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December 2008

31st December 2008


Legion of the Damned - Updated
Anthony's nice sideways SEUCK game has been updated by using the latest SEUCK Redux source with special thans to Martin Piper. I have also added a little extra feature on to the front end as well. You will have to wait and see.

Download friends

MSX Front 64 III now released

A new demo which I programmed specially for G-Fellow has been released and is available from the Downloads demos page.

The end of 2008
Well it is finally the end of 2008, and 2009 is on its way. It has not really been a good year for many of us, but fingers crossed that 2009 will be a much better year for me and the C64. There are one or two nifty projects planned (One of which is already there).

We wish you all a happy new year, enjoy your celebrations and we hope to see you back in 2009 and continue to serve the C64 community with future productions and updates to our features.

26th December 2008


Missing demo: Zombies added and updated
One of my missing demos, the Zombies Demopart (Originally made for Crypt) has been added and updated with new scroll text and a very nice old tune and is available on out Downloads page.

Download demos

Profile page updated
Some alterations have been made on my profile page, including some new information and new charts added.

Profile page

Sub Hunter added to JaC64 page
If you wanted to play Sub Hunter on the TND web site, I have uploaded Sub Hunter on to the JAC64 page. Sadly you can't see the intro and loader pic, but what the heck? You can play the game.

Play TND games online

25th December 2008


New C64 game: Frosty the Snowman 2

Joe Dixon (BeyondReproach) has kindly contributed a new C64 game called Frosty the Snowman. A perfect Christmas present for your Commodore C64 in 2008.  Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas.

Special thanks to Joe for this game.

Download friends

24th December 2008


Merry Christmas from The New Dimension

We have some proper Christmas treats for you with today's update. Here are today's headlines:

Sub Hunter now available to download

We have Sub Hunter released as a free downloadable at long last. Now you are able to check out the best TND game of 2008 (We think). Not only do we have that. We also have some extra goodies as well, which are also exclusive to the Sub Hunter disk. Have loads of fun with this production. Also included is the Psytronik Software demo disk.

Download Sub Hunter

New C64 game - Sub Duel

A Sub Hunter - themed game has been released. This is a 2 player game called Sub Duel. Although this game is on the Sub Hunter disk. I just could not resist adding a .tap version of the game, exclusively for this web site.

Download Sub Duel

New C64 game - Up in the Air

Wayne/Art Ravers has kindly contributed a playable preview of a game idea, which he would like me to try and implement without the aid of SEUCK. This is a game created in Sideways SEUCK where you have to control a toy airplane and shoot down enemy toys and burst balloons. Pretty easy game to play, but of course it is just a playable preview.

Download Up in the Air preview

New C64 game - Legion of the Damned

Just as you thought that was all you were going to get, Legion of the Damned comes along. Special thanks goes to Anthony Burns for this nice game, created in
Sideways SEUCK. This Golden Axe inspired creation sure will amaze some of you out there.

Download Legion of the Damned

New project in the making: Up in The Air
A brand new game project is going to be in the making in 2009. Up in the Air. This is going to be a programmed version of Wayne Womersley's Sideways SEUCK game. The SEUCK game was only meant to give me some ideas. This is going to be a horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up with several levels and some fun tasks. Other plans include a high-score table, better graphics, etc. Wish me best of luck on this project. :o)

Up in the Air

Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year - From The New Dimension

7th December 2008


Cipher Patrol - Released
A brand new C64 game "Cipher Patrol" has been released today. This is a S.E.U.C.K spin off to the Capcom classic "Strider" in one way or another. This game features 4 tricky levels to pass your way through and also a nice new front end with additional music, etc. All brought to you exclusively to The New Dimension.

Friends + Contributors page
November 2008

29th November 2008


More Sub Hunter News
Sub Hunter will be released as a free download on the TND web site. This disk image will also contain some bonus files related to Sub Hunter, as well as some extra goodies. The bad news is that it looks as if some productions might not make it in time on to the disk. This will not mean that the disk will not be released. I am aiming to release the *full game* disk on to this web site with other goodies I managed to find and add on to the disk. Official release date for this game: 25th December 2008!


