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December 2009

28th December 2009

Frosty The Snowman 2 - Turbo released
Joe Dixon has produced a special version of his Christmas game called "Frosty the Snowman 2". This game features some additional features. It is still Christmas time, so you can still enjoy this game - Even after Christmas as well. :o) Enjoy!

Frosty the Snowman 2 Turbo

Little Up in the Air update
Wayne has provided us with yet another small update to the Up in the Air project.

Up in the Air Update

Some more new releases to come in the New Year. Watch this space.

24th December 2009

Up in the Air - Diary Updated
Wayne fills the page with more UITA related text and the usual banter.

Up in the Air Diary

New C64 game - Bah, Humbug
A new Christmas game, specially released for you today called "Bah, Humbug". Mr. Frosty springs into action in this wacky festive creation, written by me. It took me a few days to create, but finally it is here. I have also added this game to the online games room page as well. :o) Enjoy!

For more about this game, visit our download games section and enjoy it for five minutes or so :)

Bah, Humbug

Last of all. A Merry Christmas to you all, and a proposterous new year too. 2009 was a crap year, but let's hope 2010 will be better. :)

11th December 2009

Up in the Air - Diary Updated
Yet some more text from Wayne.

Up in the Air Diary

Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge - Yet another diary Update
More work has been done for USBC, but the bad news is that there won't be a Christmas release of what I had planned. There's so much work to be done, plus my work life is also taking over my spare time running up to this time of year. Anyway the diary has been updated for you once again.

Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge Diary
6th December 2009

Up in the Air - Diary Updated
Yet some more text from Wayne. And a tiny bit from me.

Up in the Air Diary

Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge - Diary Update
I bet you you have almost forgotten about this one eh? Well, good news is that I have a diary update and yet another piece for video footage of this game done so far.

Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge Diary

November 2009

30th November 2009

Up in the Air - Diary Updated
A bit more text from Wayne.

Up in the Air

Little surprise in store for Christmas
I'm not going to tell you what it is, you will just have to wait and see on 25th December 2009. Last year you had Sub Hunter, this year it could also be something fun and exciting (If I can get it done by then) :o)

24th November 2009

Up in the Air - Diary Updated
A day off work, and a new diary entry.

Up in the Air

18th November 2009

C64 News - Possible delays with activities
Unfortunately I have some bad news at this moment in time. Due to my new job I have. I will be expected to work a lot running up to Christmas. This unfortunately means that my C64 activities will be shortened even more, more overtime for me :o) Therefore it could take a long time for me to prepare updates, etc for this web site. It also affects the Up in the Air project. The game will not be ignored, I will try and find some time to work on it, but at the moment, it looks as if there will be long delays with the activities. Also if you have submitted anything for the TND web site, do expect delays just in case I am unavailable.

Up in the Air - Mini update
Wayne has been busy again and has yet another outstanding diary entry.

14th November 2009

Some new C64 tunes released
I have yet another small batch of C64 tunes for you to download and enjoy today. One is already uploaded on to the CSDB, but this one was done for a purpose. The tunes released today are as follows:

Great Giana Sisters - The Castle Stage. A DMC remix of the in-game tune from Great Giana Sisters originally composed by Chris Huelsbeck. The music was done to pay respect to Armin Gessert, creator of The Great Giana sisters for the C64.

Frontpage 18 Remix - My DMC version of the Frontpage issue 18 tune, originally composed by Guy Shavitt/Sid Chip Scratchers.

Cooksey 09 - A DMC V5.0 tune composed in the style of C64 legend, Mark Cooksey. I tried to make the instruments sound as authentic as possible. :o)

Asteroid Belt - A DMC V5.0 tune, with a touch of my usual style.

and finally

Sauasages - A DMC V5.0 tune with my usual style.

Download Music

Up in the air diary update
Despite that I am working different types of shifts at my new job, I still manage to cram some time for this game project. Yet again the diary has been updated with a few more text and images of stuff that I got up to. We hope you will enjoy it.

Up in the Air

9th November 2009

Read Num 64 released
A new contribution today from Joonas Lindberg! This time, Read Num 64. This program is a little tool that converts numbers into words. Enjoy playing with it.

2nd November 2009

Up in the Air - New video
Wayne has another diary update and we have one more youtube video of Up in the air. It is just the very first level, but highly improved. There will be no more video previews of this game project as we don't want to show too much of it do we? Hahahahah!

