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Commodore is Awesome

December 2011

24th December 2011

Merry Christmas to everybody in the C64 world. We have a few presents for you to enjoy during the festive period, while we carry on producing stuff for this good old machine throughout 2012.

TND JaC64 Page back online

What a good time to relaunch our TND Room. Because of a lot of maintenance required with the pages. We have been keeping busy fixing this page in the evenings. The newest games, including what's been added to download today. We do hope you will have loads of fun playing our games (and contributor's productions). We feel releived that this page is finally back online. There's also a bit of history about each of the TND games. The games from contributors just have credits. Have lots of fun gamers!


New contributor's games - Extravaganza!

SEUCK Fans will be pleased to hear that we have some brand new contributor's releases for the TND web site. I have also added those on to the TND Games room as well. Hope you will enjoy the titles, which are as follows::)

Destroy all Robots X21 by Roberto Ricioppo

Destroy All Robots X21

Roberto brings us his latest shoot 'em up construction kit game. Which is a game in which you have to blast robots. Well, I think that's what it's all about. :)

Strike Team Alpha by Carl Mason

Carl brings us this stealth game, inspired by Commando, or Mercs. Strike Team 1 and 2 appeared on the Commodore Zone cover disk, and both games played very well. During Summer/Autumn 2011, Carl has been very busy working on a new sequel (or new missions) of the game and what a corker of a game it is too. This game features a brand new title screen, and some military style in game music all added by me as well. Great game :)

Strike Team Alpha

Grayhawk by Alf Yngve

Alf Yngve has impressed us yet again with another amazing SEUCK creation. This is a tribute to the classic Firebird game, Warhawk. Grayhawk has some nice graphics, really fast paced game play and also a new front end with music by me. This is the first game to have used my new tape loader game, Happy Blocks :)


and finally

Purge 101 by Anthony Burns

Anthony surprises us with Purge 101. An attempt at making an Operation Wolf style of game. With normal SEUCK it doesn't work that well, but after importing this into the SEUCK redux source. The game worked out very good. It features a new front end, and a nice (ish) logo drawn by me. We do hope that you will enjoy this creation :)

Purge 101

TND Goodies roundup

Sheepoid released today
Psytronik Software's Sheepoid has been released today courtesey with The New Dimension. You are now able to download this nice and rather funny Jeff Minter tribute game from our web site. If you really like this game and would like a professionally mastered tape and disk versions for your real machine.


Sheepoid 2 - Woolly Jumper (Special unofficial) release
The final full game is unfortunately not quite ready for release yet, as we are still working on finishing it off and expanding the game. So instead I have released a special .tap / .d64 version of the RGCD compo game, while you're waiting for the final version.The game features a special Rack It look alike tape loader, and a nice loading picture by Steve Day (Thanks dude!).

Woolly Jumper

And that round's the Christmas updates. See you in the new year with more awesome news. Don't get too drunk over the festive period (I bet that has spoiled your fun eh?). Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

November 2011

Please be aware that The TND web site (Our own productions front) will be very quiet through until December. We will however be releasing some new releases for Decemeber 2011, including the final version of Woolly Jumper. We will be continuing to add news/contributor's games releases on to the contributor's page. We have some surprises in store for December 2011, so you had better wait and see. :)

23rd November 2011

TND JaC64 Page under maintenance
Just to let you know that the TND JaC64 page is currently under maintenance. For some reason when selecting a filename from the menu, we had a READY. RUN. READY. prompt. Unfortunately this page couldn't be resolved so I am working on some additional pages which will automatically run each program that you select on a separate page. There will also be a brief history and playing instructions on each game as well.

This will be our final update until Christmas 2011. So here's what we have in store Christmas Time

- There will be not 1, 2 but probably 3 or more new games released on to the TND web site.
- The Games Room (JaC64 page) will be fully functional
- Plus one more nice surprise for you all.