16th November 2008


Back on ICQ
Just to let you know that I have returned back on to ICQ and my ICQ number stays the same.

7th November 2008

(Demos News)

Crazy Fish demo added
The entry which I submitted for X-2008 party, Crazy fish has been added to the download demos page.

Download demos

October 2008

25th October 2008


Nyaaaah! Ressurection -  REDUX
I have been experimenting with the SEUCK Redux source at and used it on my public domain game Nyaaaah! Resurrection. Also fixed the second player so that the player can lick as well as player 1. No. lives are equal, etc, to make the game fair. Enjoy!

Download Games

22nd October 2008


Sub Hunter - a success
Despite the idiocy from theThe Walker Group and their crack to bully me with (Which I had to put a stop to on CSDB as they made me very angry). Sub Hunter so far has been a very successful release. It has scored some excellent reviews and it seems that people *really* enjoyed this game. For those of you who did purchase the game from Psytronik Software. I would like to say a big thank you to you alll for your kind support. Also if anyone had a free copy of the game (spread by someone else) then a big thank you for playing the game. Don't forget, although this game is currently commercial at the moment. The game will be freely downloadable with extra goodies Christmas time.

Richard quits ICQ
You may have noticed recently that I have been offline in ICQ.Well the sad news is that I will not be using ICQ any longer as I don't have the time for chat and also I need a *lot* of privacy now and then. ICQ seems to be used for harassment these days and I am easily bullied.  Therefore I have decided to quit using this tool. If anyone wishes to contact me, then either use the TND forum or email me and I will reply next time I read my email.

17th October 2008


DMC V5.0 work tunes added

Over 6 years worth of work tunes have been added on to the Music downloads page. You are welcome to listen, experiment or use these DMC tune in your programs. If you do include those in your programs, you're welcome to include those. You can also use my example instruments for your stuff as well. Can't say fairer than that eh?

12th October 2008

Sub Hunter - cracked
Unfortunately, Sub Hunter got cracked by my biggest nightmare - The Walker Group. Who the hell are The Walker Group? Well, they are some group of existing crackers from different groups, that seem to have it in for various people. The game was given an NTSC fix and a +3 trainer. This is something that I don't really mind. However, I had to get this entry removed from the CSDB, not because of the crack, itself but the content on the intro scroll text. It seems that this group has something against active people, especially Crypt, myself and some of my friends and former friends when they falsely credit someone for original supply or send out a greetings list - which is unfortunately the *f****ings* list (Although they call it the greetings list). I also found it to be an insult where they were bragging about my code in the game.

Sub Hunter took me over 4 years to create, and I find it to be a major insult when someone has to really rub my head in the sand. I even find it an insult to have my name on the f***ings list publicly around the world and what makes things worse is the way they joke with my surname (Which I don't find funny. Are they trying to say that I'm gay?) Which I'm not! Therefore enough was enough. I had to contact the CSDB admin to remove that download. Plus I'm the creator and owner of the game, and if I don't like what I see. I can take this kind of action - and I will.

On the plus side. I have been getting a lot of support from great people on the CSDB, who want to get the original version of the game. Which I find is fantastic news. Sorry the download had to be removed, but I felt intimidated by The Walker Group's intro, and enough was enough!

Sub Hunter goodies planned
Although, despite the evil crack of the game, we will continue with the Sub Hunter goodies. Unfortunately it looks as if it will not be on 2 disk sides, but 1 disk side. As with thanks to Exomizer, there is plenty of disk space for other files which are not all that big when squeezed down with that cruncher. I still have other things to prepare for this game. If there is more to be crammed into the disk, then there might be another disk side for the goodies. The specific date for the goodies will be Decemeber 2008. I'll do my best to get it finished in time before Christmas 2008.

