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News & Updates

December 2006 news

Sunday 31st December 2006

Links page updated
The links page has finally been updated, slightly smaller than before but when I get the time I can expand this page even more.

Knight Raider released
A game, which I was hoping to have released in 1998 finally hits the downloads page. Now I finally got to fix it up and release it on to the TND download page. Nice game. :o) Enjoy.

Friends & Contributors page

Page Linker released
A little tool called Page Linker has been added to the TND tools page. Enjoy

TND Tools page

Saturday 30th December 2006

We're back online + small update
Some good news. Our PC problems have finally been resolved. Secondly I have updated the profile page slightly. :)

Wednesday 27th December 2006

A not so merry Christmas
We apologise for any inconveinience, but we are experiencing hardware/software difficulties with the PC. Therefore the is a possibility that we may have to reinstall all the software or hardware, due to problems, in XP. However, the good news is that I have made a backup of the Sub Hunter project on to my webspace (Due to the no CD ROM drive being configured, but there is a possibility that I wont have access to it, and also access to the PC for a while, due to those problems. I don't know when I'll be back online again, but for sure, I'll be doing C64 activities during offline time . Maybe a new game or something :) So please do expect delays with Email, MSN, ICQ etc as I might not be available at this time.

Tuesday 19th December 2006

Merry Christmas from The New Dimension
The New Dimension wishes you all a merry christmas and Happy New Year. However, you can't be left out in the snow with nothing, so with thanks to us, we have a new demo to get you into the festive spirit called Christmas Demo 2006. You can download it from the demos page. Hope to release more stuff in 2007, so enjoy the festive season but don't get too drunk. :oD

Sunday 17th December 2006

New music released
One week and two days until Christmas, and we give you an early Christmas present of which is a music demo. This time it is the 6th DMC Album. Featuring another 10 new tunes for your to bop 'til you drop to. Thanks goes to Mark Watkin for the hires logo for this demo :o)

Demos Page

Monday 4th December 2006

Sub Hunter diary updated again
Christmas is looming closer, but Sub Hunter will  unfortunately wont be ready in time for Christmas 2006, as I have a long way to go. But hey, there is no rush. Quality is better than quantity :). The Sub Hunter diaries have once again been updated with what I have been up to with this project today. You'd be surprised that I never worked on this game the weekend, but on a typical boring Monday evening. :o)

Sub Hunter diary

November 2006 news

Saturday 25th November 2006

Sub Hunter diary updated again
Makes a nice change to more SEUCK games being releases eh? :o)) The Sub Hunter diary has been updated once again with some more text and also a screen shot of level 5. :)

Sub Hunter diary

Sunday 12th November 2006

New game released - Narfes
A new game, Narfes has been added to the TND Friends & Contributors page. Many thanks goes to Reinhard Klinsiek for his nice game. This game was created using the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit and now features some unreleased tunes, composed by who else, but me of course. Enjoy this creation. Sub Hunter update to follow tomorrow.

The TND Contributors page

Sunday 12th November 2006

Sub Hunter diary updated
We begin on level 5. No pics to show you yet as we're still in the early stage of this level.

Sub Hunter diary

Saturday 11th November 2006

New game released today
Today we release a nice new game called Gold Quest III written by Thorsten Schreck. This is a continuation from the Gold Quest saga, with a new quest. Created with the Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit, featuring enhancements and music by me. If you're a SEUCK fan like I am, then check this game out.

Gold Quest III

Sub Hunter diary updated
Today's Sub Hunter update has been added. Just a quick update today. More to follow up tomorrow.

Sub Hunter diary

 Wednesday 8th November 2006

Sub Hunter diary updated
Today's Sub Hunter update has been added. There is not much mentioned because I have been rather ill this week with a horrible cold flu virus.

Sub Hunter diary

A New Game soon to come
There is yet another new game to come in the near future on to the TND web site. Secondly the game is not by TND, but a good friend.  I wont tell you what it is, but it should keep you happy for while you are waiting for Sub Hunter to be finished and ready. Yes, I'm involved with some of the coding and gfx for this game :o) Warning, it is indeed SEUCK.

