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Commodore is Awesome!
Commodore is Awesome
December 2012

27th December 2012

Candle Burner - Released

Didi/Laxity kindly contributed a new game for Christmas to the TND web site. We have a special tape version of "Candle Burner" specially for those who are still in the festive mood :). Light up the tree and enjoy what's left of Christmas 2012 :)

Candle Burner
24th December 2012

TND Christmas Demo released

Seasons Greetings everyone. JSL created a Christmas picture which I could make use with. Well, it has happened. The TND Christmas Demo 2012 is born. This is a typical picture + scroll text demo with music I conjured up for JSL. Since I didn't have enough time to do a proper demo. I wanted to make use of his picture. Sadly his festive TND logo never got used.

TND Christmas Demo

Sheep vs Fox released

Sheep VS Fox is a cute and funny game by Alf Yngve. This is a game in which was inspired by the classic Road Runner cartoons. You remember the Road Runner being chased by a Coyote. Well, this time, it's a little comical sideways SEUCK game. You play a sheep which gets chased by crazy foxes. After all, they want to have Shauny the sheep for din, dins. The game is very cute, love the in game graphics. As an extra surprise for you with this game. It features amazing enhancements, probably never to have been seen in a SEUCK game before. Enjoy this sausage throwing experience

Sheep VS Fox

Retron - Phase One released

Issue 65 of Commodore Free magazine featured this game on its cover tape. For those of you who don't read this magazine. You finally get to see this game 2 months later from its release. This is a vertical scrolling SEUCK game in which you fly a Retron craft through the matrix of a computer system and try to wipe out the existing computer viruses. Like with Sheep VS Fox, this game consists of a new front end, high score table and in game music. Hope you will blast your way through this nice blaster.

Retron - Phase One

Richard wears scrooge's hat

Merry Christmas.!?!?!?!... Bah Humbug. Something sadly never got finished. I mentioned on Lemon64 and Facebook over the weekend about a new game in the works and today was mean't to be the release date. Sadly due to working extra hours this week and a couple of problems (which have now been solved) I have been unable to finish the game. Therefore no new TND game release today. However, the good news is that I feel VERY confident that I can get the new game finished in time for New Year's day. This will give me plenty of time to finish off the surprise game and launch it next week. Hope you will be looking forward to this mystery game :)

3rd December 2012

Oops - Strike Team Delta Updated

Something strange happened when I crunched the Strike Team Delta game file. The intro was from the Strike Team Alpha source, but I made a few errors on the intro/loader pic displayer, which made the game fail to decrunch. The disk version has now  been replaced with a quick fix to the intro and should now work 100%. I have also added the raw .tap of the original SEUCK version with no enhancements - so you can check out the sound effects in parts of the game. Some were cleverly added to give an atmosphere of the high security prisons. :)

Strike Team Delta

2nd December 2012

Amazon Tales 75% full game released

Some may class it as a preview, but to me, it is more of a full game. I managed to write Amazon Tales, in co-op with Alf Yngve. This is a game inspired by Mastertronic's Jungle Story. But much better (hopefully). You are a tribal vet, in the Amazon. Your quest is to rescue a lost elephant and take it back to the hospital. Unfortunately to make your trip more difficult. There are critters a plenty and also various tribal natives and guards. This game features nice graphics drawn by Alf Yyngve, and some Matt Gray inspired sound tracks by me.

Amazon Tales 75% Version

Strike Team Delta released

The second part of the Strike Team Special Missions trilogy has come. Carl Mason has created a new mission, in which one or two of the heroes must make their way through Thailand, finding the bad boss who has captured many prisoners in a high security prison. This game features really nice graphics, and also a new front end with music and a nice tape loader system.


Strike Team Delta

Due to time constraints (Real life). The games are not available to play live on the TND Games Room page. As soon as we have enough time. Strike Team Delta, Amazon Tales 75%, Crystal Space, Runners, Starship XNBIO and The Player Dies at the End will be added to the TND Games room page for you to play online.

