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December 2010

Are you a games creator who likes using SEUCK or do you want to try and make your first C64 game without the aid of programming? Look no further afield because from 1st September 2010 - 5th December 2010. The New Dimension is very proud to launch The Standard SEUCK Compo 2010. No matter whether you are a pro SEUCKer or a newbie, you are all welcome to enter this competition. If you are interested to enter this fun games creating (without programming knowledge, blah, blah) then click on the link below.

 SEUCK Compo Page

19th December 2010 - Voting form is now online

The voting form has now been uploaded, and you can vote for your favourite game via this link here. The winner will be the SEUCK game with the lowest score (Which is based on rank positions). The prize is a SEUCK Redux'd version of the game, featuring a new front end with power up weapons, in game music, tape inlay and tape master. Sadly no other prizes for the 2nd and 3rd place entry this time.

Finally, a huge thank you goes out to everyone who has kindly submitted their entry for the SEUCK compo. We are sorry if you're too late to submit your game. There will be a Sideways SEUCK compo 2011 around about February/March 2011.

18th December 2010 - Medieval Mayhem and Submissions deadline has closed!

The compo submissions have now closed. Future submissions will be moved to the TND contributor's pages, as they will not qualify for the compo. Sorry!

To mark the final game for this year's compo, we go back in time to the Battle of Hastings with Christian Siege's "Medieval Mayhem".  In which you play Berengar of Rock Castle, who has to fight against the marauders, after finding that his home town was ransacked by them.

6th December 2010 - Submissions deadline extended

The compo submission deadline (This is the final deadline extension) has been extended for about 2 weeks, due to work overload. There are still some people who are interested in participating in this year's SEUCK compo and are currently busy working on their new games. Also if you are a SEUCK fan, and would like participate in this compo, then go for it :o). The deadline is now Saturday 18th December 2010.

4th December 2010 - Poltergeists on Floor 12

We now have a spooky 5th entry from Bamse called "Poltergeists on Floor 12". Trapped on the 12th floor of a strange building, it's ghost busting time with this spectacular original 3D SEUCK game. Difficulty is very high, but the game seems to have a VERY original concept made with SEUCK :o). Enjoy this spooky game.

29th November 2010 - The deadline is coming near by

You have just under a week (7 days) to get your submissions ready for this compo. If any entries are submitted on the deadline date, and I don't check my email until the next day (or 2 days) then your submission will still be accepted. No later entries accepted and will be sent to the contributor's page instead.

14th November 2010 - Cnotte D'Knight by Aldo Chiummo

For our fourth entry, it's time for some enchanting tales back in time to the medieval times, with special thanks to Aldo Chiummo, with his entry for this competition. Cnotte D'Knight is set in a kingdom where the poor princess and her four fair maidens have been kidnapped by Pianta and has locked the princess in the top tower. So we now give you some castle/rampart climbing antics. :o)

7th November 2010 - 1 month to go

You have just about 1 month to get your SEUCK compo entries ready and submitted for the compo. The deadline is still 5th December 2010.

27th October 2010 - Barakon by Alf Yngve

Alf Yngve strikes back with one of his first ever vertical scrolling SEUCK games, since 1995 and this game was one big surprise to me. Barakon is a game for one or two players, where you are fighting against the Confederates and Militia (ruled by an evil president) with your mean cyborg fighting machine. Alf shows us that it is possible to make a BEAT EM UP with the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit, and also he springs a few other surprises in this game as well. I made a little quick loader with this game (Don't call it WildSave. It's the latest version of Thunderload).

24th October 2010 - SEUCK Compo 2010 game videos added

We have now added videos of the entries in action to show you what the games are really like.

23rd October 2010 - Il Mago (The Mage) by Gaetano Chiummo

A new entry for the compo, from Gaetano Chiummo, called Il Mago (Italian for, The Mage). This is a push-scroll fantasy game, in which you are a magical Mage, who has to break a spell originally cast by accident by a good Archmage, who's now scared of what he has done. Can you help the poor mage turn all of the evil creatures back to good again?

8th October 2010 - SEUCK Compo deadline has been extended

The deadline for the SEUCK Compo has been extended to 5th December 2010, due to lack of entries. There has been some general interest in participating in the vertical scrolling SEUCK compo, but the deadline has been extended to give more time for anyone new who wants participate in the compo. Good luck SEUCKers!

1st September 2010 - Stormbird by Anthony Burns

We kick off the SEUCK competition with Stormbird, a WW2 game sort of inspired from Capcom's 1942 + 1943 games and uses greyscale graphics. Get your plane to fly through the enemy terrain, blast anything bad that's in sight and watch out for their deadly bullets because if they hit your plane. You lose a life. - Well, that's what usually happens with these type of games eh? Heheheheheheh!

1st September 2010 - Stormbird by Anthony Burns

We kick off the SEUCK competition with Stormbird, a WW2 game sort of inspired from Capcom's 1942 + 1943 games and uses greyscale graphics. Get your plane to fly through the enemy terrain, blast anything bad that's in sight and watch out for their deadly bullets because if they hit your plane. You lose a life. - Well, that's what usually happens with these type of games eh? Heheheheheheh!

SEUCK Compo 2010

December 2010

19th December 2010

Delays with projects and Merry Christmas from TND
Unofrtunately due to lack of time spare (Excessive over time at work, tiredness, etc). Some stuff that I have planned for this Christmas have sadly been *delayed* until the New Year. I am working on a new Assemble IT tutorial which involves yet another game, and also there might be the odd thing or two added to the update. I doubt that I will have time to add those in time for Christmas Day, therefore, If this is the case. I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year for 2011!