So on Christmas Eve (As I will be offline Christmas Day), keep an eye out for the prezzies :)

3rd November 2011

TND JaC64 Page not functional
I have received an email regarding the TND Games Online page not being functional when online and uploaded. This appears to be true. There seems to be a fault on that particular page. Unfortunately I have not had time to take a look at the problem. I will look into this problem as soon as I get the time. If all doesn't go according to plan, then I may have to reprogram the TND games online page again.

October 2011

28th October 2011

New contributor's game - Seventh Mission
Time for some sky high esponiage action with the latest sideways SEUCK game from Roberto Ricoppio. Seventh Mission is a game in which you fly a helicopter through day or night, blasting the living hell out of those enemy spies by land, sea or by air. Enjoy.

Seventh Mission

17th October 2011

New contributor's game - F7 Cars Target
Roberto Ricioppo has contributed yet another SEUCK game. F7 Cars Target. It's a sort of shoot 'em racer, created using the vertical scrolling SEUCK.

Drive through to F7 Cars Target

You may have noticed that there has hardly been any regular updates recently. Well, the reason behind this is that I have been extremely busy with the Shoot Em Up Destruction Set 2, and also Woolly Jumper. You'll find those in the address. A .D64 and .TAP WJ will be released on 25th December 2011 - If we get it finished in time that is. :)

September 2011

28th September 2011

New contributor's game - Wars for the Conquest of Space
Roberto Ricioppo has contributed yet another SEUCK game. Wars for the Conquest of Space. A space battle in which Earth tries to make peace with the civilizations from the entire galaxy. The only problem is, that it's so hostile - a war has broken loose between two of the alien empires.

Wars for the Conquest of Space

18th September 2011

New contributor's game - Hunt to Agent 005

Roberto Ricioppo has contributed yet another Sideways SEUCK game production for the contributor's page. This time round it is time for the well know spy related car chase and shooting - just like in the spy related action movies. Well, you are on a hunt to get to Agent 005 as he's done a bad thing threatened to cause chaos around the city. You best read the game page to find out what's happened. :)

This way to Hunt to Agent 005

11th September 2011

New contributor's game - Across the Galaxy on Sector RCM1972 released.

It is time for yet another contributor's game. Roberto Ricioppio has provided us yet another SEUCK creation. This time it was created using the Sideways Scrolling Left modded version of the Shoot Em Up Construction kit. Hope you will have fun playing this game. A huge thank you once again to Roberto for his latest creation. :)

Across the Galaxy to Sector RCM1972

You can now play both of Roberto's games online in the TND Games Room

  August 2011

27th August 2011

New contributor's game - Attack to Planet of Blix released

It is time for another new game, but not made by me at the moment (As I am still working on it). Roberto Ricioppo has kindly contributed his first SEUCK game creation, called Attack to Planet of Blix. It's a game in which you are on an alien planet, fighting against the hostile creatures.

This way to Attack to Planet of Blix

24th August 2011

Some news updates for you

The bad news

Up in the Air - Frozen!

I have unfortunately decided to hold back Up in the Air for the time being, to make way for the Psytronik Software game projects, composing music for Mission Extreme C64, Pac It and also my 16KB cartridge compo for RGCD.CO.UK.

The good news

Shoot 'Em Up Destruction Set 2

I have just finished two games for the Shoot Em Up Destruction Set 2 called Bloodwheels and Super Tau Zeta. Both of those games were written by Alf Yngve, using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit. Don't dispair, it may be SEUCK, but with additional in game enhancements, high score tables, etc. The games feel much more better. I am now working on 2000 Kung Fu Maniacs. Then will be Trojahn and a mystery program for SEUDS 2, which you will have to wait and see.

Sheepoid 2 - Woolly Jumper
Baaaah! Another funny game. Well, it's not really going to be that Psychedelic as Sheepoid, or is it? Sheepoid 2 is actually going to be something completely different and possibly quite original. The game is cross between a constant horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up and a platformer. I am doing programming and music for this game, which Shaun Pearson is working on the graphics for the game. The game is going to be an entry for the RGCD 16KB cartridge game competition - That's if I can fit it into 16KB. Also a final version of the game (Featuring more levels) may probably be mastered on disk+tape and uploaded on to the TND web site, (or perhaps as a Psytronik Software release as well).