November 2012

14th November 2012

2 new games from Roberto Ricioppo (Crystal Space and Runners)

Roberto Ricioppo has been busy playing around with SEUCK as usual and he has provided us another two games, in which are Crystal Space, and Runners. Crystal space is a game in which you are in a mine containing Crystals of Space. You have to defend the mines from the evil invaders, who are out to get those mines. To build a huge weapon to break communication from your home planet. The second game is a driving game called Runners, where you are a off-duty cop who is out to take action against the dangerous driving gansters - who obviously caused havoc on the roads.

Crystal Space


October 2012

31st October 2012

Horror and Aliens:

The Player Dies at the End

We have a very small Hallooween update today courtesy from Alf Yngve called "The Player Dies at the End". This is a spooky sideways SEUCK game, in which you have to fight the horrors of the nightmare world armed with just a pistol. This is a spine chiller of a game, perfect for Hallooween. Can you escape the nightmare before you can die? Remember to use diagonal controls to be able to shoot. A Straight left/right will allow you to SMACK the lower horrors to their doom. :)

The Player Dies at the End

Starship XNBIO

Roberto Ricioppo's latest game is (once again) set in a space world. Where you are aboard a starship and have to shoot the alien army before your planet gets invaded. Once again, created using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. Are you smart enough for the aliens?

Starship XNBIO

21st October 2012

Trance Sector Released

We are very pleased to announce that Trance Sector has finally been unleashed. This is a fun game which was simply based on a classic C64 game I had on the 30 games compilation by Argus Press, called "Transector" by 64tape computing. Trance Sector is a huge improvement compared to Transector, as it consists of bigger and much easier to see levels, nicer graphics and of course rumored to have *stunning* game play. Is it transector? WRONG. Although the concept looks familiar, the game itself is surprising completely different - and also an ultimate challenge.

We have released a special one file tape version of the game on to the TND web site, for you to download. To be able to see the extras for this production. (Trance Sector Challeneger's edition and Music Demo) you will have to buy the full game from Psytronik Software
We do hope you have loads of fun and entertainment playing this game.  A huge thank you to everybody who has been involved with this project.

Enter the Trance Sector

New contributor's game: Big Hunter 3 released

While we are celebrating the launch of Trance Sector. We are very pleased to bring you yet another sideways SEUCK effort from Roberto Ricioppo. This time by the name of 'Big Hunter 3'. A simple SEUCK game in which you shoot a dart gun at the safari animals to tranquilize them (so that they can be put back safely in to their own homes).

Rescue those animals

Both Trance Sector and Big Hunter are also available to play online in the TND Games Room. We have also added Roberto Ricioppo's "Shadow in Space" to the TND Games Room as well.

16th October 2012

Trance Sector is coming .... Launch date: 21st October 2012
We have received our final tape masters of Trance Sector, and how impressive they are as well.  A huge thank you goes to Daniel Kahlin for all of his hard work on making a perfect professional loader system for this game project. The good news for you, who have been waiting for so long wondering 'will we ever see Trance Sector released' is that the game WILL be released as .tap on Sunday 21st October 2012, between 5pm - 6pm UK time. The game has also been submitted to Psytronik for publishing on to real media. :) Hope you'll be looking forward to the Sunday launch :)

6th October 2012

New contributor's release: Shadow in Space
Roberto Ricioppo's latest SEUCK game is based on the classic 1982 era. It's a SEUCK style Defender game in which you fight the aliens as usual.

Shadow in Space

September 2012

27th September 2012

New contributor's release: Acorn Man in Magic Land
It seems that Roberto Ricioppo seems to be the most active contributor this year. A brand new game has been released, called "Acorn Man in Adventure Land". It is a SEUCK game in which you have to throw acorns at evil creatures (Who used to be good villagers) to break the evil wizard's spells.

Acorn Man in Magic Land

Although it was delayed, we have updated the games room page so you can play Acorn Man and Super Action 3 online.