November 2010

29th November 2010

Up in the Air diary update
A little more has been added to the Up in the Air diary as today I have been doing some more work on this project. This time I went back to level 5. Find out what's been happening and whether this level's finally succeeded or whether the problems still commence with this level.

Up in the Air Diary

23rd November 2010

New contributors' game: Chasm Chaser
Joshua Green's new game Chasm Chaser has now been released on to the contributor's page. Special thanks to Joshua for this game. Please remember to not take his game too seriously as he's still learning ML. He's also working on another funny game, but I shall not tell you what it is. You'll have to wait until we've released it on to this page. Chasm Chaser's a good stage with learning to code ML games. Enjoy

Chasm Chaser

21st November 2010

Small Up in the Air update
Just a small update from me..

Up in the Air Diary

12th November 2010

Quick Up in the Air update
Wayne has some a diary update about the R8tro event, in Blackpool, but his displaying of the demo turned into a story of unfortunate events. Read the diary to find out.

Up in the Air Diary

8th November 2010

Quod Init Exit - Updated to V1.1
Simone Bevilacqua has updated Quod Init Exit for the C64, with some addition bug fixing, such as raster flicker fix, adding a level counter, etc. We have updated QIE to V1.1 and you can find it on the contributors page. The version in the TND Games Room has been replaced with QIE V1.1 as well. Enjoy the updated games.

Contributors Page

7th November 2010

Nyaaaah! - 15th Anniversary - bug found and fixed
While I was playing this game on my real C64, I noticed a small bug in the high score table name entry routine. For some strange reason, if you made it to 4th place on the high score table your score appeared in the 4th place rank, but your name appeared in the 5th place section. I found the bug, which was a simple error, which I never noticed before. I missed an LDX #$00 loop. Now this problem has been fixed and there are no more errors (as far as I know) in the game. I have replaced the older files with the new files. Enjoy the game. The Games room has also been updated.

TND Games Page

Up in the Air diary updated.
Wayne has provided a quick update for the Up in the Air diary. It's basically about going to the R8tro event, which he's planning to attend.

Up in the Air Diary

6th November 2010

New TND Game - Nyaaaah! - 15th Anniversary
Back in 1995 I wrote the first ever Nyaaaah! game. Well, now 15 years on, a new Nyaaaah! game is born. It is a mix up of a shoot 'em up and also a lick 'em up as well. It depends on the colour bottles that you pick up. Yes, that's absolutely right. To mark the 15th anniversary of Nyaaaah! I decided to carefully design and create this game, using the sideways SEUCK and then really push the SEUCK to its own limit. This game features a new front end presentation with high score tables, plenty of music, and some other additional enhancements, including background colour shemes and power ups, etc. All imported into the SEUCK Redux source. You will be releived to hear that this is the final Nyaaaah! in its series. The bad news is that will be my last full production for 2010. You can also play it on the TND games room page. Enjoy!

Download Games page

30th October 2010

Quod Init Exit Released
Simone Bevilacqua has produced a new game, which is quite a funny platform game and very fast paced. It was originally called Hoc Init Exit, when previews were released. However, the game got renamed to Quod Init Exit, and now you can play the game, freely downloadable from Simone's BOH - The Game web site, or try out our digital TAPE version, mastered with Thunderload. Don't forget to try out his PC game, BOH. It is no ordinary blaster, it's got plenty of thrills, surprises and puzzles to solve, as well as blasting rats, aliens, etc.

Simone has also launched a QIE competition/challenge. For further information about his challenge, visit the BOH - The Game web site (Link is above).

Contributors Page

You can also play QUOD INIT EXIT live on the TND games room page.

24th October 2010

Up in the Air - Diary updated
Well, it has taken just over 2 months before I returned to this project. Today's progress has gone quite well, although parts of the project puzzled me a bit. I have also added Wayne's diary entry to the project diary as well.

Up in the Air Diary

17th October 2010

Morph 64 released
A nice puzzle game has appeared on the friends/contributors page, called Morph 64 V2. This game was written by Joonas Lindberg back in the earlier days of 2010, but although I was going to upload this game on to the contributors page, there was something wrong. The game had music from a classic commercial game. So yesterday, I removed the old music, and replaced it with a new piece of music called "Edge of Space", and created a new disk/tape master of the game. Now this awesome and neat puzzle game is ready for you to download (or play live in the TND Games Room) to enjoy.

Contributors page

15th October 2010

Quick Up in the Air Update
A quick Up in the Air diary update from myself. Not much, in fact, nothing's been done for nearly two months. I'm quite surprised that I left this project alone for that period in time. I'll be doing more on this project soon. Expect the activity to come soon.

Up in the Air

More crap stuff
Just to make you laugh yourselves silly. Wednesday evening I had a short amount of time to spare, and ended up creating a fast and rather stupid shoot 'em up using SEUCK. It's name? Unprofessional Fly into Space and Shoot 'Em to Pieces Simulator. It also gave me the excuse to release my unreleased *fake* tune, which I originally wrote for another person's game. The game was called Bum Bottom! - Boy that tune is very nasty bassline stuff!