2 New tunes released (1 good and 1 bad)
Some new tunes have been uploaded on to the music section. One is the unreleased music I originally wrote for 2000 Kung Fu Maniacs (Which sadly never suited the funny game) and also a horrendous tune, which a year later gets unearthed from the dead :)

Download Music

6th August 2011

Sideways SEUCK Compo Results, revealed

After a long wait (and one being on holiday with family) the results for the Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011 have finally been revealed. There's also a huge shock revealed in the compo page as well. To find out more about it, visit the Sideways SEUCK Compo page.

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011

The prize for the winner of the compo will be under development soon. I will be speaking to the entrant who has won the competition, for suggestions.

July 2011

20th July 2011

Up in the Air - Mini diary update
I have unfotunately not had much time for this project recently, because of recent events (Work!). Anyway, Wayne has given me a little diary entry for me to update on to the Up in the Air project.

Up in the Air diary

Unavailable for 2 weeks!
I will be unavailable to answer forum posts, reply to emails, etc between 24th July - 4th August as I will not be online between those dates. So please accept delays through to 5th August. On 7th August, I will be revealing the results to the Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011. The good news is that we'll be doing it again next year if anyone is interested. :)

13th July 2011

NEW C64 GAME - Chang's Adventure released today.
We have some great news for you today. Joonas Lindberg has contributed to the TND web site, his latest game creation, which was inspired by Firebird Software's Willow Pattern Adventure (I never played Willow Pattern before, but I think this game's good). Chang's adventure provides the thrills and spills for all type of adventurers, who would like to solve problems, pick up treasure and fight the bad guys and escape the hostile island. Happy adventuring.

Chang's Adventure

10th July 2011

Carl Mason's - V.I.O.S 2011 - Special Edition, released.
Carl's SEUCK masterpiece, V.I.O.S gets a sequel, well is a sequel? I don't know. This time the game's even tougher, and still inspired from the classic japanese retroblasters from the mid 80's to early 90's. V.I.O.S features some real fast paced blasting, great 8-bit top down scenery and some breath taking in game effects, which Carl has implemented into the game. Awesome retroblasting for us retrogeeks out there :o)

This way to V.I.O.S 2011 - Special Edition

We have also added V.I.O.S 2011 - Special edition, and the original V.I.O.S game in to the TND Games Room, in which you can play online.

7th July 2011

TND Games room updated.
After a very long delay, we have finally got round to updating the TND games room JaC64 section. Added this time round are Sheepoid - Retrovision Compo edition, Cycotics, Strikie School and of course, On the Farm 2

TND Games Room

June 2011

27th June 2011

Some great news have now slithered across to TND HQ. We are proud to announce that Psytronik Software have now released yet another ace commercial title for the Commodore 64. It is a fully playable and fun packed game called "Hyper Viper", written by Jamie Howard, featuring a great licenced C64 conversion of a cover tune originally from AM180. The game is available on either Disk for 4.99 (or 10.00 if you go for the premium edition) and the Tape version (With an authentic classic style turbo loader) is available for 3.99. There's also a digital download for emulators, which cost 1.99, which come in .D64 and .TAP format.

For more information about this game, visit:


Free download of Sheepoid NOW AVAILABLE (C64)
Some more great news for those of you who have been waiting to play my Sheepoid game on WinVice, CCS64 or HOX's 64. Psytronik Software has now added a digital download to this production. What makes the news even greater for you. It's ABSOLUTELY FREE too. Bleating great news huh? :)


Up in the Air Diary updated (C64 W.I.P)
Jolly good show (Cue posh person impression). Well, yes in fact so. Yesterday, the finishing touches of Super Tau Zeta, and today, some more work done the Up in the Air game. We even show you a sneak preview of one of the levels (as a screen shot), despite the status bar looking as if it's been ransacked by the updated graphics charset data. Anyway, enjoy the diary entry.