A new tape loader
A new TND and Commodore Free tape loader has been produced. It's Thunderload series 6, a brand new special loader which automatically masters files and manually generates .tap files using Martin Piper's TapeToolBuild source and a few of my own addition source codes. I found it pretty much fun to create, and can tweak the loading stripes scheme the way I want also. This new loader has been used for Acorn Man in Magic Land. It features fading colours, a zoomed scroll text with stars (inspired by the Commodore Format F.R.O.S.T intro), and also a loading time as well. It is planned that for every future TND entry or Commodore Free cover tape game - a different tune will be used in the loader. And we might change scroll text and sprites colours as well now and then :) We do hope you will like it.

Trance Sector News
Trance Sector is finally finished, but we are still awaiting the final tape master of the game. The disk version is complete, but the wait should hopefully soon be over. Trance Sector will be released some time in October 2012, and you'll be able to get yourself ready to download the game as soon as it is on the TND web site. If you really like the game, then you may probably consider buying the game on real C64 media, such as disk or tape via Psytronik Software. We're even allowing this game to be freely available in the C64 App store.

Sub Hunter on the C64 App for iOS
Psytronik Software, RGCD and TND have been granting permission for our games to be released on the C64 App for the IPod, IPhone or IPad, as long as the software is FREE to download. The latest update of C64 has the availability of the 2008 classic C64 game, Sub Hunter and in future, Sheepoid and Woolly Jumper could also be appearing on the device as well. Exciting news if you own one of those devices and the latest iOS updates.

New C64 game in progress for RGCD - Amazon Tales
We are currently busy working on a new C64 game for this year's 16KB cartridge compo. The game is called "Amazon Tales" and features remarkable graphics by Alf Yngve. Unlike many of Alf's games, this game will not be created using SEUCK. The graphics have been made using the Sideways SEUCK mod, but the game itself will be programmed by me. I will be spending more of my free time on this game project, commencing this Saturday morning. Could it be yet another great masterpiece to look forward to? You'll have to wait and see.

13th September 2012

New contributor's release: Super Action 3
It is Roberto Ricioppo's latest Sideways SEUCK title. Super Action 3. It is an action packed shoot 'em up in which you control a biker cop who has to put the law into his own hands, simply by destroying the criminals who wreak havoc into the city.

Let's prevent chaos - Super Action 3

8th September 2012

Attack the Abyss - Updated
I found a suitable tune of my own  for Attack the Abyss, and thought I have a little go at using Joonas Lindberg's new tape master tool, LoadOne. See next headline about it. Attack the Abyss can be found on the link underneath the last headline 'New contributor's game'.

LoadOne tape master system released
C64 games programmer and TND contributor, Joonas Lindberg has written his own loader system called "LoadOne". This is a PC command line tool in which will convert a program into tape pulses and then generate an autoboot tape loader, with a multicoloured loading stripes (The classic way). Very handy for one filers. You can find this tool from the CSDB :)


August 2012

24th August 2012

New contributor's game: Attack the Abyss
In the deep blue sea, we go a blasting. Yet another nice little Sideways SEUCK game by Roberto Ricioppo, in which you are sub hunting for deep sea creatures. Hope you enjoy this one, and also Syndrom's classic masterpiece (Which I felt suited the underwater theme quite niceley) on the front end for this game. :)

Enter the Abyss

Trance Sector - Coming End of September 2012
I have been lacking free time quite a lot this year, because of work. However, the good news is that Trance Sector seems to be progressing quite well. The bad news is that it will not be finished for an end of August release due to those work patterns I do. Therefore I am quite confident that the end of September could see the release of this game. Things for me to do (Just a few things) are: . :)

- Program the ending (Today)
- Redesign all levels then import into the game.
- Final phase bugfixing / enhancements

I found that there's no need for a bonus game because of the bonus points added, based on time.

Enter the Abyss

11th August 2012

We're back again
I am back from my 2 week break to Cornwall and find that there are a huge amount of emails in my inbox. This huge backlog will be answered as soon as I can, whenever I get the chance. With such little time, I cannot get through them all in half a day. Thanks for your patience ;)

July 2012

19th July 2012

Escape from the Planet of Phylom updated by Roberto Ricioppo
Roberto's game Escape from the Planet of Phylom has been updated. Roberto left a bug in the game, which has now been rectified. I have also added the game on to the TND games room page as well.