Crapcade Games

Psytronik Software News - Sub Hunter Amstrad CPC coming soon!
If you thought that my game, Sub Hunter is just for the Commodore 64, then this is where you're wrong. An Amstrad CPC port has been produced by Paul Kooistra and yet again, it's another Psytronik Software release. I played the Amstrad CPC port of my milestone and I have to say how impressed I was with the Amstrad version of the game. Well done Paul. You've made a nice masterpiece :o)

Screenshot downloaded from Psytronik Software's web site!

Sub Hunter for Amstrad CPC - Psytronik Software web site

September 2010

24th September 2010

Bergbert (New contributor's release)
A brand new (Well, not exactly brand new) SEUCK game from Christian Siege has been released on to the contributors page. This time it is time for you to play as a cybernetic knight, out to defeat an evil robot lord. Bergbert Der Racher (Bergbert the Avenger) consists of 5 levels of cybernetic battles, and also some music by me as well. Enjoy the cybernetic battle.


Bergbert the Avenger

17th September 2010

Silo 64 released
Although it is not a new game release, but we think it is pretty good fun and it's great that it works on both. The New Dimension is *very* pleased to add to the contributor's page, Silo 64, with special thanks to


This way to SILO64

1st September 2010

Standard SEUCK compo 2010 launched
After the awsome entries we had from the Sideways SEUCK compo 2010. We have now started a competition for the standard vertical scrolling version of SEUCK. The aim of the competition is quite simple. Grab yourself a Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit and design and create brand new and a really nice and fun shoot 'em up. After submissions have closed in November, voting will begin (The same way as we done it before) and the winner gets a new front end with music and additional enhancements (If any are applicable that is).

SEUCK Compo 2010

August 2010

29th August 2010

Bionik Granny Returns - Updated
I think I'm probably going to be clobbered soon :) I have replaced the old version of Bionik Granny Returns with a new bug fixed version. It seems that some people spotted a silly mistake in the game. This was where people got clobbered after the player was in it's death/hit by a nasty object animation. Enjoy the improvements

Bionik Granny Returns

New contributor's game - Spitti's Search
A classic SEUCK adventure for you all today. This time, it's Spitti's Search by Sonke Rahn. Play as Spitti, who's in search of the dragon. Plus who is out to rescue Gi from the evil beastie. This is a modified version of the game, due to original having content of adult nature. Enjoy the clean version of this really old SEUCK game.

Download Friends page

New UITA diary entry
Just a very quick Up in the Air diary entry from Wayne today.

Up in the Air

And don't forget .... Vertical Scrolling SEUCK Compo starts 1st September 2010. :) We'll be having a page ready for this compo this coming Wednesday late afternoon. And we will aslo be adding the HOT SPOT section to the news page as well. :)

22nd August 2010

Bionik Granny Returns - Released
I was going to leave it until Friday, but I forgot that I'll be going out that evening, therefore I'll be off line. Anyway I have forwarded the release date to TODAY. That's right folks. The Cantankerous old lady is back with a 100% revamped action-packed beat 'em up adventure. Bionik Granny Returns is remake of the classic Bionic Granny by Mastertronic, back in 1984. That game was ever so bad, so we decided to make a tribute game, based on the classic piece of crap. Bionik Granny Returns is the name, and clobbering is the game. It was never made possible until today :o). This game conisists of 8 levels of clobbering mayhem, nice front end, end sequence, traditional loading screen, and even a fantastic tape inlay rendered by my good pal, Kenz. Look out for some surprises on this disk as well. :o)

There's also a final update in the Bionik Granny Returns diary, and we also have upped this game on to the TND Games Room, so you can play it online.

TND Games Page - For downloading the game

Bionik Granny Returns Diary - For the final episodes of the Bionik Granny saga

TND Games Room - Play Bionik Granny Returns online.

15th August 2010

Bionik Granny is now finished!
Some good news, but bad news as well for you. Bionik Granny Returns is now complete and ready for release. The bad news is that you will have to wait until Friday 27th August, because I am still awaiting the authentic tape inlay artwork and also have chosen this date to release it.

Bionik Granny Diary

Some quick Up in the Air Updates
Wayne has given me some more updates for the UITA projects diary. Sadly nothing's been done on the production front. I have been busy with Bionik Granny Returns.

UITA Diary

TND Intro 2010 V1 released
A brand new demo, well intro for you. The new TND intro has been released. It's a nice one and is available for you to download and enjoy. I have done this specially for JSL, as he did a brand new logo a few weeks ago. Thanks dude.

Download Demos

Autumn SEUCK Compo coming up soon!
Following the success of the Horizontal Scrolling SEUCK competition. I am pleased to announce that on 1st September 2010, the standard SEUCK games making competition will take place. I will be working on a new page for this contest. If you would like to enter the competition and submit some early entries (must be your unreleased latest work) then please feel free to do so, but the entries will not be uploaded until the competition page is online on that particular date.

10th August 2010

Bionik Granny updates
Just a few small updates in the Bionik Granny Returns game diary

Bionik Granny Diary

BHouse Case and Road Course added to TND Games Room page
You can now play House Case and Road Course online in the TND games room. Enjoy!

TND Games Room

8th August 2010

Up in the Air Diary updates
Just a few small updates in the Up in the Air diary.