Up in the Air Diary

11th June 2011

Moo-Lander released (PC)
This is not really C64 related today, but I have been busy the past 2 days working on a funny little PC game, to practice games development using Blitz Basic. Plus it was about time you saw another PC programmed game from me as well don't you agree. Well, to celebrate the release of Sheepoid on 2nd June. I have decided to keep the theme of this game to "Farmyard animals and camels" therefore a new game involving, cows, goats, sheep and camels have been born on the PC. I'm not too sure if this one's psychedelic, but it's full of madness. :) Moo-Lander is the name, and landing on to grassy landscapes is the game :) Huge thank you goes to Alex Goldbat for supplying the music for the title screen for this game.

Moo-Lander is available to download from here

A Little Up in the Air diary update (C64)
Last weekend I have been doing a little more programming on the Up in the Air project - Although this will be a matter of a very slow process, due to lack of cups of tea served with a delicious chocolate biscuit. Anyway, there has been a diary entry from Sunday last week about UITA's level 8. Please read on if you are interested with the project.

Up in the Air Diary

Chasm Chaser 2 released (C64)
Wannabe C64 programmer Joshua Green has been busy with a little beginner's project working on C64PRGStudio by A.Jordison. Well, finally the game's finished and ready to be released. Oh hang on a second, the game's released already. This game features a bitmap which I drew using my Bamboo Touch+Pen and OxPaint, and then converted to the Commodore 64. The final product's here. Oh, and don't take it too seriously please. We're waiting for the kettle to boil now :)

Contributor's page

2nd June 2011

Sheepoid - Now available from Psytronik Software
The wait is finally over. The full game of Sheepoid (My own homebrew C64 game creation) has now been released on disk and tape. This is a psychedelic game, based on Jeff Minter's classic "Laser Zone", and I created this production to pay tribute to Jeff and his amazing C64 psychedelia. In this game, you play as 2 sheep which have to defend each neon vortex against assorted invaders (Depending on which vortex your sheepoid is on). During your mission, you must rescue stranded sheep, simply by colliding into those. If you do this once, then a smart bomb gets awarded to you. But if you collide into an invader or your sheep get caught in a friendly fire, then both sheep will self-destruct, thus losing a life. So get ready for some retrospective awesome laser blazing madness. Over 24 chaotic levels, with really crazy enemies and concept.  A digital download of this game is also available to download for free.

For more information about this game, please visit Psytronik Software's web site

May 2011

30th May 2011

VIOS by Carl Mason
Here's another amazing quality SEUCK creation written by Carl Mason. This time its an arcade style retro blaster called VIOS. This is a futuristic blaster, which was inspired from some of the classic Japanese retroblaster arcade shoot 'em ups. This game features stunning graphics, cool robot formations, and some other impressive surprises. Special thank you goes to Carl for supplying this great blaster. As usual, if music is too much for you with this game, there's the original .TAP file which Carl also supplied, in which the game contains SFX only :)

Visit this page to download VIOS

29th May 2011

2 exclusive game releases from Carl Mason
We are proud to bring you a couple of new unreleased classic games, written by Carl Mason, using the Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit. We bring you two great classics, which never was released on to the internet or into the public domain. The two games are as follows:

A cycling simulator, created using SEUCK. In which you are a cyclist who has to cycle through a busy road to meet his girlfriend and have the fun of knocking people off their bicycles, just for a laugh. This game also features some clever in game effects as well.

Strike School
An Operation Wolf style game in which you have to shoot those targets that appear on screen, within a certain time limit.

And coming soon, when we get it ... VIOS , an ultimate shoot 'em up blaster, written back in 1993.

