Wall of Fire". In this game, you have been sucked through a portal, and must escape from the Wall of Fire, crammed with aliens. Can you escape or will you be stuck in this Sideways SEUCK game forever?

The Wall of Fire

4th July 2013
SHEEP UNLEASHED + A new contributor's game


The sheep is back. RGCD, Psytronik Software and TND are very proud to present you "Sheepoid DX" and "Woolly Jumper". A double pack with plenty of sheep mayhem. Woolly Jumper is a cute platform game in which Pepito the sheep must escape from his nightmare after an silly accident he had. Sheepoid DX is a new SHEEPOID game, in which two sheep have to save the world that has been threatened by a menacingly alien space goats aboard a mothership. First they chewed on the grass, then they set some woods on fire prompting an invasion. Sheepoid DX was inspired by Jeff Minter's all time classic called Laser Zone (Which is available from in the history section).

Woolly Jumper and Sheepoid DX - UNLEASH THE SHEEP

SEUCK Game: War Under Sea  by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto's latest SEUCK game is called "War Under Sea", in which you control a ship, which has to shoot the enemies and mutated sea creatures which lurk under the sea. Can you fish out a good score?

War Under Sea

June 2013

27th June 2013
Save those pool tables :)

SEUCK Game: Pallino by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto Ricioppo strikes back with a new C64 game called "Pallino", created using the Sideways SEUCK. In this game you play a green ball hero called "Pallino", who has to stop the pool table invasions from enemies that come by. They have completely blocked the holes of the table - so that they won't fall into their prison - unless someone decided to insert a coin and release those balls :)


21st June 2013
Sizzling out this summer !!! SEUCK Compo 2013 Prizes



Finally the SEUCK compo prizes and goodies bundle have been released on to the SEUCK Compo 2013 page. One game hasn't had its prize yet, because the original Author is working on his own loading pictures and logos for the game. As soon as I received the full version of Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo, I'll be enhancing it straight away. The BONUS treats you have are as follows:



GOLD QUEST 5 - The Full Game


Visit the SEUCK Compo 2013 page to pick those goodies up and install them on either your C64, VICE, CCS64 or 1541 Ultimate :)

17th June 2013
SEUCK Compo Prizes news update

It's the middle of June and Where are those SEUCK compo prizes gorn?

You may have noticed that there has been a big delay to get those SEUCK compo prizes ready. Unfortunately this was due to lack of time available, due to real life. Good news is that now the winner's prize is complete, and also a runner's up prize has been updated. There's still one more runner's up prize to enhance, but Carl's finished working on the game and is working on a loading picture and stuff for this game. So we'll have to wait a while :) To take its place, a surprise is in the works. Hopefully all will be ready and uploaded this coming Saturday. So it's NOT long to wait now. Anthony Burns and Gaetano Chiummo already have their prizes and have been very happy with those so far. :)

New SEUCK game from Roberto Ricioppo - Andromex X3

Roberto shares with us a brand new SEUCK game of his, and also his first ever piece of music, which I had fixed and added to the title screen (So that the tune restarts after it reaches the end). For a first tune Roberto composed, I was very impressed with it. The game, however is set in space. You fly across the galaxy fighting the alien craft in a horizontal scrolling blaster. I used LoadOne for the tape version of this game, due to the time of evening. Which meant I couldn't be asked to write a loading text for this game in Thunderload Series Six. :)

   May 2013

29th May 2013
Unleash the sheep

Coming soon: Woolly Jumper/Sheepoid DX

I can confirm that the sheep game, "Woolly Jumper" is now finished and have been submitted to RGCD and Psytronik Software and is going to be released as commercial software. I will also be adding a free download of both games, so you can try them out before you decide to buy the game on to real media. Some time in June (hopefully), the sheep will be unleashed to save the world from alien kind once again. However, a big surprise has hit me this week. The final build Woolly Jumper consists of additional bug fixes by me and Martin 'Enthusi' Wendt, the bug fixes are Enthusi's updated jump mechanics (Feel much more accurate), the score bug and the lives bug. As a bonus you'll get a free game called "Sheepoid DX" to go along with Woolly Jumper. It is a graphically enhanced and improved edition of Sheepoid, in which features brand new aliens and new sounds and music. Flashy presentation, and also carries out a health warning. The new graphics in this game were all done by Trevor 'Smila' Storey. A playable preview of Sheepoid DX is also AVAILABLE here.