Will there be another TND christmas game?
Unfortunately this year there will not be a Christmas game from TND. We are going to be really busy with Sub Hunter project, but a surprise might be in store for you to enjoy. I wont tell you what it is, but you never know, you might love it :o))

The Future of TND for 2007
Well although it is still November we still have a future for the good old Commodore 64. Because we (censored) love it. There may be a possibility of a Sixth DMC V5 album, and also we have plans to concentrate more (after Sub Hunter) with Crash Course, a co-op game production with The Art Ravers & Merman. This is going to be a car game based on a C64 classic called Hunter, should be interesting. Secondly in the pipeline could be a horizontal scrolling Shoot 'em up game called "The Flight of the Phoenix", a mean blaster, based on another fun Horizonal scrolling SEU. I'm hoping Frank would be happy to be involved with this project as well. It would be worth asking him.

So 2007? It is just over two months away, but I sure will be productive on the C64, creating new material.

October 2006 news

 Tuesday 31st October 2006

Sub Hunter Diary updated
Today's Sub Hunter update has been added. Nothing else to say :o))

Sub Hunter diary

 Moday 30th October 2006

Sub Hunter Diary updated
Today's Sub Hunter update has been added. Do you want to know what work has been done this evening? Find out in today's episode of the Sub Hunter epic saga.

Sub Hunter diary

 Sunday 29th October 2006

Sub Hunter Diary updated
I know I was a bit late to write Thursday's Sub Hunter update on to the Sub Hunter diary, still here it is. Find out more I have done for this nifty game project. Plus a screen shot of level 4 is included.

Sub Hunter diary

 Sunday 22nd October 2006

A couple more new releases for you
We have a couple more new releases for you. First of all there is the upgraded version of the SEUCK Buster utility, which now uses a packer instead of the kernal ROM saver.

Download utilities

Secondly comes the brilliant Zoo Mania by Hannenz. This is not the 100% version of the game as there still appears to be an unknown bug in the game that causes the game to be impossible to play at times. Still it is a great puzzle game and addictive, and with thanks to Hannenz for his very kind permission. We included this game on the TND web site.

Friends & Contributors page

 Sunday 15th October 2006

Sub Hunter Diary updated
Just a quick update today. The Sub Hunter diary has once again been updated. Go and have a look to see how well I am progressing with the project (If you want to that is ;))

Sub Hunter Page

 Saturday 14th October 2006

Preview of a brand new C64 game release - Stranded by Kev Thacker
Today I am very pleased to bring you a playable preview of a brand new game (Which is also finished) called Stranded This is a nice colourful puzzle game, based on the Spectrum and Amstrad version, where you have to crush down the whole bridge and make your way to this exit.

I have tried the full game out and think it is great, nicely playable and fun. :o)) Nice one Kev.

Friends & Contributors section

Do you have a game or a preview of a new game that you have created and you wish to submit? If so, then please email it to Richard B at the usual Email address and you never know, you'll game will quickly go online. :o) We are here to not only produce our own releases, but also help *you* release your games.

Anyone who now submits any new stuff from TND will get a disk full of goodies emailed to them. :o))

 Thursday 12th October 2006

Richard quits the scene.
Some of you may find this a shocking revelation, others of you would probablyt not be surprised. I have officially left Crypt and also the C64 scene. The main reason for leaving Crypt was because I was asked to do too much work, like some other scener. Because I was unable to cope, and I begun to lose interest being involved with the scene completely, etc. I thought that yesterday was a perfect time to leave.

Don't be too shocked though folks. It does not mean that I will leave the C64 for good. I am still going to work on my C64 projects for this web site, which of course you should be able to download. Of course Sub Hunter will continue, and there WILL be a finished product of the game, but I can't promise when the official release date will be, as I still have a long way to go.