TND Games Room Updated
We have uploaded the lates games for the JaC64 emulator (on the TND games room). The following games you can play online are Escape from the Planet of Phylom, by Roberto Ricioppo, The Doors of Space, and also Escape from Zaphod.

TND Games Room

14th July 2012

Escape from the Planet of Phylom by Roberto Ricioppo
A new SEUCK game by Roberto Ricioppo has been launched today, called "Escape from the Planet of Phylom". It is another of those space blasters, created using SEUCK. As you would have expected.


June 2012

29th June 2012

Doors of Space by Roberto Ricioppo
A new SEUCK game by Roberto Ricioppo has been launched today, with thanks to TND. It's a game called "Doors Of Space", or "The Doors of Space". Yet another space blaster. It seems these days we seem to be getting a lot of space blaster titles in SEUCK these days. Huge thanks goes to Roberto for his latest contribution.


The Doors of Space

22nd June 2012

A Prisoner beyond - Escape from Zaphod released
About 2 years ago, I was working on the design and graphics for my first ever freescape game, using Domark and Incentive Software's classic 3D construction kit. At the time, I originally lost interest in the 3D construction kit, until a post about it motivated me. 2 years later after learning some of the basics of the freescape language. The game starts where you have been held captive in a high security prison on a hostile planet. You manage to break out of your cell, but find it a pain to escape from the security prison to find a rocket and rush back home. This game also features a few silly gags to amuse you as well. Enjoy this sci-fi freescape adventure game. Happy adventuring.


Escape from Zaphod

2nd June 2012

To infinity worlds, for an invasion - Infinity Worlds in the Space
When it comes to space games, Roberto Ricioppo seems to like creating futuristic space titles. He's written yet another space game called "Infinity Worlds in the Space", in which you fly through enemy planets, to stop them from conquering the universe. Unfortunately the aliens will not accept peace, and try to build an empire which could wipe out every living thing on universe (apart from them). Earth fights back, and it's another interplanetary battle - man vs machine :)

Infinity Worlds of the Space

May 2012

25th May 2012

On the Farm - The Tape Compilation - Released
Who remembers going back to the old computer shops, newsagents, etc and buying a tape compilation where you could play more games than what you paid for? Well with thanks to The New Dimension, you can download and experience 3 games in one compilation. Achim Volkers specially drawn a loading picture for the On the Farm series - and we have mastered a tape image with all 3 games on it, featuring a risque flashy border, loading picture and Joe Dixon's excellent version of my Dance-A-Load loader tune. That's right, his version's the best :) So load up the tape, get dancing around the room and enjoy the series :)

I have also included the tape master disk for you to master the games to a real C64 tape if you'd like to.

On the Farm Compilation

Up in the Air News

A preview of Up in the Air was showed at RetroVision 2012. There were mixed reactions about the game. The main talking point was basically the concept and the appearance of the game and was advised to continue with Trance Sector - which will be my main target project, followed by Amazon Tales and Cops - The Series. Unfortunately UITA originally demotivated me to continue with the project. I even sent an email to Wayne about not continuing the game a few days after the event.

However, after mixed reactions and emotions from various people behind (or cracking the project (Hello Didi ;)) I made a tough decision – whether or not it is a daft decision I don't really know. Since I am nearly half way through the game project (and on level 9). It would be a waste of code/time and to not finish it off. So Up in the Air will in fact go ahead – but there is a slight snag. These will be as short intervals in between main projects and before/after work times for an hour or two.  The game diary has been updated again, but only a tiny update this time round. Stay tuned for future updates - which could probably take longer to pop by :)

Up in the Air Diary

15th May 2012

Trance Sector News - Blog update
Now then, I have updated the blog about Trance Sector. So far we have a new front end, 20 levels, new music, etc. If you like to see what those are like, then here's the blog. No videos or anything yet, but TS seems to be progressing nicely. A game with scrolling 2x2 background, seekers and other additional surprises. :)

Trance Sector Blog

Also added Trance Sector to the projects page as well.