Woolly Jumper and Sheepoid DX should soon be available as:

Disk, Tape, Cartridge and Digital Download from:


Playable preview of Sheepoid DX

HTML5 Flash game: Sheepoid Supernova

My brother has been working on a secret HTML5 flash game using Construct2, called "Sheepoid Supernova", which is a flash version of Sheepoid, with his own graphics. I have added a link from the menu bar to this game, if you are up for a game of Sheepoid Supernova, please give it a go and feel free to send me feedback about the game.

Where is Crystal Space

Roberto Ricioppo's game "Crystal Space" should have been released on to this page a while ago. I did the enhancments but I forgot to upload the game. So now here it is :) Sorry about that Roberto.

Sail to the Carabean :)

16th May 2013
Aaaaaaar, me hearties. Swab the decks, hoist the cannons and fire ye scurvy dogs

New C64 game: Carabian 1773

Not exactly a new game, but an unreleased game from 2012, which we didn't get round to adding. Roberto Ricioppo has brought us yet another new Sideways scrolling SEUCK creation called "Carabian 1773". It is a game in which you sail across the ocean, and fight against the ruthless pirate ships, by firing your cannons at them.

Sail to the Carabean :)

15th May 2013
Fly me to the moon

Up in the Air - The End!

The finale to the Up in the Air diary has been added, and it is unsurprisingly not a good ending ... Or is it? As you may have discovered, I was struggling a lot with Up in the Air, where it come to a general memory issue, and also a concept fault. But is it actually the end of Up in the Air? Read on to find out ....

Up in the Air Diary

12th May 2013
A rootin' tootin' loading screen

Bank Run tape version updated

Bank Run's tape version has been updated, as unexpectedly something special has happened to the game. We have been contributed a nice loading picture, specially for the tape version of the game. Huge thank goes to Michael Koslowski for his excellent loading picture. Which has now been added to the .tap version of the game - and replaced the older .tap. :) Enjoy!

Make way to the Wild West

11th May 2013
YEEEHAAA! It's a rootin' tootin' and a whole lotta shootin'!
NEW GAME: Bank Run released
We have a brand new exclusive release from Alf Yngve and The New Dimension called "Bank Run". It is time for a bit of rootin' tootin' an' a whole lot 'a shootin' from the Wild West. You are a Sheriff who has to save the banks from being invaded by gunslingers. This game was inspired by "West Bank" by Gremlin Graphics, but with the limitations of SEUCK, this game was expanded even further with thanks to The New Dimension. There's even Wild Western style SID music, involved in this game to give the sort of atmosphere you would have expected in a Spaghetti Western theme.

Make way to the Wild West

  April 2013

30th April 2013
SEUCK Compo 2013 - The Results

C64 SEUCK 2013 Compo Results

The voting phase has now closed. Results have been accurately recorded on the spread sheet and we have finally got the finished results and ranks for all of the SEUCK games. Here are the top 5 ranks.

1.  Sheer Earth Attack by Gaetano Chiummo
2.  Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo (80%) by Carl Mason
3.  Realms of Midgard by Anthony Burns
4.  Zombie Brain Eaters by Andy Vaisey
5.  Synergy by Alan Simek

The prize of enhancements with power ups, new front end, loading picture, disk/tape cover/inlay will be under development and will be ready by the end of May 2013. (I have the Psytronik Ultimate Cops series to finish off - nearly there.). The 2 runners up will just get a new front end, and if necessary background animation added the the game. No other extras). A huge thank you goes to everyone who taken part in this year's SEUCK compo. There will be another compo in the near future - possibly a themed SEUCK compo later on this year. You'll have to wait and see.