4th October 2008

Sub Hunter now available from Psytronik Software
Sub Hunter has now been released and can be purchased at PSYTRONIK SOFTWARE

The game will only be available from Psytronik for the first month or two but afterwards the full game will be put up for free download and will include a bonus disk of used and unused materials from the game as well as a few extras. The bonus disk/d64 will be uploaded on to The New Dimension web site (In the SUB HUNTER downloads page). This bonus disk will feature some additional goodies including a Sub Hunter music demo, an unused loading picture by Mark Watkin, SFX Demo and some other bits and bobs. All to be released around about November or December time.

September 2008

28th September 2008

Sub Hunter is Finished

Excellent news for you all. Sub Hunter is finally 100% finished. The bad news is that it will not be downloadable for a long time because this game has been written for/by PSYTRONIK SOFTWARE. However, because Psytronik Software is releasing this game on tape. You'll have to wait a month or two. I want to see how many tapes actually get released first :o) Heheheh. Don't worry. Those of you who don't own a tape deck will not miss out in the action. I'll be working on a very special disk mastered version in time for Christmas 2008. So you will not be disappointed.

The Sub Hunter diary

21st September 2008

Sub Hunter news - Completion status: 99.9% - Just testing to go!

Some very good news for people who have pre-ordered Sub Hunter. The game is (as far as I know, now finished. The intro is complete (More about this in the Sub Hunter diary). Probably early-mid October will be the official release date for the game on the PSYTRONIK SOFTWARE label. But if you have not got a real C64. Don't worry, you wont miss out on the action. A free version of the game will be released 2 months after the tape releases. We want the people who pre-ordered the game on tape to get the chance to play it first :o)

Oh.... and one other thing ....

Check out the Sub Hunter diary for today's update!

20th September 2008

Sub Hunter finally finished on the game front?
I think so, but we are still not ready to release it. See how cruel we are eh? Well, are we? Hahahaha! ;o)) Anyway to show you that we are still doing more to this project. We have updated this on to the Sub Hunter Diary. Check out the diary to see what we have been up to over the weekend!

Sub Hunter diary

14th September 2008

Sub Hunter update - again
More bug fixing in the game. Read on to find out what has been happening this time.

Sub Hunter diary

13th September 2008

Sub Hunter update - again
Another updated on Sub Hunter. Check out the diary.

Sub Hunter

9th September 2008

Assemble IT updated
Have you ever fancied a bash at swinging logos? If so, then we have a section on this page dedicated to swinging logos. Quite a fun bit of programming, but preparation probably might not be that easy.

Assemble IT

7th September 2008

Quick Sub Hunter update
It's getting late. Just a quick brief update today.

Sub Hunter diary

6th September 2008

Some more Sub Hunter updates
Another major Sub Hunter update has been added to the Sub Hunter diary. Hopefully more to come tomorrow where I start on the intro code.

Sub Hunter diary

4th September 2008

Some more Sub Hunter updates
Bored with the previous diary update and begging for more? Fear not because yet more hard activity on the Sub Hunter front has been happening the past 3 days or so. Enjoy the lot.

Sub Hunter diary

New addition to the TND web site
A new section on the TND web site has started. This is the 'Features' section, which contain various articles written by myself (Some of which were published in Commodore Scene magazine and also some fresh features, reviews, etc. This is something which was originally in the very old TND web site, but it has come back. Today's feature is an interview with Beyond Reproach. Creator of the Sexy Robot series of games. More additional features will follow after Sub Hunter is finally finished.

Beyond Reproach Interview

August 2008

31st August 2008

Mammoth Sub Hunter update
Rather than give you all a daily Sub Hunter update, I have decided to update this diary on a weekly basis, because well, it makes life easier for me really. Anyway, yet another mammoth production session of Sub Hunter happened this week, and it is probably one of the biggest updates we have done up to date so far.

Go on, check out the Sub Hunter diary

24th August 2008

Another Sub Hunter update
Yet another major Sub Hunter update today. Find out whether the game is finished or now, and take a sneak peak at what the title screen is going to look like.