1st November 2009

Up in the Air - Weekend diary update
More updates of the Up in the Air diary.

October 2009

29th October 2009

Up in the Air - Diary updates
More updates of the Up in the Air diary.

Up in the Air

25th October 2009

Up in the Air - Diary updates
More updates of the Up in the Air diary.

Up in the Air

18th October 2009

Up in the Air - Diary update
It is just a little more programming in today's update.

Up in the Air

16th October 2009

A new tune for you
If you love C64 remixes, then I have another new tune for you. Not My Day. A remix of a TND intro tune I did for the C64 in the late 2008. This tune is recent and features on my PC TND intro, which was linked to my PC Jeffy remake. Hope you will enjoy this wonderful melodic dance/trance piece.

Richards' Real Music

A diary update from Wayne
My good buddy, Wayne has yet more text type banter to share with you on the Up in the Air Diary and a bit of a reaction to what I typed about the OOH MY HEAD HURTS entry. Hahahaha. I might have to do a third page of the diary next month :o)

Expect another diary entry from me this coming week - although I am itching to do another Blitz Basic game next month :o) Hehehehehe!

Up in the Air

14th October 2009

Jeffy PC Remake released
A remake of my C64 game has been released today, called Jeffy. The collect stars and avoid bugs game is back with more enhancements. Including remixes of the actual game tunes. All work done by me, using Blitz Basic. Hope you download and enjoy this remake.
This game is Windows VISTA compatible, even on 64 bit as this game was made on 64 bit version of VISTA.

Jeffy Remake

Up in the Air diary update
Just some more stuff from Wayne this time round. I took a little break from it last week, creating the Jeffy remake. :).

4th October 2009

A huge Up in the Air diary update
A week's worth of diary updates with the Up in the Air project. 3 Levels done so far :)


28th September 2009

Up in the Air diary updated!
Are you getting fed up with waiting for an update? Well, okay no worries another Up in the Air update for you to enjoy or envy. Despite what I have said, there could be a possibility that I will just work on the whole game and not release a playable preview of the project. A small video of the project is a possibility (Which will be added on to the UITA diary as well). Anyway, enjoy today's taster of a diary entry and do look forward to another update later on this week.

Up in the Air diary

25th September 2009

Heavy Metal Deluxe - Gold Edition released
A gold edition of Heavy Metal Deluxe has been released. It is not a new game though, just a nicer charset and different music (from the old unreleased BETA version of the game) Special thanks to André Bolfing for the nice cover artwork for the tape inlay. This version is tape only, but there's also a disk included that will help you master the game to tape. I specially did this because of the artwork that was sent to me. I was determined to do a tape inlay with additional design. Hope you all like it. The front and side flap was redesigned by André himself. Nice work.


Heavy Metal Deluxe - Gold Edition

21st September 2009

UITA Preview to follow soon.
A playable (WIP) preview of Up in The Air is to follow in about a week's time (or maybe 2), as there's still some work to be done (fixing random positions for enemies - so that they don't appear on the same line, updating position tables). While we're still here. I have updated the UITA diary with some more progress reports from over the weekend and also today.

18th September 2009

Outstanding Up in the Air update
The Up in the Air diary has been updated and the link to page 2 on the first page of the diary has been fixed. There's more snap shots of the WIP of the project. Expect another update this weekend :)

Up in the Air

10th September 2009

Some quick updates today
We have some quick (or updates that took a while) for you today. Please take a look at the headlines below:

New look Assemble It - Online
Assemble IT is back with a new look. Well, it still looks basic, but the purpose of it was to make navigation much easier. All the categories from the previous Assemble IT has been split into different sections. Other new things is that we also cater for the cross-assembly users as well, although you will have to extract the PRG files from a D64 to use them for your programs in the source code. You can also download a .D64 which contains very useful public domain utilities that can help you produce graphics, music, and code, although this disk was released by Commodore Free in 2007. Finally, there's a load of links to various cross-platform utilities to help you get producing. As time moves by, I will be updating the pages with newer sources when I get round to it. For now, enjoy the tutorial. :o)

New look Assemble IT!

Temple Warriors updated
Joonas Lindberg has updated his Temple Warriors game, by fixing some animation issues with the player's barbarian. We have replaced the older version of the game on the contributors page.