As well as the TND versions of the games, I have also included the original tape versions of Cycotics and Strike School. So you can enjoy the SEUCK style SFX if music is too much for you ;o)

Carl sent me a few other games for the TND contributor's page, but I have reserved those for the SEUCK Vault :)

22nd May 2011

Bleatings everyone - Sheepoid Playable demo released
THE SHEEP INVASION HAS STARTED. The C64 game created for RetroVision, which I attended yesterday and Psytronik Software will hopefully be available on physical disk and tape soon. To cheer you up from waiting for the final version of the game to be released by Psytronik. We are kind to bring you the camel, blasting crazy Sheepoid. Sheep vs Camels and aliens :o) Sounds like Yak's type of game eh? Baaaaaaah! ;o)

This way to Sheepoid preview

10th May 2011

On the Farm 2 - The first ever herd 'em up for the C64? - Now available
TND Contributor, Achim Volkers has yet again produced another fun game for you to download. This time it is a sequel to On the Farm. It is a hilarious fun sheep herding simulator, in which you control a border collie dog, rather than a sheep. Can you herd those mischeivous sheep within a set time limit, will your dog bark like crazy? Huge thanks go to Achim Volkers for this amazing game, also to Wayne Womersley who originally come up with this idea, which Achim liked and managed to make a game using his idea. :o)

The bad news is that we can't add this game to the TND Games Room, as it's not compatible with the JAC64. So you best play this on a C64, CCS64, HOXs or WinVice :)

On the Farm 2 - Available from the Contributor's page

Up in the Air - Stuck on the ground
For the past 2 or 3 months you might have noticed that the Up in the Air diary had gone really quiet. The reason for this was because I have been extremely busy at work and also I have been working on some other C64 stuff for Psytronik Software. Hopefully around about june time the Up in the Air project (Level 8, I think) should hopefully continue.

April 2011

You may have noticed that there was hardly any news for April. It may look as if it was quiet, but we have actually been very active on the game production front. A brand new game has been produced and will be available near to the end of May 2011.

March 2011

5th March 2011

It's BLITZ time again!
After a VERY long wait we have finally done a feature on the software method of Sprite/Background collision. We have even built a little game using this feature, for you to try and learn to program, or modify and improve (and show off in the Friends/Contributor's page or CSDB or wherever). In this edition of the Assemble IT feature. We build our very own remake of the classic BASIC programmed game, called Blitz. Although, we already know that's been done before eh?.

Enjoy this latest installation of:

Assemble It!

February 2011

20th February 2011

Quick message
I just want to mention that between 7th March 2011 - 12th March 2011, I might not be available on the computer for the 5 or 6 days, as there might be no computer available. This is because my room's going to be redecorated and furniture will be moved all over the place (again).

Up in the Air - quick update
Just a quick diary update from Wayne, as I have been really busy this week.

9th February 2011

Vertical SEUCK Compo 2010 prizes uploaded
The Vertical SEUCK compo prizes have now been uploaded on to the compo page. Once again, congratulations to Gaetano Chiummo for winning the 2010 Vertical scrolling SEUCK compo with his entry, The Mage. Runner up game Stormbird also got a little prize as well. Download them from the Vertical SEUCK compo prize section on the compo web site and enjoy :o)

Tape inlay for The Mage is not quite ready yet, but should be available as soon as it's ready. I shall leave you with a loading piccy today :)

Vertical SEUCK Compo

6th February 2011

Up in the Air update
More work has been done on Up in the Air. Both and Wayne have something to say in this week's edition of the game diary. Plus there's another screen shor of what could have been another level for this game, but was updated. There's still a lot of work to go through with this project.

Visit Up in the Air diary

What's happened to the Vertical SEUCK Compo winner's prize?
Well, don't panic. I am nearly finished with the prize version of Il Mago. The only difference is that the name is called -The Mage-. The main title screen's finished, the in game enhancements are also finished. I need to draw the loading screen and also to a tape master for it. I'm also waiting for the cover inlay to include with this game as well. I'm sure that the game will be released some time this month.

