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News & Updates

December 2005 news

25th December 2005

Balloonacy 2 (100% version released)

As a birthday treat from me, I thought I give you the updated version of Balloonacy 2. There was originally a bug in the game, where the key got stuck in the background, when the player dies. I have now fixed this problem. Other changes made is the music in the title & end sequence. Finally a pause & quit game option enabled. I have also disabled the RESTORE key too. If you want to check this game out then go ahead and


This way to the game

24th December 2005

Merry Christmas Everyone - Presents galore

Merry Christmas, Santa bayliss comes delievring gifts, of which is a game project, written in one whole week called "Xmas Crazy". So if you're in the festive mood, then this is the latest Christmas special installment for you all courtesy with Civitas.


Enjoy the game, have a very Merry Christmas and I'll see you in 2006!

Download Xmas Crazy

12th December 2005

Sub Hunter diary updated:

Only a small update to the Sub Hunter diary as not much production has been done with this project.

4th December 2005

Balloonacy 2 finally released:

For the final release of mine (for this year) we end it all (until 2006) with Balloonacy 2. An arcade adventure game for the Commodore C=64. This game consists of 16 different caverns of various horrors for your balloon to seek and explore and dash for the exit.

This way to the download

  November 2005 news

11th November 2005

Another two TND Classics disks added

I have found yet more of my old stuff, written in the past. So, I have added those to the TND Classics vault. At the moment, it looks as if this is probably the last of the TND Classics disks, unless I can find any more of my old stuff. Sadly, searching for more old games I wrote probably looks pretty bleak, as many games I wrote in the past, sadly got thrown a
way, due to damaged disks and tapes - many, many years ago. I believe I wrote more than 200 games since 1991 using SEUCK, but sadly so many years of my fun SEUCKing had gone to the dark tombstone - the corrupt disks & tapes, that is.

This way to the Classics Vault

2 new TND games added

Two new TND games have been added. We have Beat Machine, a game which I wrote for the 2005 mini game compo (Sadly that bad) and also Deep Sea Salvage (Which I added to the Minigame compo 2005 C64 entries pack. Get them while they're hot.

Beat Machine
Deep Sea Salvage

6th November 2005

Sub Hunter diary and game preview updated

I have been spending most of my time today working on Sub Hunter, however, I decided to update the playable preview, to make things a little more fair - although the old game preview is included as well :) So now the game has more fairer collisions, and some additional features. The enemy sprites & scroller are a little more slower. Hope you enjoy this preview.

Download Games

Sub Hunter Diary

October 2005 news

30th October 2005

PC Section added

Because I occasionally write stuff on the PC, using Dark Basic, Games Factory, GameMaker, etc. I decided to start a download section for my PC games, I wrote.

Download PC

29th October 2005

Richard celebrates 10 years of releases

To mark our 10th anniverary of releasing my own games on the C64 to the public domain, a celebration demo is born.

This release was originally on CSDB, but had been removed, by myself because there had been a lot of unfriendly bragging against this little release, and bragging over productions I wrote the past. Which really annoyed me quite a lot. So that is the reason for removing this demo from CSDB.

Download it here

23rd October 2005

Sub Hunter news
After the release of the Sub Hunter preview, and loads of reactions regarding this project on Lemon64. I would like to say a big thank you to you all for your kind help and kind support. I really appreciate it and I will try to code this game to how some of you would like to see this game.

Frank and I have discussed about the release of the full game for when/if it gets finished and fully beta-tested. Once finished, this production will be added to the TND website for you to download and really enjoy. It might take a long while yet, as there is loads of work on this project is inevitable. There will also be a tape-masted version for Cronosoft too, possibly using the Freeload (and traditional Ocean Loader colours and maybe remix of Ocean Loader too - well that's what Frank suggested) however we have a long way to go before we see the light at the end of the tunnel with this game.

I have updated the Sub Hunter diary with more gossip about what I have been up to.

Download Sub Hunter preview from here

Enter the diary
17th October 2005

Sub Hunter playable demo released
I have released a 1 level playable preview of Sub Hunter. This game demo features the very first level, to appear in this game. I'm very happy with the result and will look forward to doing the full game :)

Download Sub Hunter preview from here

16th October 2005

Another update to the Sub Hunter diary
The Sub Hunter diary is two pages now. Want to know what I have been up to with this project? Check the Sub Hunter diary

Sub Hunter diary (page 1)
Sub Hunter diary (page 2)

..... and finally
Coming to the end of October, there is a big surprise in store. I won't tell you what it is, but I think you'll be looking forward to it.

2nd October 2005

September 2005 news

Another update to the Sub Hunter diary
The first level is nearly finished. So a playable demo of the game should hopefully come later on this month. However, for now, please check out the diary

Sub Hunter diary

26th September 2005

Another update to the Sub Hunter diary
This time it is a spine-chilling tale about what happens if a swimmer gets hit by the player's torpedo, an enemy sub, or a deadly fish. Well, I can tell you it is something very unpleasent in this game. Heh, check out the diary and you will see what I mean.

Sub Hunter diary

Another contribution - Prof
Mombasa Joe has struck again with another Public Domain game of his called "Prof". You can find this on the contributors page.

Contributors page

25th September 2005

Another contribution - The War
I have added the finished version of "The War" by Frank Gasking (And finished off by myself, with some enhancements).

Contributors page

Sub Hunter diary updated
So you wonder what I have been up to recently with the Sub Hunter project? Well, I have updated the diary once again, to let you know how I am doing with the game. The good thing about this game project is that I am coping well with it :) More info is in the game diary.