Contributors Page

...and finally

Another Up in the Air update
Not much has been done on the game programming front, but there's some interesting stuff added to the diary. Both from Wayne and also from yours truly.

Up in the Air Diary

9th September 2009

Temple Warriors released
We have another contribution release, and not a SEUCK game for a change. Joonas Lindberg has kindly contributed a little two player game called "Temple Warriors". This game is his first ever game production, so please don't take the bugs in this release too seriously. I have also added one of my old tunes into the game to give it some atmosphere. Hope you enjoy the game.

7th September 2009

Up in the Air Diary update
We have another flight of an update for you. Not much has been done on the programming front, up if you are a fan of reading loads of blogs, text or a no.1 fan of loader screen gags, then you have come to the right place.

Up in the Air

5th September 2009

2 new C64 tunes released

Some new tunes have been released. First is No Trouble, a nice tune I have done, composed using DMC V4.0, and the other tune is a C64 style garage/bassline track called "The Album of Sound Effects, a.k.a 64 Bassline". Enjoy the tunes and see you again with another update soon yo!

Download music

August 2009

30th August 2009

Another Up in the Air update!
I have been working very hard on the Up In The Air project this week. Actually, I did more than I expected. So everybody, it is now time for you to go up in the air, again, with a major update in one day.

28th August 2009

Quick up in the Air update!
One quick update from me, and one from Wayne this time round.

16th August 2009

Fly me to the moon ... Erm, no!
Up in the Air, game diary has been updated again, with more textual blah, blah and events that have been happening with this project. Just a moment, TWO updates of work done so far, not one :o)

16th August 2009

Baphomet Redux added
The SEUCK REDUX version of Baphomet has been added to the friends/contributors page. And another Dance-A-Load tape master :)


A big Up in the Air update
Wayne and I have some more  Up in the Air related talk added on to the Up in the Air diary, and yes. Some more programming has been done to level 1. Also there's some techy information and another screen shot too.

Up in the Air diary

13th August 2009

Quick up in the air update.
Wayne has some more blog for you in today's installment of the Up in the Air project. The programming of this game continues on Saturday morning - if all goes to plan that is heheheheh :o) Also I have added a bit in to the diary. Although I did do a little programming on Tuesday, I did not update the diary, so it has been added to today's update.

Up in the Air

11th August 2009

New contributor's release - Baphomet
A brand new horizontal scrolling SEUCK game has been released today called "Baphomet". This is a horror/fantasy game, based on the novel "At the Mountains of Madness", written by H.P.Lovercraft. This game was written by Anthony Burns, and of course I done some music for this game front end as well.

Note. This game contains content of horror and nudity, which could be unsuitable for sensitive people

Contributors page

10th August 2009

Massive C64 Music Update - Check it out!
There has been a major update of the C64 tunes. I have added single file tunes from various demo parties and also I have added .SID files for use in SidPlay of the same tunes, .D64's for use in WinVice, CCS64, HOXs64 or to convert to your Commodore 64 computer. There are even some brand new tunes for you to check out and enjoy as well. Whenever I create a new tune and have not specific use for it, I will be using this page to release it. Enjoy those C64 tunes.

8th August 2009

Up in the Air - Update
More programming blah, blah for you. :o)

5th August 2009

Flying again - Up in the Air - Update
We have just flown in on a head on collision with another update to the Up in the Air game diary. This time it is all about shooting the bad guys and also crashing into things. Well, in theory :o)

2nd August 2009

Yet another Up in the Air - Update
More work has been done on the Up in the Air project today. Mainly on the programming side of things this time round.


26th July 2009

Up in the Air - Update
I done a little more to this project today. Not much though.  Find out more in the diary.

Up in the Air

23rd July 2009

Music Scene DMC link fixed
The link to the public domain DMC editors have now been fixed.

Music Scene

18th July 2009

Up in the Air - Update
While I have been on holiday for 2 weeks. Wayne has been busy again with the game graphics. To find our more, check out the link below:

Up in the Air

18th July 2009

New contribution - Yucatan
For a change, we are proud to bring yet another *exclusive* game from this page. This time, for a change  it is not a game, created using the Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit. Achim Volkers has been working on this new C64 game, and finally it is finished. Yucatan, is a vertical scrolling arcade adventure game - where you are an intrepid explorer, who has to collect enough sacred objects, to move on to the next stage. So what are you waiting for? Get exploring.