12th May 2012

Tape Master Pro V2.1 released
New updated tool. Tape Master Pro V2.1 is ready for you. The menu options are the same, but there have been some improvements made to the loader system itself, also you can choose the speed of the loading scroll text. Enjoy mastering your C64 tapes with this utility courtesey from Martin Piper and The New Dimension :)

Load it up

9th May 2012

Wyverns released
Now then are you ready for some more fire-breathing action? Well, with thanks to Christian Siege, we have Wyverns. A smart looking game  sequel, created using the Sideways SEUCK. The game is where you control a holy dragon who has to save the land of Progidia from the Evil Dragon lord, who has sent an army of dragons and minions to rule the land - and possibly capture since your escape from his castle.

Burn your way to Wyverns

6th May 2012

Trance Sector Preview released
Now that I am back from RetroVision 2012 ... I am very happy to bring you a playable preview of Trance Sector. A game which consists of 14 levels full of pod collecting mayhem. Inspired by a very old rubbish game - and with a fresh lease of life. This game had some pretty good reactions at RetroVision, after I was showing the game on the Commodore 64. People seemed to have enjoyed the preview. The full game will be launched some time in the summer of 2012. And will feature brand new levels, and hopefully some of the suggested ideas with special thanks to Frank Gasking, Wayne and Vinny :) Cheers guys! Finally this game has been uploaded for you all to try out and hopefully enjoy.

Feel the beat, and take me to the Trance Sector demo

Guardians of Space released
New games continue this week, with Roberto Ricioppo's latest SEUCK space action packed shooter. The Guardians of Space. You are a star fighter pilot, who has to fly through the guardians of space teritory and destroy them, before the entire galaxy is reigned to them.

Battle the Guardians of Space

Ooh, you greedy pig. Quod Init Exit V1.2 released
Now what do you get if you cross a greedy pig, food and platforms? Why Quod Init Exit of course. Simone Bevilacqua has launched his latest version of the crazy game Quod Init Exit, in which you are a greedy pig, who has to stuff his face full of junk food and then try and reach the toilet before it leaves the screen.

Feed me: Quod Init Exit

We haven't had time to update the TND games room page with these 3 titles, but we will do this as soon as we get the time. For now, you can download the games to try out on your C64 or on VICE, CCS64, HOXS, etc :)

April 2012

25th April 2012

It's all so quiet
You may have noticed that we haven't been updating our web site frequently this month. This is because I have been hit by work life changes. Hardly any spare time during the week available. Good news is that I am intending to release  a playable preview of TranceSector some time after RetroVision 2012 has finished - if the main game engine's fully operational that is :)

1st April 2012

It's another Up in the Air Update
Not much on the production front, apart from a new update with Up in the Air. That's absolutely right. We have done more on the project this weekend. It involves water and shooting tanks. A little something to please Wayne Womersley :)

Up in the Air Diary

March 2012

14th March 2012

Mr.Cipo and the Lost Planet by Roberto Ricioppo

The SEUCK games keep on coming. Roberto Ricioppo has done yet another sideways scrolling SEUCK creation, based on an alien planet. Explore the new worlds, and defeat the aliens that inhabit the lost planet.

Contributor's page.

17th March 2012

Scene World issue 18 now available (and page updated)

Issue 18 of the C64 scene talk diskmag has been released and is now available to download from The New Dimension. We also have uploaded issue 17 of the diskmag. For some reason, issue 17 was accidentally removed. I can't remember how I did that. Issue 18 of Scene World features all the latest news, game reviews, interviews, all on one disk side.

Scene World page.

New demo: Carl Mason Mini Slideshow

I would not class this as a new demo, as I made it before Christmas 2011, but I decided not to go any further with the production. It is a small 1 filed slideshow, which features a few pictures which Carl Mason drew back in the nineties, but the pictures never actually saw the light of day until the late 2000's. This demo features a scroll text, music by TLF/Xentrix and some flashing effects. Nothing special. I made it just for fun.

