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News & Updates

December 2007 news

18th December 2007 (C64)

Assemble IT - Updated
Just as you thought that there was going to be no more updates to the Assemble IT feature, a new update has been added. So if you want to code a game and want to learn simple sprite to background collision using $D01F then you're in for a treat with this feature. So who said Assemble IT is dead? Also included in the chapter is a little example game (Give a Dog a Bone, including binaries + source) for you to play around with.

Also some time in January (the new year), I'm hoping to put Assemble IT into separate pages, for each chapter, so that you don't have to keep waiting long for each page to load, if a slow connection is used.

Assemble It feature

15th December 2007 (C64)

Richard leaves the CSDB
I have decided to leave CSDB. Well, not exactly leave the CSDB. I still visit this database, but I don't log myself in to it no more. Therefore I will be adding no more of my C64 or C64 scene related releases on to the CSDB. However if any of you are members in the CSDB and you would like to add my stuff on to the database, then you are more than welcome to. I don't mind this at all. Secondly I have NOT officially left the C64 scene, as there will still be more stuff written by me.

Sub Hunter News
Lots of bug fixing is required here, therefore the game project has been delayed until the new year. I'm taking a short break from it. That is why there have been no diary updates.

4th December 2007 (C64)

General C64 news from TND
I have been rather tired recently. I have decided to do no more site updates until after Christmas. Main reason is because I am taking a break :) TND will be back in action on January 2008. So, although slightly early, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sorry there are no new releases for the festive period this year.

November 2007 news

24th November 2007 (C64)

Sub Hunter news
There is some bad news for this project. I originally planned this release to be Christmas 2007, but unfortunately it looks as if the release date is going to be later. This is because there is a bit more work to be done with Sub Hunter, as well as the beta testing. Graphics need tweaking slightly, and also finalizing of the data and source for the project. I can promise you that early 2008 may the official release date for this game.

Finally I have also updated the Sub Hunter diary with what has been going on today.

Sub Hunter Page

15th November 2007 (C64)

Disaster news!
I've had a fatal computer hardware failure, therefore I had to reinstall the operating system on to a different drive partition. Unfortunately I was tool late to backup any new messages or messages that *were* stored in my email client. So if any of you were in contact with me please throw me an email and I'll add you on the the contacts list immediately.

Secondly I will not be using programs like ICQ, due to the fact that it literally distracts me too often, when I am trying to work on a project or doing something else. Therefore I'm unable to have privacy when I need it. If people need to contact me, then please use my usual email address. I will be happy to answer back asap when I check my emails regularly.

Despite the fatal hardware failure (Hard drive partition). The good news is that I have *NOT* lost my Sub Hunter project as I get this game project backed up all the time.

11th November 2007 (C64)

Cold November, hot releases:
Yet some more cool releases for you to download from The New Dimension. Some of the stuff I was too late adding, but what the heck? At least I made an effort adding those to the web site :o) Here goes:

Demos: (Get those from Download Demos page)

Buenzli Party Scroll Demo released

Well it took a while for me to add this demo on to the TND web site. Finally it is here. Experience the enhanced raster coding by Marauder/GSS, and a cool logo drawn by JSL. Neat :)

DMC Album #8 Released

Yet another collection of tunes for you to dance around the room to varying styles and a much newer interface with a nice logo drawn by JSL/Covenant. Probably one of the best music selectors for this demo I ever done :o))


Sorcerer Preview released

A playable preview of a maze game (Which is unconfirmed whether I will finish it or not, but will keep the source safe just in case), starring you as a wizard, who roams around the evil Warlock's dungeon. A frantic collect 'em up game (If I do full version of this game, more levels will be added and also the ability for the player to shoot at enemies as well.

Go get Sorcerer Preview

10th November 2007 (C64)

Another Sub Hunter diary update
Unfortunately not a good update this time. The bug fixing stage is slowing down dramatically, due to problems with the project's raster timing. (Sprites over rasters). Therefore, I cannot get any further until this problem has been defeated.

Sub Hunter Page

4th November 2007 (C64)

Floundering about again,
The sub hunter page has been updated once again. This time it is about the joys and woes of early bug fixing and also something about colour schemes for the game, put in action. Read on in the project diary for more fishy tales from the deep.

Sub Hunter page

October 2007 news

7th October 2007 (C64)

Another Sub Hunter Update
Just another fast update of the Sub Hunter project

Sub Hunter page

September 2007 news

30th September 2007 (C64)

Another Sub Hunter Update
Yep, that's right. The Sub Hunter project continues one step further.