Up in the Air

Major Bionik Granny Returns Update - and could be finished :o)
It looks as if this week I have been mega busy trying to reach the late deadline of this game. Well, I am pleased to say that I have made it and now will be passing the game to my chosen BETA testers to try it out and report any things that will need to be fixed. As well as this, we have a week's worth of diary entries, including some new screen shots. Enjoy the Granny antics - again :o)

Bionik Granny Returns Diary

2 Contributors Games
To end this week's update, we are very pleased to bring you House Case and Road Course by Shaun Pearson. House Case was originally written for a magazine's cover tape. Although the game was featured on the tape inlay (and the magazine with a cross over it), House Case sadly never made it on to the tape, due to not enough room on there and the final game never saw the light of day - until today. Secondly we have Road Course, another fantastic game made for a magazine's cover tape, but yet again, we made a better version of it (As years ago, the author pointed out the bugs that were left from the last game). We do hope that you enjoy both of Shauns SEUCK masterpieces. Both available from the Contributors pages.

There's no JAC64 version of the games, as it is very late now and I must go to bed then get up at 6am. Maybe I'll upload those games on to the JAC64 (TND Games Room) page later on this week.

July 2010

31st July 2010

Up in the Air Diary update
Just a few small updates in the Up in the Air diary.

Up in the Air

TND Tape Loader Article updated
The TND tape loader article has been updated with other tape loaders that have been used back in the days by TND. Enjoy this little trip down memory lane and look forward to seeing more tape loader stuff in the future.

TND Tape Loader feature
25th July 2010

Bionik Granny Returns Weekend update
A weekend's worth of Bionik Granny Returns diary entry for you to enjoy. We have also included a snap shot of the front end for the game. We are probably 75% finished with the project, but more work shall be done on it this week.

Bionik Granny Returns Diary

22nd July 2010

Up in the Air Diary update
Yet a few more diary entries for this project. Fly to the game diary to reach your next destination - Level 7 :o)

Up in the Air

19th July 2010

Bionik Granny Returns - diary update
More crazy Granny antics - yes, more - have been added to the diary, including a couple of screen shots of the game. :o)

Bionik Granny Returns Diary

18th July 2010

Quick Up in the Air diary update
The Up in the air Diary has now been updated with a quick entry from Wayne

Up in the Air Diary.

June 2010

23rd June 2010

PC Music - Dreaming City released.
I have been playing around with MadTracker last night and today, and created yet another nice melodic techno/trance style tune. Enjoy!

Bionik Granny Returns Diary

A new diary entry from Wayne for the UITA project has been added to the diary, although not really UITA related. Ah well, we do get carried away at times :)

23rd June 2010

Bionik Granny Returns - Quick update
My last diary update for a short while. Wonder what I have been up to yesterday and the previous day? Well, the diary will reveal all :o)#

Bionik Granny Returns Diary

16th June 2010

Up in the Air - Quick update
 I have added a quick diary update:by Wayne, as this weekend I am not sure whether or not I will have the time for this project due to work.

Up in the Air diary

16th June 2010

TND Games pages improved
The TND games pages have been improved with additional screen shots, and also now consist of mastered tape images, which you can port to your DC2N or a real tape deck to play on your Commodore 64. We do hope you will enjoy those games with the tape loaders and I hope our loading music does not do your head in too much (Dance-A-Load). :o)

TND Games page

We'll be updating the TND classics  page with tape images some time in the near future.

13th June 2010

Bionik Granny Returns diary updated
Yet another diary update with a few more screen shots of the Bionik Granny Returns production.

Bionik Granny Returns diary

Up in the Air diary entry updated

Just a quick small diary update from me and Wayne.

Up in the Air

TND Games Room Update
We have yet more stuff added in the TND games room, which are as follows:

- Protectoid V2 - The final version of the game, featuring a front end presentation etc.
- Capture 2 - A game, which I did a front end and new music for Paul/Studio-X64 has now added
- Super Pac Twins -
Yet another game, which I did a front end and new music for Paul/Studio-X64 has now added
- Bionik Granny Preview V2 - The *correct* preview of the game, I seemed to have uploaded the wrong preview, oh well.
- Enhanced Pour Le Merite - The SEUCK compo prize version of the game
- Enhanced Rocket Man - The SEUCK compo prize version of the game
- Enhanced Sylphwyrm - The SEUCK compo prize version of the game

Enter the TND Games Room

So where are the TND Games tap files then?
We are currently still working on those. It is taking longer than I thought, but don't worry I should have them ready within about 2 weeks time. All TND Classix will be compiled as a compilation tape (Just like with the disk). I shall be using Spectacular Copy for the TND Classix tape compilations, as this will make life much easier. Best to wait :o). Like with the Friends/Contributors pages, each file will have a description of the tape loader used. Don't be too surprised that I used Tape Master Pro V1.0 with Dance-A-Load for most of my games. :o)

6th June 2010

Summer sizzling game previews

It's CLOBBERING time - Bionik Granny Returns preview launched
I have got a bit carried away, but am quite proud to do this anyway. A 4 level preview of BIONIK GRANNY RETURNS has been uploaded on to the game diary. If you would like to have an opportunity to clobber the game's characters for fun, then I'm not stopping you :). Hope you like the preview

Bionik Granny Returns

In the fast lane (or sea) - Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge preview released
A sort of playable preview of Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge has been released in the diary page. This preview does not have any sprite to background collision, but shows the remains of the game done so far. Still, more work will be done with this game after my main 2 projects (Up in the Air) and (Bionik Granny Returns) has been finished.

Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge

May 2010

30th May 2010

New Up in the Air diary update
Another exciting episode of the Up in the Air game diary, and of course we put it on another page, with a few gags included as well. Yet more programming has been done, a boss stage and a nice 'n crispy snapshot of the boss stage included as well. Enjoy

Up in the Air

Coming soon: .tap images of ALL TND games (Apart from Disk Multiload games of course). Still working on those this week.