 Thursday 5th October 2006

Sub Hunter diary updated
It was a cold miserable dark wet evening where things on TV are crap so I worked more on Sub Hunter. Enjoy

Sub Hunter Diary

Yet another Crapcade game release

Bomb Catch, by Mark Watkin (PMPROG/TND) has been added to the Crap Cade games section. This game was originally entered for the 2006 Mini Game competition and gained 17th place, but because I love seeing crap as well as good games. This game has been added to this section, as I just could not resist it :oP

Crapcade Games

September 2006 news

 Saturday 23rd September 2006

New C64 tool - SEUCK Buster, released
Today I release a tool that I wrote for the demo group Crypt. It is a program that will allow you to add music to your game's title screen and change the colour of the rolling bars (providing that your shoot 'em up construction kit uses rolling colour bars that is). So if you ever dreamed of having music added/installed on to your SEUCK games title screens, this is the tool for you.

Download tools

 Friday 22nd September 2006

Sub Hunter diary updated
More hard work on the Sub Hunter front yesterday. Today, I'm taking a break from it, but will return to the project again this weekend :o)

The Sub Hunter update

Wednesday 20th September 2006

Sub Hunter diary updated
Well things are looking good this week so far on the Sub Hunter front. Want to see a snippet of level 3 (Although level 3 is still unfinished) then hop along and take a look at the Sub Hunter diary.

The Sub Hunter update

Sunday 10th September 2006

New game release - Deep Sea Salvage
Just as you thought "What no new games Richard?", a miracle happens. Well, not exactly a miracle, but we are proud to bring you this new game. Today we present you "Deep Sea Salvage II", which is even better than the original "Deep Sea Salvage" game. You should hopefully enjoy this 8K game, which I first released to the 2006 Minigame Compo
Have fun.

This way to the game

August 2006 news

Saturday 26th August 2006

Fatal Crash

A disaster (or a load of random fatal PC crashes) had struck which caused me to lose my old forum database (And worse thing was that the forum got corrupt as well, where nobody could log in). So a fresh new forum has been created, but this time it has moved to a different location. You'll find it on the menu.

Not only did I lose this, but I had also lost all my C64 creations and utilities, which sadly are no longer on the hard drive. The good news is that the Sub Hunter project has been rescued from the crash, as I luckily stored this on to a partition disk drive. So over a year's work is not lost. 

Sub Hunter diary updated

The Sub Hunter diary has been updated and probably a cool surprise there for you too :)

Sub Hunter diaries

Saturday 19th August 2006

Sub Hunter diary updated

More work done on Sub Hunter. Want to read what I been doing then check out the Sub Hunter diary.

Sub Hunter diaries / Play Sub Hunter preview online

Saturday 12th August 2006

Technical problems causing to be offline.

Although the TND web site still was online, I have been having a lot of trouble with Internet access over the past few days, because of a failure over the set-top-box that gives Internet access over a connection. When the set-top-box got replaced by another set-top-box, we were still experiencing problems so it wasn't until Thursday evening I had a connection back, this time through a router and wireless network as well as the set top box. So if you did not get any response from emails or private messaging of some sort then I would like to apologise for delay in response.

Sub Hunter diary update and small playable preview

During having know Internet access I have been doing more work on the Sub Hunter project. Not only this, as something special for you all. I have uploaded a playable preview of the Sub Hunter project on to the online games page. Hope you will enjoy it.

Sub Hunter diaries / Play Sub Hunter preview online

Saturday 5th August 2006

TND Forum updated and maintained

The TND C64 forum has been updated and maintained for certain purposes. We have been having trouble with the spam bots registering as new fake users so a lot of administration work had to be done. Now that the whole database is backed up, and a registration update (Visual confirmation) is installed. The forum is now up and running, whole backup of database and topics are online. Any more problems with registery bots will require more research.

The TND Forum

July 2006 news

Sunday 30th July 2006

EVS Tribute Demo released

Do you remember EVS/20CC's greatest tunes on the Commodore 64, featured in many old demos? Well, with thanks to myself and a group of other people, we are pleased to bring you the EVS Tribute Demo, which features 8 of his great tunes and one rendition of his song by Stainless Steel of Paramount.

Download Demos

Saturday 22nd July 2006

Music Scene updated again

With yet more thanks to Rio, the Music Scene feature has been updated once again. Check it out :)

Music Scene

June 2006 news

Sunday 18th June 2006

Balloonacy to appear on PC

You'll probably wont believe this, but my game Balloonacy will be appearing on the PC. Not programmed by me this time, but by Marq Watkin, TND's graphics guru, who drew the Cinder Shadow :o) So far the work I have seen on this project is still at its early stages but it is starting to look really nice and shape up well. I will be looking forward to seeing the finished masterpiece.