2nd July 2009

Up in the Air diary update
Just a quick diary update from Wayne about Up in the Air.

Up in the Air diary

June 2009

28th June 2009

C64 Remix - Dance-A-Load released
A new section has been added on to the TND web site now. This time it is REAL music or C64 remixes that I have done past & present. To start things off, we have Dance-A-Load, a remix of the Legion of the Damned tape loader tune. Hope you enjoy it!

Richard's REAL Music

TND Loader (Dance-A-Load) - The secrets revealed.
You may have noticed that various games that have been added recently have also a tape version using the TND loader, and the Dance-A-Load TND loader tune! The secrets are revealed through this feature below

The TND tape loader

21st June 2009

The Push - released
Anthony Burns has yet again produced another new piece of Sideways SEUCK effort. This time it is a game called The Push, a World War 1 arcade game, based on Capcom's classic game called MERCS. This is probably one of the best SEUCK combat games I have ever seen or played, since G.R.U.N.T.S. Some very clever boss stages have been implemented in this game, like level 2's boss and also level 3's boss as well. The game also features music composed by me in the front end. The song of which is called "I Died at War!".  The game is for 1 or 2 players too :o) I have also added this game on to the TND Games room page for you to enjoy playing online, if downloading is a bit too much for you :o)

The Push

20th June 2009

Trash Course released
A new co-op game with Inferior Software for you. This game is called Trash Course, and was created using Sideways SEUCK by Thorsten Schreck and features my own graphics, additional enhancement programming, high score table. So go get those trash cans, blast the enemies with your rocket launchers and enjoy the game.

Trash Course

17th June 2009

Quick up in the Air update
Wayne has been planning some more stuff for this game, which I have been doing some tweaking to the game's code and updated the graphics for the project. To find out more about what has been going on today:

Visit the Up in the Air page

16th June 2009

Some games added to play online
Some more games from the Friends + Contributors front have been added and also a couple of updated games of mine have been added on to the online games page as well.

Friends and contributors games:
Legion of the Damned - Final updated version
Legion of the Damned 2
Motor Race

Richard's own games updated:
Balloonacy (As Part 2 never decrunched when first released)
Imaginator (SEUCK Redux version)
Nyaaaah! 11 (SEUCK Redux version)

TND Games Room

14th June 2009

Another SEUCK game - Motor Race
Yet another SEUCK contribution. This time from Reinhard Klinksiek, a game called Motor Race. Weird graphics, but to me is pretty fun to play :o)

This way to Motor Race

13th June 2009

Up in the Air - Another update
Some programming has been done this time round. So if you wondered what I have been up to recently with this project you can find out from the link below.

Up in the Air diary

6th June 2009

Up in the Air - Major update
The project continues, but no more programming has been done yet. The diary has been updated with another 3 entries. Two from Wayne and one from me. Also includes some more screen shots. I will eventually get on to programming this game some time, but the question is when?

Up in the Air diary

4th June 2009

New C64 game - Nyaaaah! 11 - Special Edition
If you remember in 2008, I created Nyaaaah! 11. Well, now I have created a special edition of the Nyaaaah! 11 game. The game is slightly extended and it also uses the SEUCK REDUX engine, which allows you to play the game without the dreaded SEUCK slowdown syndrome. Have fun with this improved version of last year;s SEUCK title, now a game for 1 or 2 players.

Nyaaaah! 11 - Special Edition

May 2009

28th May 2009

New C64 game - Legion of the Damned 2
Anthony Burns has launched a new game, exclusive to The New Dimension called Legion of the Damned 2. This game is the sequel to the Golden Axe - inspired sideways SEUCK romp. But this time, this game is inspired by Double Dragon, one way or another. The music in the front end will sound MON(ish) to you, but this tune was actually composed by me. Hahahaha! :) We do hope you will enjoy this sequel.

Take me to Legion of the Damned :o)

28th May 2009

New C64 game - Trash Course - Coming July 2009!
We have been working on a new game project in co-op with Inferior Software, called Trash Course. This is a sideways scrolling shoot 'em up and collect 'em up which was created using the Sideways Scrolling SEUCK. Sadly this game will not be released until July 2009, due to the fact that we have given it an exclusive first release of the game to Digital Talk disk mag. After the the launch of Digital Talk issue 87, the game will be launched for you to download from this web site.