Demos page

Huntress of Midgard - Now playable online
I am pleased to let you know that Huntress of Midgard has now been added to the TND games room. So if you wish to play this game online, while browsing. You can do exactly that. Have loads of fun.

TND Games Room

Up in the Air diary update
I have been experiencing a lot of trouble with this game project last week (if you remember in the diary entry), well today I have been taking a look at the code to find out what the heck was going on. Did this problem get solved, or did I carry on banging my head on to a brick wall? Only one way to find out. The link below ;)

Up in the Air diary update

13th March 2012

Huntress of Midgard - Final update

With one version of Huntress uploaded. I had to replace it with a new version of the game as there were still some major issues in the game, which Anthony pointed out to me. The good news was that I have fixed this but some parts of the bug fixing phase were impossible. I increased the timer of the explosion, so that anything that was impossible to blow up (when the smart bomb is activated) will wipe out all of the enemies in this SEUCK game. Fixed the extra life bug, where half the body accidentally gained an extra life. (There was meant to be no extra life) either. Finally the boss explosion feature was fixed. The game has been re-mastered to tape, and also The Zip file on the TND Contributor's page has been replaced.

Huntress of Midgard

11th March 2012

New game: Huntress of Midgard

What happened to Midgard, after Queen Malexia managed to save the city from the evil forces? Well, after Queen Malexia went on vacation, a new back of evil beings have come to ransack Midgard. Anthony Burns continues the Midgard saga with yet another excellent sideways SEUCK game, with my additional enhancements inspired by Ocean and Psygnosis' classic game, Shadow of the Beast. This time it is the Huntress of Midgard. Where you play the role of Eris, who is out to save Midgard from the power of the creatures of Morrigan - only to find that she has to pick up the pieces of the talisman before the creatures do.

Huntress of Midgard

I have not added this game to the TND Games Room yet, due to short amount of time spare, but hopefully will get it added next weekend.

7th March 2012

Another Up in the Air Update

Well despite what has been happening recently, I have managed to cram some time into this game project again. Good news is that I got the compressed/optimised routine working, but there is also some bad news as well, but nothing too bad. Thankfully

Up in the Air diary

February 2012

26th February 2012

Up in the Air Update

We have come back to Up in the Air (For the time being), and yet another new diary entry for you. Quite a lengthy one as well. Not good news in the update. You'll see why :)

Up in the Air diary

18th February 2012

Yet another sheep invasion. Run for your lives.

On the Farm 3

Just as you thought the sheep invasion was over. It turns out that even more sheep arrive. Achim Volkers has pooped (pardon the pun) up a funny third edition of On The Farm, called: On the Farm 3 - Sheep Invasion. This time it's a greedy seagull who is the star in this cute and rather funny finale of the On the Farm series (Unless another one comes along).

On the Farm 3

Another little SEUCK entry

Bardiax I by Roberto Ricioppo

Roberto's back with another Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit game called "Bardiax I". It looks like some kind of space invasion type of game in which you have to blast your way through the enemy territory, lazer blazing them like you usually do in shoot 'em ups. I've even fitted yet another nice old soundtrack into this game.

Bardiax I

Have a great weekend and see you all soon.

12th February 2012

The sheep invasion's just started:

Sheepoid 2 - Woolly Jumper (Full game)

Cor blimey, the sheep invasion has just started and there's another sheep game to come later (Not by me of course). To start off the Sheep invasion, The New Dimension is very pleased to bring you the finished 100% final version of Sheepoid 2 - Woolly Jumper. Pepito the sheep's nightmare is even more prolonged. Due to another 8 additional levels added. We also have a surprise ending, which you will love. Be warned, this game is really hard to play, but it is most definitely possible to complete. Not only do you get to play this comical psychedelic platform game, but you will also see our Rack It style tape loader (Although we didn't use the Rack It loader - honest). If that's not enough, you get a free disk sleeve and tape inlay to print off (and a free pint down the pub - if you pay for it :)). Can't say fairer than that eh?