Sub Hunter page

27th September 2007 (C64)

Another Sub Hunter Update
More progress and woes of the Sub Hunter project has been added today. Well, more blog stuff we could say, but what the heck? Enjoy browsing through the fishy tales of a new game in production :o)

Sub Hunter page

Music Scene page updated
There were still some problems on the Music Scene page, which required to be corrected. With thanks to Rio/Rattenrudel, he has updated the music scene page. I must also apologize to RIO for the mistakes that I had made uploading the music scene page, where 2 images were missing.

Music Scene

23rd September 2007 (C64)

Major Sub Hunter update
Going crazy with more work on this project. Now the completion status is 94%. Go check the diary out :o))

Sub Hunter Diary

22nd September 2007 (C64)

Music Scene updated
With special thanks to Rio/Rattenrudel. The DMC tutorial has been updated even more with a much better version of the tutorial. So if you want to try the DMC music editor then this is the page for you.

Music Scene

17th September 2007 (C64)

Quick Sub Hunter update   
Another 2 days of Sub Hunter added to the Sub Hunter page. It is getting there, but the game is still 90% finished and an official release date has been planned as well. Do look forward to it ;o)

Sub Hunter pages

9th September 2007 (C64)

Quick Sub Hunter update   
Yet another fast update to the Sub Hunter page. This game is now 90% finished.

Sub Hunter pages

8th September 2007 (C64)

Watch out for the jellyfish    
Yet another sting in the tail from a jelly fish, with yet more of the exciting Sub Hunter WIP saga. This time it is all about compression, decompression and music.

Sub Hunter pages
August 2007 news

25th August 2007 (C64)

Do not swim with the Sharks - Sub Hunter diary updated     
Meet the giant goldfish. Erm, no it is not a goldfish really, but a enormous deadly shark, raring to face you in its quest to destroy your sub so it can eat your divers and the driver in the sub. Well, another episode of the Sub Hunter project added to the Sub Hunter WIP diaries

Sub Hunter pages

19th August 2007 (C64)

Some games added to the online games room
It has been a long while since I last updated the JaC64 games. So now the games have been updated on to Games Room  page. :o) Those are:

- Acme Bricks
- Bomb Chase 2007
- Racked Off

12th August 2007 (C64)

New game: Racked Off released
Yet another of our games pop by. This time is a sort of pacman type of game, but with a slight difference. So if you like those type of games, you might enjoy this one. Hope you do :o) This game consists of 16 different levels. Instructions are on the download page.

Download games

5th August 2007 (C64)

Assemble It updated
Just a quick update on the TND assemble it tutorial.

Assemble IT

Wayne/Art Ravers is looking for a programmer to help him with some of his game project ideas. He has produced graphics for those games, but needs programmers to turn his ideas see the light of day. Those games are a Soduku type of game and a Tetris type of game. If any of you are interested, please email me so I can forward your message to Wayne, himself. Thanks :o

July 2007 news

18th July 2007 (C64)

Sub Hunter update
More fishy tales of the deep blue sea continue. We get really close to the sharks, and blast them to smithereens. Yes, level 14, go to the diary to find out more about this stage.

Sub Hunter page

14th July 2007 (C64)

DMC Music Compo results
The official & final votes of the DMC Compo 2007. I'm still working on the mystery prize, don't know when it will be ready, but anyway. The results of the compo are as follows:

1st Place - Wot Da Funk / Psycho (14 votes)
2nd Place - Extreme Party 2 / Surgeon (6 votes)
3rd Place - Tanker / Rio (3 votes)

I would like to thank all the entrants for taking part in this compo and congratulations to Psycho for winning this compo.

June 2007 news

Wednesday 27th June 2007 (C64)

DMC Music Compo news
The Demo Music Creator music compo voting is still in session. So it is not too late for you to vote for your favorite song. But the results probably might not make a difference to who the winner is, heheheh. The prize is still under production and the winner gets the game, as an award. Nothing else to announce here, just keep on voting and listening to the music.

Richard unavailable for 2 weeks
From Saturday 30th June - Saturday 14th July 2007, I wont be available to reply emails, ICQ, MSN, private messaging. Therefore I will be back on 15th July 2007.

Thursday 21st June 2007 (C64)

One for the SEUCK fans out there
Do you remember the TND classic game called "Water Caper", starring Snodge the Biblet? Well, about a couple of days ago, I just could not help enhancing this game even more, to make things more interesting to see. You will find this game on the TND Games page. Which now features a new front end and backg round animation. Plus an option (before title screen) for whether or not you would like the game sprites to be in front or behind the background.