I wonder if Marq will have a go at Grid Zone/GZ Remix on PC as well? Would be cool ;o))

Marq also has his own web site, so if you would like to visit the page click here

Yet another
fishy Sub Hunter update

Check out the Sub Hunter diary to see what has been going on so far with this project.

Sub Hunter Diary

Tuesday 13th June 2006

Sub Hunter update

Once again, the Sub Hunter diary has been updated with more stuff done with this project.  More work on level 2 been done. So if you're interested with Sub Hunter project, check out the diary.

Sub Hunter diary

Friday 9th June 2006

Play TND Games online released

You're all in for a treat now, because we have a brand new edition to this web site, where you can play TND games on line with a built in Java C64 emulator. So if you rather try TND games out before you actually download them for use on a C64 or WinVice, CCS64 etc, then this JaC64 thing will be a good start for you.

Play TND games online

May 2006 news

Tuesday 30th May 2006

Cinder Shadow released

A new demo has been released, with a scary tale and atmospheric music. The Cinder Shadow has been released after seeing the picture drawn by Marq Watkin as his avatar. We both had agreed to make it into a demo :)

Secondly, Marq Watkin has also joined The New Dimension :o) as coder & graphics man.

The Cinder Shadow

Saturday 27th May 2006

DMC V5 Album #5 released

Good news for fans of my own SID music style. I have released the fith DMC Album music demo, since releasing the fourth DMC Album in November 2004. You've had a very long wait, but now as promised. You get the fith one, which features yet another eight funky tunes for you to sit back and enjoy, or prance around the room to.

The DMC V5 Album #5

Tuesday 23rd May 2006

Richard's going off line now and then

I feel that I need a short break from computers in general. So this is what I'm hoping to do from tomorrow evening through to Friday. I
probably might go on the computer for a bit, but not as long as I usually am on the computer. If I keep doing this, I might feel better, but I
definitely -wont- leave the scene.

From this week. Every Wednesday - Friday, I will not be using the computer in a long-term basis. Probably only to keep up to date with my email. There may be a case that I may not be on the computer at all on those three days each week, unless it is a working holiday.
 I'll be back Saturday + Sunday with some more TND news, and probably the DMC V5.0 Album #5

Monday 15th May 2006

Sub Hunter diary updated

I have updated the Sub Hunter diary with yet more info of my progress with this project so far. Do check it out if you like.

Sub Hunter Diary

Secondly.... Coming soon. DMC Album #5. Yet another music selector demo, featuring some more DMC V5.0 tunes that I composed :) Watch this space :oD

Monday 15th May 2006

Music Scene updated

The Music Scene tutorial has been updated, with special thanks to Rio, one of the regular TND forum visitors for all the hard work updating parts of the tutorial, to make it more straight forward. Hopefully people should be able to master DMC nicely. As before, this tutorial caters for DMC V4.0 and DMC V5.0. I am also proud to announce that we have also released the DMC music editor for download (Since it is 100% public domain software). Enjoy this tutorial, and keep your eyes open for more stuff from us.

This way to Music Scene

Tuesday 2nd May 2006

New C64 game, D-Fuse released

A new game, D-Fuse has been released today. This is a weird and wacky platform game, that features 8 levels of madcap mayhem, an options screen to set up the maximum limit of bombs to collect to enter the next level, a title screen presentation an end sequence and also some music composed by me as well.

Games page

April 2006 news

Sunday 30th April 2006

Sub Hunter diary updated
Well, I'm now (at last) working on Level 2 of Sub Hunter game project. Go check out the diary :)

Sub Hunter diary

Sunday 23rd April 2006

A Tribute to the Cascade 50 games cassette
, episode 1 - Sitting Target - Reloaded
Do you remember the classic Cascade 50 games cassette? Do you remember the appalling BASIC game, Sitting Target?. Well with thanks to myself and Mark Watkin, we come up with a *tribute* to Cascade Games' 1984/1985 really quality rubbish.  We give you Sitting Target Reloaded. Featuring ground breaking rock music, some sound sampling and also most of all, 2 elephants battling against each other :oD

Will there be any more tributes to the Cascade 50 games tape in the future? Well, you will just have to wait and see. :o)

Download Fake Games page

Friday 14th April 2006

Sub Hunter is back in operation
After quite a long break from this game project. I feel that I am ready to continue working on this major game project. The game diary has been updated slightly, but I don't really have much to show you though. Still, I am sure you will probably enjoy the updated preview, which I released on to the Commodore C64 Scene Database.