Sub Hunter diary

24th September 2005

Another C64 contribution - Driver
When it comes to freeware contributions/or exclusives, I get really happy with the support. Today, we are proud to add to the "Contributors" vault, "Driver", a sort of racing game, based on the Commodore Format game, "Road Course". Special thanks go to Mombasa Joe for the game release and requesting music included in the game. It is now done and ready for release.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to the TND Contributor's vault, then please feel free to bung it over to me via email and I'll evaluate then release if suitable enough. :)

Contributors page.

Real Speed We Need - Finally released
Real Speed We Need has finally been released. Before you all get excited, the bad news is that it is only a preview, and sadly not playable. Now for the worse news. I have decided to scrap this project (It is the third time I decided on this). This is mainly due to all the difficulties I have had experienced for this project and I have not reached the end of level 1 yet. I could not cope with the project anymore. So all that remains in my folder is the game's source code, data and batch files. Now only if there was a miracle :o(

Download games

22nd September 2005

New release - Snot & Crap (Full Game)
Frank Gasking, from GTW fame has given me permission, regarding his game, "Snot  & Crap". This game has been finished off, and is now ready for release. Are you a SEUCK fan. If you are, then you'll probably enjoy this game. It is cute and the characters are highly amusing also. Unlike, Frank's game preview, this game has got music instead of sfx. Credits are on the Friends & Contributors page.

Contributors page.

Coming in October 2005
More good news. Coming to the fall of October 2005, is a playable preview of "Sub Hunter". Yes, if I get the 1 level preview finished by then, you'll be able to get your grubby mitts on to this game preview. Hope you look forward to it. As for RSWN, I don't know what's happened recently, as someone else is looking at this game at the moment, regarding my difficulties with the programming side of the main game attack waves engine. As soon as this is sorted, I will let you know: I promise)

No Polly Tracker entry?
I was thinking about entering the Polly Tracker compo, but sadly I never got around to it. But I will contribute a Polly Tracker tune sometime in the near future. It is just sorting out some digi instruments for the tracks. I checked out the compo entries, and realized it is a compo I missed. If I end up doing Pollytracker tunes, these will be added to the Download Music section.

Richard's scene compo musics - coming soon
In the past, I had entered various music scene party music compos. A thing of the past of course, but I'll also be uploading these to the Music Page in the near future. Could be any time, but I cannot promise.

10th September 2005

My C64 died, will it affect my game projects? Surely not :)
You probably wonder what this news is all about? Unfortunately my C64's dead. So, at the moment, I'm going to have to live without one for a few days, while another C64 is being delivered (hopefully by next week). However, please don't let this news put you off. There are people who use Commodore emulators, and also people who prefer to use a real C64, like yours truly. This will not stop my game projects though, as my projects are cross platform based. So no worries folks, my work will still be under production. :oP

3rd September 2005

Scene World issue #15 now available
I have added Scene World, issue 15 to the Scene World archives. There's plenty of news, features and also a review of a brand new C64 game, called "Marble Logic".

Scene World archive

Sub Hunter activities
Sub Hunter will not continue for about a week or so, as I want a little C64 coding/music break. The project will however continue next week. :)

August 2005 news

28th August 2005

Sub Hunter diary updated
Once again the Sub Hunter diary has been updated with the latest about this game.

Sub hunter diary

2 new C64 games - kind of!
I have added yet more stuff for you to download and enjoy from the TND web site, including my entry for the 2005 Mini Game compo which I done in co-operation with Jaymz Julian, called "Protectoid". There's also an unreleased game demo part, which I had wrote for "Death or Glory" called "Ghost Ship".

Unreleased TND tool added
I have wrote a tool in June 2005, which was meant for release with Publication #56 diskmag, but somehow it didn't get released. This tool was found on my disk drive, so I thought that it would be worth a release. The program is called "Digi Organizer & Music Player". It is, in general a program that allows you to load in your own music and digi-organizer modules. Full informations are provided in the program itself.

The download tools section

You kicked my dog
A brand new demo, called "Dancing Dawg" has been released. This is an interesting picture-animation demo, which I quickly programmed and I thought would probably be interesting for all people to check out. The demo of course was coded by myself, featuring a 3 framed picture drawn by Philip and some music also composed by me.

21st August 2005
Sub Hunter diary updated
The Sub Hunter project continues and some more active work has been done with this project.

Sub Hunter diary

15th August 2005
Sub Hunter diary updated
I have updated the Sub Hunter diary once again as today I done more work with the project. Only a small bit of work, due to sheer boredom - as usual! Well, I had to get on with something huh.

Oh, and one more think. I have added a new URL on the links page as well.

Sub Hunter diary

12th August 2005
New game released - Jeffy!
While you're waiting for more of Sub Hunter, RSWN, and Crash Course. I have been working on a little new game, which pleased me in some kind of way. I don't know if it would be your sort of thing though. The game is called "Jeffy". It is a collect 'em up, with a good skill or reaction. Probably get a bad rating in GameOverView, we just have to wait and see.

Give me Jeffy game

1st August 2005
Sub Hunter - Updated
More work in progress on Sub Hunter. Want to see what I have been doing with the project recently? Yeah? O.k. Visit  The Sub Hunter page and you'll see more banter about my progress, and also some nice screen shots of the work done too :)

July 2005 news

31st July 2005
Sub Hunter - Updated
I have once again done more to the Sub Hunter game project, after a prolonged delay. Well, if you're interested about this diary, sink your way through to The Sub Hunter page

30th July 2005
TND Web site updates
The TND web site has once again got a new look to it. I hope you like it :o) Heh, well, it had to happen didn't it? And so it has.  So now, after a major backlog of tough going works on this site, I have finally managed to get the whole thing up and running. Oh, and a thorough spell check too.

We also have another two new disks added to the TND Classics archive, which are TND Classix #16 & #17.