Sub Hunter diary

23rd August 2008

Another Sub Hunter update
Yet another major Sub Hunter update. Several days worth of hard work and also a disaster, which finally turned back into good news again. Check out the diary to find out what has been going on this time.

Sub Hunter diary

16th August 2008

Sub Hunter update
A major Sub Hunter update. Check out the diary to find out what has been going on this time.

Sub Hunter diary

13th August 2008

Midweek Sub Hunter update
Another update to the Sub Hunter diary. Yet another midweek bash at the project.

Sub Hunter diary

10th August 2008

Sub Hunter diary updated
On this rainy sunday, we submerged ourselves with another soaking wet Sub Hunter update. More work done again on this project.

Sub Hunter diary

9th August 2008

Some updates and alterations
You may have noticed that there have been some major updates added to this web site. News (According to the year chosen) has been split into different pages (for each year). Secondly, I have updated the Friends and Contributors downloads page to make it easier for you to navigate and find the program you are looking for, according to the start of the letter. Just like with the TND games download pages :)

A Sub Hunter update will commence tomorrow as I shall continue with it tomorrow morning. Hopefully finally fixing the jelly fish attack stages and other things like that.

2 new SEUCK games added
Jinxtengu has contributed a couple of seriously fun SEUCK games, of which are Ape Quest (For over 18's) and also Space Station Hippy. Go on, give them a blast :o)

Ape Quest

Space Station Hippy

6th August 2008

Midweek Sub Hunter update
Working Wednesday? Did Richard pull a sickie to skive off work to do some more Sub Hunter? Is that for real? No, I still been to work but yet again I have done yet more Sub Hunter to kill the time for this evening. Enjoy this evening's update :o)

The Sub Hunter diary

4th August 2008

Another entry to the Sub Hunter diary
Blue Monday. Well, deep blue of course as we continue the episode of the Sub Hunter production diary. So enjoy yet another episode of the Sub Hunter saga.

The Sub Hunter diary

3rd August 2008

Another entry to the Sub Hunter diary
The Sub Hunter diary has been updated with more general Sub Hunter dev blogging as usual.

The Sub Hunter diary
July 2008

27th July 2008

Sub Hunter diary updated
Yet more work has been done on Sub Hunter this morning. More than just a small fix has been done today. Take a look at the game diary to see what has been done. Now being that it is a lovely day, I don't want to be stuck on this computer in the afternoon. The weather is fantastic and I'll be going for a walk alongside the canal and also go to the local pub for a pint or two before I get back again :o)

The Sub Hunter diary

26th July 2008

Sub Hunter - Preview released
A playable preview of Sub Hunter has been released, while I'm still working on the game bug fixing stage. The preview consists of the very first 4 levels of the full game. Something which should hopefully be pretty appealing to you game players out there. Also, the Sub Hunter diary has been updated.

Get the preview

22nd July 2008

Sub Hunter - News update
For those of you who are waiting to hear more about Sub Hunter, here's some pretty good news for you all. While I was on holiday, the Sub Hunter project was shown at the Fusion 2008 retrocomputing event. There has been some great response about the game project and probably a lot of hype with the colourful loading picture - a tribute to the ocean loader (As I also used Paulie H's original Freeload source, but only thing different was no cartridge protection and different loading music (Winterbird by Drax). This was something I never expected to happen at the event, but I was very pleased with Frank, who showed this game project live down at the event.

After the event had finished. I received some great feedback from people about Sub Hunter (What was done so far). Frank and I have been discussing which software label should release this production. If successful, this game could possibly be released on the Psytronik Software label on real media (Tape). It is unknown if there will be a free download of the full game as well. It could be a possibility, but if not then I'll release a cut down playable preview of the game on the TND downloads section. So that you can get a taste of the action.

June 2008

29th June 2008

Richard not available for a while
Unfortunately I have been experiencing difficulties with the wireless network. Seems that the router keeps messing up and that a new router might be required. Therefore you wont see me online now and then due to those technical difficulties.