1st February 2011

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011 Launched
After a successful competition last year, we have decided to run another Sideways SEUCK Compo this year. All you have to do is create a fun game with neat graphics using Sideways Scrolling SEUCK. The winner will get a brand new title screen, power ups and additional mastering  of their game (Just like last year). For more information

Visit the Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011 page

January 2011

21st January 2011

New contributor's game - Space Trip released
On this cold Friday we are very proud to bring you a brand new game, written by Achim Volkers, brought exclusively to The New Dimension. This is a platform adventure game called "Space Trip", in which you are aboard a star ship. You mission is to clean all of the decks by eradicating all of  the crazy aliens on board. At the start of the game, and any time a life is lost as well. Your mission will be to find the phaser gun, charge it up then be prepared to shoot loads and loads of bullets at those baddies. Feels just like going back to 1988 and enjoying the moments! :o)

Space Trip on Download Contributors page

Up in the Air diary update
Ok, more Up in the Air work has been done. Both Wayne and myself have something to say in this week's edition of the Up in the Air diary. Oh, and yes.... I managed to do some more programming/bug fixing on this game project. Although it was yesterday afternoon. :)

Up in the Air

14th January 2011

It's a mega download update overload!
We have moved all of the vertical SEUCK Compo and Sideways SEUCK compo games on to the Friends/Contributor's page. Also the JaC64 page has been updated with those new games. The following games which have been moved to contributor's page are as follows:

  • Barakon by Alf Yngve
  • Barney by WEC/Cosine
  • CNotte D'Knight by Aldo Chiummo
  • Earth Super Force by Joonas Lindberg
  • God Slayer by Jeffrey Oullette
  • Il Mago (The Mage) by Gaetano Chiummo
  • Medieval Mayhem by Christian Siege
  • Poltergeists on Floor 12 by Bamse
  • Pour Le Merite by Bamse
  • Rocket Man by Gaetano Chiummo
  • Stormbird by Anthony Burns
  • Sylphwyrm by Anthony Burns
  • Verde by Aldo Chiummo
Oh, and I almost forgot. You can play all of those games online in the TND GAMES ROOM if you want. We also have a new contributor's game, which is:

Shadow over Innsmouth game released!
Yet another H.P.Lovercraft game for your own enjoyment. This time from Anthony Burns comes this clever game, developed using the Sideways SEUCK. "Shadow of Innsmouth". A game in which you are in an old fashioned submarine and have to defend yourself from the horrors that lurk deep down beneath Innsmouth.

Contributor's Page

We have also added this game to the TND Games Room for you to play online if you want to

Up in the Air Diary Update
There are just a couple of Up in the Air updates. The first entry is from Wayne, and another entry is from myself. This is mainly about graphics and future planning at the moment.

Up in the Air diary

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011 - Starts 1st February 2011
After the success of Sideways SEUCK Compo 2010 and Vertical SEUCK Compo 2010, we have launched yet another Left - Sideways SEUCK compo, which starts on Tuesday 1st February 2011 (As there's no Right - Sideways SEUCK. Hehehehe!). Although the competition starts on that date. We are accepting early submissions, but they will not be uploaded on to the TND web site until the compo starting date. We'll mark this compo as "HOT SPOT 64" when the competition starts.

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011

Enhanced Il Mago under development
After Gaetano winning the Vertical SEUCK compo last year, the new enhanced version of his game is currently under development and should hopefully be ready before the end of February 2011. As soon as the prize version of this game's ready and Gaetano's happy with it. The game will be uploaded on to the "Vertical SEUCK Compo" and "Contributor's" pages.

Enjoy yourselves and see you all soon with another update.

10th January 2011

Up in the Air - diary updates
We only have a quick diary update for Up in the Air basically it's all about additional planning for the project.

Up in the Air diary

1st January 2011


Up in the Air - Playable preview released.

You probably waited nearly a year or so to get you hands on to this game. Wayne and myself are very pleased to bring you a playable 4 level game preview of Up in the Air. Which feature the very first 4 levels in the game. There's still a lot more work to be done for this game, but the download is available from the Up in the Air diary.

DMC Album #9 - Released
It was in 2007 in which DMC Album #8 was released. To mark the new year, of 2011, we have done yet another DMC album but this time it is a little more special. Now featuring some old tunes, cover renditions and even a catchy dance-esque tune I made in Music Mixer back in 2009 and uploaded it on to and a DMC V5.0+ of Don't Stop Believing by Journey. Enjoy!