SEUCK Compo 2013 - Results

18th April 2013

C64 Projects update

I have added some quick update / status to various game projects / recent game projects. Some game projects have been frozen, others are still in progress. There is also a reason for why the game projects have been frozen or cancelled / complete. There is even a new project planned for the RGCD 2013 16KB Cartridge compo.

Projects Page

TND Tape Loader update

A quick feature on the TND loader update, featuring new additions - also where you can get the source code from to build your own loaders :)

Its All About Tape Loaders

6th April 2013

SEUCK Compo Entries closed - It's time to VOTE

This year's compo has been a great one so far. We had 11 submissions and one out of compo submission. Now you can enjoy the games and vote for them. Which game really kicked butt with SEUCK this time round? Only one way to find out. VOTE!

SEUCK Compo 2013

A huge thank you to everybody who submitted their entries for this year's SEUCK competition. As far as I'm concerned. Everyone's a winner, but it is up to the gamers to vote for which game they think DESERVES to be crowned the ruler of the SEUCK Compo 2013. Best of luck to everyone.

4th April 2013
Enter the Amazon

Amazon Gold

The latest late entry (Well, on time as I extended the deadline until Friday this week), comes something completely different. It's time for a bit of Indy style exploration and action. IndyJR/FanCA has come up with a Sideways SEUCK creation called "Amazon Gold". This is a game set in 1933, where you are an intrepid explorer, Greg Troubleynsky, who has financial problems back at home. After his old uncle passed away, he finds a map which could change his fortune. Unfortunately he crashed his plane into the amazon, and sets off in search for the temple of gold. The amazon is full of traps, so can poor Greg Troubleynsky get away from his trouble for good?

Amazon Gold

1st April 2013 (Evening).
An alien blasting sensation


Alan Simek's latest entry, Synergy is a 1 player game only in which you have escaped from captivity by aliens. You find yourself a space ship and fly through the space station of Synergy. This is an ultimate alien blasting sensation, with lovely commercial quality background graphics and sprite, and also great music by Fanta and Wacek (Chosen by the Author, himself). Happy blasting.


March 2013

31st March 2013
Fancy Dodo eggs for Easter?

Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo 80% (Compo version)

Here comes a cute playable preview of Carl Mason's latest game. Sadly the game isn't quite finished yet, as Carl had just one more level to work on and he didn't have enough time spare. So we have accepted this promising playable preview as a compo entry and will be looking forward to releasing the full game when it gets finished. The last of the Dodo's is trying to grow Dodo plants, by dropping eggs into the small holes. Unfortunately the poor blighter has to face a huge difficult job in avoiding the sailors and blunderbusses. Traps are laid around Mauritiaus, and the weather is hot. Whereas down here in England - It's bladdy freezin'. Brrr! Enjoy this preview with funny title music added by me.

Dodo's Deep Doo-Doo

Happy Easter everyone.

28th March 2013
Bubble trouble

Aufwaerts (Going Upwards)

Sonny Top (Bamse) missed out in the 2011 Sideways SEUCK competition but he's made a come back with a finishing touch to one of his oldest SEUCK creations. 13 years in the depths of a dusty disk drawer, Aufwaerts (German for "going upwards") has been finished off and submitted for this year's SEUCK compo. Aufwaerts is a game which is completely different to other SEUCK games. You are given a few seconds to memorize the map on screen. Then you have to guide your bubble safely through the course which you can memorize from the map. Unfortunately you'll have to watch out for other obstacles. One wrong move could result to a burst bubble. Then you won't want the bubble to appear elsewhere outside the course - else you will lose that one as well. These memory type of games remind me about the memory games in the TV game show The Cube :) Anyway, have fun with this one.


Space Pope revived

Someone called "Priest Maxi" has reincarnated a Public Domain SEUCK classic, which originally worked on NTSC machines. Now it works on both PAL and NTSC. "Space Pope" is a SEUCK game in which you are a Space Pope, who is out to get rid of the evil monsters inside the Space Vaticans. This version of the game consists of a set of trainers, and some enhancements (Probably based from Jon Well's type in listings originally printed in Commodore Format). Still, this game should be fun for those who hoped Space Pope was working on PAL.