Secondly I am unavailable between 5th July 2008 - 19th July 2008 but I shall be back on 20th July 2008.

There will be no more news updates or page updates from after today until after the 19th July 2008.

No Sub Hunter update this week. I have been really busy. Sorry :o(

28th June 2008

New game - Gold Quest 4
We are very proud to bring to you Gold Quest 4, with special thanks to Thorsten Schreck's permission. This game is now on the friends & contributors page.

Download friends

25th June 2008

Sub Hunter midweek update
Yet another productive session with Sub Hunter. This time round, some more work done on level 2.

22nd June 2008

Sub Hunter update
Another update in the Sub Hunter diary. Only a couple of quick bug fixes this time round, due to the time of day (or should I have said night) and it has been getting late as well. More work on the project later this week.

Sub Hunter diary

8th June 2008

Enforcer 2 playable demo released
Do you remember the classic games 'Enforcer' or 'Katakis' by Manfred Trenz? Well now Protovision have just released a playable preview of the game, Enforcer 2. The graphics look very stunning and the gameplay is HOT. This is a preview that is FREE and the full game probably will be hotter than the preview. You can download it directly from the link below.

Enforcer 2 - 1 level preview

Source: The C64 Scene Database (CSDB)

Sideways SEUCK updated to V3.0

Although it has happened about 2 - 3 weeks ago. I forgot to let you know that the sideways engine of the SEUCK has been updated and fixed. You are able to download it from Jon Wells's SEUCK site

Source: Sideways SEUCK page

Sub Hunter diary updated
Continuing the saga of the Sub Hunter project, I have added some more to the Sub Hunter diary along with another screen shot.

Sub Hunter Diary

Some web site updates
There are some updates in the download demos section.

First of all, I have restored images on this page.

Secondly, it seems that I had missed out some demos that I created myself and released on to CSDB. Anyway, the demos have now been added. The following demos are:

Easter Demo 2008
Happy Birthday DFlame
Happy Birthday Markus Sinalco
Triangle of Code 1
Triangle of Code 2
and Winter Chills

I have also updated the JaC64 pages with the correct versions of Nyaaaah! 11 and Imaginator. I also added Smash Zone to the same page as well.

Okay, that is enough for today. Until next time :o)

Source: Download demos

1st June 2008

Sub Hunter updated
Another fishy tale added to the Sub Hunter diary.

Sub Hunter Diary

May 2008

31st May 2008

Sub Hunter updated
More added to the Sub Hunter diary.

Sub Hunter Diary

18th May 2008

Some new games for the BANK HOLIDAY
You want some more of my games? Well? Okay, here we have 2 updated games which were originally released to the SEUCK vault and the Sideways SEUCK page. We are proud to present version 2 of Nyaaaah! 11, and also Imaginator. I'll submit those to both sites soon, but you have these exclusively here :o)

NYAAAAH! 11 V2.0


Sub Hunter News
Just to let you know that Sub Hunter shall commence later on this week or maybe sometime next week. I have been taking a break from it recently to help a few of my C64 friends with their game project. Which should hopefully be released some time in July 2008. Sub Hunter however is getting closer to completion. When it will be finished is anyone's guess but I estimate it around about September/October 2008 at the earliest. You have to wat and see :o)

18th May 2008

Sub Hunter diary update
Only a quick one today

Sub Hunter page

11th May 2008

Sub Hunter diary updated
Sub Hunter goes into space. Well, not really. You'll see what has been happening in this week's edition of the Sub Hunter diary.

Sub Hunter page

4th May 2008

Sub Hunter diary updated
More work done with Sub Hunter. Why not browse through the game diary to see what has been done to this project today.

Sub Hunter page

3rd May 2008

Sub Hunter diary updated
Some more work has been done on the Sub Hunter game project today. Take a look in the game diary  to see what has been going on today.