Download Demos page

For general news - Please click here. Thanks :)

10th July 2011 - All submissions deadline has now closed - Definitely this time!
The submission deadline has now closed, and all entries have been added to the JaC64 page, which you can now play online. Also we have an extra SEUCK game for you, which is a Vertical Scrolling SEUCK creation. Take a look at the general news for more information :o)

Votesheet is now live. Click here

I have been asked when the voting commences for the Sideways SEUCK Compo. Originally it was planned to have been today, but due to the lack of spare time I have had available. I have decided to make the FINAL deadline 10th July 2011 - Which I will most certainly have plenty of time to prepare the votesheet, voter's pack (disk) and also add all of the entries in to the TND games room. So if you have just finished your game, and want to submit it to the competition, then go ahead, and don't be late, or you'll be disappointed. :o)

3rd July 2011
Time for some action. Entry #7 is the final entry to this year's compo. It's called "Action Def", written by Christian Siege. A ladders and traps game, starring, erm, well ... Action Def of course. And of course some JCH style music, which I composed using Goat Tracker. Have fun playing this final compo entry  :)

2nd July 2011
What a surprise ... The first ever "DEFENDER" game created in SEUCKs. That cannot be possible.... or can it? Anyway, Pavel Loda / Deff-Soft has come up with this defender clone, Deff-Ender. So it's time to pilot the latest state of the art aircraft, and fight against those invaders.

You have until 6pm GMT+0 on 3rd July before we close the entries submission.

29th June 2011
Time for some comical cartoon antics, in which takes a light hearted look at modern society. Where kids have nothing better to do, except for cause trouble on the streets, drinking alcohol and of course blaring out loud music. This is Joshua Green's comical entry for the Sideways SEUCK Compo called "Escape From The Annoying Chavs". A game in which you are me, who is walking the troublesome streets to get to the local pub on a hard working day. I found this to be pretty much amusing.

24th June 2011
It's time for a Friday horror night as this time round we have a brand new spine chiller of a game called "Forgotten Forest", designed and produced by the master of SEUCK, Alf Yngve. This is a SEUCK game based on Cosmi's "Forbidden Forest". Remember to not play this before you go to bed otherwise you might have nightmares.

Because this year we did not get many entries, we kept on having to extend the submission deadlines. We are sorry for doing this, but because of the lack of entries (I wanted at least 5 entries in total before the voting phase starts) I had to keep doing this. However, between Thursday 30th June is most definitely the closing date. So if you have a Sideways SEUCK game you wish to enter for the compo - BETTER HURRY NOW.

8th May 2011
Anthony strikes back with his final sideways SEUCK compo entry for this year's compo (Max no of entries allowed = 2). This time it's a medieval based game called "Heroes of Midgard". The queen Malexia has sent out troops (Controlled by player 1 and player 2) to stop the invaders from Nifhelm. A pretty clever concept for a sideways SEUCK game. I have to admit :)

24th April 2011
We have extended the deadline for submissions to 30th June 2011. This will give people extra time to work and finish their entries before voting commences on 1st July 2011 (If we get more than 4 entries that is :)) Don't forget - Maximum of 2 entries per person / group is allowed. :)

30th March 2011
Our second entry comes from Alf Yngve. This is something which has NEVER been done with Sideways SEUCK before. Alf provides us with "Missile Madness", a tough and pretty good fun SEUCK Missile Command remake. Hope you will enjoy it :)

Download from this page

16th March 2011
Our first entry for this year's Sideways SEUCK compo has been submitted. It's also  a nice way start to the compo as well. Our first entry is Flawshow, written by Anthony Burns. It is a sort of cross between a Sideways SEUCK SMASH TV/Robotron style game, with blue bugs, and erm crumbling blocks, forming some nice artwork of babes. Nice one Anthony :o)

Download from this page

1st February 2011
After a successful competition last year, we have decided to run another Sideways SEUCK Compo this year. All you have to do is create a fun game with neat graphics using Sideways Scrolling SEUCK. The winner will get a brand new title screen, power ups and additional mastering  of their game (Just like last year). For more information

Visit the Sideways SEUCK Compo 2011 page

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