27th May 2010

New issue of Scene World Released.
After just over a 5 year break (Or probably less), the PAL/NTSC C64 talk diskmag is back with issue 16. As usual, one day or two days later after the official release of SWO. We are happy to bring it to our web site.

Scene World #16

Expect another UP IN THE AIR Update this coming weekend :o)

20th May 2010

New contributor's game: Kill Hill
Wayne Womersley kindly brings to us, a brand new SEUCK game called Kill Hill. Well, it's not really new. It's just an enhanced version of the original game, given away to the SEUCK Vault. This is a comedy SEUCK game, in which control Harry,  or his pet cat to get to the recording studios to record their latest show. There's plenty of gags galore in this hilarious SEUCKer. Nice one Wayne ;o)

Kill Hill

Up in the Air - Diary update
Another quick entry from Wayne.

Up in the Air Diary

16th May 2010

Up in the Air - Diary update
After a short break from the project, due to the Sideways SEUCK Compo 2010 prizes. We are back with yet another two additions to the Up in the Air diary. One entry from Wayne (Not really UITA related but is probably worth a read if you like SEUCK games). Secondly a productive diary entry from me - yes. I finally got to do some more work on this game after a long (ish) delay. :o)

Up in the Air Diary

10th May 2010

Bionik Granny Returns - Diary update
Now that it is the end  of the Sideways SEUCK competition, I decided to do a little more on the Bionik Granny Returns game project today. A new level is born - well, on the graphics front really, rather than the code. We have a couple of snippets added as well :o). Enjoy :)

Bionik Granny Returns
  (Will she really? ... )

This weekend - More Up in the Air work will be done!

9th May 2010

Sideways SEUCK Compo - Redux versions of all compo entries released
It has finally been worth the wait, and now the 2010 Sideways SEUCK compo is most definitely over. The sideways SEUCK Redux versions of all of the games are now available from the Sideways SEUCK compo page. There are also THREE specially enhanced games, (Pour Le Merite, The Rocket Man & Sylphwyrm) which have a brand new front end, loading picture (on tape version of course) and plenty of things to keep you entertained for a while. We have also included some additional screen shots of each game loading on the compo page as well. Hope you enjoy the productions. :o)

The 2010 Sideways SEUCK competition page

April 2010

Submissions for this compo have now closed.  Voting is now active.

8 Entries so far

Are you a games creator who likes using SEUCK or do you want to try and make your first C64 game without the aid of programming? Look no further afield because from 17th January 2010 - 21st March 2010 The New Dimension is very proud to launch The Sideways SEUCK Compo 2010. No matter whether you are a pro SEUCKer or a newbie, you are all welcome to enter this competition. If you are interested to enter this fun games creating (without programming knowledge, blah, blah) then click on the link below.

The Sideways Scrolling SEUCK compo 2010

2nd April 2010 - A little extra thing to say a big thank you to all SEUCK compo entrants.
To say a big thank you to all of the sideways SEUCK compo entrants. I will be sending you all a SEUCK Redux'd fixed versions of your own SEUCK creations (featuring the same tunes), but no additional enhancements will be added. SEUCK redux'd versions will have better collision detection routines, and non-flicker smooth scrolling. The front ends will all still be as what they were in the first place, including the same music. However, after the competition. The winner will have the additional enhancements added to their game when the winner's revealed.

Entrants, please allow some time for me to create Redux'd versions of your games. As soon as they're ready and tested I will email those over to you all. I shall also be adding all versions on to the SEUCK compo page after voting is over. Happy Easter!

27th March 2010 - Voting commences.
Do you have a favorite Sideways scrolling SEUCK, which you'd like to see win the Sideways SEUCK competition 2010? Voting starts today and we have made a VOTING FORM for you to choose which rank each game should make. The final results will be revealed after 21st April 2010. May the best Sideways SEUCK game win.

20th March 2010 - Verde by Aldo Chiummo
Time for some cartoon birdy action, with Verd. A funny horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up with some clever tricks implemented into the game. You will need to progress through the game before your find those. So go and fly to the game and enjoy it :o)

18th March 2010 - Another 2 entries for the competition

It's yet another late night, so I'd better be quick with the SEUCK compo news. So here's another 2 entries for you just before I go to bed. :o)

Earth Super Force by Joonas Lindberg
Very 1980's style C64 game graphics, but Joonas treats us with a fun game. High in difficulty and it is our first entry that contains 2 players. So if you fancy a good blasting session. Get into your spaceship and blast those aliens like you never have done before.

Sylphwyrm by Anthony Burns
Anthony treats us to yet another sequel to Legion of the Damned. It is another 2 player game, but with a dark theme to it. Nice greyscale graphics, perfect for a dark themed game. Sylphwyrm is full of Vampire and Demon blasting fun.

15th March 2010 - God Slayer by Jeffrey Oullette
A final update for tonight before I go to be (Man I feel tired). Another nice sideways scrolling SEUCK game called "God Slayer" popped into my inbox and yet more fun SEUCK arcade action is here. You are an executioner of the Alfather, who has to go around and execute 3 evil gods, to bring back the magic singing sword. Nice cartoon graphics.