Sub Hunter page

April 2008

28th April 2008

Oops, silly mistakes
You may have noticed some silly mistakes that I had done on this page. Mainly to do with the dates (using March instead of April), seems some people were confused. I have now corrected this problem.

20th April 2008

Sub Hunter updated
Another Sub Hunter update today. Unfortunately not much done this weekend. Only a bit of work was done on Wednesday but page updated today.

Sub Hunter page

15th April 2008

Back from Iceland  
We were unavailable between 6th April 2008 - 11th April 2008 as I was on holiday to Iceland with my brother. Those who have emailed me, should already have had a response as I did not get many emails.

Amazing new SEUCK game released
While I was viewing com one day, I come across a video of a SEUCK game called Laser Hawk. I could not resist watching the video and found it was worth watching. This game is amazing. With thanks to Frank Gasking + Shaun Coleman, This game has got a new home and you are able to play this game for free on your C64 or emulator.

Laser Hawk is no ordinary SEUCK game. It features some very amazing features, not seen on a SEUCK game before (except for the parallax scrolling effect of course). The game uses colour change of game background per level, static raster bars in title screen and also (never seen on a SEUCK before) different weapons the player can shoot. I recommend you check this very special and stunning game right now.

Laser Hawk

Sub Hunter to be more active
There is going to be some more active work on Sub Hunter later on this week. It will commence tomorrow, Thursday and Saturday. However, the diary will be updated on a weekly basis :o) I'm hoping to use at least 3 days each week on the Sub Hunter project. It depends how I feel, etc.

March 2008

30th March 2008 (General)

JaC64 - TND Games room updated
The JaC64 games room has been reopened with the latest JaC64 JAVA applet added to the page. Now you are able to play practically all of mine and my brother's games on line. Can't say fairer than that eh?

Sub Hunter news
Just to let you know that there will be no update of Sub Hunter until after 11th April 2008. See news below to see why.

Delays with Emails & on replies confirmed
There will be just under a week's delay for me to reply emails, PM's etc between 6th April 2008 - 11th April 2008, as I will not be available during those dates. If you have sent an email for me or a private message then please allow a delay for me to get back to you. This also includes delaying the Sub Hunter project for a while as I will be on vacation.

16th March 2008 (C64)

Sub Hunter diary update
More stuff has been added to the Sub Hunter diary.

Sub Hunter

15th March 2008 (C64)

Oops, I done it again
You may have remembered Assemble IT chapter 21. People have tried to download the example of Chapter #21 but ended up downloading the shaking demo and source (Demo 2). Sorry, that was my mistake. I have updated the download link, so you can get the correct file. I'll test things before uploading, next time :)

9th March 2008 (C64)

SEUCK steps aside
We all remember the good old Shoot Em Up construction kit on the good old Commodore C64. You could create your own vertical smooth scrolling shoot 'em up games. Now imagine a shoot 'em up construction kit that can scroll sideways? Go, on. You may think think this may not happen, but by the time you read this. I am pleased to let you know that now you can do your own side scrolling shoot 'em ups.


BREAKTHROUGH - At its earlier stages
Image is linked from actual site.

We do not host this tool on our web site, but you can get the handy tool from Jon's web site, directly from the link below.

Enter the Sideways SEUCK site

You'll also find one of my sidescrolling SEUCK games available on Jon's site as well. It is a game called Imaginator. A horizontal scrolling ladders and platforms shoot 'em up, with a few surprises :) Hope you will also enjoy this one.

Now is your chance to make your very own sideways shoot 'em up construction kit games for either the Sideways SEUCK web site, the TND web site, SEUCK vault or anywhere.

Other news: Links are now updated.

February 2008

24th February 2008 (C64)

Sub Hunter diary updated
The Sub Hunter diary has been updated with yet more bug fixing done. Still a long way to go through this project, although status still remains at 97%.

Sub Hunter Diary

New TND demo - Party Time 2008
The Oxyron party is over and here's our new release.