What have we been up to then?
You may have noticed that the game projects Up in the Air and Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge were delayed for a while. The main cause for this was because I was working hard on some other C64 projects with other people. Now that those projects are now finished, it is now time for me to get back to Up in the Air, and also the Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge projects.

17th May 2009

We have moved ....
The New Dimension web site has moved to with thanks to CreaMD/C64.SK :) Hope you didn't miss us now!

10th May 2009

Legion of the Damned updated
The sideways SEUCK game Anthony Burns, which also features additional spells, added by Martin Piper, using the SEUCK redux source, has yet again been updated by Martin. This time with a pixel perfect sprite/sprite collision detection. The preview versions of the game had a different sprite/sprite collision detection.

The second update is that this game now has in game music and also a re-designed front end that still uses the usual SEUCK colour bars, but looks much better compared to the one I did yonks ago. Front end now uses bones and swords for the LOTD logo.

Legion of the Damned

5th May 2009

Square Hunt (2K) released
A 2K game, Square Hunt has been released. This is actually a 2K squeezed down version of Square Pit 64. I tried my best to fit it into 1K, but unfortunately I literally failed, so instead it is 2K. Also entered to this year's Mini Game compo.  Enjoy it.

Download games

2nd May 2009

Up in the Air updated
Some Up in the Air diary updates for you. Only done by Wayne at the moment, as I am not ready to continue programming until the graphics are finalized.

Up in the Air

April 2009

21st April 2009
Unavailable for a week or so :)
From 22nd April 2009 - 28th April 2009, due to something beyond my control. I am unable to answer my emails and you will not see me online via ICQ, PDGIN, MSN, etc as I will not be on the PC during that week. I will be back in action 29th April 2009. So if you have sent me any emails, i.e. submissions for the TND contributors page, general C64 chat/help, etc then I will be answer as much of my backlog Wednesday next week or later.

12th April 2009
New game project - Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge
We have yet another new game project in the making. This time it is a horizontal scrolling action-packed shoot 'em up (NOT SEUCK) called Ultimate Stunt Boat Challenge. To find out more about this new C64 project follow the diary below!

Ultimate Speed Boat Challenge

March 2009

28th March 2009
Up in the Air - Update
A little update on the Up in the Air game project.

Up in the Air

24th March 2009
Cartridge Corner #5
Wayne Womersley has written a new cartridge review for you C64 cartridge fans/collectors out there. Apologies to Wayne for delaying this article for a few days or so. I was busy with other things. :o)

Other C64 news
Our web site will be moving to a different server in the next month or so, therefore not much will be updated. If the site does move to another domain, the new address will be added to my profile on various popular C64 sites.

13th March 2009
Up in the Air project diary upated
Friday 13th. Unlucky for some, but not for me because I enjoyed a good 2 pints and Wayne Womersley has contributed his entry for the Up in the Air diary. Read his comments by clicking the link, below/

Up in the Air diary

12th March 2009
Up in the Air project diary upated

IFinally we have started on the game project. Well, I have started programming the game project. To see what I have been up to, please take a look at the game diary.

Up in the Air diary

February 2009

28th February 2009

Up in the Air upated
Although we are at the beginning of this game project, I have finally started the game diary with some new screen shots that shows the game's graphics that were specially made for this game.

Up in the Air diary

Sub Hunter link fixed
It seems that there was a problem with the menu link to the Sub Hunter page and the Sub Hunter page jumped straight on to the menu frame. I have now fixed this link.

Moving soon
The TND web site will be moving to a new server soon, in less than a month or so. To find our new web site address, please keep an eye on as news will be revealed when we have moved to a newer server. As the current server which we were using will be sold to another person/company. Therefore will no longer exist after our web site moves. The address might be shorter and probably easier to remember as well. So don't panic!

23nd February 2009

We are moving soon
The New Dimension web site will be moving soon to a newer location. This is because the current server is being sold. I should hopefully find a new how for The New Dimension some time soon before the server goes down.

Thanks for your attention.!

All our pages have been backed up, so we should have no problem going online elsewhere!

22nd February 2009

Richard's got a blog!
It is true. I have a C64/general blog site, which will be updated quite regularly if any kind of productive C64 or fun/interesting event has occurred. At the moment there's 2 days worth of blogging, all C64 related to what kind of activities I have been up to.