The Sub Hunter page

12th April 2006

Assemble IT Updated
We have added a new chapter to the Assemble IT assembly coding tutorial. With yet another demo project to play with

Assemble IT

Links Page updated
Dead links to other sites have been removed, and some updated links have been added.

Links Page

2nd April 2006

Attack of the fake games
A new section has been added to the TND website. This time it is something which probably tickle your ribs. Yes, it is the crap section, known as the FAKE GAMES. This page consist of a load of fake game productions I wrote in the past only for my own amusement :o)

The Fake Games section

1st April 2006

Gold Quest 2 released
With many thanks to Sledgie/Cevi Aktuell, we are pleased to release this nice game creation called Gold Quest 2, written using Sensible Software's Shoot 'Em Up Construction Kit. This is the sequel to the original Gold Quest game, but with some improvements and some puzzles to solve. This game includes a new title screen programmed by me, and also music composed by me as well. So you want to see the game?

This way to the game

March 2006 news

20th March 2006

A new demo & silly game released today.
Released today is a demo called "Indepent God", programmed by myself and featuring music by my good friend G-Fellow of Civitas, and hi-res graphics by my other good friend Zeitgeist of Civitas.

The demos section

Secondly, I have released a silly game I wrote in 2 hours, using the games creator, called "Booze Cruise".

The games section

19th March 2006

The TND Crap Compo is closed!
I have decided to close the 2006 crap compo, as there have not been enough submissions for the past 3 months for this competition to survive. It is a waste of web space anyway. The compo page has all been taken off the menu. Sorry!

More Sub Hunter news
While I was working on this game project, the main code in DASM for the first level is finished, but sadly I can't proceed to level 2's code, until I have modified the first level's code to separate sub routine files in DASM (something I probably should have done earlier before proceeding to the main game project). Therefore this may cause more delays to more coding to the project. It should be worth the wait though.

8th March 2006

Sub Hunter project diary - updated again

The game diart of Sub Hunter has once again been updated with more banter and some more screen shots. I have also resized the images for each part of the diary, so you can see those slightly more clear. :o)

February 2006 news

25th February 2006

Sub Hunter project diary - updated
Check out the diary of our big C64 game project, Sub Hunter. A tribute to the VIC20 game Sub Hunt by Mastertronic Software, in 1983. Have you ever wondered what has been happening recently? You'll see. Plus a couple of screen shots added as well.

Visit the Sub Hunter diary

20th February 2006

New C64 game - Primal Weapon
I have written a new game called Primal Weapon. It is a nifty little Blitz remake, which I programmed most of yesterday - and thoroughly tested it as well.  When playing the game, press the spacebar to drop bombs on to building and land safely to the bottom right corner of the screen. Although I have created this game, I like it also. This game is an enhanced BASIC creation, featuring music & sound effects, which I done using the DMC V4.0 PRO. ;o).  Yeah, I know.

Visit the download pages to grab this nifty PD game

Music Scene slightly updated/ammended
I have updated the Music Scene tutorial slightly, as there were one or two things that people wasn't too sure about, regarding the article. So I have added some ammendments to this page. More to come.

11th February 2006

XXX X-Treme Zorbing Simulator Released

A game for the Official Crap Game Compo 2006 I wrote, has also been added to the TND downloads section. So if you're up for extreme sporty fun, then check the game out :o)

Sub Hunter diary updated (slightly)

I have updated the Sub Hunter diary again.