Download Demos

TND Games room is temporarily closed
The TND games room has been temporarily closed, due to some major updates and maintenance in progress. I'm hoping to add ALL stuff featured on to the TND web site on to this JaC64 page and make it easier for you to chose/search the game you wish to play, so you can play it all online if you have Java installed.

21st February 2008 (C64)

Le Fantome Vert (playable preview) released
With special thanks to Nori Khiat, we are proud to bring you a playable preview of Le Fantome Vert. A new pacman game with a slight difference. This time it is the ghost's turn to pick up pellets, while being chased around by pacmen. What a refreshing change eh? ;)

Download friends

Coming soon - This weekend in fact, another Sub Hunter update. Stay Tuned!

13th February 2008 (C64)

Ooops. Hyper Duel now fixed up
Hyper Duel has been updated and fixed. There were a few bugs in the game which I forgot about last night before release. Sorry. So now I have fixed the silly errors which were as follows:

- Blue player turned dark blue after it dies when it should have been light blue
- Player Left/Right controlls seem to have been reversed.
- The incorrect scroll text was used on the title screen, replaced it with the correct text

Hopefully the game us 100% working now, but I better not speak too soon :)

Download Games

12th February 2008 (C64)

Missed us?
Have you missed us already? Sorry, but we have been really busy. Now for a treat:

New Game released - Hyper Duel
A brand new C64 game has been released. It is a co-op production I have done with my friends in Crypt. The game is called Hyper Duel. This is a fun 2 player only game, where you have to fight against a friend and toast their ship. This game is based on a classic 2 player only game called Super Dogfight, but this one is even weirder.

Download Games

January 2008

19th January 2008 (C64)

Sub Hunter diary update
More information about the bug fixing stage added to the Sub Hunter diary.

Sub Hunter diary

12th January 2008 (C64)

Downhill and Jihad games updated
The two great games by TFG/MMD has been updated with new music, instead of ripped tracks from old games. Both games have music composed by myself and hopefully fit into the games quite nicely. Secondly the updated games are now available to download.

Download friends

Sub Hunter diary update
Another episode of The Sub Hunter saga continues. Yet another story from 10,000 meters at the bottom of the sea. Enjoy your sea exploration. :o)

Sub Hunter diary

9th January 2008 (C64)

Five new *exclusive* games released
Some good news for gamers. The Fall Guy/MMD has contributed some unseen games, not one, nor two but five new unseen games, brought exclusively to The TND Web site. Those games are as follows:

Jihad - A modern classic shoot 'em up game based on Falcon Patrol by Virgin Software

Startrek - A classic style horizontal scrolling space shoot 'em up based on the classic television series.

Downhill - A classic top-down vertical scrolling skiing simulator, with loads of obstacles

Hellball - Imagine mixing air hockey and a bit of shooting. Actually this game is pretty original I have to admit

Block Soccer - A simple, but fun football simulator (Footie fans might enjoy this one).

All source codes have been included too.
 Friends + Contributors page
2nd January 2008 (C64)

Sub Hunter diary updated  
Do you ever wonder what has been going on with Sub Hunter? Well, I have been taking a rest from it through Decemember 2007. However the good news is that I am back on the game project. Okay, so I did not do much of it on New Year's day, but at least it is a start. My new year's resolution is to get this game finished and released this year. Whatever month it gets released is anybody's guess, but Frank and I are doing our best to get a quality game product, rather than a load of little games :o)
We are still in the process of the bug fixing phase. Loads of bugs to try and iron out.

Want to see more fishy tales, then check out the diary :)

Sub Hunter Diary

1st January 2008 (C64)

New Year Demo released
First of all, I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. Secondly a brand new release has been added to the TND web site. It is a new TND demo demo called New Year Messages 2008, It is a special demo where people sent their personal messages to the C64 production scene. The demo was programmed by me, which consist of a nice logo by D'Flame/Crypt, some nice music by Drax/Maniacs of Noise, a 2x2 scrolltext and a colourful dot plotter routine, which I learned from The Florida Phantom about a year ago. Hope you enjoy what you see.

Demos page