Richard's C64 blog

Some new features added
Wayne Womersley has been very busy, not only with new graphics for Up in The Air, but he has also been very busy with some reviews of very rare C64 cartridges. I am very pleased to bring you the first 4 chapters of - Alan Cartridge. Special thanks to Wayne and Andrew for their support.

Features page

15th February 2009

New game - Walking on the Moon
An exclusive new game from Achim Volkers has been released today on the Friends/Contributors page. It is a nice C64 space platformer called Walking on the Moon. So enjoy your spacewalk and have fun with it. We have also added it on to the JAC64 page too.

Walking on the Moon

10th February 2009

The TND games room now has most of the games from the Friends + Contributors pages. Sadly not all games worked on the JAC64, so those have been removed. Sorry! Anyway, enjoy those games!

9th February 2009

Just a quick update today. The TND Games room has been updated with a few more games for you to enjoy. The games added are Bomb Chase 2009 Edition, Imaginator (Updated), Sub Duel and Sub Hunter. Hope you have fun playing all those games online if you don't own a C64 and have JAVA installed.

The TND games room will be updated with releases from the Friends + Contributors pages

Just to let you know (And support the MiniGame compo site) that the 2009 Mini Game Compo had started last week. This is a game programming competition, which is run anually by RoboNES and myself in which people can create a fun game in the smallest possible sizes 1K, 2K and 4K. This competition is for all 8-bit formats. Most entries are usually ATARI, Commodore C64 and Spectrum. But other computers are very welcome to this compo.

For more information click here.

1st February 2009

Imaginator is a game I wrote in 2008 has been updated today with some new enemies. The SEUCK REDUX source not working well with the spikes part of the game. I added some funny new cute enemies. The background animations for the waterfall are still implemented in the enhanced game. Also I have done a tape master of the game as well for any tape loader fans out there. The game now has a title screen with scroll text and music. In game sound effects, and even a work disk which you could play around with in Sideways SEUCK if you wanted to.

Download games

More non-SEUCK seriously fun stuff should hopefully follow later on this month.

January 2009

26th January 2009

Some news regarding Up in the Air. You may have noticed that I have not been doing anything to this game at the moment. Well, this is mainly because I wanted to take a little break from game programming for a little while. Therefore this game project will commence in February. Anyway I may as well reveal the plan about this production.

First of all, this game will not take as long as Sub Hunter originally took to make. Secondly the graphics will be completely different. I don't know if anybody will want to do any graphics for this game, so it might be up to me to do this job. Lastly there are one or two people who are interested to do music for this production. Which possibly might save me the job again.

The traditional multi-0-bit-format games programming competition starts February this year. The MiniGame compo 2009, is back and the rules remain the same as they were in the previous years. All people need to do is program a game for their chosen format of machine to fit 1K, 2K or 4K in size. Something not to be missed.

25th January 2009

In 2008, we released Legion of the Damned by Anthony Burns. A very nice sideways SEUCK game. But now with thanks to Martin Piper and myself. This game now has its own power ups. So the brave Amazon and Barbarian have spells. For more information (and the update), download the game from our web site.

Download Friends

8th January 2009

Our first ever production for 2009 is a game called BOMB CHASE - 2009 Special Edition. This is a major bug fixed version of Bomb Chase 2007, but also has different enemies, new front end, options screen, new music and some graphics tweaking. Plus a tap version.

4th January 2009

So then what is happening so far? Well, at the moment we have a nice game idea called Up In The Air in the pipeline. We have not started on the project yet, but we will do soon. However, at the moment, I am working on a special edition of the 2007 game, Bomb Chase. This game required loads of major tweaks, enhancements and bug fixing to make it much better and fun. At the moment, I think the game is finished but it is currently being beta tested. Hope you will look forward to this game when it gets released.

3rd January 2009


Not really a good start to the new year, but we just can't resist to have a good laugh to add yet some more pretty memorable rubbish from the past, which fortunately to us, had never saw the light of day. So ladies and gentlemen I bring you two crap old games that I wrote in my student years 10 years ago and boy, those games sure are that bad! Either you will laugh or cry when you see those. The two games are Hide and Seek and also The Dating Game. Both piles of crap, which were written in BASIC. Enjoy or scream!

Take me to the past time crap page

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