Download Games

Sub Hunter news
We will no longer be working on the Sub Hunter project until 15th July 2007. It is sort of to give me a break from all productive stuff. Don't panic, the game will continue after the proposed date.

Monday 11th June 2007 (C64)

It's a release mania - Some stuff added to the TND site for download
Well, once again we have some more cool releases for you to check out. It has been a while, but I had forgetten about it, but here they are. So released today are the following:

- Attack of the Underpants (SEUCK, rare)
- Blazon, Back in 2007 (Demo)
- Oldskool Times (Demo)

Assemble IT news
At the moment there have been major delays with this feature. But don't fear, because we will strike back with another addition to the Assemble IT feature real soon. We plan to show you how to do the sub-hunter style Parallax scroller. Which is actually more easier than you think.
Wednesday 6th June 2007 (C64)

DMC Compo Voting open
The voting phase for the DMC compo has now started. It is now time to vote your favorite DMC tune, which was entered exclusively for the compo. Sorry for the delay, but I have been busy as usual. Closing date for votes is 15th June 2007, where we reveal the winner.

DMC Compo 2007
Saturday 2nd June 2007 (C64)

Sub Hunter video released
On page 5 of the Sub Hunter diary, you can see a preview of the game in action. Of course there are still bugs and that in the game, and some other improvements to be made, but I'm sure you'll like the result.

Music in video is by PVCF/Reflex

Take me to the video

June 2007 news

Wednesday 23rd May 2007 (C64)

Major Sub Hunter diary update
Now this time it is all about level 13. A major update, but was pretty late. Sorry for the lateness, but I am busy now and then.

Sub Hunter Diary

DMC Compo deadline coming near

The DMC SID music compo is coming near to its deadline, which is indeed Thursday next week. There will be NO deadline extension. If you have compose a tune in DMC, and you have not released it (even if your tune is old) you can submit it to the compo, before the deadline looms.

DMC Compo page

Thursday 10th May 2007 (C64)

Sub Hunter diary updated else I would have been fed to the sharks (:oP)
Wonder what fish business has been going on here? Well, check out the story about level 12 and some of the disasters that have been happening on the Sub Hunter front. The saga continues

Sub Hunter Diary

Tuesday 8th May 2007 (C64)

Sub Hunter Diary updated
The Sub Hunter game project diary has been updated . This time it is on a new page, but you can get there quickly by following the link below :o))

Sub Hunter Diary

Sunday 29th April 2007 (C64)

Sub Hunter diary updated
Yet another busy Sunday morning filling in yet more assembly code by the form of Sub Hunter

Check the diary out

April 2007 news

Thursday 26th April 2007 (C64)

Another surprise hits you - DMC Album #7
Well yet again another music demo from TND. Yet another DMC Album. The seventh album consist of yet another 10 tunes for you to listen to and dance around the room as if you never danced to C64 music before.

Download Demos page

Sub Hunter page updated
An update of yesterday's Sub Hunter progress

Sub Hunter diary

Wednesday 25th April 2007 (C64)

Another DMC Music Compo entry
Just to let you know that there is another entry for the DMC SID compo. The entry this time is Tankard, composed by our forum regular, Rio.

DMC Compo

Tuesday 24th April 2007 (C64)

Sub Hunter update
Just to let you know that this game is coming out nicely. There's more for you to read in the Sub Hunter diary.

Sub Hunter diary

Monday 23rd April 2007 (C64)

Another entry for the DMC Music compo 2007
Yet another great tune for you to listen to has been added to the DMC music compo 2007. This time it Wot Da Funk, composed by Psycho. Dig those beats and check it out :)

You still have until 30th April to finish off your DMC tune and submit for the compo, although I may allow late entries if there are still less than 5 entries for the compo :)

DMC 2007 Compo page

Monday 16th April 2007 (C64)

A couple of demos
I have updated the Demos page with a couple more releases. The first one of which is a demo I have forgotten to upload on to this web site, called "Farewell Scene" (Well, it really should have been called Farewell Crypt, because I continued doing stuff for the C64 scene). The second demo is a new simple 1-liner demo called Summer Love, which features a cartoon picture I pixelled in ProjectOne, which I emailed to a couple of my work mates. Enjoy the demos and Happy Christmas. Oh, no. It's April :oD

Demos page

Saturday 14th April 2007 (C64)

Sub Hunter updated

Just a quick update this time about Sub Hunter.