Space Pope 2013 (SEUCK examples)

27th March 2013
Let's go and frag some Zombie ass!

Zombie Brain Eaters

Lucky 7th entry. Andy Vaisey/Arkanix Labs has come up with an entry which was originally made for the 2011 Sideways SEUCK compo, but failed to meet the deadline. Instead, he finished it off and came up with this final production. It is a game where the city is infested with zombies and your job is to blaze them down. Any dithering and you will be bitten. Can the zombies be defeated or will you lose all your energy and become a zombie yourself. Let's frag some Zombie Ass!

Zombie Brain Eaters

26th March 2013
Batton down the hatches - We're under attack!

Realms of Midgard

Anthony Burns and the SEUCK Vault are proud to bring an unreleased game to the SEUCK compo called "Realms of Midgard". The cities in each realm are under threat from invaders, so it is up to the player to defend the cities by barraging the enemies with a Galleon and a few cannon balls. There's quite a lot going on there, and you even need to get your tactics correct. This game uses 2 players at the same time, in which one player is static and defenceless(The city) and the other player is full of defences, but limited to attack.

Enter the Realms of Midgard

23rd March 2013

Gangnam 64-Style released

Just for a bit of fun and as a boredom killer (Although this demo wasn't really intended), I was playing around with Goat Tracker last week, and decided to try and do a rendition of Gangnam Style for a laugh. I showed a preview of it to JSL, and he drew a picture for the tune. Rather than just make a SID release with just a picture and nothing else happening. I decided to make a 1 file 1 part demo, dedicated to one of the most funniest and most entertaining dance tracks of end of 2012, Psy's crazy "Gangnam Style".  Now I wonder if you can remember the dance moves to that one?

Dance the Gangnam 64-Style

22nd March 2013
SEUCK Meets Spy Hunter

The SEUCK compo would not be a SEUCK compo with the likes of Alf Yngve. Yep, the master of SEUCK has come back with another entry for the compo. Is it a space shoot 'em up, is it a COPS inspired game? No. This time it is a game inspired by the US Gold classic called "Spy Hunter". Alf has worked hard in making a neat SEUCK version of a classic, and yet again. A unique concept has been added to the game - where TWO players work as a team. One by car, and also one by air. An assassin has been arrested by Swiss Police, with thanks to your clever spy esponiage tactics. Unfortunately though, just as you set off back to drive to your top secret underground HQ in Northern England. A series of enemy vehicles take to the roads and also assassin helicopters take to the skies. You find yourself to be in yet another esponiage thriller. Can you get yourself out to freedom?

Spy Rider

17th March 2013
Explore space, above and beyond - then blast whatever gets in your way!

While you were enjoying the classic Gold Quest games, Gaetano Chiummo has come up with a brand new entry for the SEUCK compo. Yet again using the Sideways SEUCK. He has created a game inspired by Zynaps, IO, and other well known (or probably unknown) space zappers. Sheer Earth Attack is a game in which you have to pilot a ship and try to stop planet Earth from becoming destroyed by some alien energy source. Gaetano has also provided us with some excellent music for the front end and the info-linker file. So what are you waiting for? Get blasting away right now and show those alien scum to not mess with the Universe - and everything.

Sheer Earth Attack

10th March 2013
We've struck gold. - Gold Quest 5 Preview

After a long(ish) wait, we have Yet a new entry for the SEUCK game compo. This time it is a fantasy adventure from Inferior Software called "Gold Quest 5". You can only play one level of the game, as the full game is still under development. Play the role of Dworina, who has to take a long jouney to rescue Sledgie from the evil monster inside a cave. Dworina starts her adventure through the dark swampy forest - but she will not be alone. Enjoy GQ5 demo, as it's getting late now. :)

Enjoy the preview of Gold Quest 5.