Pour Le Merite (For Merit) by Bamse
This latest entry was inspired by classic C64 games, such as Blue Max, a fantastic game, I sure remember, Choplifter and Artillery Duel. It is time for you to strap yourself into a red plane and get shooting down those baddies, also rescue grounded soldiers and friendly people who are parachuting downwards. Game has a nice classic feel to it and some DMC V4 band style music by me. Enjoy today's entry!

6th March 2010 - The Rocket Man by Sea Software
Time for some super hero action in this nice sideways scrolling SEUCK game. Why not check this nice game out. The game creator has also written some music specially for this game, which I was happy to add on to the front end :). Enjoy the superhero style action.

24th February 2010 - Tau Zeta by Alf Yngve
3 days after the launch of the first entry, Alf Yngve surprises us with an entry called Tau Zeta. A clever concept from a real SEUCK legend. Enjoy this release.

21st February 2010 - Our first entry
We have our first compo entry. A nice little underwater arcade adventure, called Barney, written by WEC/Cosine. Go to the SEUCK Compo page (link above) to check this game out.

Note: 29th April 2010 - New versions of the Sideways SEUCK compo entries, should hopefully be released on this page in about 2 or 3 weeks time - or maybe less. :o)

29nd April 2010

New game: Stone Age Fighter released
A new contributor's game today. Stone Age Fighter, by the master of SEUCK, himself, Alf Yngve. This is a nice looking vertical scrolling SEUCK game, which has some original ideas implemented into the game. Especially in part 1, where the player has to try and squash the enemies with the boulders. You can only throw your boulders upwards in this game. This game also uses a brand new TND loader. (Oh okay, it's the same type of IRQ tape turbo loader source but with additional updates). Hope you enjoy this unreleased classic. :o)

A big thank you goes out to Kenz/Psytronik, for digging this nice game out for me to release, and also to Alf, himself  for allowing me to release this classic caveman game.

Friends and Contributors page

BTW All tape versions of contributors releases have now been added.

I'm off to bed now! Yawn ... :)

22nd April 2010

UITA Diary updated
Just an entry from Wayne today.

Up in the Air Diary

BTW All tape versions of contributors releases have now been added.

I'm off to bed now! Yawn ... :)

21st April 2010

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2010 results announced
The final results for the 2010 Sideways SEUCK compo have been revealed today. Although they are already on the Sideways SEUCK Compo 2010 page (along with voters comments and my own comments) the final results are here:

Here are the final results for the 2010 Sideways SEUCK Compo. (The lower the score, the higher ranking we get)

1st Place - Pour Le Merite by Bamse                                 69
2nd Place - The Rocket Man by Sea Software                  74
3rd Place - Sylphwyrm by Anthony Burns                            91
4th Place - Barney by WEC/Cosine                                    92
5th Place - Tau Zeta by Alf Yngve                                        93
6th Place - Verde by Aldo Chiummo                                   97
7th Place - God Slayer by Jeffrey Oulette                           98
8th Place - The Earth Superforce by Joonas Lindberg   110

Sideways SEUCK Compo 2010

I will be taking a short break from my normal C64 projects to prepare the SEUCK redux prizes for the top 3 entrants, then release the final SEUCK Compo 2010 pack as soon as everything has been done, but the winners and entrants will see those first. So it probably won't be until May or June that I will be back on to my normal game projects.

A SEUCK GTW release on the Contributors page
Games That Weren't author, Frank Gasking has kindly given us permission to release his unreleased SEUCK game called "Micro Machines War". According to Frank, the game wasn't meant to have been a release, but a mess about with SEUCK back in those old school days. It's quite a funny SEUCK game I have to admit.

Get the game

Secondly. The contributors games pages have changed, because I have been a bit mad and created .TAP images of those games. This is something handy for anyone who wants to experience the good old loading stuff from tape adage. I have also added the name of the tape loader used for the productions as well. Also very useful for anyone who wants to put the contributors releases on to a real tape deck or on a digital C64 tape device. As soon as ALL contributors entries have tape images done (which will be before the end of this week). I shall consider to do the same with ALL of my games.

18th April 2010

Bionik Granny Returns - Weekend diary update
A weekend update of this fun game project. Quite a bit done over this weekend.

Bionik Granny Returns

11th April 2010

Up in the Air - Weekend diary update
A weekend update of this fun game project. Lots of work has been done for it this weekend. (I think). Enjoy!

Up in the Air

8th April 2010

Bionik Granny Returns diary update
More fun programming, reviving the cantankerous Granny's crazy antics. This time, it is all about getting more levels in action.

Granny Returns

4th April 2010

Quick Up in the Air update
I have added a little Up in the Air update. Including some of Wayne's latest diary entries. :o)

Up in the Air
March 2010

29th March 2010

Stranded Remix released
Yesterday afternoon, I have yet again been using Madtracker and have come up with yet another remix This time it is another Drumatic + SuperWave P8  electronic dance remix/composition of the title music from the Cronosoft C64 game Stranded, by Kev Thacker (Title music in the game was also composed by me as well). I do hope that you'll enjoy it. This remix was done using MadTracker.

Richard's Real Music

22nd March 2010

Sideways SEUCK Compo entry submissions have now closed
We have now closed the submissions for the Sideways SEUCK Compo 2010. Voting will commence 27th March 2010 - through to 21st April 2010. I will need to sort out the voting form, and get it working this week. A huge thank you to all entrants who have participated in this competition. Later on this year, we'll do the same again for Vertical Scrolling SEUCK :o)

Quick Up in the Air update
I have added a little Up in the Air update. It more of a gaming fest than a programming phase. :)

Up in the Air

20th March 2010

Sideways SEUCK Compo entries in the JaC64/TND Games room
A new section has been added to the TND Games room page. For anyone who wants to check out the Sideways Scrolling SEUCK compo entries online, will get to play those online as I have now included all entries on this page. Enjoy the SEUCKs.