Sheepoid 2 is here

Spooky antics in:

Evil Wizard 2 by Pingo

Casting spells on a superior wizard has been a big mistake. You probably would have noticed the consequences of this happening. A former member of Civitas, Pingo has created his very first SEUCK game and Goto80! has provided the music. Evil Wizard 2 features varuious levels from the forest into the evil wizard's castle. Plenty of spooky creatures lie through the forest and also inside the castle. Can our hero (you) break the spell which was cast on him by the Evil Wizard.

Evil Wizard 2

7th February 2012

Enjoy your five a day:

Sarada Doja by Carl Mason

Carl Mason has struck back with another neat looking game using the Sideways SEUCK engine, and this time it's no shoot 'em up. Carl has designed the game very nicely. It's time for some Oriental style humour where you are a Sumo Wrestler on a feeding frenzy, but like many kids, he hates eating his greens or 5 a day. Sarada Doja (AKA Salad Dodger) is not for the faint hearted :)

Sarada Doja

Sheepoid 2 News

Woolly Jumper's finally finished, but need's some additional tweaking to the text positioning before it gets released. (Text seems out of place). Hopefully in a couple of weeks time (or less) the game will be released.

January 2012

28th January 2012

Another SEUCK game:

Planet of the Aliens by Roberto Ricioppo

Before I dissappear to play some games (Taking a break from programming today). We have a contributor's game just come in to us. It is called Planet of the Aliens. POTA is a game in which (If I am right) you are flying in a blue spaceship, blasting assorted aliens in sight. Watching them blow up to pieces and getting excited about it. Let's see how much you have what it takes to beat them :)

Planet of the Aliens

TND SEUCK Compo 2012? Where is it?

Last year and the year before, we launched a SEUCK competition. Sadly this year this is not going to happen, due to the fact that I just don't feel motivated enough to launch a new SEUCK competition after last year's lack of entries. Also I will very busy with other projects, and working hard in real life as well. The SEUCK compo reign this year goes to Christian Siege. Any more news about it, we'll keep you posted :)

23rd January 2012

Get ready to throw your tape deck at the wall. It's time to relive the tape loading saga:

Tape Master Pro 2 by Richard Bayliss and Martin Piper

The New Dimension is very proud to bring you Tape Master Pro 2. A C64 utility which will allow you to master your programs on to tape with an intelligent IRQ loader system. This loader mastering system is very easy to use. You have a good choice of loading stripes schemes, and can load your tapes with a special loader with a Koalapainter picture, with music. This program has also been fully documented (See note file on the D64). So now, it's time to relive the tape loading moments. Enjoy!

Download Utils page

12th January 2012

A second new release in just under a week. Enter the world of fantasy and fiction. Where Dragons roam, and evil witches and armies of evil cults do battle to destroy an ancient city and its residents.

New contributor's game: Magess of Midgard

Anthony Burns has come up with a clever idea for a medieval game, and it could be one you may admire as well. The Magess of Midgard is a sequel to the Heroes of Midgard (A previous Sideways SEUCK Compo entry Anthony wrote some time last year). It is a game which features clever tricks, with thanks to my budding help and also Fredrik/Avatar's music. This is most definitely an original concept created using SEUCK.  This game features some really cool enhancements, including some clever effects, such as a smart bomb power up. We didn't even use this on the SEUCK Redux engine. That'll make NTSC users quite happy, except for the title screen ;o) Enjoy this Medieval tale!

Magess of Midgard

Don't forget that you can also play Magess of Midgard and Wyvern online in the TND games room

8th January 2012

A belated happy new year to everybody out there. Hope you all had a jolly good holiday. :) Hope so! Well 2012 is here and let's hope it will be another good and productive year for the good old Commodore 64. And to kick things off, a new game :)

New contributor's game: Wyvern

In the land of fantasy, lived a dragon. A cute friendly dragon, who stars in its own little adventure. Wyvern is a Sideways Scrolling SEUCK game written by Christian Siege. It is a game in which you play Wyvern, a dragon who has been captured by an evil lord. Wyvern manages to escape from the shackles and burns his way out of the dungeon. The little dragon then decides to make its escape from the castle. This game features stunning in game graphics, and some familiar tunes I wrote years ago. Enjoy :)


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