Sub Hunter

Thursday 12th April 2007 (C64)

DMC 2007 SID music compo entry added

We have our first entry for the 2007 DMC Music compo called "Extreme - Part 2" by Surgeon/Vulture design. Go get it from the DMC Compo page :)

DMC Compo page

Sunday 8th April 2007 (C64)

An easter egg opened - Acme Bricks
On this crazy easter comes a crazy new game, which is a silly breakout style game called "Acme Bricks". A game I wrote in 6 to 8 hours, after learning software sprite to background collisions on CSDB. :o)

Download games page

Friday 6th April 2007 (C64)

Sub Hunter diary updated
It is Good Friday, and a good game project is still being written for the good old Commodore 64. I have done more Sub Hunter today, so you're able to read on about the Sub Hunter diary and more about my memory problems (No, not memory problems as in my head, but assembly code memory) :oD

Sub Hunter page

DMC Music compo
So far I have had no entries submitted for this competition, which is a loss to me :( Still don't panic. There is still a short time left to enter the compo. You have until 30th April 2007 to submit your entry to my email and there might be a deadline extension as well.

Sunday 1st April 2007 (C64)

Sub Hunter diary updated
It has been about a couple of weeks since I last worked on Sub Hunter (Depends on whether or not I felt in the mood for it). This time, it is level 8. No, this is *not* an April fools' joke I have worked on the game more. Honest. Keep up to date with the Sub Hunter diary and you'll know what has been happening.

Sub Hunter page

March 2007 news

Thursday 29th March 2007 (C64)

Bomb Chase 2007 (Full game) released
We have replaced the demo version of Bomb Chase 2007 with the full game, so if you want to play it, you can download it. This is the disk version of the game with a high-score saver/loader and one or two odd fixes. Enjoy.

Games Page

Wednesday 21st March 2007 (C64)

DMC C64 Music Compo launched
In the mood for Composing music? We have started a DMC music compo where you compose music in any version of the Demo Music Creator. For more information check the music compo page.

DMC Music Compo page

Tuesday 20th March 2007 (C64)

Sub Hunter update
More Sub Hunter. This time, more on level 7, including a snipped.

Sub Hunter

New C64 game, Square Pit 64
I have released a new small C64 game called Square Pit 64. The game made it 2nd place in the Wild Compo at Forever 8 party. :o)

Go and get Square Pit 64

Wednesday 14th March 2007 (C64)

Sub Hunter update
After over a month's delay. We have finally got to work on Sub Hunter again. Check out the Sub Hunter diary for more information :)
Sub Hunter

Wednesday 7th March 2007 (C64)

Bomb Chase to be commercially released
We have removed downloads to Bomb Chase Revival, as more work has been put into this game and it will be released commercially to Cronosoft some time soon as Bomb Chase 2007 (Or Bomb Chase :o))). Don't panic, because if you already have released/spread Bomb Chase Revival, that's ok. However, I had made loads of changes to the game since the Bomb Chase revival. Bomb Chase 2007 for Cronosoft and the game should soon be available at a low budget price of 2.99 on tape or disk. If you're interested, I have replaced Bomb Chase Revival with a playable preview of the new game. But to make things more interesting, here are some screen shots of the game :)

Download preview

Other news:
Scene parties:
Forever party 2007 is coming closer, and I'm willing to enter a couple of things for the party. First of which is a piece of music done on my C64, and secondly something for the wild compo. After the party, I'll be giving you downloadable access to the files that were entered for the party.  You wont be seeing me at the party, just my stuff :o)

Sub Hunter
Sub Hunter will continue this Saturday, but I wont be ready to work on level 7 yet, because I have been given some advice that I will need to make some improvements to the first 2 levels, by tweaking the code slightly.

RIP Richard Joseph
After hearing the sad news about the great legend of C64 musicians, who passed away on 4th March 2007. I wish to pay tribute to the great musician. My message to the world is. Richard has done great music in the C64 era, and I admired his tunes, such as Barbarian II loading music, Cauldron II title music and also the amazing game music for Rimrunner. May your music live on :(

February 2007 news

Friday 16th February 2007 (C64)

A new TND contribution - Sexy Robot 1+2
With thanks to Beyond Reproach software, we have Sexy Robot 1 + Sexy Robot 2, two puzzle games for the C64.