Gold Quest 5

February 2013

28th February 2013
Hurry, Hurry

Only 2 entries so far, but there is still time for some more entries for the SEUCK compo. You have until 30th March to get your SEUCK game finished. Depending on the number of entries, There might be a deadline extension. We need at least 5 entries in total before closing time for submissions. If you have a game, which you have *not* released before, or a new SEUCK game, email richardbayliss.c64(a) to submit it, before you are too late.

10th February 2013
SEUCK Compo Entry 2 - Dante's Department Store

The second submission is yet another silly horror game idea by PieVSPie. The game is called "Dante's Department Store". Experience the horrors of shopping at your favourite outlets. As in this tongue in cheek game. Not only are you able to buy stuff from the stores. You have to face assorted horrors, in which clashed from another dimension to a shopping precinct. .... and just as you thought shopping was be bad enough :)

Bargains galore at Dante's Store. Shame they are hard to get

This way to your favourite department store "Dante's Department Store"

26th January 2013
The first SEUCK compo entry .... just in

To start the SEUCK compo off we have been given a submission by Pievspie/Rubberland studios called "The Dark Within". The game isn't exactly a horror game, but it does have a horror theme to it (Although it reminds me of some Tony Crowther game in the past. This is a vertical scrolling game in which you are flying a mind craft through a nightmarish world of your own mind. Starting from your childhood to the final showdown.

Enter the mind of a retro gamer :)

This way to "The Dark Within"
January 2013

26th January 2013
The first SEUCK compo entry .... just in

To start the SEUCK compo off we have been given a submission by Pievspie/Rubberland studios called "The Dark Within". The game isn't exactly a horror game, but it does have a horror theme to it (Although it reminds me of some Tony Crowther game in the past. This is a vertical scrolling game in which you are flying a mind craft through a nightmarish world of your own mind. Starting from your childhoot to the final showdown.  (See above)

6th January 2013
It's Compo time!!!

New TND competition just in ....

Last year there was no 2013 SEUCK compo, due to work life taking over most of the time. The good news is that the SEUCK compo is back and this time even better. Last time in 2011, the aim of the compo was to create a high quality sideways SEUCK using Jon Well's "Sideways SEUCK" mod. However, this time round, it is a SEUCK competition in which to make a quality SEUCK game using a chosen version of SEUCK. It can be vertical or horizontal.

2011's Sideways SEUCK compo winner was of course Alf Yngve's amazing creation "Forgotten Forest", a game using the mode and style of Cosmi's ultimate classic ... 'Beyond the Forbidden Forest". This game got remastered with a new front end with music, and was added to a Psytronik Software compilation, "The Shoot Em Up Destruction Set #2". :)

SEUCK Compo 2013

Scene World issues #19 and #20 available from TND

Issues 19 and 20 of the C64 PAL/NTSC scene talk diskmag have now been added to the TND web site. Issue 19 features an article, paying tribute to the late Jack Tramiel. Issue 20 features a working version of the Jeroen Tel interview, a full review of the Psytronik Software game, Soulless. Finally part 2 of my C64 game programming tutorial - on making Planet Popper - more on this will feature in issue 21 of the diskmag. :)

Scene World

1st January 2013
Happy New Year

New year, new C64 game - Revenge of the Tomato

To mark the celebration of a new year. We are very happy to bring the FIRST EVER C64 GAME of 2013, as it didn't quite make it last week on Christmas Day, due to being unfinished. The game is called Revenge of the Tomato. I was originally going to call it revenge of the MEGA TOMATO, but the loading picture had a different name. So we call it Revenge of the Tomato instead.

ROTT is a horizontal scrolling blaster in which you are battling across the towns, cities and countryside, fighting against the evil mutant tomatoes, which were built by aliens. Then at the end of your journey, you face a terrifying ordeal, by fighting against the MEGA TOMATO. A giant mutant tomato which is out to stop you - simply by trying to ram into you.

Please don't take this game too seriously, as it has been yet another short practice piece. There may still be some odd bugs or glitches in the game, but hopefully this game should keep you entertained for a bit. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the new year. More new C64 news related to TND to follow this coming weekend.

Revenge of the Tomato

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