January 2006 news

29th January 2006

Sub Hunter diary updated & final playable demo released

The Sub Hunter game diary has once again been updated (after a very long wait). Plenty of activity has occurred this weekend, regarding this project. Not only this, but you also get a taster of the first level, finally finished. Now next week, I'll be working on level 2 - if I can be bothered to that is :o) Anyway, enjoy the diary update and also the new preview (Exclusive to this web site and is not found elsewhere, unless you want to spread it, which you're welcome to of course :o))


This way to the diary & download

16th January 2006

General News:

The TND Forum has been changed to something more sexier, with thanks to G-Fellow's help. The TND forum has been fully installed, and is much better than the previous forum (Which I have now closed down). However to be able to post on this forum, you must register.

Secondly, I sacrificed the shoutbox link, as it is pointless having a shout box as well as a forum - don't you think? :)

The game Grid Zone Remix is now  available from Cronosoft on tape. This tape uses the Freeload loader system, by Paul Hughes, as used by Ocean Software ltd in 1988. The game is available at a low budget cost of £2.99, and £1.00 will be donated to the RSPCA (As I love animals, dogs and all that - well I do have a lovely friendly dog at home ;o)).

This way to Cronosoft

I noticed that while I was doing so disk mastering of all the Friends/Contributors releases for converting to my real C64, there was a problem somewhere. If you downloaded Cyborg Attack the .D64 file would not load properly, as in the directory, the main program was a split file (* beside the .PRG image). I have now fixed this problem for you, and you should hopefully be able to download the game.

Sub Hunter project will start earlier than 1st February.

Crash Course, a co-op production with Wayne/Art Ravers will appear on to the projects page some time soon, although I will be concentrating mainly on the Sub Hunter project.

I will be working on a Civitas megademo (Wont be trackmos or anything like that), some time in the near future. This is not going to be an easy job, but I am sure looking forward to showing off more of my demo coding. There is bound to be another ditherer thingy, and even a little game part (For the end part of the demo) possibly with high score table as well. We just have to wait and see.

Expect the *fith* DMC album later on this month or maybe next month. Fingers crossed.

Finally, I would like to point out that Danny Biesmans is working on a new game project called Candyman. You can see a preview of his progress on his web site So far, this project is looking good, and once again, I'm going to be working on music for this release.

Well, I've got to set off to work in a busy warehouse now. So see you soon with another news update - whenever it happens.

15th January 2006

Downloads update overload (Friends & Contributors) + Demos Section

There is a bunch of games added to the TND friends & contributors section, added today, which include the following:

Gold Quest by Sledgie
Space Crap by Rob Nicoletti
Space Crap Zero by Rob Nicoletti
The Tomb of Dracula Reloaded by Piti/Papposoft
Virus by Wanderer

TND Friends & contributors page

TND Demos Section:

MSX Front 64 #1
MSX Front 64 #2

TND Demos Page

10th January 2006

Unofficial C64 Crap Compo 2006 news
Although there is going to be the Official C64 CGC 2006 elsewhere, I would like to point out that my unofficial CGC 2006 compo has now been changed to the Unofficial Crap Compo. So now, people will not need to make only games. They can write crap demos and stuff like that if they want. Please take a look at our rules & stuff.

The Unofficial Crap Compo 2006

Other news:

Richard leaves People of Liberty, Papposoft & Protovision
I have decided to leave People of Liberty, Papposoft & Protovision, to concentrate with TND stuff and also to concentrate on stuff for Civitas & Covenant. It is nothing too surprising really.

Sub Hunter to continue February 2006
want to take a break from coding games for a while, so the Sub Hunter project has been put on ice until the middle of February 2006, to make way for other activities. I know you have been looking forward to Sub Hunter to be finished this year, but I need a break from it all for a short while.

Real Speed We Need News:

he game is scrapped, but all source, etc has been given to Frank Gasking at GTW. If anyone is interested in taking up this game project (Saving it from the depths of doom) then please feel free to email me or Frank and we will supply the data & source code for this game.

Some eleases to be added to TND website soon:
The following games to be added:

Gold Quest, by Sledgie/Cevi-Aktuell (Crazy SEUCK adventure game)
Mission LED by Piti/ex-Papposoft (Unconfirmed yet) (Puzzle/skill game, originally wrote for 2003 Minigame compo, but never made it)

If you wrote something, and you want to submit it for TND then please feel free to do so.