Deadline is coming really close now. Only Tomorrow to submit your finished entries if your wish to enter the Sideways SEUCK Compo 2010

Up in the Air continues next week, due to working tomorrow, but Wayne has given me his latest diary entry which is now online!

TND Games Room

17th March 2010

UITA Update
A little diary entry from Wayne.

UITA Diary

Bionik Granny Returns Update
A little diary entry from me

Bionik Granny Returns

13th March 2010

UITA Update
More work has been done with Up in the Air. Check out the diary entry and also you'll see a new tool is featured in the diary too.

UITA Diary

12th March 2010

New game - Mutilator (Deluxe Edition)
First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to Andrew for adding Mutilator on to the SEUCK Vault. I have managed to gather all the pieces and done two versions of Mutilator, exclusively for The TND web site and also a tape inlay thingy for it. The old version of the game features a different piece of music, while the final version of the game features the original Mutilator game music. Both V1 and V2 of Mutilator are also on the JaC64 page.

Mutilator intro, and game

Also included is the Moo-Tilation loader game. So while you are loading Mutilator from tape, you can defend your cows from the aliens who want 'em until Mutilator has loaded. This is a little loader game that I wrote exclusively for this game, but might be a good chance that I might include this nice loader game on other TND or contributors releases as I still have the source code. :o)

Moo-tilation Tape Loader Game (Exclusive to Mutilator)

Take me to Mutilator

Quick UITA update.
Not much has been happening this week, but I have updated the diary with more talk from me, and Wayne!

8th March 2010

New game - On the Farm, released.
Yet another new and funny game comes from Achim Volkers, called "On the Farm". The hilarious tale of farm antics begin here. You play the role of a little sheep who wants to avoid getting sheered by Farmer Dave. This game also features music composed by me using a west country farmyward banjo style disco tune. Why not check this game out :)

Download Friends

The Cursed Key - Updated
Joonas Lindberg has spotted problems with the game, so now this game has been updated. :o)

Download Friends

Only the Cursed Key updated version has been added on to the JaC64 page. Sadly I am unable to add On the Farm to the TND games online page because JAC64 cannot handle the code. So you best download and play in WinVice or CCS64 or port to your Commodore 64/C128, due to compatibility issues.

6th March 2010

Up in the Air update
A quick update of Up in the Air for you.

Up in the Air

February 2010

28th February 2010

Bionik Granny Returns diary updated
A final update of more crazy Granny antics for February 2010 :)  ... On to March.

Bionik Granny diary

Up in the Air diary update
 Wayne provides us with yet another fantastic diary update about Up in the Air.

Up in the Air

22nd February 2010

Bionik Granny Returns diary updated
These crazy Granny antics continue in yet another diary update of the game project.

Bionik Granny diary

21st February 2010

Up in the Air updated.
Two weeks after my illness. We have finally got round to doing yet more work on the Up in the Air game project. We also have a sneaky photo snippet of level 6 to show you. I felt that the page was pretty bare so I just could not resist to add level 6 on to the page - although I shouldn't have really (grin).

Up in the Air diary

New mini project - Bionik Granny Returns
This game project idea might make you laugh, or maybe scream, but it is all just for fun. Fans of the most hated Bionic Granny game (LOL) will be surprised (or maybe in deep shock) to hear that we are working on a masterpiece based on this ultimately game that was a load of pants. Like with Sub Hunter, we are going to show you how Bionic Granny should have looked like and played like if we were producing it back in 1984 :o). Loads and loads of fun guaranteed!

Bionik Granny Returns diary

19th February 2010

Crap page section updated
Those people who love rubbish games and want to see yet more rubbish games, are in for a real treat, as the Crap Game Museum has yet a few more exhibits for you to laugh out of your wits.  The new exhibits this time are:

Ants at War
Galactic Man
Space Invadeduhs

The Crap Museum

17th February 2010

TND Games Room updated
Yet some more missing TND titles have now been added on to the TND Games Room page. Now you can enjoy playing the following games online. All created using SEUCK.

Nyaaaah! 4 (Version 1) - Judgement Day
Nyaaaah! 9 (Version 2)
Sliggy SOS
Snodge's Christmas Caper
Snodge's Water Caper '97 (Version 1)

Enjoy the online experience licking baddies or making bubbles :o)

TND Games Room

15th February 2010

TND Classix Archive updated
I have found yet some more C64 classics I created in the 1990's, now uploaded into the archive. The new games (oldies more like) released on the TND Classix Disk #$20 are as follows:

Snodge's Water Caper 97 (Version 1) - A cute underwater SEUCK game, starring Snodge the Biblet, from the Nyaaaah! series.
Attack of the Underpants - A very silly bizarre SEUCK game, written back in my student days.
Snodge's Christmas Caper - A SEUCK game which was made probably after Narrow Line.
Nyaaaah! 8 - A classic SEUCK lick 'em up game which also appeared on the Commodore Zone cover disk. Cute and crazy fun.
Nyaaaah! 9 V1 - Yet another lick 'em up I made in the late 90's during my student years
Nyaaaah! 9 V2 - An unforgotten and slightly graphically tweaked version of the game, which appeared on the Commodore Scene cover disk.