Contributors section

Sunday 11th February 2007 (PC)

Bomb Catch Available
A new PC game written by yours truly has been released today. It is a funny game, based on CrapCade's C64 conversion of the original title. You'll be laughing (or panicking) when playing this game. My first ever Blitz Basic game. :)

*** Health warning: This game is unsuitable for anyone who has a history of motion sickness or elpilepsy, due to the crazy speed of the falling objects. If we get many complaints about this game, then it will be removed (or slowed down) ***

Download PC
Monday 5th February 2007

Sub Hunter update
You'll probably wondering what has been happening to Sub Hunter recently. Well, I'm just taking my time to work on the game project. Now and then I like a break from it all :o) There's no rush. It is not that important, but I don't want to let you guys and ladies down. So don't panic just yet. Anyway, to cheer you up we have another Sub Hunter diary update for you to check out. Have fun, and I'll see you all soon.

Sub Hunter diary

Wednesday 31st January 2007

Bomb Chase Revival - Final Update
Bomb Chase Revival has been updated. All level structures have been redesigned, as the previous version of the games levels had gaps that were just too narrow which is not good for a quality game, but plain stupid. This was a bit of a surprise for me because I managed to get through most levels, except for level 16.

You can download the updated version of the C64 game, which I've created specially for you all or you can play it on line in Play TND games online.

Download Bomb Chase Revival *Final)

January 2007 news

Saturday 27th January 2007

Sub Hunter diary update
More work is being done with the Sub Hunter project. Would you like to know what level 6 is going to be about and what it looks like? Visit the Sub Hunter diaries and you'll see :o)

Sub Hunter pages

Monday 15th January 2007

New game - Zombieparty released
With thanks to Mac/Radical, a new game has been released. Zombieparty. This is a gruesome but funny SEUCK game by Mac/Radical, where you have to throw party disks at zombies. Based at Out Of Orderia 2006 party.

Download friends
Sunday 14th January 2007

Bomb Chase Revival - Updated
There were some odd bugs in the game which needed to be fixed. So now this problem has been resolved. You can now download the updated Bomb Chase Revival game, or play the updated version on the JaC64 TND Games online page :)

Saturday 13th January 2007

JaC64 (Play TND games online) page Updated
The Play TND games online page has now been updated. The games, Bomb Chase - Revival and Brain Strain have both been added to the JaC64 online games section.

Hopefully later on this or next month, I'll be adding a page with JaC64 for all releases from the Friends & Contributors section and maybe the TND Demos section and TND Classics as well. If I get the time that is ;o))

The JaC64 (Play TND games online) section

Some corrections to the site
With thanks to Sledgie, he has pointed out that I did some silly mistakes to the site, which were as follows:

  • News for this year was all 2006
  • Sub Hunter page 4 had page 3 of 3 when it should have been page 4 of 4
  • Sub Hunter page 4 used 2006 instead of 2007 for this year.
Whoops. Consider those corrections done  :o)

Changes to be made to Assemble IT
Because my games programming is now done on one cross platform assembler (DASM). Assemble IT will feature examples which I have programmed in this cross assembler. Today people (or sceners) use a cross assembler to code stuff. You'll probably wonder what a cross-assembler is or does. So major updates to the Assemble it page will be done in the future. Watch this space :)

Friday 12th January 2007

Fight the winter depression with a new C64 game
Winter time (especially in the UK) is so cold and depressing. Also in UK, TV is crap so I just could not help myself create a new C64 game today called Bomb Chase Revival. This is a 100% reprogrammed version of the original Bomb Chase, which has a few added features, which Bomb Chase (in 2002) never had. I was going to call this game Bomb Chase 2, but it was just so much like the original, except slightly more better. The game even features a high score table. Now you should forget about the boring winter with this weird, wacky and wonderful creation with thanks to The New Dimension.

Brain Strain and Bomb Chase - Revival are not uploaded on to the JaC64 page yet, but when I get the chance I'll include both on the Play TND Games Online page.

Sunday 7th January 2007

Sub Hunter diary updated
The game of 2007 is still under development after the small Christmas break. More work has been done on the game today. Go check out my diary, to see what has been happening today. The Sub Hunter diary is now 4 pages :o))

Sub Hunter diary

Tuesday 2nd January 2007

New C64 game for 2007 - Brain Strain
A new game has been released today for the C64. It is a puzzle/strategy game called Brain Strain. The idea of the game is to take it in turns to take credits out of the credits box by chosing whether to take 1, 2, 3 or 4 credits. The player that ends up with less than 4 credits in the game loses, therefore the opponent wins. In each round, each number is randomly generated and it is up to you to try and outsmart your opponent playing the game. Good luck and enjoy. :o) oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR :o))

Download Games