TND Classix Archive

Later on this week, I'll add those missing games on to the TND Games Room page, but as it is getting late today. I am unable to do this.

Some new games coming soon to TND
There's a couple of new C64 games coming soon to this web site which you should hopefully be looking forward towards. The games are as follows:

Mutilator - A comical horizontal scrolling blaster, created using Sideways SEUCK, with major enhancements using the SEUCK Redux source added. IE, smart bombs, background animation, score tweaking, and also a brand new front end. This game was showed by Frank Gasking at the Retro Vision 2010 event (As I could not make it). A final deluxe version of this game will be released hopefully some time a week after Digital Talk disk mag has released the game on their disk. :o)

Gold Quest 5 - Sledgie at Inferior Software is going to do a final in the Gold Quest series called "Gold Quest 5" and will be featuring (as usual) game graphics and music by me. This game will be created using Sideways SEUCK. All levels and attack waves will be designed by Sledgie.

Plus a mystery contributor's game - C64 animal lovers may probably enjoy what is coming soon by one of our TND friends contributors. I will not tell you what the game is but I will be involved with the music for the game. I have played a preview of this game and I believe that you'll probably be looking forward to seeing it as soon as it has been released. And it is not even a SEUCK creation either.

Up in the Air Diary updated

Wayne has yet some more banter which I have now added on to the UITA diary (I might do some more with the game later on this week). The update was a bit late, but I was rather ill through the majority of last week, since Monday. Now that I am much better, I have updated the diary entry today.

6th February 2010

Up in the air updated again.
I have been programming more on UITA, and another diary entry from me this time round.

Up in the Air Diary

4th February 2010

2 diary updates for UITA
Just as you thought nothing has happened to UITA recently (as I got carried away with a new game for Digital Talk diskmag), some new diary updates from Wayne have popped by. Mainly to do with loading pictures, etc. Thanks mate :)

Up in the Air diary.

Although there hasn't been much of an update this week, my activity levels have been high. :)

January 2010
25th January 2010

Contributor's game - The Cursed Key released
Joonas Lindberg has been pretty busy on a new game and here it is: The Cursed Key. A comical arcade adventure, inspired by the classic Wally series by Mikro-Gen software in the early-mid 1980's. The Cursed Key is based on Pyjamarama, but it is themed in a haunted house. It's barmy, it's fun and it's been exclusive released by The New Dimension by the Joonas. (Thank you my friend). You can also play the game online on the TND games room page.

This way to the Cursed Key

Note: As from today, any Friends+Contributors games that get released, we will no longer be adding TND intros to them.

24th January 2010

Up in the Air Update
Yet another diary update of Up in the Air. More programming has been done on it, but not much. Should be enough to read to keep you smiling though. :o)

Up in the Air Diary

20th January 2010

Bomb Chase 2009 Tape inlay!
André Bólfing has created a new tape inlay specially for last year's Bomb Chase 2009 game. I have specially included this game cover inside the zip with Bomb Chase 2009 - Special edition for anybody who wants to put BC2009 on to a tape and play it on a real C64. A huge thanks to André for this nice tape inlay cover.

Bomb Chase 2009

18th January 2010

Lemon 64 Demo 2 - Released
Wow, the activity does not seem to stop in January 2010. A new demo from The New Dimension has been produced today to celebrate Lemon 64's game champion. This is an oldschool demo which gives a classic feel to it.

Demos page

17th January 2010

Up in the Air diary updated.
We're back on this project again. This time we take a look at me having a hangover, and also sorting out the big boss balloons :o) LOL!

Up in the Air Diary

Sideways SEUCK games compo has launched
A new feature for The New DImension for a new year. This time we are proud to announce the Sideways SEUCK games creating competition. And there's a prize in store for the winner. The bad news is that you have 2 months to get a game ready. Who will be this year's SEUCKer star? Only one way to find out.

The Sideways Scrolling SEUCK compo 2010

15th January 2010

Create tape masters with style - New C64 tool: Tape Master Pro V1.0
With thanks to myself and Martin Piper games creators programmers, etc are now able to add some pizazz to their tapes. The Tape Master Pro V1.0 allows you to create your own loader with a selection of different types of border colour stripes, and other options. Then creates a master program on to disk (Which can be executed with SYS 49152) . The tape master writes your chosen filenames from disk on to a tape, using an autoboot turbo with a scroll text, then loading music and a nice koala paint format loading picture. Let the mastering commence. :o)

Download tools page

10th January 2010

A major update on the download tools section
A major update of the tools section has been done. This page now contains practically all the Commodore 64 utilities, including some unreleased ones for you to look forward to. We also have added a new tool to the same page, which is the Koala Paint 2 Frame Picture Animator V1.0. A utility in which you can turn 2 picture frames into one animation, with music. Can't say fairer than that.

Download tools page

Up in the Air page updated
Wayne strikes back with more Up in the Air banter to warm your winter blues. This time, it's all about loading pictures. It is a shame I can't show any examples as I don't have any. Ah well, here's an example of one of mine for you:

Up in the Air Diary Update

6th January 2010

A Happy New Year to you all out there.
I guess it is a belated Happy New Year to you. :) 2010 has dawned on us and we're hoping to keep this C64 productivity strong as usual. Here's to maybe another 10 years :o)

Profile page updated
I have updated the profile page for 2010 :o)

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